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The README file of the source code has a quick summary of information. PyZMQ has binary installers that include current 4. You may need to install the python-dev package to build pyzmq. If we don't have how to install metatrader on ubuntu compatibility egg for your system e. If pyzmq does not find libzmq on you system, it will try to build it as a Python extension as a last resort.

If you see a message like error while loading shared libraries: libzmq. The current stable pyzmq release can be downloaded from PyPI. Please use the current stable package. If pyzmq can't find libzmq e. If you configured zeromq with the —prefix command, this will be the same location. On Windows, this prefix is likely to be the zeromq source directory. If you downloaded pyzmq and libzmq into the same directory, then you would run: This has been tried, managed "import zmq", but not yet tested.

The steps are mostly the same as for POSIX platforms. Please contact us if you have difficulties building or using PyZMQ on Windows. Here is a step-by-step guide. You can also run the test suite with nose, trial, or py. Written: 27 Jan Revised: 09 May Edit this page Tags Print Web site design and content is copyright c iMatix Corporation. Contact us for professional support. Site content licensed under cc-by-sa 3. Terms of Use — Privacy Policy. Create account or Sign in.

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Install MetaTrader 4 on Linux systems

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