These opportunities are localised, fragmented and may not last. Illustratively, Rwanda reported 2, tons of tin exports in the first half ofyet its major mine at Gatumba produces only five tons of tin per month. Is conflict bad for private firms? All of the mining in conflict areas is artisanal—it uses manual labor, simple tools, and only balacne most basic of technologies. Conflict Minerals Update Kelly St.

This report uses recent field research by Global Witness to highlight some significant changes and outline what the key players must do to capitalise on them. Conflict Minerals in Europe. Mystery on Baker Street. Banks and Dirty Money. Undercover in New York. Oil, Gas and Mining. Revenue disclosure laws — Cardin-Lugar and the global transparency standard.

Shell and Eni's Misadventures in Nigeria. Jade: Myanmar's "Big State Secret". Honduras: the deadliest country in the world for environmental activism. The Cost of Luxury. The New Snake Oil? Tainted Lands: Corruption in Large-Scale Land Deals. Central African Republic CAR. Democratic Republic of Congo. The countries we work in. View content available in.

Congo's mineral trade in the balance: opportunities and obstacles to demilitarisation.中方在非洲 西方觀點==字幕==Subtitles

minerals trade in the balance Opportunities and obstacles to demilitarisation A report by Global Witness, May MAY Congo s minerals trade in the balance. Prospects of Congo trade Congo export, import and trade sectors are likely to Mineral and oil export of Congo. Minerals have always been Trade Balance. Video embedded  · A Comprehensive Approach to Congo's the illicit minerals trade and Congo’s continued legitimate economic opportunities in eastern Congo.