What's the minimum amount to trade with? There is usually an expiration date, which is chosen by the trader wanting to trade the binary option. At any time, the market could transition from a bull to bear market. How has it performed so far? Track the daily progress of our algos with the OEC broker app.

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? FOREX DAY TRADING SYSTEM AND FOREX PROFIT MONSTER. Hello fellow investors, I was on forex peace army's website when I came across the FOREX PROFIT MONSTER AND FOREX DAY TRADING SYSTEM. These 2 systems are created by the same person and the reviews of both were good. Does anyone currently have either of these systems. How has it performed so far?

It does fit in a very good way to my work. Usually I make with the FPM indicators between to 1, pips every forex day trading system and forex profit monster alligator, and could make much more if I would like a little more the risk. I trade about 15 currency-pairs with these indicators at the same time. Reinhold, Sometimes I wonder if the name dreamt upforthese strategiesdoesn't do them more harm than goodon the credibility front!. I see it's approx H1 up but which one in practice have you found success with?.

I'm also looking for a longer term strategy to complement my current intraday approaches. All the best, Mark. If you follow the trading-rules you should check the indicators alwayswhen the time for a candle finished. So if you have only a few minutes time each day lets say in the evening - as an exampleyou should use the daily chart. In that case you will need to check the indicators every day at the same time, when the 24 hours candle finished.

You can use with this long-term-strategy any pair you want. Just have in mind that the platform and the whole computer may slow down, if you are using a lot of pairs at the same time! The FDM is an indicator-package from the same person made for short-term trading. The rules are pretty the same. I think I will give it a try with 30M-charts! Also what could be a problem for me is - the best results you can get with FDM during London and New York session. The creator posts also his personal trading-results at his webpage same name as the program.

He is selling the FPM and FDM for separate. I have both systems and there are several people telling, that they have great results with the short-term strategy. Thanks for the information Reinhold - I'll definately check out the FPM for H4 or Daily chart approaches. It sounds promising and a visit to the blog has indicated a good year and history for this method. Thanks for bringing this to our attention - great stuff!.

Hi Mark, You are welcome! Good luck and best regards. I've recently purchased both FPM and FDM and trying them in demo at forex day trading system and forex profit monster alligator moment, results variable at the moment, but FPM seems easier to follow as it has less indicators and trades longer term than FDM.

I've not really got to grips with FDM, seem to miss the good entry point too often and the pair is rebounding. So far I think there is good potential though and it's more informative than Forex Terminator that I also have, though both have indicated good winning trades. Or just maybe it wasn't a good week to rely on indicator setups? Will report more as I go, hopefully I'll have more focus next week, been a bit too distracted this week on other things and I think FDM needs more active screen watching on the shorter timeframes.

Hello Reiner, It happens not often to me, to find someone with the same name. I purchased both systems, but usually I'm using FPM. FDM needs much more attention and I couldn't find a good solution to use it beside my work until now. I started trading FPM with the 8 pairs as the creator does on Demo. There are some pairs, where you can pick-up very profitable trades.

Others are not that good. In general the indicators are working with every pair. I enter at the best point according to the indicatorsand a few moments after the price is turning around. Dave, How you are handling the opening and closing of your platform? I went always into troubles opening the platform, when I left all the charts open. Jim told me, that this problem happens due to all the information every indicator is looking for. So I got accustom to close all the charts when I want to close the platform, and open the charts and indicators when I start the platform.

It is taking only a few minutes, but is there a better way not doing it at all? I also tried to run the platform with all the indicators on VPS. My idea was to activate the send e-mail option. So when there appears a signal and with this an alert, I would get the mail to my cell-phone. But after about 1 day I needed to stop this, because my VPS crashed due to all the memory this was using.

I've now had a chance to look at both the Profit Monster and Day Monster and have had various thoughts. For me, the FPM is by far the better option as the inherrent approach lends itself to longer time frames. Backtesting with this approach looks quite promising and I'll be looking at it further over the next few weeks. I'm less convinced about the Day Monster for one main reason. The method uses trend and momentum from longer time frames to identify possible moves and this is problematic.

It's problematic because at longer time frames say M15, M30, H1 for M5 entry there is a delay in acquiring data. So, for example, a number of bars would have to complete at the H1 level before that signal is complete. All methods using this approach and there are many have this flaw and it can produce very mixed results unfortunately. Indicators can be optimised but the problem can't be overcome so it may well be that FDM is less attractive than the FPM. Hi Reiner, Did you give it a try?

If so, would be nice to hear how you are doing! Mark, did you get already some pips with FPM? What pairs you are trading? Hi all, made pips last week with FPM demo account at PFG Best. Seems a good system ; the only thing that scare me a little is the hudge SLthough it should never be touched as it is said in the manual Do you have good results on a longer term? Hi, I have been using FPM for two weeks and i think it is quite good.

The indicators are brilliant and all advises which came with the system was very helpful. First i tried on one hour chart, then I've realise that 4 hour chart is much more accurate. Also i have overlaid Donna's trend following system. Entry points generated By Donna's system are matching trade alerts generated by FPM, however entry points as per FPM are much later and i think it is better as i have avoided a few bad trades.

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