The newly set server address and port number are stored on the hard disk. In most cases this happens when your broker use currency suffix and the trade copier was protoxol able to detect it automatically or detected it incorrectly. Measure the chart percentage very quick! If a proxy is used, the terminal must be set up in a corresponding way. This is, rather, a well thought out trader's assistant which is not easy to do. Note: the demonstration protoccol downloaded via the "Demo The script is intended for automatic placing of Sell Stop pending orders, Stop Losses and Take Profits on the user specified levels. Setting of "Enable proxy server" checkbox will enable proxy server support and activate the "Proxy

Trade copier gives an OrderSend error and says that my broker disabled a few pairs. What does that mean? In most cases this happens when your broker use currency suffix and the trade copier was not able to detect it automatically or detected it incorrectly. To solve fix this you need to set the suffix metafrader using the CurrencyNameSufix option and also set the TurnOffAutoSufixDetection option to TRUE. Another reason for such error can be when trading on some or all pairs is disabled by your broker.

Trading might be disabled temporarily or permanently. You should contact your broker about this if the 1st solution did not help. Also there were cases that clients got the same error because of a poor Internet connection on protovol VPS server or computer. In any case, you can always try to open a position manually on the same currency pair and see if it works. If you get the same error then probably trading is disabled for that pair and only your metatrader client protocol error can help you with this.

Please like and share if this video was helpful to you, and tell me what you think in the comments below! If you have any more questions watch other videos on my MT4 Copier Blog or metattader my support team. I am the creator of the Local Trade Copier program and a professional developer of Forex trading signal delivery software for MetaTrader 4 client terminal. Local Trade Copier and error on the MT4 Client Account. Red question mark icon in the Local Trade Copier dashboard. What to do when Local Trade Copier does not copy trades.

The new Local Trade Copier v2. Split master MT4 trades into multiple positions on the client account to avoid 50 lot size limit. November 13, at am Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Instantly Open The Same Trades Across Multiple MT4 Platforms. Why Local Trade Copier by Rimantas is better? Local Trade Copier 2.

Copy Forex Prtocol with Metatrader client protocol error Risk Parameters for Each Trading Instrument. Fast Trade Copier on MetaTrader 4 10 orders in 1 second. Read about MT4 copier in other language. Copieur de devises MT4. What is a Trade Copier in Forex. Copy actually open old trades in the master MT4 account. This website uses cookies. If you close this notification or access to another section of this webpage we will assume you have accepted cookies. To learn or to change your consent to cookies see our privacy policy I Accept.

How to test a Metatrader robot (Expert Advisor)

Sep 10,  · Metatrader 4 Protocol. To add #6 We could replace the Mt4 client. I should be able to simplify this by looking for the error codes for the cryptographic. The client terminal is initially configured in to enable export of quotes through DDE protocol ; to enable income Error message means that the proxy server. Sep 10,  · Metatrader 4 Protocol + New Comment. I'm thinking it is time to peel apart the mt4 protocol and be able to do trades without #6 We could replace the Mt4 client.