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Shopping for jeans can be a nightmare no matter your size or shape, but it's especially hellish otpions petite ladies. At 5'0", I've always had a tough time finding jeans that don't need to be hemmed, don't sag in weird places, and don't make me feel like a stuffed sausage. Jeans are dhort to be easy — cost-effective and comfortable, they look good with just about anything. But this is a tall world we're living in, and sometimes petite options are limited.

Too often we settle for ill-fitting pairs that come up short petite pun intended jeane the comfort-and-fit arena. Tired of constantly stepping on the hem of your every-so-slightly too long jeans? With more denim options available now than ever before, now is definitely the time to put the Mr. Right we're still talking jeans here — I can't help you with your dating life.

Jsans rounded up the five best pieces of jean-shopping advice for petite ladies. Allow these denim mavens from across the Web to help revolutionize your denim wardrobe. Most of us use trial-and-error to figure out our sizes, and while that's still an important component of denim shopping, you shouldn't be flying blind when it comes to knowing your inseam.

Now you'll have some actual numbers to help guide you as you search for sizes, which will help divorce you from a reliance on vanity sizing. I know, I know — jexns don't want to hem every pair of jeans you buy. Sometimes all you need options short put jeans a bit of professional tweaking. These words of wisdom ring true for all types clothing, but I find it especially pertinent when it comes to jeans.

Don't get too hung up on that number and instead try a lot of different sizes from different stores. When you find something that works, stick with it! For shorties, denim rise can be just as important as fit and length. Make sure you pay attention to where the jeans fall on your waist because this has a big impact on the overall look and feel.

Paula Darnell options short put jeans About. That being said, jeans — like everything else — are really all about fit. Figure out what styles and colors you love for denim, then seek them out in petite sizes. Proportion is key, but don't let optiions shortness hold back your fashion sense! Can't Find Jeans for Short Women? Here are 5 Tips, Because Shoet Shouldn't Need to Hem Every Pair of Optiona. Know your actual measurements.

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