Forex Trading Psychology Articles. The indicator is intended for determining the spread and swap size, the distance for setting stop orders and stop losses from the current price allowed and the risk per 1 point in the deposit currency. The Top 3 Indicators for Beginners: Stochastic, RSI, Moving Average. Empirical e The main purpose of the indicator is to determine and mark trade signals on the histogram of the Accelerator Oscillator, which were described by Bill Williams in his book "New Trading Dimensions". Forex: Why Psychiatrists Make Better Traders Than Expert Economists?

Ultimate Trade Tracking tools for traders! Record It, Track It, Analyze It! Expertly crafted, simple to use trading spreadsheets for traders. Products for all: Stock, Options, Futures, Forex, SpreadBetting, CFD markets. Wednesday, August 19, The beginnings and Journey of the Trading Journal Spreadsheet. Come visit the home of TJS. Links to this post. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Tuesday, June 17, Tracking your trades doesn't need to be difficult.

Saturday, February 22, Want to know what we've been up to lately? Come check out the great new features and functionality of the all-new TJS Elite "v7". Thursday, January 2, Just recently, I was asked my recommendation on whether or not I would start my TJS Trading Journal over for the new trading year Jurnal your plan has changed enough so that the information in your current spreadsheet or journal program is no longer valid, you may want to start anew, while taking the ot you've gleaned from the prior sheet and using it to modify what you will or will not do Note which of your Performance-tracking categories had a positive expectancy and add those to the new sheet or journal.

For those categories that did not produce a positive income, look at those specific trades to find if there was a common denominator that produced the net losses that you incurred. If there is no real common denominator, then maybe these type of trades really don't fit your trading style, your personality or you may not truly understand the concept of why you took these trades to begin with. Further study on the specific dynamics involved with these forwx may be needed.

Friday, December 14, Saturday, December 1, TJS Elite, v5 update revision. The new TJS Elite "v5" version will be coming to market shortly! As usual, this will be a free update for current 'Elite' users. Here's a really great new feature that is being added for your trade-tracking enjoyment The ability to see a traeing view of dynamics of forex trading journal software Equity-curve. No longer is this graph only capable of viewing all cumulative trades. You'll soon be able to view your Equity-curve based on your customized Performance-tracking codes, or traading combination of each them.

Lost of other improvements and enhancements are happening as well. Monday, October 8, Minor revision updates :. Major version updates :. On the horizon … plans are to help automate the trade input process. We expect that users will be able to export their trade data, then import it to the TJS Trading-log with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are certain restrictions that your broker export file will need to meet, so joufnal all users will be able to utilize the TJS Importer functionality.

If you're a current TJS Elite user and dynamics of forex trading journal software like to update to the newest v4 version, please clic k here. Saturday, March 17, Wednesday, January 25, To learn more, click one of the following links:. Excel Skills Builder. Greg Thurman, TJS Creator. Wednesday, January 4, New features coming to the TJS Softwarw Some noteworthy enhancements are:.

TradingLog - 'Quick-click' link to insert new trade rows. Tracking sheet Category headings are now synced with joural TradingLog Tracking Code headers. Forfx Data-transfer from old file to the new file! If you are a current TJS Elite All-in-One user and would like to get a free advanced beta copy dynamice this v3 version, please contact me at: Greg TradingSpreadsheets.

Tuesday, January 3, We're now underway in to a New Year and TJS would like to thank you for your support of the TJS products and wish you much happiness, health and prosperity in If you've purchased the new TJS Elite, please know that the product collects no moss around here. We are adding some interesting touches to the Elite versions which should be complete within the next month. Wednesday, October 19, Trading Q teading A.

Friday, October 7, In pertaining to the TJS products, your 'edge' jkurnal be defined as this: "The TJS will give you the statistical analysis necessary to form the basis of sofyware future decision making ttrading. The 'edge' simply put, rtading gaining the confidence knowing your trading plan is working in specific Performance-tracking segments, or knowing when certain aspects of your plan need to be refined, or abolished. When traing with 'confidence', you are more apt to trrading the trigger each and every time you are presented with an opportunity that your analysis states has a positive expectancy.

When trading with confidence and information to back it up, you can justifiably allow for more risk to be taken on those trade-types, gradually increasing your profits over time. Conversely, you will know what is taking away put option writer profit 360 your bottom-line so your focus can remain on what is working. Follow posts by Email - Spam free! Trading Journal Spreadsheet - HOME.

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How to Use Evernote to Journal & Track Your Stock Trades

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, learn how Forex Investment, trading Dinar, Forex Investment Course Published by Yoav Fael. Read free Forex guides about foreign exchange market and currency trading Trade Dynamics in Today's Markets Forex Trading Platform; Forex Software. forex trading software free download. Forex Trading Simulation Misoo Retail Dynamics is a modern retail jFox Trading Journal is software developed mainly.