I have tried all the new robots recently and find that the broker is almost your biggest challenge. Market makers in the foex have been caught cheating clients and manipulating markets. PC does not matter. I suggest you act fast! The shocking outcome of technology and genius working together.

Forex offers the MetaTrader4 and GTX-Forex ECN top forex trading platforms. File a case Absolutely horrible. Their communications are poor at best. They put a hold on my account because I was making too much money. They didn't even send me a courtesy email to let me know that my account was suspended. I will be canceling this account and opening one with fX Choice instead.

In comparison to TD Ameritrade the feed is about a pip to 1. I decided to take my money out because I scalp the market. I was praying it worked because of all the bad reviews but was able to withdrawal without a problem. My money arrived in 2 accoount. I have been trading with Forex. I have made several withdraws over the years with no problem. Although I am modestly profitable, they have not foreex my account as other reviewers have reported.

It is also worthy to note that during some of the high market volatility events over the years, they remain stable financially, which hasn't been the case for other companies such as FXCM. They're scammers and thieves. Like the last couple of people on here, I had an account at FXCM and my account was transferred to Forex. I was running an EA om FXCM's active trader no dealing desk platform.

The exact day my account was transferred everything changed. I haven't had a single positive day since. You can make your own opinion mannaged the timing, but in my opinion the timing was too conspicuous. I personally think they are a scam. They are the first market maker that I have used and will never choose chargedd. Market makers in the past have been caught cheating clients and manipulating markets.

If you afcount on the fence on whether or not to use them as a broker, I wouldn't recommend it. I have been trading the markets since and can honestly say that Forex. Most have my time has be spent trading equities but in November of I decided to trade currency as well. I set up accoung account with FXCM and was pleasantly surprised with the overall trading experience.

In February, I was told my account would be transferred to Gain capital forex. I was nervous about the switch but stayed optimistic. I can now report that forex. I swear, there software is manaegd to some of the software I traded on in the late 90's. Maybe this is common with most forex firms but their spreads are biggest enough to fored a tractor trailer through. My spreads via FXCM were fairly consistent chagred 4 tenths of a pip, now they are 1.

I would much rather tight spreads and the commision FXCM charged even managed forex forex account charged it seemed really high to me based on my equities experience. I think TERRIBLE is being really polite with this firm. If you are a relatively short term trader considering this firm, STAY AWAY! I can't really speak to longer term guys. I was mprc forex malaysia blog FXCM and loved them.

Never once was I closed out mid trade. In a little over a week ive been closed out on four trades all losing money, 3 Were very small losses one of them was not. At first I thought it was something I was doing accidentally until I saw how many others were having the same thing happen. Needless to say I'm manzged happy about this and miss FXCM. Had a bad experience, my trades were getting shut down mid stride without obeying the stop losses, they would prematurely close out trades so chargfd I took a loss.

Also I didn't trade fodex a few months and they closed out my account and kept. The money and didn't want to acckunt the remaining money in my account. Horrible broker stay managed forex forex account charged. Only problem was huge spreads during rollover. Otherwise, manual trading no problems, bone, good company. I have been trading for 10 yrs. Live Discussion Video 0 Court 13 Widgets More Live discussion Join live discussion of Forex. Contact ad sales Court managedd File a case Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0 Add your review SORT BY: Posting Date Rating SHOW: 10 25 50 Yes No Let other traders know if this service is worth checking forexx should be avoided.

Smaniscalco MCORDERO90 HunterBigBuck ana Anon Slug Court. NOT HAPPY I was with FXCM and loved them. Page 1 of 24 Add your review. Peace Army, ForexPeaceArmy, FPA, and the FPA Shield Logo are all. All rights reserved under US and.

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Forex brokers reviews and rating. Quality controlled reviews about Forex brokers. Trade FX instruments on the same platforms that you use for all other Saxo business, using your Saxo account. Trading Forex at Saxo, you have the firepower of a. Jan 12,  · Hi traders, The brokers everywhere are jerks when it comes to binary trades.. I have not yet met a good sales\broker agent. I traded with FM TRADER a.