FMD9 SAPMKBUD FM: Change Suppl. FOA6 RFVIMI01 Rent adjustment letter: Index. FNAE SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contract. FBWD SAPMFBWD Returned Bills of Exchange Payable. FBW7 RFFBWD00 Bank file to file system for FBWD. FMJ0 RFFMCCF0 Carry Forward General Requests. FGI4 SAPMKES1 Create Form.

SAP Online Help PDFs. All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from F to H. Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description. Sometimes you yrading looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions". So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this.

Just give it a chance The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well. All transactions sorted by transaction code:. Overview Page of the SAP Transactions. All SAP Transactions starting from A to E. All SAP Transactions starting from F to Curremcy. All Sxchange Transactions starting from I to L. All SAP Transactions starting with M. All SAP Transactions starting from N to O.

All SAP Transactions starting from P to T. All SAP Transactions starting from U to Z. German Overview Page of the SAP Transactions. TA Report Header Description. F SAPMF05A Enter Sample Document. F SAPMF05A Post with Clearing. F SAPMF05A Post Foreign Currency Valuation. Currwncy SAPMF05A Post Incoming Payments. F SAPMF05A Post Outgoing Payments. F SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical Posting. F SAPMF05A Reverse Bill Liability. F SAPMF05A Enter Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Posting.

F SAPMF05A Enter Customer Invoice. F SAPMF05A Incoming Payments Fast Entry. F SAPMF05A Enter Customer Credit Memo. F SAPMF05A Post Customer Down Payment. F SAPMF05A Clear Customer. F SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exchange Usage. F SAPMF05A Post Collection. F SAPMF05A Post Forfaiting. F SAPMF05A Bill of Exchange Payment. F SAPMF05A Customer Down Payment Request. F SAPMF05A Enter Statistical Posting.

F SAPMF05A Clear Customer Down Payment. F SAPMF05A Enter Vendor Credit Memo. Curdency SAPMF05A Enter Vendor Invoice. F SAPMF05A Clear Vendor. F SAPMF05A Down Payment Request. F SAPMF05A Post Vendor Down Payment. F SAPMF05A Customer Noted Item. F SAPMF05A Clear Vendor Trqding Payment. F SAPMF05A Vendor Noted Item. F SAPMSTBM Maintain Table: Exchange Rates. F SAPLF Park Vendor Invoice. F SAPLF Park Customer Invoice. Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators SAPLF Preliminary Posting.

F SAPLF Park Vendor Credit Memo. F SAPLF Park Customer Credit Memo. F SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. F SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. F SAPMF05A Asset Retire. FARI MENUFARI AR Interface: Third-party applicatn. FA39 SAPMFKM0 Call up report with report variant. FBA1 SAPMF05A Customer Down Payment Request. FBA2 SAPMF05A Post Customer Down Payment. FBA3 SAPMF05A Clear Customer Down Payment. FBA6 SAPMF05A Vendor Down Payment Request. FBA7 SAPMF05A Post Vendor Down Payment.

FBA8 SAPMF05A Clear Vendor Down Payment. FBBA SAPMFKS0 Display Acct Determination Config. FBBCX SAPMFCX1 Post Document with Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Exchang. FBBP SAPMFKS0 Maintain Acct Determination Config. FBB1 SAPMF05A Post Foreign Currency Valn. FBCJ SAPMFCJ0 Cash Journal. FBC80 RFFRCBIC80 French Central Bank Reporting. FBDF MENUFBDF Menu Banque de France. FBD1 SAPMF05A Enter Recurring Entry. FBD2 SAPMF05L Change Recurring Entry.

FBD3 SAPMF05L Display Recurring Entry. FBD4 SAPMF01A Display Recurring Entry Changes. FBD5 SAPMF05A Realize Recurring Entry. FBD9 SAPMF05A Enter Recurring Entry. FBE1 SAPMF06A Create Payment Advice. FBE2 SAPMF06A Change Payment Advice. FBE3 SAPMF06A Display Payment Indlcators. FBE6 SAPMF06A Delete Payment Advice. FBE7 SAPMF06A Add to Payment Advice Account. FBFT RFFR0TB0 Customizing BDF.

FBF1 RFFR0C01 C80 Reporting Minus Sp. FBF2 RFFR0C02 Financial Transactions. FBF3 RFFRLIST Control Report. FBF4 RFFRPCD1 Download Documents. FBF5 RFFR2C01 Reports Minus Vendor Accounts. FBF6 RFFRMOD1 Document Changes. FBF7 RFFR1C01 C80 Reports Minus Sp. Cudrency RFFR0E84 C84 Reports. FBKA SAPMFKB0 Display Accounting Configuration. FBKP SAPMFKB0 Maintain Accounting Configuration. FBL1 RFEPOS00 Display Vendor Line Items.

FBL1N RFITEMAP Vendor Line Items. FBL2 RFEPOS00 Change Vendor Line Items. FBL2N RFITEMAP Vendor Line Items. FBL5 RFEPOS00 Display Customer Line Items. FBL5N RFITEMAR Customer Line Items. FBL6 RFEPOS00 Change Customer Line Items. FBL6N RFITEMAR Customer Line Items. FBMA SAPMFKD0 Display Dunning Procedure. FBMP SAPMFKD0 Maintain Dunning Procedure.

FBM1 SAPMF05A Enter Sample Document. FBM2 SAPMF05L Change Sample Document. FBM3 SAPMF05L Display Sample Document. FBM4 SAPMF01A Display Sample Document Changes. FBN1 SAPMSNUM Accounting Document Number Ranges. FBPM SAPFPAYM Payment medium program of PMW. FBPM2 RFMPAY00 Status Metatrader 4 custom indicators download 1080p. FBP1 SAPMF05A Enter Payment Request. FBRA SAPMF05R Reset Cleared Items. FBRC SAPLFCCR Reset Cleared Items Payment Cards.

FBR1 SAPMF05A Post with Reference Document. FBR2 SAPMF05A Post Document. FBTA SAPMFKT0 Display Text Determin. FBTP SAPMFKT0 Maintain Text Determin. FBU2 SAPMF05L Change Intercompany Document. FBU3 SAPMF05L Display Intercompany Document. FBU8 SAPMF05U Reverse Cross-Company Code Document. FBVB SAPMF05A Post Parked Document. FBV0 SAPMF05V Post Parked Document.

FBV1 SAPMF05V Park Document. Indicatkrs SAPMF05V Change Parked Document. FBV3 SAPMF05V Display Parked Document. FBV4 SAPMF05V Change Parked Document Header. FBV5 SAPMF01A Document Changes of Parked Document. FBWD SAPMFBWD Returned Bills of Exchange Payable. FBWD2 SAPMFBWD Parameter Transaction for FBWD. FBW1 SAPMF05A Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request.

FBW2 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exch. FBW3 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exchange Usage. FBW4 SAPMF05A Reverse Bill Liability. FBW7 RFFBWD00 Bank file to file system for FBWD. FBW8 RFFBWD10 File to Bank for Transaction FBWD. FBZA SAPLFBZP Display Pmnt Program Configuration. FBZG SAPMFBZG Failed Customer Payments. FBZP SAPLFBZP Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration. FBZ1 SAPMF05A Post Incoming Payments. FBZ2 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing Payments. FBZ3 SAPMF05A Incoming Payments Fast Entry. FBZ4 SAPMF05A Payment with Printout.

FBZ5 SAPMFCHK Print Check for Payment Document. FBZ8 SAPFO Display Payment Run. FB00 SAPMF05O Accounting Editing Options. FB01 SAPMF05A Post Document. FB02 SAPMF05L Change Document. FB03 SAPMF05L Display Document. FB04 SAPMF01A Document Changes. FB05 SAPMF05A Post with Clearing. FB07 SAPMF05K Control Totals. FB08 SAPMF05A Reverse Document.

FB09 SAPMF05L Change Line Items. FB09D SAPMF05L Display Line Items. FB1D SAPMF05A Clear Customer. FB1K SAPMF05A Clear Vendor. FB11 SAPMF05A Post Held Document. FB12 SAPMF05M Request from Forex day training trading 3 time. FB13 SAPMF05L Release for Payments. FB17 RFWORKON09 Open Item Assignmnt: Check from Lis. FB18 RFMAIL01 Maintain Standard Mail Texts. FB21 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical Posting.

FB22 SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical Posting. FB31 SAPMF05A Enter Noted Item. FB41 SAPMF05A Post Tax Payable. FB60 SAPMF05A Enter Incoming Invoices. FB65 SAPMF05A Enter Incoming Credit Memos. FB70 SAPMF05A Enter Outgoing Invoices. FB75 SAPMF05A Enter Outgoing Credit Memos. FB99 Excnange Check if Documents can be Archived.

FCCR SAPMFCCR Payment Card Evaluations. FCC1 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: Settlement. FCC2 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement. FCC3 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: Delete Logs. FCHA RFCHKA00 Check archiving. FCHB RFCHKA20 Check retrieval. FCHD Ondicators Delete Payment Run Check Informatio. FCHE RFCHKD10 Delete Voided Checks. FCHF RFCHKD20 Delete Manual Checks.

FCHI SAPMFCHI Check Lots. FCHK MENUFCHK Check Tracing Initial Menu. FCHN RFCHKN10 Check Register. FCHR SAPMFCHK Online Cashed Checks. FCHU RFCHKU00 Indicatlrs Reference for Check. FCHX RFCHKE00 Check Extract - Creation. FCH1 SAPMFCHK Display Check Information. FCH2 SAPMFCHK Display Payment Document Checks. FCH3 SAPMFCHK Void Checks. FCH4 SAPMFCHK Renumber Checks. FCH5 SAPMFCHK Create Check Information. FCH7 SAPMFCHK Reprint Check.

FCH8 SAPMFCHK Reverse Check Payment. FCH9 SAPMFCHK Void Issued Check. FCKR RFEBCK00 International cashed checks. FCMM MENUFCMM C FI Preparations for consolidatio. FCMN MENUFCMN FI Initial Consolidation Menu. FCRD MENUFCRD Credit Cards. FC10 RFBILA00 Financial Statements Comparison. FC11 RGCMBU00 Data Extract for FI Transfer. FC80 RFFRDDE0 Document C FC82 RFFRDDE0 Document C FDCU MENUFDCU Loans customizing menu.

FDFD SAPMFFD1 Cash Management Implementation Tool. FDIB RKDBAT02 Background Processing. FDIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type. FDIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key Figures. FDIM SAPMKCB9 Report Monitor. FDIO RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports. FDIP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms. FDIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client FDIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client FDIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.

FDIV RKES Maintain Global Variable. FDIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports. FDIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data. FDIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. FDI0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report. FDI1 SAPMKCEE Create Report. FDI2 SAPMKCEE Change Report. FDI3 SAPMKCEE Display Report. FDI4 SAPMKES1 Create Form. FDI5 SAPMKES1 Change Form. FDI6 SAPMKES1 Display Form. FDOO RFVDORD0 Borrower's notes indicatogs overview. FDTT SAPMFTDT Treasury Data Medium Administration.

FD01 SAPMF02D Create Customer Accounting. FD02 SAPMF02D Change Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Accounting. FD03 SAPMF02D Display Customer Accounting. FD04 SAPMF01A Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Changes Accounting. FD05 SAPMF02D Block Customer Accounting.

FD06 SAPMF02D Mark Customer for Deletion Acctng. FD08 SAPMF02D Confirm Customer Individually Actng. FD09 RFDCON00 Confirm Customer List Accounting. FD10 SAPMF42B Customer Account Balance. FD11 SAPMF42B Customer Account Analysis. FD24 SAPMF01A Credit Limit Changes. FD32 SAPMF02C Change Customer Credit Management. FD33 SAPMF02C Display Customer Credit Management. FD37 SAPMF02C Credit Management Mass Change. FEBA SAPMF40A Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt.

FEBC RFBASM00 Generate Multicash format. FEBP RFEBKA30 Post Electronic Bank Statement. FEBSTS SAPMF40M Search String Search Simulation. FECA FERCA Customizing Archiving. FECC FERCVIEW Control of messages by the user. FECJ FERCR Create job for multiple periods. FECM FERCC Online manual. FECP FERCT Copy regulatory parameters. FEC6 FERCVIEW Regulatory dorex assignment. FEP4 FERCC Plan versions. FEP5 FERCC Fiscal year dep. FEP6 FERCC Plan versions. FEP7 FERCC Fiscal year dep. FERC MENUFERC Regulatory reporting.

FERD FERCR Drill down. FERE FERCT Transport periodic parameters. FERH FERCR Processing history. FERN FERCC Release notes. FERQ FERCM Process plan. FERR FERCR Reverse regulatory procedure. FERS FERCM Process actual. FERT FERCRC Flow of cost trace. FERV FERCR Validate regulatory configuration. FER0 FERCR Standard cost curgency. FER1 FERCR Trace flow of primary costs. FER2 FERCR Post primary costs. FER3 FERCR Post variance allocations.

Tradingg FERCR Acm gold and forex trading notes postings. FER5 FERCR Prepare drill down. FESA FERCR Tradimg final objects. FESR RFESR Importing of POR File Switzerland. FEUB RFVIBEPP Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion. FEVF6 FERCC Organizational assignment of object. FEV1 FERCC Controlling area dependent paramete. FEV10 FERCC Secondary cost elem. FEV11 FERCC Regulatory indicator assignmnt fiel.

FEV13 Ecxhange Clearing cost currrncy. FEV13A FERCC Cost torex variants. FEV2 FERCC Company code dependent parameters. FEV3 FERCC Regulatory accounts for traced cost. FEV3A FERCC Regulatory indicator variants. FEV4 FERCC Specific Std. FEV5 FERCC Specific clearing COEl assignments. FEV6 FERCC Regulatory indicator assignments. FEV9 FERCC Regulatory accounts for direct indicatos. FF:1 RFDEV Maintain exchange rates. FFA1 RFFDIS47 Compare Advices with Bk.

FFB4 RFEBSC00 Import Electronic Check Deposit Lis. FFB5 RFEBSC10 Post electronic check deposit list. FFCD SAPMFCD1 Cash deconcentration. FFTL RFFDTL00 Telephone list. FFW1 RFEBWR00 Wire Authorization. FF63 SAPMF40E Create Planning Memo Record. FF65 RFTS List of Cash Management Memo Record. FF67 SAPMF40K Manual Bank Statement. FF68 SAPMF40S Manual Check Deposit Transaction. FF69 RFFDSK00 Cash Mgmt: Totals Record Correction.

FF70 RFTS Cash Mgmt Posit. FF71 RFTS Cash Position. FF72 RFTS Liquidity forecast. FF73 SAPMF40C Cash Concentration. FF74 RFTS Use Program to Access Cash Concntn. FGIB RKDBAT02 Background Processing. FGIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type. FGIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key Figures. FGIM SAPMKCB9 Report Monitor. FGIO RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports. FGIP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms. FGIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client FGIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client FGIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.

FGIV RKES Maintain Global Variable. FGIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports. FGIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data. FGIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. FGI0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report. FGI1 SAPMKCEE Create Report. FGI2 SAPMKCEE Change Report. FGI3 SAPMKCEE Display Report. FGI4 SAPMKES1 Create Form. FGI5 SAPMKES1 Change Form. FGI6 SAPMKES1 Display Form. FGL6 RGVILIRF IRE: One Time Posting - Gen.

FGM0 MENUFGM0 Special Purpose Ledger Menu. FGRP MENUFGRP Report Painter. FGRW MENUFGRW Report Writer Menu. FIBHS RFBLBC00 Display bank chains for house banks. FIBHU RFBLBC00 Maintain bank chains for house bank. FIBPS RFBLBC02 Display bank chians for partners. FIBPU RFBLBC02 Maintain bank chains for partner. FIBS SAPMFBSM Input House Bank in Payment Request. FICD SAPMFDEC Cash deconcentration. FIEH01 FIEHLIST Worklist of Contracts with Errors. FIHB MENUFIHB In-house bank.

FIHBC MENUFIHBC Settings for In-House Bank. FIHB0 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance. FIHB8 RFBKPOEX Transfer Recipient Items. FIHC SAPMF02B Create In-House Cash Center. FIMA SAPLFF50 Financial Calculations. FINF RFOPFI00 Info System Events. FINP RFOPFI01 Info System Processes. FINT RFINTITAR Item Interest Calculation.

FINTAP RFINTITAP Vendors Item Interest Calculation. FIOR SAPMF02B Create Orbian Bank. FIPRC5 BUSVIEWS Field Grouping Activity. FIPRD1 BUSSTART Create Product. FIPRD2 BUSSTART Change Product. FIPRD3 BUSSTART Display Traidng. FI01 SAPMF02B Create Bank. FI02 SAPMF02B Change Bank. FI03 SAPMF02B Display Bank. FI04 SAPMF02A Display Bank Changes. FI06 SAPMF02B Set Flag to Delete Bank.

FI07 SAPMF02B Change Current Number Range Number. FKIB RKDBAT02 Background Processing. FKIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type. FKIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key Figures. FKIM SAPMKCB9 Report Monitor. FKIO RKCOBTR2 Ttrading Reports. FKIP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms. FKIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client FKIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client FKIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown Report. FKIV RKES Maintain Global Variable. FKIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports.

FKIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data. FKIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. FKI0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report. FKI1 SAPMKCEE Create Report. FKI2 SAPMKCEE Change Report. FKI3 SAPMKCEE Display Report. FKI4 SAPMKES1 Create Form. FKI6 SAPMKES1 Display Form. FKMT SAPLFKMT FI Acct Assignment Model Management. FKR8 RFVWBUST Report: Stock Transfer Tax. FKR9 RFVWINIT Initializing STT Position. FK01 SAPMF02K Create Vendor Accounting. FK02 SAPMF02K Change Vendor Accounting.

FK03 SAPMF02K Display Vendor Accounting. FK04 SAPMF01A Vendor Changes Accounting. FK05 SAPMF02K Block Vendor Accounting. FK06 SAPMF02K Mark Vendor for Deletion Acctng. FK08 SAPMF02K Confirm Vendor Individually Acctng. FK09 RFKCON00 Confirm Vendor List Accounting. FK10 SAPMF42B Vendor Account Balance. FLBP RFEBLB30 Post Lockbox Data.

FLB1 SAPMF40L Postprocessing Lockbox Fxlz. FLB2 RFEBLB00 Import Lockbox File. FLCC1 BUSSTART Create customer. FLCC2 BUSSTART Change customer. FLCC3 BUSSTART Display customer. FLCU1 BUSSTART Exchagne customer. FLCU2 BUSSTART Change Customer. FLCU3 BUSSTART Display customer. FLOREO SAPFLOREO Customizing of Logical Doc. FLVN1 BUSSTART Create vendor.

FLVN2 BUSSTART Change Vendor. FLVN3 BUSSTART Display vendor. FMAA RFFMRC00 Matching: Line Items and Totals FM. FMAB RFFMRC01 Matching: FI FM Line Items. FMAD RFFMRC03 Leveling: FI-FM Totals Records. FMAF RFFMRC04 Level Line Items and Totals Items. FMA1 RFFMS Matching: Totals and Balances CBM. FMA2 RFFMS Matching: CBM Line Items and Totals.

FMA3 RFFMS Matching: FI Line Items CBM. FMA4 RFFMS Matching: FI Bank Line Items Indicatorz. FMBB SAPLFMBWB Budgeting Workbench. FMBBC SAPLFMBWB Create Entry Document. FMBELI RFFMBELI Processing list. FMBGCP RFFMBGCPY Copy acc. FMBGD RFFMBGDC Cash Dis. FMBGJ SAPLFMBGA Execute Annual Adjustments. FMBGM SAPLFMBGA Execute Monthly Adjustments.

FMBGU Indicstors Reset Input Tax Adjustment. FMBGUL RFFMBGA Sales Tax List PCOs. FMBGV RFFMVAQ Calculate Input Tax Deduction Rate. FMBG1 RFFMVCORM Input tax adjustmnt monthly for PC. FMBG2 RFFMVCORJ Input tax adjustmnt yearly for PC. FMBG3 RFFMVCORB Display input tax adjustments. FMBI RFFMUD01 Posting Line-Based Budget Increase. FMBV BPINDX03 FM: Activate Availability Control.

FMB0 RFFMRP05 CO Document Transfer. FMCB RFFMCHAB Reassignment: Document Selection. FMCC RFFMCHAC Reassignment: FM-CO Assignment. FMCD RFFMCHAD Reassignment: Delete Work List. FMCG RFFMCHAG Reassignment: Overall Assignment. FMCIA SAPMFMCI Edit Commitment Item. FMCIC SAPMFMCI Display commitment item. FMCID SAPMFMCI Change Commitment Item: Hierarchy. FMCIE SAPMFMCI Display Gxiz Item: Hierarchy. FMCIH SAPMFMCI Commt Items: Alternative Hierarchy. FMCN RFFMCHAN Reassignment: Supplement.

FMCR RFFMCHAR Reassignment: Display Work List. FMCT RFFMCHAT Reassignment: Transfer. FMDA SAPMKBUD FM: Change Budget Plan. FMDB SAPMKBUD FM: Display Budget Plan. FMDC SAPMKBUD FM: Change Collect. FMDD SAPMKBUD FM: Display Collect. FMDE SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. FMDF SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. FMDG SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. FMDH SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. FMDI BPCOPY01 FM Loc. FMDI01 RFFMDI10 Data Transfer in Direct Input. FMDJ BPFRES01 FM: Transfer Financial Result.

FMDK SAPMKBUD FM Loc. FMDL SAPMKBUD FM Loc. FMDM RFFMCFM1 Monitor Closing Operations. FMDN RFFMBAL1 FM: Integration in Balance Hierarch. FMDO RFFMCPY1 FM: Loc. FMDO1 RFFMCPY2 FM: Revaluate Original Budget. Fprex RFFMCPY3 FM: Revaluation of Supplement. FMDS RFFMCFC1 Copy Carryforward Rules. FMDT RFFMCFL1 Display Carryforward Rules. FMDV RFFMBI61 FM: Residual Budget Data Transfer. FMDW RFFMBI51 FM: Financ. Result CE Data Transfer. FMDX RFFMBI41 FM: Coll.

FMDY RFFMBI31 FM: Financial Result Data Transfer. FMDZ RFFMBI21 FM: Budget Planning Data Transfer. FMD1 SAPMFM10 FM: Change Carryforward Rules. FMD2 SAPMFM10 FM: Display Carryforward Rules. FMD7 SAPMKBUD FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan. FMD8 SAPMKBUD FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan. FMD9 SAPMKBUD FM: Change Suppl. FMEB RKDBAT02 Structure Report Backgrnd Xurrency.

FMEH SAPMKXHI SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenance. FMEK SAPMKCEE FMCA: Create Drilldown Report. FMEL SAPMKCEE FMCA: Change Drilldown Report. FMEM SAPMKCEE FMCA: Display Drilldown Report. FMEN SAPMKES1 FMCA: Create Form. FMEO SAPMKES1 FMCA: Change Form. FMEP SAPMKES1 FMCA: Display Form. FMEQ SAPMKCEE FMCA: Run Drilldown Report. FMER SAPMKCB9 FMCA: Drilldown Tool Xurrency Monitor.

FMEV RKES Maintain Global Variable. FME1 RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client FME2 RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client FME3 RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms. FME4 RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports. FME5 RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. FME6 RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports. FME7 RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data. FME8 RKPBATCH Maintain Idicators Variants. FME9 RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown. FMFI RFFMCJFI Execute program RFFMCJFI. FMF0 RFFMS Payment Selection. FMF1 RFFMS Revenue Exchaneg.

FMGX RFFMMDBI81 Commitment Item Issue to UNIX-File. FMGY RFFMMDBI85 Create Commitment Items via UNIX. FMG1 SAPLFM3G Create Budget Structure Template. FMG2 SAPLFM3G Change Budget Structure Template. FMG3 SAPLFM3G Display Budget Structure Template. FMG4 SAPLFM3G Delete Budget Structure Template. FMG5 BPCARRG0 Generate BS Object from BS Template.

FMHC Tradding Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR. FMHG SAPLFMHA Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR. FMHGG RFFMHR01 Generate BS Elements f. FMHIST RFFMHIST Apportion Document in FM. FMHK RFFMKT11 Copy Control Data. FMHV SAPLFMCK Budget Memo Texts. Processing of Revs Incr. FMIB RFFMUD01 Posting Line-Based Budget Options trading site architecture. FMIC RFFMUD11 Generate Additional Budget Incr.

FMIK RFFMKT12 Copy Rules for Revs Incr. FMIL RFFMKT22 Delete Rules for Revs Incr. FMIS SAPLFMAB Display Rules for Revs. FMIT RFFMUD21 Totals-Based Distribution Procedure. FMIU SAPLFMAB Maintain Rules for Revs. FMJA BPINDX05 Budget Year-End Closing: Prepare. FMJB RFFMCF25 Budget Year-End Closing: Cugrency. FMJC RFFMCF30 Budget Year-End Closing: Carry Fwd. FMJD RFFMCFRB Reverse Fiscal Year Close: Budget. FMJM SAPMFM10 Maintain residual budget applicatio.

FMJN SAPMFM10 Display residual budget application. FMJO SAPMFM10 Maintain residual budget approval. FMJP SAPMFM10 Display residual budget approval. FMJ0 RFFMCCF0 Carry Forward General Requests. FMJ2 RFFMCCF1 Year-End Closing: Carryfwd Cmmts. FMJ3 RFFMCCFR Reverse Commitments Carryforward. FMLD SAPMGCU3 Ledger Deletion.

FML1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger. FML2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger. FML3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger. FML4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger. FMMC RFFMCCLS FM Obligation Closeout. FMME1 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Application. FMME10 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Search Help. FMME11 BUSVIEWS FPC: Assign Screen Field to Databas.

FMME12 BUSVIEWS FPC: Field Group Criteria. FMME13 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: BP Roles. FMME14 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: BP Role Groupi. FMME15 BUSVIEWS FPC: Application Transaction. FMME16 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Tables. FMME17 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: External Ap. FMME18 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Activities. FMME19 BUSVIEWS FPC: Function Module Activities. FMME2 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Field Group. FMME22 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: Cat.

FMME23 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Data sets. FMME24 BUSVIEWS Funded Progr. Where used list defin. FMME25 BUSVIEWS Where used list - process to view. FMME26 BUSVIEWS FPC: Assign BAPI Flds to Field Grps. FMME27 BUSVIEWS Funded Program DI to Table fields. FMME3 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Views. FMME4 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Views. FMME5 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Views. FMME6 BUSVIEWS Funded Program: Screen Sequence.

FMME7 BUSVIEWS Funded Program: Events. FMME8 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Std Functi. FMME9 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Addl Func. FMMI RFFMIU01 Mass Maintenance of Open Intervals. FMNA SAPLFMKT Display CBA Rules. FMNB RFFMSN81 CBA Budget Objects. FMND RFFMSN21 Actual Distribution in CBA. FMNG RFFMSN41 CE: Actual Distr. FMNI RFFMSN31 Integration with the Budget. FMNK RFFMKT14 Copy Collective Expenditure. FMNL RFFMKT24 Delete Collective Expenditure Rules. FMNM RFFMSN11 Budget Transfer in CBA.

FMNP SAPLFMKT Cudrency CBA Rules. FMNS SAPLFMKT Display CBA Rules. FMNSD RFFMRP07 Rebuild FM Open Item of Exdhange Orders. FMNU SAPLFMKT Maintain CBA Rules. FMNV SAPLFMSN Fast Data Entry Distribution Basis. FMN0 RFFMRPFI Subsequent Posting of FI Documents. FMN3 RFFMRP34 Transfer Purchase Req. FMN3N RFFMRP34N Reconstruction of Purch. FMN4 RFFMRP02 Transfer Purchase Order Documents. FMN4N RFFMRP02N Reconstruction of Exchage Orders.

FMN5 RFFMRP03 Transfer Funds Reservation Document. Fxia RFFMRP03N Reconstruction of Earmarked Funds. FMN8 RFVDSO03 Simulation Lists Debit Position. FMN9 RFVDSO04 Posted Debit Position List. FMPAYD SAPLFMPD Process Payment Distribution. FMPLLC Forx FI-FM Change Planning Layout. FMPLLD SAPMKES1 FI-FM Display Planning Layout. FMPLLI SAPMKES1 FI-FM Create Planning Layout. FMPO RFFMPDOC Payment Directives: Create. FMP2 SAPMKBUD Delete Financial Budget Version. FMRA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree.

FMRB RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree. FMRC21 RFFMRC21 Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds. FMRC22 RFFMRC22 Reconciliation of Purchase Orders. FMRC23 RFFMRC23 Reconciliation of Purch. FMREW SAPLFMREW Earmarked Funds: Enhancement Wizard. FMROD RFMROPOST Recurring Obligations Overdue Check. FMROP RFMROPOST Post Recurring Obligations.

FMRP18 RFFMRP18 Clear Subsequent Postings. FMRW RFFMEP3B Budget Entry Documents. FMRY RFFMEP1BX Annual budget. FMRZ RFFMEP2BX Overall Budget. FMR0 RFFMRP04 Reconstruct Parked Documents. FMR5A RFFMPLIST 12 Period Forecast: Actual and Plan. FMSA SAPMFMFS Create Funds Center in FM Area. FMSB SAPMFMFS Change Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Center in FM Area.

FMSC SAPMFMFS Display Funds Center in FM Area. FMSK RFFMMDC2 Commitment Item Check. FMSL RFFMSL Change Cmmt Item: Mass Processing. FMSS SAPLFMS2 Display Status Assignment. FMSU SAPLFMS2 Change Status Assignment. FMSX RFFMBI91 Output of Funds Center to UNIX file. FMSY RFFMBI95 Create Funds Center Using UNIX. FMTB RFFMTOBL Transfer Totals from FM to FI-GL. FMTR RFFMBLTR FM budgetary ledger trace.

FMVABD SAPLKBPT Define Funds Management Validation. FMVPM1 SAPLFMRS Create Forecast of Rev. FMVPM2 SAPLFMRS Change Forecast of Rev. FMVPM3 SAPLFMRS Display Forecast of Rev. FMVPM4 SAPLFMRS Approve forecast of rev. FMVT SAPFMVTR Fund Balance Carryforward. FMV1 SAPLFMFR Create Forecast of Revenue. FMV2 SAPLFMFR Change Forecast of Revenue.

FMV3 SAPLFMFR Display Forecast of Revenue. FMV4 SAPLFMFR Approve Forecast of Revenue. FMV5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev. FMV6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Forecast of Currebcy Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators. FMWA SAPLFMFR Create Funds Transfer. FMWAZ SAPMFMWAZ Payment transfer. FMWB SAPLFMFR Change Funds Transfer.

FMWC SAPLFMFR Display Funds Transfer. FMWD SAPLFMFR Approve Funds Transfer. FMWE SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Trsfr. FMWPM1 SAPLFMRS Create Fund Block for Value Adjustm. FMWPM2 SAPLFMRS Change Fund Block for Value Adjustm. FMWPM3 SAPLFMRS Display Funds Block tradinh Value Adjst. FMWPM4 SAPLFMRS Approve Fund Block for Value Adjust. FMW1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds Block. FMW2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds Block. FMW3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds Block. FMW4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds Blocking.

FMW5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg. FMXPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Create Value Adj. FMXPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Change Value Adj. FMXPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Displ. FMXPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds Reserv. FMX1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds Reservation. FMX2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds Reservation. FMX3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds Reservation. FMX4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds Reservation. FMX5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn. FMX6 SAPLFMFR Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction.

FMYPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Create Value Adjust. FMYPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Change Value Adjust. FMYPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds precmmt: Display value adjust. FMYPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Approve Value Adjust. FMY1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds Commitment. FMY2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds Commitment. FMY3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds Precommitment. FMY4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds Precommitment. FMY5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt. FMY6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually.

FMZBVT RFFMZBVT Carry Forward Balance. FMZPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds commit. FMZPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds commit. FMZPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustmen. FMZPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds commit: Approve value adjust. FMZZ RFFMBW00 Revalue Funds Commitments. FMZ1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds Commitment. FMZ2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds Commitment. FMZ3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds Commitment.

FMZ4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds Commitment. FMZ5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt. FMZ6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Funds Commitment Manually. Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators SAPMFM03 Display FM Document. FM03A SAPMFM03 Display FM Document with Archive. FM2E SAPMKBUB FM: Change Budget Document. FM2F SAPMKBUB FM: Display Budget Document.

FM2G SAPMFM3M Field Contents in Funds Centers. FM2M RFFMFS02 Index of Funds Centers. FM3G SAPMFM3M Commitment Item Hierarchy. FM3M RFFMFP02 Index of Commitment Items. FM4G SAPMFM3M Budget Structure Element Hierarchy. FM5I SAPLFM52 FIFM: Create Fund. FM5M Eschange Index of Funds. FM5S SAPLFM52 FIFM: Display Fund. FM5U SAPLFM52 FIFM: Change Fund. FM6I SAPLFM62 FIFM: Create Application of Funds. FM6M RFFMFV02 Index of Application of Funds. FM6S SAPLFM62 FIFM: Display Application of Funds.

FM6U SAPLFM62 FIFM: Change Application of Funds. Processing of CE Rules. FM7B RFFMKT50 Flag FMAA as Eligible for Cover. FM7C RFFMSC01 Generate Cover Pools from Rules. FM7K RFFMKT13 Copy Cover Eligibility Rules. FM7L RFFMKT23 Delete Cover Eligibility Rules. Processing of Assgt to Cvr E. FM7U SAPLFMAB Multiple Processing lndicators Assgts to CE.

Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators SAPLFMDK Maintain Cover Currdncy. FM72 SAPLFMDK Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool. FM73 RFFMSN99 Create Cust. Groups for Cover Pools. FM79 SAPLFMDK Grouping Chars for Cover Pool. FM80 SAPMFCD0 Budget Incr. FM81 SAPMFCD0 Budget Incr. FM9B BPCOPY00 FM: Copy Budget Version. FM9C RFFMCOPI Plan Data Transfer from CO.

FM9D SAPMKBUD FM: Block Budget Version. FM9E SAPMKBUD FM: Unblock Budget Version. FM9K SAPMKBUC FIFM: Change Budget Structure. FM9L SAPMKBUC FM: Display Budget Structure. FM9M BPCARRT0 FM: Delete Budget Structure. FM9N BPCARR00 FM: Generate Budget Object. FM9O BPCOPY02 Copy Supplement Budget. FM9P BPDIST01 Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values. FM9Q BPDIST02 FM: Total Up Budget. FM9S BPCARRB0 HHM: Generate Net Vote Objects.

FM9T BPCARRC0 Check Assignment Object. FM9U BPDIST04 FM: Checking Budget Consistency. FM9W RBPEWU1M Adjust Funds Management Budget. FM9X RFFMBUD2 FM: Delete Budget 1 Commitment Item. FM9Y BPCARRY02 FM: Copy BS - Year-Dependent StD. FM9Z BPCARRY01 FM: Transfer Budget Structure. FNAA SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage applic. FNAB SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortg. FNAC SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage contrac. FNAD SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy applicat.

FNAE SAPMF67A Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators deleted policy contract. FNAG SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan appli. FNAH SAPMF67A Reactivate del. FNAI SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan cntrc. FNAK Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators Select file character. FNAL SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted BNL contract. FNAM SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contract.

FNASL RFVDASL0 Loans: Account Analysis. FNA0 SAPMF67A Policy application in contract. FNA1 SAPMF67A Create Mortgage Offer. FNA2 SAPMF67A Change Mortgage Offer. FNA3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan Offer. FNA4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application Rescission. FNA5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contract. FNA6 SAPMF67A Create policy application. FNA7 SAPMF67A Change policy application. FNA8 SAPMF67A Display policy application.

FNA9 SAPMF67A Policy Application Rescission. FNBD RFVDBES0 Loans-Automatic bal. FNBG RFVDBGE0 Guarantee charges list. FNBT RFVDBSTR Balance Sheet Transfer. FNBU MENUFNBU DARWIN- Loans accounting menu. FNB1 Fore Transfer to a Loan. FNB2 SAPMF67B Transfer from a Loan. FNB3 SAPMF68V Document Reversal - Loans. FNB8 SAPMF69N BAV Information.

FNB9 SAPMF69N BAV transfer. FNFO SAPMF67F ISIS: Create file. FNFP SAPMF67F ISIS: Change file. FNFQ SAPMF67F ISIS: Display file. FNFR RFVDPSF0 ISIS: Fill file. FNFT RFVDPA03 Rollover: File evaluation. FNFU RFVDPA02 Rollover: Update file. FNF1 SAPMF67F Rollover: Create file. FNF2 SAPMF67F Rollover: Change file. FNF3 SAPMF67F Rollover: Display file. FNF9 RFVDPA01 Rollover: Evaluations.

FNG2 SAPMF67G Total Loan Commitment. FNIA SAPMF67I Create inquiry. FNIB SAPMF67I Change inquiry. FNIC SAPMF67I Display Inquiry. FNID SAPMF67I Deactivate Interested Party. FNIE SAPMF67I Reactivate Interested Party. FNIJ SAPMF67J Create credit standing. FNIK SAPMF67J Change credit standing. FNIL SAPMF67J Display credit standing. FNIN SAPMF67J Create collateral value.

FNIO SAPMF67J Change collateral value. FNIP SAPMF67J Display collateral value. FNI1 SAPMF67A Create mortgage application. FNI2 SAPMF67A Change mortgage application. FNI3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan Application. FNI4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application Fofex. FNI5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application to offer. FNI6 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contract. FNK0 RFVDKWGO Multimillion Loan Display GBA FNK1 RFVDORG2 Loans to Managers GBA FNMA MENUFNMA Partner data: Settings menu.

FNMD MENUFNMD Submenu General Loans. FNME MENUFNME Loans management menu. FNMEC MENUFNMEC Loans Management Menu. FNMH MENUFNMH Loans management menu. FNMI MENUFNMI Loans information system. FNMO MENUFNMO Fxizz Menu Policy Loans. FNMS MENUFNMS Loans Menu Borrower's Notes. FNM1 RFVSOLD2 Automatic Posting. FNM1S RFVSOLD2 Automatic Posting - Single. FNM2 SAPMF68U Balance sheet transfer. FNM3 SAPMF68S Loans reversal module.

FNM4 SAPMF68U Undisclosed assignment. FNM5 RFVSOLD3 Automatic debit position simulation. FNN4 SAPMF67P Display general file. FNN5 SAPMF67P Edit general file. FNN6 SAPMF67P Display general main file. FNN7 SAPMF67P Edit general main file. FNN8 SAPMF67P Display general main file. FNN9 SAPMF67P Edit general overall file. FNO1 SAPMF68O Create Object. FNO2 SAPMF68O Change Object. FNO3 SAPMF68O Display Object. FNO5 SAPMF68L Create collateral.

FNO6 SAPMF68L Change collateral. FNO7 SAPMF68L Display collateral. FNO8 RFVOBJ01 Create Objects from File. FNO9 RFVSIC01 Create Collateral from File. FNP0 SAPMF67A Edit rollover manually. FNP4 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display file. FNP5 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit File. FNP6 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display main file. FNP7 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit main file. FNP8 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display overall file. FNP9 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit overall file. FNQF RFVDZACH Swiss interest adjustment currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators. FNQG RFVDCHSZ Swiss special interest run.

FNQ2 RFVDNGS0 Currfncy Business Statistics. FNQ7 RFVDTAB1 Generate flow type. FNQ8 RFVDMAU1 Automatic Clearing for Overpayments. FNRB RFVDBEP0 Memo record update. FNRD RFVDAZE0 Display incoming payments. FNRE RFVDSZE0 DO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming Payment. FNR0 RFVDBJR2 Loans: Posting Journal. FNR7 RFVDSLD0 Totals and Balance List. FNR8 RFVDKAU1 Account Statement. FNR9 RFVDDIS0 Planning List. FNSA RFVDREV0 Foreign currency valuation.

FNSB RFVDSTDA Master data summary. FNSL RFVDSALC Balance reconciliation list. FNS1 SAPMSNUM Collateral number range. FNT0 Ineicators Loan correspondence Switzerland. FNT2 RFVDMCTX Copy text modules to client. FNUB MENUFNUB Treasury transfer. FNVA SAPMF67A Create paid off traring. FNVD SAPMF67A Disburse Contract.

FNVI RFVDFAVI Loans: General Overview. FNVM SAPMF67A Change Contract. FNVR SAPMF67A Reactivate Contract. FNVS SAPMF67A Display Contract. FNVW SAPMF67A Rescind Contract. FNV0 SAPMF67A Payoff policy contract. FNV1 SAPMF67A Create mortgage contract. FNV2 SAPMF67A Change mortgage contract. FNV3 SAPMF67A Display mortgage contract. FNV4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Contract Rescission. FNV5 SAPMF67A Disburse Contract. FNV6 SAPMF67A Create policy contract. FNV7 SAPMF67A Change policy contract. FNV8 SAPMF67A Display policy contract.

FNV9 SAPMF67A Policy Contract Rescission. FNWO RFVDFAWO Loans: Fast Processing. FNWS RFVDWBS1 Housing statistics. FNXD RFVUBDOC TR-EDT: Documentation. FNXG RFVUBGP1 List of Bus. FNXU RFVUBDAS List of Imported Loans. FNX1 SAPMF67X Rollover: Create Table. FNX2 SAPMF67X Rollover: Change Table. FNX3 SAPMF67X Rollover: Display Table. FNX6 SAPMF67X Rollover: Delete Table. FNX7 SAPMF67X Rollover: Deactivate Table. FNX8 SAPMF67X Rollover: Print Table.

FNY1 SAPMF67X New Currrency Create Table. FNY2 SAPMF67X New Business: Change Table. FNY3 SAPMF67X New Business: Display Table. FNY6 SAPMF67X New Business: Delete Table. FNY7 SAPMF67X New Business: Deactivate Table. FNY8 SAPMF67X New Business: Print Table. FNZA RFVKONTM Account Determination Customizing. Exchamge SAPMF68A Create Borrower's Note Currency exchange forex fxiz trading indicators.

FN1A SAPMF67A Create other loan contract. FN1V SAPMF67A Create other loan contract. FN11 SAPMF68A Change borrower's note order. FN12 SAPMF68A Display borrower's note order. FN13 SAPMF68A Delete borrower's note order. FN15 SAPMF67A Create borrower's note contract. FN16 SAPMF67A Change borrower's note contract.

FN17 SAPMF67A Display borrower's note contract. FN18 SAPMF67A Payoff borrower's note contract. FN19 SAPMF67A Rescind Borrower's Note Contract. FN2A SAPMF67A Change other loan application. FN2V SAPMF67A Change other loan contract. FN20 SAPMF68A Create borrower's note offer. FN21 SAPMF68A Change borrower's note offer. FN22 SAPMF68A Display borrower's note offer.

FN23 SAPMF68A Delete borrower's note offer. FN24 SAPMF68A Activate borrower's note offer. FN3A SAPMF67A Display other loan application. FN3V SAPMF67A Display other loan contract. FN30 SAPMF67A Create policy interested party. FN31 SAPMF67A Change policy interested party. FN32 SAPMF67A Display policy interested party. FN33 SAPMF67A Delete policy interested party. FN34 SAPMF67A Policy interested party in applic.

FN35 SAPMF67A Policy interested party in contract. FN4A SAPMF67A Rescind Other Loan Application. FN4V SAPMF67A Rescind Other Loan Contract. FN40 SAPMF67A Create other loan interested party. FN41 SAPMF67A Change other loan interested party. FN42 SAPMF67A Display other loan interested party. FN43 SAPMF67A Delete other loan interested party. FN44 SAPMF67A Other loan interest.

FN45 SAPMF67A Other loan interested prty in cntrc. FN5A SAPMF67A Other loan application in contract. FN5V SAPMF67A Payoff other loan contract. FN61 SAPMF67Q Create collateral value. FN62 SAPMF67Q Trrading collateral value. FN63 SAPMF67Q Display collateral value. FN80 SAPMF67K Enter manual debit position. FN81 SAPMF67K Change manual debit position. FN82 SAPMF67K Display manual debit position. FN84 SAPMF67K Change waiver. FN85 SAPMF67K Display Waiver. FN87 SAPMF67K Change Write-Off Debit Position.

FN88 SAPMF67K Display Write-Off Debit Position. FOAA RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj. FOAB RFVIMAVZ Assign RU to comparative group. FOAC RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: Comp. FOAD RFVIMAEA Display rent adjustment: Comp. FOAE RFVIMACO Simulate rent adjust. FOAF RFVIWV01 Comparative rnt rnt. FOAH RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj.

FOAI RFVIMAEA Activate rent adj. FOAJ RFVIMAEA Display rent adj. FOAK RFVIFG01 Rent adjustment letter: Free adj. FOAM RFVIMACO Simulate rent adjustment: Free adj. FOAN RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: All methd. FOAO RFVIMAEA Reverse rent adjustment: All method. FOAP RFVIMAZP Display rent adjustment logs. FOAQ RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj. FOAR RFVIMACO Simulate rent adj. FOARBW SAPMSNUM Rental Request Number Range. FOAROF SAPMSNUM Offer Fciz Range. FOART0 SAPLFVAO01 RE: REsearch RE Market Place.

FOART1 SAPLFVAO05 REsearch: Concordance Eval. FOART2 SAPLFVAO04 REsearch: Administration Web-User. FOAR0A BUSSTART Create Rental Request. FOAR0B BUSSTART Change Rental Request. FOAR0C BUSSTART Display Rental Request. FOAR00 MENUFOAR00 Business Partner Configuration Menu. FOAR01 BUSVIEWS REAR: Applications. FOAR02 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Groups. FOAR03 BUSVIEWS REAR: Views. FOAR04 BUSVIEWS REAR: Sections. FOAR05 BUSVIEWS REAR: Pictures.

FOAR06 BUSVIEWS REAR: Screen Sequences. FOAR07 BUSVIEWS REAR: Events. FOAR08 BUSVIEWS REAR: GUI Standard Functions. FOAR09 BUSVIEWS REAR: GUI Additional Functions. FOAR1A RFVISAD0 Transfer Rental Units into Offers. FOAR1B RFVISADS Offer Overview. FOAR1C RFVISADD Overview of Requests. FOAR12 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Modification Criteria. FOAR13 BUSVIEWS REAR: Activities. FOAR15 BUSVIEWS REAR: Application Transactions. FOAR16 BUSVIEWS REAR: Tables. FOAR18 BUSVIEWS REAR: Activity Field Modification.

FOAR25 BUSVIEWS REAR: Authorization Types. FOAR26 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Groups for Authorizatio. FOAR27 BUSVIEWS REAR: Search. FOAS RFVIMAEA Activate RLR Rent Adjustment. FOAT RFVIMAEA Display Active RLR Rent Adjustment. FOAW RFVIWN01 Print apartment valuatn Netherlands. FOAY RFVISAL1 Balance List by Real Estate Object. FOAZ RFVIMAEA Display Active Rent Adj.

FOA0 RFVIMACO Simulate Index Rent Adjustment. FOA1 RFVIMACO Calculate rent adjustment: Index. FOA3 RFVIMACO Calculate rent adjustment: CH. FOA4 RFVIMAEA Rent Adjustment - Reserved. FOA5 RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: Index. FOA6 RFVIMI01 Rent adjustment letter: Index. FOA8 RFVIMAEA Dispay rent adjustments: Index. FOBB RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBC RFVICLBW Real estate: Delete transaction dat. FOBD RFVIMACO Rent Adj. FOBE RFVIMACO Rent Adj. FOBF RFVIMAEA Rent Adj. FOBG RFVIMAEA Rent Adj. FOBH RFVIMAEA Rent Adj.

FOBJ RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBK RFVIBKCP Copy real estate company codes. FOBL RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBM RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBN RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBO RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBP RFVIRNBP Properties: Usage type acc. FOBT RFVIMADC Rent Adj. FOBW RFVIMADC Rent Adj.

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