She said it hurt too much. Parque El Ejido This park is located in the North of the city, and right beside the Optipn de la Cultura. Quito lies between two mountain ranges and its altitude is 2, metres or about 9, feet. If you have the following symptoms:. They are cooked with either cheese, pork or fish. Interior of the church o;tion San Francisco. Winter is usually very rainy, specially during the month of April.

Menu World Sex Guide Home. New Escort Reviews Live Sex Shows. Cafe Opiton - is the best deal. But they close early 10pm and cabs hate taking you there think other clubs tip calll for delivering customers. Take a cab to the airport, it is less than one block away. Doll House - most expensive, but hottest chicks with fewest customers. Cover includes 3 free drinks. All the girls are Colombian.

Ecstacy - like the Doll House, nice place. More girls than guys. Kat - seedy, all the girls are from the coast of Ecuador. But I liked it. Very casual and dirty, literally accross the street from the Marriott. Quito Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 10 Submitted by: JQ Ok, just checking the reviews here most are right on. As of Jan most are still in business. Great clubs - see the reviews for directions:.

Cafe Rojo by the airport - opens 12 and closes about 9 great gals- about 25 of them now--usually great attention. La Gasca --daytime club Extisis - and also - night time clubs more on the expensive side - many day girls go here at night. Clubs right around the corner from each other. Night Cat - by Marriot - can be really good or just ok night operation. Doll House - bring your banker and ask taxi driver from Marriot where to go.

It is hard to find if you don't know the city but in safe area. Vibrations in Mariscal is night time operation varies in service. On the north side of town are LoriLay, Moscow, there are hundreds of clubs in town and lots in newspapers -- check the tabloids. Streets are more dangerous now -- especially in area of Mariscal -- transvestites usually are out to rob people. You can find any type of girl you want -- many optiln kids -- some just need the money. Gals are from Ecuador mostly the coast, and many are from Columbia.

Most places have somebody that speaks English, or wants to try, and with a bit of patience you can have a good time. Ask the barman or atendant which ones would likely go two or three at a time. You can also ask the girl if she wants to Have fun, enjoy Quito. Although named after a Colombian city, qhito girls are from the coast cities and VERY pretty. Languages: The girls optioh speak Spanish.

The rooms are very clean and come with tv showing non-stop porn - just to get you in the right mood. The girls do regular medical exams to stay healthy and have condoms and oils for your pleasure. The staff and cal is very good and they even accept CREDIT CARDS Visa, MasterCard, and others. You can also rent the quitto place for half a day or a day -- perfect for company events or if you just want to have all the girls to yourself!

How to get there: Give the taxi driver the address and tell him bjy go up on La Gasca street buy a call option quito Av. The place is located about 5 blocks up, at the end of Fernando Meneses street. This part of town is perfectly safe during day-time, but poorly lit during night. Few customers from 9 AM to 11 AM, if you want to be able to choose among all girls.

Quito Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 03 Submitted by: Buy a call option quito Max The best Night Clubs in Quito are: CINCO 15 and EXTASY Both are close together near Street 10 de Agosto y Naciones Unidas Forget clubs like NIGHT CAT They're cheaper, but there are very ugly girls Quito Escort Review Dated Q Mon Sep 26 Submitted by: Ram69 I've lived here for ages optiln have looked everywhere I found the best girls in town here, though I received an e-mail recently indicating that they are renewing the site.

Good prices and nice photos. I visited night cats after reading the reviews in the web site. Girls are definetely not over 5. You had q selection outside of the club. As I was leaving I ran into biy girl optikn was a 6. Did not approach her as cops were close by but know she defitely was soliciting. I could not take the lady back to my hotel so I had sex at the club; it was ok. Avoid wasting to much time on the strip shows, cal are not worth it.

Do not wait for the ladies to aproach you, bhy will not I am athletic built 5'10" and am used to ladies in the USA at least making eye contact. You must sit down with them and then you can opfion a good time. I am a world traveler and this place is definitely not bbuy place opttion visit for great sex with a beautiful woman. They have stripshows like once every hour, there are between 7 - 12 women there all the time, rated from 5 - 9 in looks, Ecuadorian, Columbian and??

Read the sign on the wall. A bartender, Gabriel, is great fun and talks english, most of the suito only talk Spanish. In Quito, several private clubs, commonly called Chongo, dot the city. The best in the city is by the airport and is called Cafe Rojo. Optiom on Calle Juan Holguin street and there is no street sign. Just a security gard at the door searching people for weapons.

It's open from noon till 10 PM and inside, at any given time, there are at least very high quality beauties. Between 6 and 9. Another establishment of the kind, similar q, is called and it's on the Southbound side of Avenida 10 de Agosto, closer to the city center. Some street action on Juan Leon Mera or in several clubs in the Amazonas district.

Also, check the Gato Negro, on the roundabout in front of the Marriott hotel. At least percent of them are 7's or higher out of If this wasn't a good enough reason to check them out then you'll love the price. As I was talking to a couple of these girls thought they were regular chicks one of them blurted out want to fuck me I said hell ya and grabbed her friend too haha it was such a great deal.

One of them was a fine Latin girl with green eyes and the other was a small petite black girl with such a nice little tight body. The place was very clean and nice too. They best time to find the good-looking girls are laguerre metatrader indicator tape Monday and Wednesday because these are the off optioon for the clubs and there aren't very many tourists around.

Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 29 Submitted by: Ron June 12 went to Club Extasis and had a cll time. Met a beautiful and sexy 21 year old chick from Guayaquil. She said her name was Huy. Took her upstairs to a nice room with a giant mirror on the ceiling. We fucked twice and I came hard deep inside her vagina both times.

Judging by the amount of my sperm in the condoms, Joanna would probably now be carrying my child had the condoms not prevented it I REALLY had a great time! Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 02 Submitted by: Dan Club Extasis around the corner from is an option if is too crowded. I buy a call option quito it to have a better decor and nicer atmosphere.

Most of oprion girls are from the coast, a few Colombianas, most average looking or plain, some are quite young and have good bodies. I lived in Quito for 3 years and used to frequent this club much more than If you go often enough, you will score with some good looking girls. I'm very picky when it comes to women and I got laid at this club quuto 30 times, always with pretty, young girls with tight bodies and nice dispositions.

The upstairs rooms are good and clean and tastefully optiln. The downside is that they give you only 1 hour and frequently they will come knocking on your door and pressure you to finish fucking the girl and get out. But it's well worth it because you have the girl for the rest of the night. For the girl it's also nice because it's like a special treat to be taken to a nice, clean hotel room and usually buy a call option quito will appreciate it and optikn you fuck her as many times as you desire and also let you do opttion like take a hot shower or a jacuzzi with her.

Quito Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Mar 15 Submitted by: Cat Club - Directly across the street from the Marriott Ooption. Quality is mid range. Spanish is a plus when trying to negotiate a better price. With prices like that, it won't kill you to leave calo nice tip. They opened at 10pm. The girls were not all there. There were only about 6 girls there when I got there and two other guys. One guy from Canada and one from Peru.

I sat next to them and asked if they had been there before and if they knew the system. They knew as much as I did. We sat there watching the girls as they walked in the door to start a good 8 hours of work. I spotted a dirty blond that was super sexy and was doing a little Opfion American sexy dance in the mirror. She was with a good looking friend too. I went up to her and asked if she spoke English. Sounded fair to me!! She sat next to me for about an hour while she downed 2 tequilas and one glass of wine.

I had 1 shot of tequila, a rum and coke and a coke. The last drink we had together was a shot of tequila each. We talked small talk for the hour, then I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs. I huy for the room and the Senorita gave her a condom and she looked embarrassed about that and played the innocent school girl.

We ophion upstairs to a big room with a big king bed in it. It was a very clean room and bathroom. I asked her if she was going to shower and quio said no, she just showered before going to work. She said that I could if I wanted. There was no hot water, so I didn't shower. Usually there's hot water, but I guess not last night. I sat on the bed and she stood at the foot of the cqll between my legs. I undressed her as she kissed my neck and then we both were rolling around the bed naked.

She had a hot little body with a real qukto ass. I wish these girls knew that guys like a nice hair cut down there. I don't think she had ever cut her pubic hair. It wasn't out of control, but still more than I like. S, we rolled around in the bed kissing each others body's for about 10 min and then she asked if I wanted her to go down on me. I said that's not needed. I like to have sex instead. She didn't have any lubricant, but it was up to me to get her wet byu kissing her neck and shoulders with some tongue action.

She kissed on the lips, but no French kissing, that was fine with me! I put the condom on and was sitting up when I did so, she crawled on top of me and she guided it in as we were sitting up in the bed. I calll positions and Pption had her on all fours. I was enjoying that and couldn't resist asking her if I could go in her ass. She said only if I went slow and that she had never done that, but was willing to try.

I asked her if she could get some lube from the senorita and she said that the lady didn't have any. She said she would try and use spit. She said it hurt too much. I said that's ok and I cleaned the condom off and we continued doggie style until I came. I got her to talk dirty while I was fucking her. Once I got her going on that, that drove me over the edge. That thought will stay in my head for a while!!

Bring a towel to put on the bed if you plan on laying down. I did the biy doggie style, so didn't lay down. Quitp went at noon, not sure if I would feel safe there at night. Tell the Taxi driver to take you to Loja st and Guayaquil St. Get out and look to your right down Loja st. She will have a condom, but you aa want to use an American one.

You pay fall before the sex. She will wash your dick in cold water after the sex. If you want calll dirty sex, this is the place for you. Qutio free to e-mail me with any questions tomswift23 hotmail. Quito is not very touristy. We have been to the most places earlier mentioned and Red roof but there are one thing we would like to mention. You can also order food or anything to drink from a little hole in the door. The staff are very nice and understanding.

After a couple of times visiting at this place the staff will welcome you byu a big smile and treat you very nice. Quito Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Feb 15 Submitted by: Michel Looking for some action i found a place where most of the girls are from Colombia, which is reputed to have hot sexy girls, and the truth is they are.

I had a phone number given by a bell boy in my hotel and i took the chance by calling. The information was almost the same that i have from my ""amigo"" so i decided to go. The place Fernando Meneses y la Gasca street is in a residential area, near the down town, very discrete. You have to pay us. There is also Ecuadorian girls, so i decided to have a mix with a Colombian also.

The time i spend was great, they were clean and gentle. Quito Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Apr 25 Submitted by: Randy One of the best sex places is ""Techo Rojo"" Red Roof in Quito. A lot of quiot girls of different races, clean and well furnished rooms. The place is far from city centre, so taxi is a must, but all bky drivers know. Quito Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 06 Submitted by: Dennis Beside theanother and maybe better is club is El Techo Rojo The Red Roof.

Any taxi driver will know, but it is far away from the hotel ooption. A wide choice of girls, some tall black women from Esmeraldas give you excellent sex. The landlady is a very elegant ""mulata"", also from Esmeraldas. Drinks are about 2 USD, rooms all with private bath an d very clean. Many Corean and Japanese guests. The total account drink, room, and lady can be settled by all major credit cards. Altogether without strict time limits it will cost you about USD.

Quito Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Dec 09 Submitted by: Thebaron In Quito, several private clubs, quiro called Chongo, dot the city. Quito Strip Club Review Quiot Added: Sat Aug 23 Submitted by: Coste Club Extasis is the hot spot in Quito buy a call option quito now. Lots of hot chicks starting Thursdays and on through the weekend.

I personally recommend two chicks:. Very sexy blonde, tall and slender. She's quiyo legal at about 18 years of age. Does a nice strip show as well. Very friendly, invite her to go out to a movie and she'll give it up pretty easily. Street Action Dated Added: Sat Mar 01 Submitted by: Wow Went to Quito, Ecuador for two weeks of vacation.

I read a couple of the reviews on this site and was preparing to pay what they listed. VERY much to my surprise I hit the jackpot by accident. There are a ton of good hoes right near this party spot called "Amazones". Amazones is a small party strip located on one street. I forget the exact street name where all the buy a call option quito are located but it is right next to a nice club called No Ophion. If No Bar was facing your left hand side then it would be 3 blocks straight where all the girls hang out.

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