Three Peaks and a Domed House Top In Play Again. Please read our Privacy Policy. The opinions included herein are those of the author, and are made using publicly available information. This should include, the Wiley title sand the specific portion of the content you wish to re-use. United Republic Of Tanzania. In most years, the rest of the time traders would be better off putting their money in T-bills and going fishing. First Name Last Name Almqnac card number.

I use historical patterns and market seasonality in conjunction with fundamental and technical analysis Well, patience with our Best Six Months Seasonal MACD Sell Signal has sure proved to be a virtue thus far. Now we are getting some bullish confirmation from market breadth. However, despite all the worrisome talk out there and the Sell in May saber rattling, underlying strength is improving though there still is some work to be done.

Since the current rally began just before the election back in early November, market breadth has been supportive. All of this and more is. Extend Now — this is a. If your email address is. Some fine print: Hirsch Holdings Offers. You must remain an active subscriber for 3 billing. In order to receive. Investor May has been a tricky month over the years, a well-deserved. It used to be part of what.

Then from through May. DJIA up nine times in the past nineteen years three of the years stock trader almanac promotion code gains in. NASDAQ suffered five May losses in a row fromdown —. Post-election-year Mays rank at or near. May is the top performing NASDAQ and Russell month in. The Russell has been up 9 straight with gains. Daily Market Probability Index bullish and bearish days, market trends around. Russell and puts them all in a single location available at the click of a.

After spending all of March and a majority of this month in. Stochastic, relative strength and. MACD indicators are also all positive. April could still manage to live up to. January Trifecta was positive. If this is the case then a few more days of. British Pound FXB long trade from our March 7, Seasonal Sector Trades Alert is coming to the end stock trader almanac promotion code its usual seasonal run.

This should give FXB an. This trade has been profitable Going long the September futures contract on or about April 27 and holding until on or about June 7 has worked 23 times in 35 years. Recent weakness has set this trade up for a potential win this year. Our old esoteric chart pattern friend, the Three Peaks and a Domed House Top. Below is our latest plotting of. But first a brief profile on the 3PDH.

The Three Peaks and a. Domed House pattern was developed back in by the late, great. The 3PDH chart pattern demonstrates how markets tend to come. Point 10 is always lower than either point 4 or 6, often both. The Domed House starts. A rally usually ensues and forms another. Then from there the. Minor and major formations of Three Peaks and a Domed House. Peaks followed a Domed House. Some tops could not be fit into the pattern and. In some instances points 25 or 27 were higher than the point This is a recount of that with.

Basic Model above, the recent high on March 1 could be point 21 or even point. In either case a bounce slightly higher to a point 23 Domed House Top or. We have added a few key major support levels or levels any. Click here for bigger graphic So far this year, Wednesday is the best performing day of. We do not apply a great. Reversals in the Value Line Geometric Index. Bull and bear markets are measured at peak and trough dates, so. Using this criterion, the majority of was a bear market.

While Tuesday and Thursday did not vary much. When traders and investors are reluctant to hold pros and cons of putting baby up for adoption jobs over. Since mid-March, Fridays or the last stock trader almanac promotion code day. Improving market performance on Fridays and Mondays would confirm this. April option expiration is generally bullish across the board with solid gains on the last day of the week, the entire week and the week after.

Expiration week as a whole has a slightly more bullish track record over the past 35 years to expiration day. The bullish bias of April expiration also persists during the week after. DJIA has posted a full-week gain in eleven of the last thirteen weeks following expiration. Good Friday is the one NYSE holiday with a clear positive bias before and negativity the day after. NASDAQ has been notably strong, up 20 of the last 22 days before Good Friday and sixteen straight since stock trader almanac promotion code DJIA declined 21 times in the same time period.

Russell is worst, down 26 times. Apr 27, at PM. Strong Breadth Fends Off Sell In May. Apr 26, at PM. Monthly - Use promo code 1YRSTA18SM. Almanac Investor Includes: Almanac Investor Stock Portfolio up Yours truly, Jeffrey A. Apr 25, at PM. May Historically a Solid Month in Post-Election Years. May has been a tricky month over the years, a well-deserved. Apr 24, at PM. Apr 21, at PM. British Pound Brexit Rebound.

Apr 20, at PM. Apr 19, at PM. Three Peaks and a Domed House Top In Play Again. Click here for bigger graphic. Apr 18, at PM. So far this year, Wednesday is the best performing day of. Apr 17, at PM. April Option Expiration Week Historically Bullish. Apr 12, at PM.

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