The government pushed out the age at which I can collect to 55 - after I had retired at However, I am a bit put off by seeing contradictory statements from extractuon. Did this article help you? Lending Loop Review: Peer-To-Peer Investing. Very happy I did, I just wish I'd put more in! Good luck to those still holding, I hope they come good for you.

September 20, by Andrew Murray 15 Comments Rod Stinson is a veteran of the home business industry. This post is going to break down who Stinson really is and you'll see my impressions as an insider in this industry. I have direct contact with Rod Stinson and have his personal phone number and email address, which I will not give out, because he has asked me not to.

However, I can contact him directly and he gets back to me promptly. I've known Rod for years. First off, one of the things I really like about Rod Stinson is that he really has developed into a systems-driven marketer. He actually comes from a machinist background, and when he develops marketing systems, they are organized, are optimized to convert, and highly effective. Rod's marketing genius created a superb marketing system called the Pizza Box Formula. And while I really dislike replicated marketing systems, this one is really effective.

So that's a strong statement. Why do I say this? Because it's not your typical webinar that explains about the company, and the owners, and what the product is. It actually contains a lot of advanced marketing psychology — which is why it makes such an emotional impact on everyone I send to the webinar. You can check it out by opt-ing in here Here are some of my initial results using Rod Stinson's system. I recorded this late at night while everyone was sleeping, so excuse my lack of excitement LOL: And here's a video of how quickly you can make money with the Rod Stinson webinar!

And 2 Rod tends to teach more scattergun approaches to marketing like bulk email, bulk voice broadcasting and other methods where you piss a lot of people off. If you really want to learn marketing, I would recommend this webinar instead of Rod Stinson's HBB Academy program. He has also developed his own stock trading course, and he claims that stock trading is a more effective residual income stream than network marketing — and I have to agree with him on that point also. I have some exclusive bonuses for people who want to work with myself and Rod Stinson.

And in addition to the marketing information contained in the course, I can also get you highly targeted online traffic — which will help you create more sales in the Pizza Box Formula business opportunity. How can I help you? The 1 thing people need to succeed is good marketing. And I have systems that can really help an average person succeed. We also have a team-exclusive landing page that totally rocks. I help my team promote the Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula webinar.

You'll see why I can give you a HUGE advantage over anybody else. In fact, I will give you some of my paid products — and ship them to you via real postal mail! I think Rod Stinson creates really effective systems. My mission is to help the little guy or gal make a full-time income from home! If you really want to know the full story behind how Marie Torres and I became so successful, watch this minute video People tell us they LOVE it.

Andrew i just joined Pizza in a Box…. I have just a few questions and I will be very honest, I leave my job on the 11th of the month I have been looking for an opportuniy like this that works for a very long time. I am very excited about this program but would be risking everything by using my savings if I can not get some type of turn around fairly quickly. I am a very hard worker and have dreamed of working from home for years. I am looking for some one honest to please let me know if what I have asked above is realistic, so please let me know or give me a call please let me know what I can really accomplish and how it can be done to meet that goal.

I do not have forex trading genius extraction job after the 11th so if I invest this money I need to know I will have something by the 5th of April. I ask a lot of questions and would really like a mentor to help me, I need and will listen to all the advise I am given, but I am risking everything to get these results. I would like to be a great success story!! The key is marketing. How well is the software working? Its hard for a newbie to compiete with professionals when it comes to marketing.

When I join, how soon do you feel I can start to see result with this software? It works well as long as you really understand the strategy behind how to use it effectively. Forex trading genius extraction software actually levels the playing field. I would like to try and make a sale by mid-June and I know its possible to get a sale before that I just need a guidance.

They just made it easier by the company accepting all payments. So they make you money! One thing is for certain. Are you interested in FamilyIQ? Visit Forex trading genius extraction to find out more about Pokemon! Anatomy Of An Optin. How to use Gamification In Your Business. What Gets Measured Gets Managed. Lending Loop Review: Peer-To-Peer Investing. My exclusive 60 day multi-media course will teach you how to make marketing profitable. Download As PDF Andrew Murray is an online marketer with a knack for explaining complicated marketing strategies that the average person can understand and implement.

Thank you, Dena Palmer. This type of business model is best suited towards making a full-time income right away. Call me at Great talking with you by phone, Dena. Looking forward to you getting started in the next couple days! Thanks I look forward to working with you, and thanks you for all the info:. Within days you can be set up and leveraging the software. Thank you for your time. How is FIQ going for you? Is there any difference between the pizza box and family products?

Andrew Murray is an online marketer with a knack for explaining complicated marketing strategies that the average person can understand and implement. I coach kids in soccer. I paint original oil paintings. I love being in nature. I am one of the best in the world at creating video sales messages. I am building something big. Andrew Murray is a Bing Ads Certified Consultant.

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Rod Stinson: An Honest Review. Rod Stinson is a veteran of the home business industry. This post is going to break down who Stinson really is and you'll see my. See what people who trade and hold KAZ MINERALS (KAZ) think is important. Join the debate. From millions of real job salary data. 0 salary data. Average salary is Detailed starting salary, median salary, pay scale, bonus data report.