Weekly FX Update — 25 April Video. OANDA OANDA 10m We are currently experiencing issues with our network service provider. But 2 forex accounts are useless. My 30 pip scalp is reversing, watching it in dismay on www. What is happening to Oanda? I called this numbers and got a canadian dude to close my mwtatrader.

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What is happening to Oanda? Mt4 server connection gets broken every 2 mins and comes back. Though the website is back up, and my android is half up, the platform on my computer is still down. Seems to be quite persistent with this now. What the hell is going on with Oanda. Get your act together or I'll be switching accounts! I am lucky to get out without a loss, but what if those who had big positions overturned.

I hope they had another broker to hedge. Only a dollar a pip but I am still angered for those who may had more on the line. Oanda is doing a decent job providing updates on twitter and other social media sites. Their network infrastructure is horrible. No on,ine and everything sits on the same single? Oanda is totally down How can a reputable company ANY company fail to have a web page up to allow for such outages 266 be updated to paying clients?

I called this numbers and got a canadian metatrader online platform 626 to close my trade. Split yes for different kinds of trades. Like one accounts for stocks, one forex, etc. But 2 forex accounts are useless. OANDA OANDA 10m We are currently experiencing issues with our network service provider. They have acknowledged the issue and we are working with them.

LavertradeFX lavertrade 7m You acknowledge this after being down for 85 minutes? This may be related to a major fiber cut, ISP issue, etc. Oanda Can someone please give me oanda's phone number metatrader online platform 626 closing order. Also information needed to execute trade over the phone. Well its a lesson for them, hopefully they will manage their Network and Internet services themselves next time, they posted on facebook that this outage is because of their network provider.

We should start our own Oanda forum and compare notes. I have the platform open 24 hours a day on 3 machines so I know when something goes wrong. Rob, Yes for the last of months Oanda is taking more time to connect as it usually been taking in the past, and been getting disconnected often too. I'm pissed too everyone.

But their response to this is what I need to see before I react. Has anyone onlin temporary 30 second time outs over the last week on their platform? I was able to get through via phone about 20 mins ago. They were willing to close out any trades by using the time you called. Lionel, this can happen to every broker. The chance, that this will happen to oanda again is smaller, than that it happens the first time to the other broker, where you change to.

On the other hand, there are not many brokers, that I would trust. My 30 pip scalp is reversing, oonline it in dismay on www. Sad camper : Oh man. Lets say this is really a one off problem. What assurance would we have that it wouldn't happen again? I would not use any other broker. They are by far the most trusted broker out there.

There is nothing worse then this for them. But someone is to blame. I am very concerned, not just because my prime time of trading is being lost but also its the matter of Faith and Trust on Oanda, as your broker, holding your money. Lets see what happens and when it gets up Aamir but you can't make smart trades without trading Markus Yeah maybe but it wont be an easy ride, i dont think they just give moeny away without a fight And if not, I change the broker the next day.

Look on the bright side My stoploss is in place for each and every trade. Targets also, so I do metatrader online platform 626 worry. Its a bad situation anyway but they will get the system back to work. Says like this are made to let you learn to place a stoploss. The site is down. This must be horrible for anyone trying to get out of a trade. It's down over 40min, can't believe it! My trade just hanging there And the fed chief is just about to yap about bond purchases.

Is anyone else sick to their stomach right now. I just hope it's a system failure and not a security breach. No connection for MT4. Anyone able to revive their connection? Using my demo account to track trades. As such, OANDA plans to upgrade its MT4 servers on February 28th, for Demo OANDA MT4 accounts and on March 21st, for Live OANDA MT4 accounts, after which your MT4 client account will upgrade automatically metatradfr your plarform login.

It's gotta be serious. But who cares, this is a problem and I'm shopping for a new broker today. Well my 1st take profit should have just been hit so they better give me my money when they get back online. This has never happened to me either. Yeah this is very unusual. Been using Oanda for 3 years and have never had an outage.

Wonder how I'm going to close my long position. Tip for the day Price action and volume are all you need. Submit your comments about Oanda. Please platfomr that your metattader, service provider and browser information will be displayed next to your comment to better analyze a possible outage. A total of 28 votes cast and 94 users reviewed the website.

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