A high or rising Business Climate figure generally indicates a healthy economy and business climate; conversely, a low or 20116 figure signals an unfavorable or worsening economy. Trade gold, oil and stock indices commission free. The volatility of the Nws Confidence figure is attributed to two factors: its pooling size and the survey time frame focus. The trading crowd has flipped from net-long to net-short from yesterday but unchanged since last week. The headlines are the monthly and annual percentage change in the index Discuss Measures the change in prices for goods imported by Germany. Discuss 201 Housing Starts figure reflects the rate of growth in housing construction. Their comprehension of structural distinctions with respect to clearing and redistribution of market data allowed us to collaborate together in a way that precisely addresses demand from the brokerage community.

Hong Kong-based forex dealer FXCM Asiapart of Japanese forex broker Rakuten Newahas said it will launch on 9 January,an update to the Trading Station Desktop trading software, adding a new nes for commission display. Commission display will be added to the trading windows and will include tabs for open and closed positions, as well as a summary of positions. The update will fxcm news 07 01 2016 enable an option for saving multiple logins, allowing quick login to different accounts. Also, Entry and Range Entry options will be added to the Entry Orders window.

This update will bring greater transparency to trading costs plus a variety of enhancements, the broker said in the statement. At the end of the trading day on 9 January, the Trading Station Desktop platform will automatically ask users to update with the login on their next trading session. It comes in desktop, web, and mobile versions. FXCM said at the time the Japanese broker will continue to use the FXCM trading system for FXCM Hong Kong and FXCM Japan clients under a fxc label agreement with the US broker.

FXCM is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies of the US, the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia. It provides forex and contracts for difference CFDs trading, spread betting and related services to retail and institutional customers alike. After the sale, FXCM Securites got rebranded Walbrook Capital Markets.

Rakuten Securities is part of Rakuten Group. It provides trading services fxcm news 07 01 2016 a number of investment instruments, including 40 currency pairs, bonds, derivatives, and Japanese and oversea equities, including such from the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Your email address will not be published. BogoFinance Review: 5 things you should know about Bogofinance. AltMarkets Review — is AltMarkets. ACY FX Review — is ACYFX.

SVKMarkets Review — is SVKMarkets a good forex broker? LegacyFX Review — is LegacyFX. ForexBull — is ForexBull. OANDA Review — 0216 OANDA a good forex broker? FXCM Review — Deposit, withdrawal, spreads and security of funds. Forex, Trading and Business News. FXCM Asia adds commission display to Trading Station Desktop trading platform.

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Sep 01,  · September 01, ET FXCM offers educational courses on FX trading and provides free news and market FXCM Group adopted the. FXCM signs agreement to sell DailyFX for $40M. FXCM announced that it has agreed to sell DailyFX, its news and research website to IG Group for a price of $40M. Sep 30, AM FXCM Signs Agreement to Sell News and Research Website DailyFX for $40 Million Sep 28, AM FXCM Inc. (Nasdaq: FXCM).