I read all the comments here and sure I would love to get rich without doing anything hard. Magnum Options is a SCAM!!!! As I too expect to have my money back. Account manager has disappeared off the face of the earth and although the people on live chat are very helpful, there is no follow-up and I have just repeated my complaint for about the 6th time but it finally Sptoption like it might get somewhere as my complaint has been sent to their Quality Assurance dept. I decided to cut my loss and stop it. Binary Options That Suck Home About As Our Writers Disclaimer Sitemap Contact US Please be noted that all information provided by Binary Options that Suck are based on our experience and do not mean to offend or accuse any broker with illegal matters.

What do you think about the payouts of Binary Options? View Results Launched in AprilMagnumOptions. This company is not regulated. Be Advised: This Broker is most likely closed. So far nothing leads us to believe they MagnumOptions is a scam. Several reports from CommuniTraders members approve that withdrawals are being handled on time and the support service is great. What is Spotoptiob the most alarming sign, discovered inis the multiple warnings from various authorities including FSC in Bulgaria where Magnum Options claims to be located.

Looking at traffic data for MagnumOptions. The drop is about 3 to 4 times their usual traffic which could be considered alarming and also related to the various warnings they have received from authorities. It is highly recommended to Start trading a regulated broker. I can give the answer to that question in 5 words, not They try to be different. Magnum Options offers plenty of webinars, at the moment of viewing, they offer 7 webinars within 10 days! This person was refused a withdrawal and made the client lose money by giving out bad trading tips until the account was wiped out.

The platform appeals to different types of traders: although they use SpotOption 2. At the bottom left corner of each chart you have something called a Strategy Advisor. When you hover Spotoptin the mouse over it you get the option to choose between RSI, Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. Clicking on any one of them will automatically generate a trading suggestion based on the technical indicator you clicked.

A countdown starts and in 10 seconds you will get your prediction: Call or Put. Of course, you can Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its check the other two indicators and trade only if at least 2 out of 3 agree. On the inyroduces note of aiming high, they offer Ladder Options which is quite interesting untroduces I believe we will see more of it in the uts. Also, if the asset is in an uptrend and you trade Puts, the payout is huge, but of course so are the risks.

Same goes for a downtrend if you trade Calls, so in other words, counter trend trading is better rewarded. That payout is not impressive to say the least, but — and this is the good part — if it expires above 1. If my option expires above 1. The further away the expiry price is, the more you can profit they offer predefined levels.

Update August Although the features above are now common among most SpotOption brands, they still remain useful to traders. However, except for some minor changes, Magnum Options are the same as they were last time we reviewed them. Update — Finding all the warnings and scam reports it gives Magnum Options the image of another scam broker. Another sign of being of a lack of professionalism is poor, misleading inormation about the minimum deposit being in the FAQ section inntroduces under account packages.

It is a sign of a lazy broker and it has been like this since the last time we checked on them months ago! We do the search, you need to read! You can do a similar search at home, do it yourself style. Search for MagnumOptions scams, fraud, complaints, etc and visit forums and review websites. So better look uts comments and forums posts made by users. Update February — Checking our comment section below we see many complaints regarding blown accounts and shady ttading managers.

We also mentioned the extreme drop in their traffic lately which kind of confirms our earlier theory about traders not being interesting in this brokerage. In addition, there are numerous warnings from various regulators, especially the one from MSC which is most likely the tip of the ice berg. Source: FSC BG Warning List. For Canadian traders, please see Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its list of trusted brokers.

Therefore, in order to withdraw any funds, the preceding stipulation must be fully met and fulfilled. According to their Terms and Conditions, the withdrawal of any funds is impossible before a trading volume of 30, 40 or 50 times has alsoo reached this applies if the client has received a bonus. Keep in mind that your own money cannot be withdrawn before the bonus turnover is reached. We consider this a very unprofessional tactic of tying your money to their platform.

Withdrawals are pretty standard: you can use credit cards, debit cards the money will go to the same card which was used for deposit and wire transfer. Minimum withdrawal is EUR or USD, depending on the account currency. It takes Magnum Options up to 4 business days to process the request and additional business days will pass until the money reaches you.

In this section I would like to mention of course their Ladder style options and the Strategy Advisor feature which lxdder not guaranteed to bring you profits, but it increases your chances of a successful investment. The platform is easy to use fenix fx hotel has enough features to satisfy even the most experienced traders. Traading website is easy to navigate and well structured.

Their basket of assets is composed of 74 stocks, 33 currency pairs, 8 commodities and 36 indices. All this is more than enough for any trader and you should find good trades at most times. The support Spottoption quite helpful and polite but at times it took a bit too long for them to answer my questions. Withdrawals usually take up to 3 business days to process and additional 5 to 7 days will pass until the money will reach your account.

For exact bonus conditions you should talk to one of their representatives but according to their FAQ section, the wager traring 30 times the bonus amount. Start your trading career with a Top Rated Broker Now! I traded with Magnum Options for over 6 months. Every account manager I worked with 4 different account mangers recommend trades that lost. I actually made more money trade binary option on my own then with the help from an account manager.

I soon discovered that I needed to protect my money because I do not know whether or not these account managers are good at their job. After a few days of calling and complaining, they would allow me to make a withdrawal. Aldder have now concluded that Magnum Options only honored my previous contract because they anticipated me making a large deposit.

The Head of the Corporate Accounts, Dennis Collins, was my account manager. But after I made the deposit he refused to provide me with the trade signals. To make matters worse, I discovered that Dennis Collins had 1 of my trades deleted from my history. To my surprise, Magnum Options claimed they canceled the trades and closed my account a few hours before the winning trades expired.

The truth is they have stolen my money while claiming to have canceled and closed my account before the expiration of the trades. The lesson here is to not do business with Magnum Options because they are not regulated. If and when they decide to take your money they can do so without any consequences. Please do not featur fool by the lack of web complains about Magnum Options. It is my understanding that they pay to have them removed. I hope this help someone makes the wise choice to NOT do business with Magnum Options.

If you would like more details about my encounter with Magnum Options please feel free to Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its at the zack gmail. My name is Zack. I introcuces had problem with Magnum Option. I was a newbie and know nothing of contract. I had no choice but to continue to trade till I reach the turn over rate. I knew I cannot rely on my account manager to trade for me so I did my own trading to speed up to reach the turn over amount. Now I had finally reached and had requested for fund withdrawal and instead of processing my refund they get another account manager to call me and he demand to know why I want to have my fund withdraw.

I told him I just want to stop trading and was told that he cannot accept my reason. I went to their chat room to asked when will I get my fund and the answer is that I have to wait for approval. I had wrote to their account department to ask them for an answer as to when than they will be returning me my fund. Did you get back your money? I too am a complete newbie, knew and understood nothing about trading, but I have lost money that I believed was guaranteed or I would Spotoptiob have gone ahead with the trade.

Account manager has disappeared off the face of the earth and although the people on live chat are very helpful, there is no follow-up and I have just repeated my complaint for about the 6th time but it finally looks like it might get somewhere as my complaint has been sent to their Quality Assurance dept. I want to say bravo to you for going ahead and trading by yourself! I would have no laddee how to do that.

I feel physically sick metatrader for blackberry playbook future the moment. I hope you have success with getting your veature out. A few months tradihg, I opened an account with MagnumOptions. However, the trade I was asked to invest on did ladeer go well and it actually lost money. At the end of trade, my account was emptied and the money promised was never deposited. For almost 2 months I have been leaving messages and asking to speak to supervisors, and no one bothers to call back or return my calls.

I was told at once that my broker had been fired for doing things wrong. Not sure of who to contact or address for this matter. I have been waiting for 3 months to get a payout, they have been giving me the run around. Julie can you email me those phone numbers please. WARNING: about give any of your money to Magnum Options. My husband made many attempts to call back but the number given on put him through to a contest line and no one is replying to any emails. We have now filed a fraud case with our credit card company, they say they have had issues with this company in the past.

Good luck and really do your home work. Seems to be a very similar story as yours. After they cleared the funds from my credit card I received a copy of their Terms and Conditions which I signed and returned. Next morning when I printed a laddfr of the T C and went through it I realised what I was locked into if they applied the bonus. I immediately lodged a withdrawal of my funds and emailed the broker stating I do not wish to accept the bonus or the free trade.

Five days later I received notification that my request for withdrawal is declined. The broker blocked my emails. In the space of the last 4 months I have been allocated 3 other account managers. One I did not hear from and the other 2 wanted me to deposit more funds otherwise they could not work with me. I refused, so I was left to fend for myself with the end result, total loss of funds.

I just gave a deposit of GBP tfading to magnum options and was told also that someone would be contacting me to explain everything to me and how it works. I have been asked twice by Account Managers and have declined. That is the last I have heard from them. I am now pot luck trading. Thanks to these reviews. I was about to put few thousands with Magnum Options. You guys saved me. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! Stealing from desperate souls who have no other hope or strength to live another day… This is one of many experience you are assured of getting with Magnum Options Binary Trading Scams.

I had thought I found myself a means to eventually control my finances, a means to determine my next meal, a meal for a young family striving hard to make ends meet in the challenging economy of today. I stumbled on Magnum Options in my quest to bring smiles to a little girl of 3 years, to give her shelter, buy her toys, to give my daughter a Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its time.

A dream that never came to fruition because I trusted Magnum Options Fraudsters. I had thought I saw a sign, a reason not to commit suicide, a reason not to give up, a reason to try one more time… I guess these reasons laadder. I have failed my daughter, I have lose all hope in staying alive tradng watch my disappointments… because I trusted a fraudster in disguise.

On that day, I had a enough lethal dose of prescription medication to end my misery, so I thought until I stumbled on Magnum Options. I succeeded in many tradings Spotoptoon had a fair share of losses. One thing that never made sense was withdrawal. I took a loan with high interest hoping my fortune would come. Unfortunately, it never did.

I was assigned to Hailey Thomas, a senior market analyst so they claim who presupposedly trippled my investment in 2 months, no withdrawal! It seemed like I found the tree of life and I was so elevated beyond measures. Dont be, everything will be explained. I had gone out of my way to promote this Fraudulent business and I feel like I have made more damage than help. This is not the first time I vent my displeasure however, its a low life on the other end who doesnt really care about my concerns but taking advantage of my trust and money, is a NO!

They would never take me seriously until I told them I would expose their secrets. I blame myself for trusting a non-regulated platform like Magnum Options. Why trust my life with someone who thinks they can misbehave with no one to correct or compel them to act. Watch out for their tricks to get you make a deposit! They are ready to collect all your credit card and other financial informationo only to ask you to proof you are real when you want to make a withdrawal that would frustrate the heck outta you.

They call you to sell a trade simply because you want to make a withdrawal and then set a trap for you. I knew all these selling tricks because I am a sales inntroduces myself… so i avoided it all so they Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its give me an excuse. Magnum Options is a SCAM!!!! Magmun Options is a SCAM!!!! Yes I got my intial deposit back after much frustration and knocking the right doors and asking the right questions!!! They control you and frustrate you to give up on your money so it all looks legitimate.

First I had to communicate with my bank and show proof of deposit and sources of the funds. My bank GOT Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its BACK! They assume everyone can be deceived before their cover is blown up. I dont want anything from MAGNUM OPTIONS other than their secrets to be blown open and to save all the innocent unaware desperate souls who look for hope… I do not want anyone having this terrible life threatening experience I had with They cannot be trusted!

I applied for withdrawal of this amount. I complied with all their requirements. When final time came to refund, I am asked to give last 4 digits of the card. After this, they are now asking me to give them all 16 digits of my card. Introfuces did not give alo I became suspicious as this is never asked by any genuine broker. I understand from various reports on this page, I am convinced I will never get the refund. But let every one know. After seeing few comments above, I find out the problem is these unlucky people rely on others to make money.

Myself been trade with Yesoption one of not regulated and bad comments. I trade myself with break even result then withdraw, the process is consider smooth, although the manager try her best to make me keep trading with them. Money back to bank. The worst Binary options broker in the world, do not ever go with them whatever you do.

Customer service is rubbish. They prey on the innocent and take money and continue to make you invest more and more until you become broke. You will be disappointed. My best experience and the best binary options website is 24option by far! Puts this Magnum Options to shame. I read so many good reviews about these guy that I decided to try them out.

Think I might have made a really dumb move. I just signed in last Thursday. I am hesitant to continue on with all these comments. How much will I loose if I withdraw my money now? I joined up recently also, and gave the initial deposit only. All the Magnum Options people speak with Eastern European Accents, and other fake accents. They are very pushy, nosy, and ask personal questions like how much money I have in my savings account. They will say anything to try to make you commit more money.

I also found out that they operate from Tel Aviv, Israel, not from UK. Do not commit to them. I hope you people get your money back. Tradlng I too expect to have my money back. No money to spend and no credit card required at all! Magnum Options immediately ask for a credit card and thousands of dollars for them to play with. Magnum Options are well aware of this deception! Would you trust someone that just lied to you with your credit card and thousands of dollars??

Sharon: I am sorry to hear that but Magnum Options cannot take responsibility for videos online that are not provided by us. But again, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Trusting them with my credit card and thousands of dollars, not a chance in hell!! I would suggest that anyone considering Magnum Options to take a close look at how they deceptively operate and take that into consideration when you decide on whether or not you choose to trust these people in any of your financial matters!

I was looking for a way to make some money quick I was desperate. Thinking that magnum options was my ticket I joined and made an account and a day later got phone calls from unpleasant people who were rude and persistent one day I wasnt understanding something and they hung up on me. Im hearing alot of problems with this magnum options and highly dont recommend it to anyone plainly because aleo impossibke to get a intrroduces of any body unless you just opened an account and they want to discuss depositing money.

I arrived here because I followed a great ad for lots of income and it took me to Magnum Options. So, I decided to check into them on my own before doing anything. That brought me to this page where I read this review that seemed promising. Thank goodness for all your comments. I read all the comments here and sure I would love to get rich without doing anything hard.

Within 30 seconds someone had called me to try to sell me on investing. I said I was not interested anymore and hung up. I think that was the right move!!! Carried along on the internet surf I almost joined! Fortunately a pushy tele-sales phoned mid-sign up and put me right off!!! Oh I am glad to hear your bad experience here. I am still not convinced as if everyone could made such huge money so early and so fast, there will be no people working in this world an everything would collapse, and if money is so early made then why would they need us, manajemen risiko perusahaan konstruksi could Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its all there money themselves, But akso there are winners then there must be losers, so who could be the winners….

I experienced it within five months. Still my account is active and i have money setting there. I dont know to withdraw it unless i keep trading it. Then I got a call from an account manager, Amanda Jones. She said you have to put in inttoduces money so we can couch you. She recommended the USD. I did all she said. She traded all the the money in Amazon, Boeing, Apple and etc. That is a catch! All the trades she invested Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its money in lost.

I had no choice so I did. All the money Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its gone already! I traded over 40, turnover on Spotoption also introduces ladder trading feature to its own but my balance dropped to USD. I realised the binary options is gambling and I am not going to be able to get a penny back from Magnum options no matter how hard I try.

I have to reach toUSD turnover. My account balance is USD. I talked to them and they asked for more money to be invested in. You see guys these guys never stop asking for money. The more money you put in the more you dip in dept. I decided to cut my loss and stop it. I decided to give up and stop playing. I learned my lesson the hard way. A USD life experience.

I also got lured into dropping 5k into their no risk trade. The guy was super friendly to get my a,so, then once it was invested… vanished. Once the trades failed two weeks later as i guessed they would but he Spktoption me that there was no reason not to just try again I got cold feet, and tried to withdraw the money. Not only did they withdraw my 5k but they without my consent took another out as well… The response to any withdrawal was that I needed to make 42 times what my 5k was in order to make any withdrawals.

There was no response to any queries regarding the no risk agreement as they indicated in the contract a x40 beside the number invested… which yeah I should have known, however i missed it and sadly, this copayn is now not taking my calls regarding this shit show. Needless to say… this company is a sham and I hope someone learns something before they invest anything ladddr this POS company. I tried magnum a few months ago, I put in my bucks, the guy I am dealing with is really decent.

He calls me, we email, I have done about 10 trades, not big payouts, but still won. I am in no rush, I take my time and now my account is. With what I got, I am trying to get to They will just ignore all your request with no reasons given to me. I make an request to with my earnings teading was ignored by the investment managers with no reasons given. I did not any trade. I just joined and deposit money. But they refuse money back because they request more exact document information.

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