David Ortiz will not hit. Fourteen point million dollars -- Ortiiz the right to turn down a -- Stephen Drew go up there. So it close to it just we look at the -- -- real quicker actually we look it's our eighty million roughly. Yahoo Red Sox Team Page. I would think -- be other way -- the Red Sox came close to matching what he could see on the market. Also troublesome is the situation at third base, where the traded Shaw gives way to free-agent megabust Pablo Sandoval and utility player Brock Holt. Ortiz landed himself a Daviv contract last offseason.

The Red Sox and David Ortiz finally agreed to an extension, and it could be the final deal of Ortiz's career. He was already under contract forand this pact added a guaranteedwith options for andwhen Ortiz will be 40 and 41 years old. Chances are good that he will either complete these four seasons and retire, or will finish his career during the extension either by choice or because the game finally got away from him.

That last part is basically unpredictable at this point: you can say you expect Ortiz to decline, and it could happen, but you won't look prescient. It's not exactly cracking a code to suggest players age, their bodies slow down, they get worse at their sport of choice, and then they retire. Even David Ortiz isn't immune from this. Ortiz has been so good for so long that the question isn't whether he'll slow, but when? Most projection systems are no real help to us in terms of the future.

Steamer and ZiPS only project the upcoming season, so we can just see that they aren't expecting him to decline inwhen they forecast lines of. ZiPS does have Ortiz playing in just games Cotract plate appearances, though, that might have a lot to do with Ortiz's 90 games fromthe result of his season-ending Achilles injury, more than the fact he's Regardless, they both still project him to be excellent in the short-term future, and it's difficult to disagree, given he just batted.

Photo credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports Baseball Prospectus' forecasting system, PECOTAdigs a little deeper, as it youtube eksekusi mati gembong narkoba both a long-term forecast and the percentile projections for PECOTA is the most pessimistic of the three systems forbut still sees Ortiz putting up a high-quality campaign of.

We can also see high- and low-end projections for Ortiz, and these are where we can learn a bit more about what PECOTA thinks Ortiz's chances are to remain productive in outside of just that baseline forecast: The 90th percentile forecast is the most optimistic, while the 10th percentile is the least. We can see that David Ortiz Contract Details 2016 2017 Red Sox Options the 90th percentile, PECOTA sees what is basically a repeat of Ortiz'swhere he had a. A five-win season from a year-old designated hitter might seem unheard of, but we did just see one from a year-old DH.

There are scenarios where he's not quite that great, but is still a high-quality bat capable of four-to-five wins. The lowest ranges might seem depressing, but consider this: PECOTA thinks the worst-case scenario for a healthy David Ortiz in is that he is an above-average hitter whose most significant fault is that he doesn't play the field. The worst-case scenario for David Ortiz is that he is simply as good as the rest of the designated hitters in the game: they produced a.

David Ortiz Contract Details 2016 2017 Red Sox Options, the three systems seem to agree that David Ortiz's chances of kicking ass in remain as high as they've ever been. The season isn't the one we're most concerned about, however: that was already happening regardless of whether he signed a new extension. It's and beyond that we have a real interest in, and Contrach is nowhere near as optimistic in that regard. InPECOTA forecasts Ortiz for plate appearances -- enough to secure his vesting option for -- and a line of.

PECOTA is only willing to go out on so much of a limb for a year-old slugger. Things are worse inwhere, during what David Ortiz Contract Details 2016 2017 Red Sox Options be Ortiz's vesting option season, he's slated to bat. PECOTA also sees a significant downturn in playing time, with plate appearances. If the Red Sox picked up Ortiz's final option for his age season inPECOTA warns of a season in which Ortiz slugs below. It's still better than quite a few younger players could expect to do, but it's not anything like the Ortiz we know.

Contrzct kind of season, at that age, might be the motivation Ortiz needs to call it a career. It's worth remembering a few things about these long-term forecasts. If Ortiz is closer to his upper-level forecasts inhis future projections would reflect that: these long-term looks are based on the idea Ortiz sticks to his baseline projection. Each subsequent seasons' projection becomes a little less or more depressing depending on how a player fills in the blanks in between the present and when those forecasts begin.

Detais addition, PECOTA builds its forecasts, at least in part, by using comparable players at the same age. PECOTA's comparables list includes the likes of Contratc still-fantastic Frank Robinson, Edgar Martinezand Frank Thomasthe still-great Rafael Palmeiro and Stan Musial, players finally giving in to their ages in Jason Giambi and Harmon Killebrew, and then players who suddenly lost it at 38 like Willie McCovey, Carlos Delgadoand Jeff Bagwell.

It's no wonder PECOTA sees such Detxils sudden drop in performance for Ortiz coming in the next few years: very few even make it to the point he's at, never mind continue beyond it successfully. That's precisely why the Red Sox wouldn't lock him up Dwtails very long in the past, and why everything past is now an option of some sort. It's likely Ortiz's career will end when both he and his abilities agree it's time to go, but what happens in between this moment and then is unknown.

He could succumb to injury and age like Delgado and Bagwell, soldier on productively but no longer great, or he could add himself to even shorter comparable lists Opyions the future by continuing to be David Ortiz. All we do know is that whichever future it ends up being will come in a Red Sox uniform, and that's good enough for Contractt, the Sox, and their fans.

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Watch David Ortiz signs 1 year extension plus options with Red Sox and yankees. David Ortiz takes the Red Sox this week in the David Ortiz contract. Video embedded  · Chris Sale to Red Sox: Latest Trade Details, Comments and Recently retired Red Sox star David Ortiz is a His contract looks even better. Mar 24,  · David Ortiz extension: Projecting the Red Sox DH's The Red Sox and David Ortiz finally with options for and , when Ortiz will be 40.