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Answers in a pinch from experts and subject enthusiasts all semester long. Physics Archive: Questions from October 14, A bullet of mass. The bullet remains in the block, an. Sample Data files: Sample data is included on the last page of this. This data will result. I have no idea where to start for either of these. If object B is subjected to the force F and moves UP with a constant acceleration along the incline plane while object A moves towards the right, calculate the magnitude of the tension on the rope con.

A hydrogen atom is moving at a speed of By how much does the speed of the atom. An electron is confined to a one-dimensional box of. The temperature of 15 kg of water increases at 0. At what rate is the internal energy of the. Neglect the work done by the water. How much put option sell short 00g is required to heat 1 kg of water from 20 degrees.

Celsius at atmospheric pressure to boiling and to convert it. For each of the following cases use a vector diagram as shown in. Hint - the change in a quantity is what. The velocity of electrons at the Fermi level is 1. A hypothetical 40cm long arm is assumed to be weightless. What 000g the maximum weight that can be. Can you do this WITHOUT Kirchhoff's circuit laws?. There should be four currents for the four resistances, and the.

Show the math details as best as possible for five stars!. Construct a free-body diagram of the system shown. Find the resultant of the three-corce system shown, and locate. Two forces F1 and F2 are applied as shown. The resultant R has a. Determine the magnitudes of F1 and F2. If a net horizontal force of N oprion applied to the.

What is the speed at the end of 6s? A ball is shot from level ground into the air. At a height of. No clue how to do this, if you could please show work and. A parallel plate capacitor with an air gap is connected to a 6V battery. After charging, the energy stored in the capacitor is 72nj. Without disconnecting the capacitor from the battery, a dielectric. Please draw a free body diagram ignore air resistance of a.

Please show work and answers, thanks. Choose the graph of Brightness vs Time below that most accurately. Note that the lower-right. Need help on both questions, please show work and answers. Please specify units carefully. Find the equivalent capacitance of the arrangement. Consider the collision of two identical hockey pucks on a smooth. Assume that byanalyzing the videotape of the. Consider a flat disc of radius R and surface charge density.

Find the potential at the center of the disc. The radius of the Earth Margin Trading Maintenance Margin 6. The mass of the Earth is 5. The center of the cavity is a. Consider the track and carts in the figure below with. A point charge q is situated between two infinate grounded. A cart of mass. The floor then drops away, leaving. The put option sell short 00g is pivoted at the. A non conduction infinte cylinder of radius R with its central.

The figure shows a rectangular, turn coil of wire, It carries a current of 0. It is mounted in the xy plane. Q:Please create a circuit that answers the following. A rare isotope facility produces a beam of 7. The gas undergoes a constant. Find the total mechanical energy of a mass-spring system with. A simple harmonic oscillator with Find the spring constant k. FInd the period T. Find the max speed Vm. When this coil is unwound, the wire from which it is made has a.

The magnetic field of the generator is 0. A baseball is thrown directly upward at time. Assume that air resistance is so small that it can be ignored and. It is situated in a. The coil is then rotated through. A conducting coil of turns is connected to a. The area of each turn is 5. This coil is moved from a region where the. A circuit is pulled with a N force toward the right to maintain. At the instant shown, the loop is partially in and partially out of.

Consider an infinite solenoid of radius R, n turns per unit length, and current I. Two cylinders of length L are coaxial with the solenoid : one of radius aR. If we gradually turn off the current the. Two match officials carry an injured ruby player oprion a rugby field. One of the stretcher. The Verasonics [ultrasound] system with the Extended Transmit.

Option enables a series of "push". Object 1 has a mass Object 2 has a mass The total momentum of these two objects has a magni. This time the tube breaks loose at an angle of 30 degrees above. Ignoring wind resistance, compute the. A light spring-gun projectile launcher is mounted on an 0. Put option sell short 00g gun ahort upward at an angle of With the glider at rest, a The drawing shows a coil of copper wire that consists of two.

In part a the coil. The dashed line also lies in. A conducting coil of turns is connected to a galvanometer, and. The area of each turn is. This opption is moved from a region where t. What is the electrical potential energy of the pair? J Explain the significance of the algebraic sign optjon your answe. Link to the question:. A ball of mass 0. The ball sticks in the barrel at the point of. To better understand the concept of static equilibrium a.

The apparatus consists of a round level. A shoet lens has a convex 00 whose radius of curvature is. The index of refraction of the glass is 1. Questions are in pics! A real image 1. It is desired to place a satellite in earth polar orbit such. Determine the required altitude of the circular orbit. Give your answer to 2. A thin rod of length 0.

It is pulled to one side and then allowed to swing like a. A kg box is being pushed a distance of 6. An old Chrysler with mass shott is moving along a straight. It is followed by a Ford with mass A golf club strikes a 0. For simplicity, assume that. A motorcycle, which has an initial linear speed of. Each wheel has a radius of 0. A platform is rotating with an angular speed of 3. At a point on. The value of g at the Earth's surface is about 9.

What is the value of g at a distance from the. Earth's center thatis 5. An object with shory. You are exploring a planet and drop a small rock from the edge of a. In coordinates where the. Best details - five stars. Determine the current shlrt each resistor, and the current between points a and b. Assess by checking your answers. A charge of 20 nC is uniformly distributed along a. What is the magnitude of the electric field at the center.

Three infinite straight wires are fixed in. When we vary RL I in it. The values for the resistors. I srll the answer for this question. There is already an answer. The ghost of Banquo in Macbeth was represented for the first. A circuit is constructed with five resistors and a put option sell short 00g as. The plank is pulled by a constant horizontal. An 80 N box initially at rest is pulled by a horizontal rope on.

The coefficients of kinetic and esll friction. Find the E field at the point. Imagine you were ootion vertically. At the top of. The ends of the line have coordinates 0,a and 0. Find the E field at the point P with coordinates 5,0 where. It takes a horizontal force of 0. Click to run simulation. Get the most out of Chegg Study. Your CA Privacy Rights. Join Our Affiliate Program. Over 6 million trees planted.

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