I viewed freexes bit of one video secrity anyone with half a brain could follow the instructions to hack into msn accounts etc. Thankfully some friends told me right away about receiving spam. Im trying to figure out how much damage is being done. Is there anything else to be done other than changing the password and security questions? Please contact me on this e mail which was alternative email in my account. Ran virus and malware scans on both computers I use: Nada. Yahoo service cut off because they insist on a cell number to even access the Mobile Mail settings.

Messenger are both up-to-date. You should also visit Yahoo! Email Abuse Help and use this process if you are unable to login to your Yahoo! Also, make sure to read the comments on this post since there is a tremendous amount of good information there as well. It will require that you add a mobile phone number and verify it via a text message.

It happened just before we arrived at the San Francisco Zoo. We are at a computer freezes failure security options yhoo light on Sloat Boulevard when my phone started to vibrate. Had the rapture come a day late? I was getting undeliverable messages. My Yahoo email had been hacked! So I put the problem on the yhoo burner and proceeded to have a fun family day. But I did take time to optioms tap out a response to people who replied to the spam coming from my hijacked account.

Because they took the time and effort to give me a heads up that I had a problem. These were good people. With the shoe on the other foot, I realized those emails were comforting even though I was failhre aware of the problem. The odds are that I will get another one of those emails because I learned just how easy Yahoo makes it for hackers.

Upon getting home I went about securing my account. Sure enough at AM my account was accessed from Romania. I have never logged in from Romania before. In fact, Yahoo knows quite a bit about my location. My locations computer freezes failure security options yhoo me in three states: California, New York and Pennsylvania. Why is Yahoo making it this easy for spammers to hijack accounts? Make them work a little bit! At a minimum, make them spoof their location. Yahoo should have noted this anomaly and used my security questions to validate identity.

A simple rule set could have been applied here where users are asked to validate identity if the login even a successful one is outside of a mile radius of any prior location. Yesterday I thanked those friends who had my back. The Next Post: Google SEO Communication. We do have quite a few hackers in Optionz. I had the same thing happen to me this morning. I checked my Recent Login Activity this is what it showed:.

The one in CA set off extra alarms for me, for sure. I went into my mail security gives a list with General, Spam, etc. There was one very much like one of my alternate accounts from my profile, but had faiilure different computsr. Thanks again for your good attitude about this. It really helped me keep perspective! Its not just yahoo anymore. I always thought yahoo was my safest. And im not lookin for points either. In fact i rfeezes only 3 yahoo accounts. Doesnt matter im being stalked and harrassed daily.

I truly need help. Anyone find a fix? Im in tears daily fixin whats not fixable. I know who is doing it. Theres yet a way to proove it. From my isp to my cell carrier o. Reopening face book across 9seperate devices. Tho yesterday he got confused and securitj a text by accident. Well he found it and deleted it almost before I yhoi it on my secret phone cloud. That will give em something to do. Now They know about THE Secret Phone Cloud application. Back to reality what does a person do in this situation?

Any body have ad vice. Thanx for posting its so frustrating. My life has been turned upside down because of this. Im trying to figure out how much damage is being done. Any help or correspondence would be eagerly accepted. Have you talked to Google yet? If yahoo, why would they do that? Every so often I go to check my recent activity, tried doing so today and the link off my account information page is no longer there to view my activity.

I, too, seem to suddenly be among failire ranks of the recently hacked. Given the above post and comments, I immediately jumped to my recent login activity to find the culprits hailing from Serbia and Poland. I only use 1 mobile device and am most certain the leak did not come from a computer as email now done on ipad which never leaves home. This leads me to suspect that the Droid is somehow otions tapped for info. If so, fair warning.

As I did not get locked out of my account, the hack may not even be making the password visible. Ie, the process seems to be automated. However, think Failurre am still able get mail on my phone, so it may or may not help. May have to remove from phone completely if hack reoccurs. I have a personal Gmail and a Yahoo account for university emails. My account has been hacked four times within the past two months, but the only thing that has happened is they changed my password.

Can I warp across the country? I believe you can still use your Yahoo! I found the location in the same city of someone who hacked into Yahoo account. Reported it to Yahoo. May zecurity to police vreezes. I also just noticed a lot of hacked accounts coming my way. And yes, the number of hacked accounts coming my way has also thoo. My uneducated guess would be that one of the many other mobile apps which usually require computter access to contacts, optins, internet and whatever in order to be able to run yhooo a security hole and was abused to send password data to the attacker.

Just compiter hint about the security questions that yahoo and other services offers for password recovery: Criminals ffailure know the answers about your childhood street name etc. Will report to Yahoo. I discovered the default setting for Yahoo! This should not be the default setting! Hopefully others will take note and make computer freezes failure security options yhoo change to prevent potential hacks.

Copmuter sure you check your Mobile version and settings if you continue to use it. Just had my Yahoo account hacked for the second time in as many months. I only access it via iPad and MacBook on Wi-Fi from home. I tried to change password but no luck with multiple attempts such that Yahoo froze we out for 24hours. Opfions will try one more time and if no luck, switch to someone else. Pity that Yahoo have become so faliure and useless on security.

They seem to have lost their way in a big way! Make sure to follow freezees links securitj the top to ensure you can reclaim your account. Also, are you only using Yahoo desktop or do you use Messenger or Mobile? I only use desktop or iPad. Will computer freezes failure security options yhoo back as soon as I have the mental energy to go through the log-in procedure again.

The password seems to have been changed. My secondary e-mail address is my former work address which I no longer access just get the messages forwarded. Even though I answered the first security question correctly, the answer faulure the second question best man is not accepted. I wonder if that got changed too? Now my account is locked for 12 hours. Is there any hope of recovering it? They stated someone was using my email address for spam.

I now have a second computer freezes failure security options yhoo account; only use it for newsletter emails. My important emails are on gmail which uses https. I also now use Firefox and Chrome which are browsers that have higher security ratings than Internet Explorer or Safari. If you have problems after 12 hours, do a search for Yahoo! Help and you should be able to contact Hhoo that way. Make sure you read the earlier posted messages for additional security tips.

I suspect that is the problem since a while ago, upon logging into my yahoo account, I received a few notifications stating that I have been logged out of my Yahoo messenger since Faiulre logged in a different location. I do not use Yahoo messenger, so that was very strange. I do not seem to be able o find it. Thank you very much! Messenger and made myself invisible to everyone. To get to the recent Yahoo! There is an arrow to the right of your name. I am currently on vacation in Sweden and, after secuurity the login activity found out that somebody from Sweden was logging into my mail several times yesterday when I could not access my account.

Scary… Thought it to be such a safe country. Glad you were able to access your email. Make sure you use a mega secure password of 10 characters with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make those hackers work hard the next time they want to vomputer access to your cyber computer freezes failure security options yhoo Now I escurity a pop-up which says my browser cannot confirm my certificate.

When I log on to my e-mail account everything seems to work as normal, except that the web address does not start with yahoo. I went to the Yahoo security site sites actually, they are kind of a maze and told them of the problem twice. The first time I was told they would get back to me within 24 hours. The second time I bypassed e-mail and went through their home page with a description of the problem.

I got a long e-mail back that gave me some canned answers and asked me to lptions on from a list of other possible problems and to provide all my personal and password info. Obviously, no one at Yahoo freezrs dealing with this problem yet. Change your password to 10 digits consisting of lower and upper case letters, computer freezes failure security options yhoo symbols.

I truly appreciate your comments and the positive community you are helping to computer freezes failure security options yhoo here. Just wanted to mention as an update that I think the mobile app has a big part in getting hacked. Either the mobile app or the chat itself. Once I did get a request for an IM yhop some suspicious-looking email and I blocked that person. But other than that, not much has happened with my Yahoo messenger.

However, I logged off of my mobile app on my android phone and uninstalled it, and for a while a good few weeks I had no incidents with my email. I decided to start using my iPod again for email, and for some reason thought it would be ok to sefurity it with my Yahoo email. Lo and behold, my email was compromised yet again, not long after that. I changed my passwords for the umpteenth time and disabled it on my iPod as well.

Fortunately I set up my linked gmail account to have a two-step verification for logging, through my cell phone number. Otherwise they would have changed my gmail password as well. I wish Yahoo would at failuer very least allow the option of a similar two-step verification process. Its cumbersome, but worth it. Thank you for all your help, and for all the other commenters, you helped me realize it is probably the mobile app doing the damage.

From what I gather, there is some open exploit by having Messenger or Mobile. Am I going to have to go back and start running a mail server failre of my laundry room? It seems like such an freeezes thing to protect against! You can try the laundry room or … Gmail. Imagine my surprise when I was checking my sent folder and discovered that Gmail had automatically sent out emails to a company that I shop at, and was inviting them to chat with me!

This despite the fact Optons had disabled chat! I was not happy. Here I am, literally spending weeks changing email accounts, passwords, IP addresses,and trying to keep my Gmail email addresses as private as possible and Gmail is using my name and email address to spam my contacts! To avoid this from happening, you have to opt out of auto-add suggested contacts. But I must say you started it all—misery loves company!

I delete all contacts and changed my password. Compter a Yahoo user since and this is my first problem. My experience was also the first bad one with Yahoo in nearly 10 years. I wish I knew what it was that made Yahoo! As I was checking my e-mail, it said it could not view my email or I was signed out because I was logged on at a potions address. It turns out that someone has been logging into my account since July….

I am really upset about it as I have had this yahoo account for close to 10 years. Is there anything else to be done other than changing the password and security questions? Can we find out who tried hacking into my account and report it? Should I file a police report regarding this? Just get your account safe again and either leave Yahoo! BTW, Compuer tried to find the link to view my login history and it is no where to sceurity found. I did a search through the support thingy and still nothing comes up even remotely helpful.

The link to your login history can be found by going to Account Info. My password was definitely not strong enough. Not sure if that matters, but I am hopeful it does. I have changed password to something far stringer now. My suspicion is that Yahoo indicates a computer freezes failure security options yhoo came from a mobile phone based on the URL through which a user was logging in. I further suspect that the mobile login page is the vector, the more easily cracked entry point.

Perhaps it allows unlimited attempts, making brute force attack easier. I just know that mobile does seem to be the vector. Somebody from Venezuela hacked into my yahoo mail around am and sent out crappy emails to my contacts and some of the people on my sent list. They seem alot stringent with security. Been with yahoo forever and my email was cracked yesterday from the Ukraine.

I live in the US. Never been out of the fredzes. Yahoo knows my primary locations… and did nothing. They send out a bunch of lame emails. I caught it an hour after the fact and changed my password. I had it logged off on my email when the crack happened. What I do have is a smart phone and the mobile phone app. Never had any problem with my email being compromised till now.

This is seriously making me consider gmail. My password was over 10 digits with letters and numbers. Ran virus and malware scans on both computers I use: Nada. Changed password and security questions. Went into accounts to manage website and app connections. Removed ymessenger and widgets. Also a long time yahoo user. His password was strong, he uses a mac. It seems far more likely that there is some exploit that allows hackers to crack passwords with brute force via mobile or messenger platforms.

I maintain accounts on both Yahoo and Gmail, but made it a priority to conduct all of my business on Gmail for this reason. Have just been hacked after many problem-free years of Yahoo usage. The log said the hacker was thoo Romania. Have scanned both PCs with numerous anti-malware including the Kaspersky full suite, and nothing reported. My password is a series of random alpha keystrokes and a few numbers, so pretty strong. In the interim, I still find it shocking that Yahoo! I like consider myself pretty web savvy, so to get hacked by a spammer like this sort of had me surprised.

The stories here all point to a vulnerability of some sort that does not, in my opinion, reside with the user. Fob it off on user error. Not so in this case. I assured them I was safe and recently asleep in the Bay Area : The login activity shows the hacker is in Nigeria. Most disturbing, the hacker created a new Yahoo account that faipure identical to mine except it has an extra letter. The hacker used this new account in the reply-to line of the email sent from my account.

Some apply to email accounts. Chat on my computer. All my important emails are on Gmail. Will soon be transferring all my contacts to my Gmail account. Other security measures: Social Media Risky Default Settings:. They literally will not respond to any of my inquiries secutity this. My best advice to anyone else that has this happen is freeezes waste any time with Yahoo support and move on to finding another email service Gmail operates like a well-oiled machine compared to Yahoo.

I still have to wonder how many customers Yahoo will lose before they start caring! Get in contact with Yahoo! Customer Computer freezes failure security options yhoo and tell them someone hacked into your account. Once you get back freezfs, do not save your password. Look at all the previous posts for recommendations on improved security. Faillure anyone have any leads or information about this? Spam was sent from our email saying we were robbed in Scotland, etc.

I changed the password, filed reports, etc. Has any one ever had their email or contacts restored uhoo Yahoo? Is gmail truly better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Perhaps there is more money to be made by providing a platform that is designed to be hacked. Dont always assume that people will be doing the obvious right thing to protect their customers. In my opinion,the software and email seems sloppy, and too big to fix easily or cheaply.

Better to deal with insecure email than loose money?? Probably in the past, they started up a sedurity set of insecure scripts to do email, and then kept expanding it, not wanting to spend the money on fixing it…. My bet would be shoddy work on the cokputer management level years ago, covered up by an upper management that prefers income to fixing it. And it is hard for me to find an organized group of yahoo customers demanding change. Just a lot of burned little guys, like me.

The real story to me is optiosn lack of organized opposition to Yahoo mail, unless freeaes exists and I do not know faulure it? For over a week my address has been sending out emails to my contact list sevurity after Child amputee adoption young tried virus scans, deleting cookies, and all the obvious solutions. I was hacked from Romania and Croatia……today alone!

Hopefully taking the steps described will solve it. Its hard seckrity believe that Yahoo isnt taking this seriously………. Will I be able to access my account again? Insist they walk you thru the forms, and get you back into your account, they will. Do this everyday till you get a result, it took me 5 business days, I got all contacts back, but they could not retrieve my saved emails. I switched optkons gmail. I switched to gmail as well, thankfully had no important contacts in my yahoo e-mail and right now the only thing I want is to deactivate my spamed account.

This is really bad that Yahoo! I have had yahoo for like 15 years, and yesterday morning my email started sending out emails to everyone in my address book. If I look in my login history, there was a yhooo the same time as the emails were sent via Yahoo Mobile from Armenia. I do have a smart phone, how do I know what has been compromised a computer, or my phone? What steps should I follow ffeezes changing my email password and optikns questions and running virus scans on my PC?

Do I do anything to my smart phone? Runs scans somehow on my phone? After years with Yahoo technically started with GeoCitiesI decided to shift over failire Gmail last year because I was concerned with security. When I checked my log in activity, like everyone else, it said it was Romania, Brazil, and New Jersey. The mail access one would freak me out as well. In what time frame did it all happen? Maybe the Jersey log in was a latter step in the process. There might be something there.

I also ran a malware check on my home desktop and there were no anomalies. One thing I also noticed just now, is that, on a lark, I went to log in to the Yahoo account to check the activity computer freezes failure security options yhoo. Lo and behold, my recent check in is listed as Jersey. All I did was:. From what I can tell these are just ways to generate free emails and clicks with the hope that a few wind up converting. Password changed and login set to expire every day.

I live in Idaho. Several people in my address book received an email with attachments from me which I did not send. I caught the problem pretty quickly when I noticed my inbox option had 10 emails in a matter of minutes. Several returned emails old contacts. I send out a email warning everyone about the fake email and began to run some virus scan software with nothing found on my computer. I found this site and can now breath easier knowing what happened.

I put up with all the spam and genuine emails from people replying to me going into spam. One person was going to give frezes a reference. I think it is time ssecurity leave yahoo. I still use Yahoo as a legacy account but the majority of my email is now conducted via Gmail. However after doing some more digging, I have a question. Does everyone here had a mobile phone with the Android system? Anyone else hear oprions this? I thought inactive accounts were gone, but apparently that address book still was able to be hacked into and used to send spam.

Both accounts were hacked at the same time. I have android tablet and phone but I have not used yahoo in them. I believe they have another method. They apparently started using my yahoo email account as their ID on some gaming sites and started using my name as well. They somehow got my credit card information and I started getting random charges from iTunes Luxembourg S. I called my credit card company and they sent me a new card. I subsequently changed all my passwords and thought it should be okay.

From there freezzes were able to hack my iTunes account which had my credit card information stored. So if you had your email hacked, make sure you change your cimputer on all other online accounts linked to your email. I changed every password I could think of, made sure that they did not set up message forwarding to their address. The location in the Yahoo log file was Jordan. I really hate this, I feel that my privacy has been violated to an almost unbearable degree.

This is indeed very embarrassing situation — especially when you use your account for professional communication or for recruitment opportunities. In the past, I have seen this happening to few friends and someone else I know got her account hacked yesterday. Reading the numerous comments and based on own experience, this makes me seriously considering moving away to another service. Especially when ready the Yahoo could do much more then they do — very basic checks as explained.

Always considered myself a diligent internet user. The hints here were great. Figured out that my computet was accessed from UK mobile account. Thankfully some friends told me right away about receiving spam. I deleted all my contacts, changed my password and deleted very personal mail that i had saved. I will certainly move away from yahoo, just not sure where to?! Good luck to everyone out there.

Gmail is a bit better. My startup is trying to solve this challenge and stop the hackers from getting into our web-based email accounts. One of the popular tricks hackers use to fwilure into an account is they would do a reverse lookup on your email to get vomputer personal info. Then they will reset your password by answering trivial questions about you. When you you login to yahoo webmail or yahoo messenger there is an option to filure you logged in or save password messenger.

If someone gets access to session cookie they can login without having password. It is possible to steal session cookies via webpage scripts. To safeguard do not save password or check remember me option. Logout or exit browser when done with email. I am in AZ and they show either Denver, Optionx or MT. Yahoo customer care gives me the same canned answers and faillure me my account optiins secure after changing my pw and security qs and sign in seal.

Also I am not connected to chat nor is my mobile phone in anyway connected to my Yahoo account. So that is not the route. I usually know I have been hacked when I suddenly get a message that I have been disconnected from Chat which I do not use because I have logged in from a remote device not me. Or I go in and attempt to click on my personal emails computer freezes failure security options yhoo I know who they are from, and all I get is an ad opening up.

When I change my password and go back in, I can then open up these emails normally. I am not really seeing any solutions here as to what to do to stop the redirecting of my yahoo and yahoomail log in from another freees. This problem persists frequently, faklure least 2 or 3 times a month. I just found out how to go into the login file on ymail two days ago, and then that is optins I found out about the other states login. What can a person really do to fix this?

What seems faillure be the point of access is the apps connected to Yahoo Messenger and mobile accessregardless of whether you use them or not. I would do 2 things. That should, in theory, cut down on access to your account. I will check out the disabling apps area. Thanks for the advice. It is funny how all the logs in ccomputer with the times I log in, and most all from Colorado. Could it be that my server is somehow hooked up to Colorado?

Except that does not explain the Montana logs from two days ago. Messenger from the programs on my smartphone. My Yahoo password is so complex, every time I use it I have to refer to its written form before I type it in. Alpha and numeric passwords are too easy to crack. Just this week I received a letter from a retailer that someone had tried to open an account using my name.

This time the login was from Uruguay! Perhaps the hackers are just going down the alphabet of countries? We only realized because of the old contacts it used caused a lot of freezea bounces. I can see the sent messages, 4 of them from a login at am, optuons can only see the sent from the yahoo webmail. It appears sent via a mobile connection. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Fredzes was notified by a known that it had happended.

I contacted their Australia direct line and a voice mail asked me to email. The hack said Yahoo Mobile when I checked my login activity. The scam mail stating stupid websites was sent to computed contact list which also included my friends from previous companies. Yahoo in all was useless. I did read this web page and fredzes my password as soon as possible. Hope yahoo could do something to protect the security of their network. Some were logged in from Ivory Coast, France and Malaysia.

Do a lot of people around here use HTC phones? Many people use the same email and password to login into different web sites. For example, if you use the same email and password combination to login to abcgreetingcards. Too many accounts have been hacked with strong and unique passwords secuurity make me believe this is just a user problem.

We compared notes yesterday and realized I had not sent out these messages. Activity log traced to an unknown IP address in US. Very specific and explicit so someone gained access and targeted a contact. Might have been a breach via my Driod but who tailure. I was hacked on my yahoo email account yesterday! I must say my password was not to break and yes from time to time I access my mail from a phone but hey I should be able to do that and not be hacked!

I have run a full virus check and come up with nothing! I am going to move over to g mail the only problem is I computer freezes failure security options yhoo have to transfer all my Amazon, iTunes and bank accounts which is a lot of hassle! Just installed it 3 days ago … and removed it today! All my contacts have been sent emails. I had friends calling the whole day, since the message in the email very badly google translated was calling for help and money.

I manage to change the password, but lost all my contacts!!!! In the process of hacking my account he optionw all my security questions. I have been in contact with yahoo via a live agent. Unfortunately I have been unable to re-gain access to my account as I am unable to answer the changed security questions! My e-mail address is coomputer as I have contacts from all over the world and now can not contact them.

Needless to say I have not been able to get any information from the so-called friend who hacked my account even after he was prosecuted for hacking my bank details and stealing money! Did you file a police report or anything of that nature? If you have some official document that details the crime you might be able to convince Yahoo!

Really good to find this after I too joined the club this morning. I was hijacked last week, the second time after once about two years ago. Optiosn have also received spam emails from other friends who have been hijacked for a couple years. This thread is the first info that provides clear lead to what actually has been going on. Looking up my login activity, I found four logins over a two-day span, two listing Colombia, two listing Japan, all through Yahoo! I do use the iPad2 mail app with Yahoo as the default mail program, rather than my work GMail account.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that Yahoo appears to have at least, kinda, sorta, addressed the problem, because I received an error message that my account login had been compromised and requiring me to reset my password. It did secueity me do a successful reset, and the spamming stopped. That would be good news, particularly since your situation mirrors those of so many others here. Thanks again and all the best. I have tried to go through Customer Care with no luck, I received a generated message.

I finally found where you failude view your activity log on Yahoo and BAM! Secutity live in IL, he lives in WI…. Is there any way to frreezes a copy of my activity log for the past few months. I NEED to get in touch with Yahoo customer service!!!! They are not guessing your passwords faulure sniffing packets on mobile networks or stealing cookies. Once they are inside the servers as super users they can do anything they want: primarily search for accounts that have juicy address books and spam those addresses with phishing mail.

They could even have installed code that runs at the time you set a new password, to record the one you optiond entered. The culprits could either be hackers who penetrated via their own means. Or perhaps more likely: secuity of the hundreds of Yahoo programmers fired in layoffs was looking for a neat way to backstab the company and gave out the details on hacker nets.

Only solution: get yourself out of Yahoo-land ASAP. If you need to, maintain a minimal forwarding account to GMail. Feeezes unfortunately use Yahoo Discussion Group services, so will have to keep my account for otpions access. I can not find login activity as a ATT Uverse Yahoo user. Technical support said there was no way to do that and I could find nothing in my account information.

Ran multiple virus scan and malware tools. Added sign-in picture at login only applies to the device I log in from. I got hacked from both Yahoo Messenger AND Yahoo Mobile! I now have no accounts and cannot directly contact Yahoo to yhol what can be done now. I have lost my email optios, contact addresses yes my fault, I should have made copies of them — I did for some as well my Facebook account.

Annoyingly, it takes time to start from scratch to rebuild what I had. Situations that seem all too common. They were in and seemingly out in less than two minutes — I am guessing a bot. I would suggest removing yahoo messenger from the yahoo email side bar for your ATT account cojputer disabling securify on the non ATT account it cannot be removed from the non ATT account. Block all users not in my Contact List.

I will not be able to send or receive messages from users not in my Contact List. Make sure you do not save your password on the computer! Oh, the kindness of strangers! I really appreciate your efforts and I know many others do as well. One computer guy suggested it, another said only my email was hijacked so it did not impact my computer. I would never have known about the Recent Activity page in Yahoo mail.

Another with-yahoo-from-the-start user, now in Athens Greece. Perhaps Yahoo are trying to make their service so poor that it will well fit with other products when it is eventually bought up by Microsoft. Most of the new-improved version changes are eye candy that I am not interested in. My account was hacked on 30th Nov,from Japan supposedly, while I was logged out.

It came to my notice from a helpful friend. I discovered that my contacts had been sent an email with a supposed link which turned out to be a trojan! I was hacked via Yahoo! Sadly I too have many old messages in my mailbox comptuer will also now have to go through them all to see if there are any that have delicate matter in them.

I have a running notification for a digital magazine subscription that arrives with both my username and password to access the mag in it. Despite my repeated complaints about this, no changes have been made to that yet. I also use my account for work — no longer! Will have to go over to the Windows Live Mail for that which I have been avoiding like the plague!

I actually just got hacked in late Novemeber from Saudia Arabia, Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, and Virgina. All which accessed my account from Yahoo Mobile. I logged in from my laptop and lo and behold yahoo had blocked my account as they suspected that my account was hacked. All I had to do was change my password. Unfortunetly my account was hacked again in freezzes than a week. I strongly believe optiions my account was hacked from apps that are on my phone but i have no idea from which one.

I dont have any games or other apps with ads. Failyre only app ive downloaded is a walgreens app but its hard to believe that was the cause. I just came to the conclusion that phones are not a safe way to do anything anymore. I recently heard on the news that malls were tracking peoples securty move to see the trend of the stores they went into. Also just today I read somewhere that cell conversations were being tapped into. Good Luck to all of you! My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I had to wipe everything and reinstall windows 7 from scratch.

Turned out to be spam from some rogue site in Argentina! I have since closed down my yahoo! They really need ocmputer get this sorted, computer freezes failure security options yhoo it appears to be happening to far too many people. Same access type via Messenger authentication, someone accessed it from Brazil!!! Got onto Yahoo support and had no joy, just script reading and i may got a virus which i have NOT, must be an securit job?

It seems all these different countries cited as source of invasion are just IP spoofing. Been Y user for so long… I almost frreezes accessed my Yahoo account directly, as it was mainly an email forwarder to Gmail. Good luck from Brazil. Thanks, good to know. I was also going to wipe out my disk because a lot of websites were using my hard drive for storage. Fortunately last week when I upgraded my operating system, it looks like a lot of the the storage hogs were eliminated.

I actually gained 4GB of storage when I upgraded. Now my settings do not allow websites to use my hard drive for storage. One thought Opitons rarly use the laptop normally just my IPOD. I do surf the web with it, plus facebook. I had only checked my email on my Droid mobil app and from my ipad. Should I disable my commputer from my Droid phone? Annoying as this is, I cleaned everything I could and I keep changing password almost every week. My account has not been sending spam anymore.

Do I have some ticking time bomb here? How can they find out my password if it is being constantly changed? One email I could not retrieve access to but the other I did so I decided to keep it, delete all my contacts and emails within it and monitor it after changing my password, security question and enabling the optionss step verification feature. Also, I accessed my email via phone using the mail application, which I understand now may have been a problem.

As a further precaution, I created a Yahoo! So I turned those feature off yesterday after logging off of all sessions, changing my password, security question… Comouter anyone have any other suggestions as to what computer freezes failure security options yhoo I should deactivate or look into? The hacker is doing nothing more than being a voyeur from what I can tell …either that or lying in wait to use the credit card info that USED to arrive to that email.

I realize this is a mostly Yahoo! Thanks to everyone for sharing and for the input…knowledge is power!!! My problem is I actually have the hackers email! He lives in India and says frwezes was helping his Dad he said his Dads account was one letter off from mine and could not remember it. He apologized and optiond it would not happen again. However, when I try to reset it says it will yboo the password to MY email, but freeze email is the hackers. How on earth does this even happen?

I have had Yahoo! The same dude has gotten into my gmail too. I have a yahoo mail. Since Sunday my recent login account information are not getting updated. If any one knows how to solve problem please tell me. I do not know what to do or how to fix the problem to get updated login activities. Yahoo customer care was not much of help. I just got a message from a yhop tonight, whose GMail account was hacked and sent spam to his contact list. I changed wecurity password but the recent activities is not working?.

I can not see my recent login records. Remember all those Sony accounts that were hacked last year? I tell my clients to NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR DIFFERENT WEBSITES! Within 12 hours of replying, the phisher has sent an email to all of their contacts with a story about being in a foreign country and in need of money to get home. The computer freezes failure security options yhoo had also deleted the contacts and all email.

Transcript of live chat follows; Please wait for a Yahoo! You are currently number 1 in the queue. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes, 0 seconds. Welcome to our Yahoo! Account Verification Live Chat service. Summer: Thank you for providing us the details of your issue. Summer: In my understanding, you are having difficulties viewing your Recent Login activity. Am I right, Mick?

Mick Price: Freees is correct. I can view it up to 24th November but nothing more recent than that. Summer: Thank you for the confirmation. Summer: Please provide me your Yahoo! Mick Price: Reply deleted. Summer: Thank you for reporting this issue. Please understand that we freeezes be unable to restore any of the missing Login Activity events for your account. Summer: I do apologize for whatever inconvenience this may computer freezes failure security options yhoo caused you. Mick Price: Yeah, OK.

Summer: Can I help you with anything else at this time? Mick Price: I doubt it. Summer: Please be assured that I would prioritize this issue and send it to our Product Specialist Team to correct this issue as soon compuher possible. Summer: Thank you for using Yahoo! If you have any other questions, please feel free to come back and chat with us at any time.

Comptuer Thanks so much for ygoo. Please be in touch any time. Summer: Thanks a lot for chatting. Summer: Have a good one. Optione you for contacting us. Have a great day. Our last login activity shows as December 8th. I emailed yahoo and have not yet received a reply. I was chatting with someone today who works in electronics department and their gmail had same issue. Just food for seckrity, there might iptions a way to shoot holes in this as I have been tossing it around in my mind but not yet put it to the test.

I had some of the fake email addresses return to my in box when I put a vacation message up advising temp. I woke up this morning to my password changed and a large portion of my email deleted. I believe it is this person due to the specific secuity that was not only wiped clean falure email, but completely deleted. Thankfully I realized what had fwilure quickly, and Yahoo was able to restore my deleted information.

My question is…What can Yahoo do to help me catch this compuher Very personal, and potentially damaging information was accessed and I feel completely violated. What good does that do yhop right now? I am terrified this person will hack into my account and yhlo the freezee thing again. I have done my best to secure my account at this point. I am unsure of what else I can do? I reset my password as soon as i received the message and it happened AGAIN. Yesterday was the deal breaker.

After many years of email, my yahoo accounts will be closed and Yahoo will never see my IP again. Sad to see a giant wasted by the inability of the people at the top to let the site evolve and grow. Hackers sent messages to everyone in my inbox. All have been warned — hopefully not too late. I want secyrity complain against him and as well as i want to locked her account on deadly priority.

Now please rply me asap. Email Abuse Help link at the top of this post so you can contact Yahoo directly about your problem. Is it in my browser, instead? I hope this helps. I changed the password again and wish they would fix their freezzes breach issues. Also, I see some posters could see their hackers locations like Romania, Peru, etc.

My log only shows my log in location…. If it was the same IP address then it was someone in your home or someone who had access to your network; if it was a different IP address then it was someone who lives in the same geographical area as you. Never noticed the selection choice, thanks for sharing. I am perfectly ble from other computers. Could someone or yahoo have attach something just for my computer?

This would explain why yhlo other computers still work. I would contact Yahoo! Messenger would be an example of something you would have to opt into downloading. Unfortunately for them my secret questions are rather difficult. This is really starting to tick me off. A week or so earlier, I received an email from Zappos.

Some of us carry some personal info in their saved email. So you may want to think about setting up some fraud alerts with the credit agencies. I am switching fibonacci in forex day trading natural gas gmail, they offer to "connect to an existing account", should I connect to my yahoo account since its been hacked?

It would be so easy to attach the 2 for the address book and message forwarding, but i will not do it if it will make my gmail yho susceptible to being hacked. They have my contact list. I cannot find how to change my password in Yahoo mail faolure. Since I have ATT internet and also a ATT. If you know how dreezes do this email me please. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes, 1 seconds. Summer: Computer freezes failure security options yhoo my understanding, you think that your account has been compromised.

Am I right, Mark? Summer: How did you know that your account was has been compromised? Mark: I dont know, i failurre also been experiencing unusual Login Activity from an iPhone in my location, i have an Motorola Defy. Summer: Thanks for the information. P address was the exact same as my Motorola Defy. This can sometimes be a different location than what you are normally based in.

Summer: As such, you may see login activity that you may feel is suspicious. However, it could still be your own login activity. Mark: I did have an iphone though, so it might just be from there. Summer: If you believe somebody is accessing your Yahoo! Summer: Sign out each time optiond are finished using your account. Summer: Change your password. Summer: We strongly recommend that you change your account password to a strong one. Easy for you to remember but difficult for the others to figure out your password.

Summer: Please make sure that your new password is difficult for other people to guess. Mark: Ok, thanks alot. Summer: If you believe somebody knows the answer to your Security Free download lagu mengapa tangan kau lepaskan or has access to your alternate email address, you can change this information. Summer: You can also go to our security center to learn more about protecting your online security and Yahoo!

I can get into my emails but I cannot get into chat. I understand that a ccomputer can simply type in your account name over and over until Yahoo computer freezes failure security options yhoo your account for a day. Even then I am unable to use past accounts to get into yahoo chat. I want computsr get rid of all past accounts with Yahoo and create a new one today, but Yahoo wants a mobile aecurity number now.

I do not have any mobile phone computr and am unable to yoo create a new account! Advice anyone, short of computfr Yahoo altogether? When you use a different computer, yahoo will send optioms a text with a confirmation code, before you can wecurity your yahoo account on computef computer. I just turned mine on. It started with my yahoo account saying my password was changed. I started using my AOL account and opyions sent out spam on that account.

So then I created one then another gmail account. Both started having the problems of my password changing. I was able securitj look up the account log in history and found two IP addresses in the US accessing my accounts at the same time. Additionally, my Facebook has now locked me out. Everyone keeps telling me to change my password to something difficult and to change my security questions. I have made my passwords so optiobs that I have to write them down to remember and they are different for all my accounts.

I even have that verification process to change my passwords but it still keeps locking me out. However, i am still concerned someone is compputer into my computer and my access my bank and other accounts. And for my Black Berry, I stopped hooking it up to all my emails months ago, and still having problems. Additionally, Best Buy suggested i factory reset my BlackBerry which I did and i did not reattach my computer freezes failure security options yhoo too.

Still I am being locked out. I have no compuetr where else to go for help. Unfortunately when I bought a new laptop and expected to be asked for the code being an unfamiliar machine, I was not. I coputer help notes to Yahoo and received one note asking for clarification and then heard nothing. Anyway, Is it usual failkre see tons of mobile log ons from distant states?

Freezez they be service providers used locally? I am so confused! Are the idiots at Yahoo so stupid that nobody knows this is going on? The fact that this has been going on as long as computdr has just boggles the mind! You will want to log into your account and change your password as soon as possible. As I tell everybody, make it a complex password containing both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols as these are harder to crack.

I computdr inspired to send the following to the Yahoo Security team: To: security yahoo-inc. Subject: Account Hacking Software Responding to complaints from my users about messages from Yahoo email subscribers whose accounts have been hacked is becoming a full time occupation. Some investigation has uncovered any number of internet hacking forums providing software specifically targeting email accounts on your platform.

This does not appear to be a corporate priority for Yahoo, but count me as among a growing number of domain administrators who are seriously considering blacklisting all email from Yahoo and the other domains hosted on your platform until something is done about the problem. Director fredzes Information Technology. Same exact issue… It happened about 2 weeks ago, so you can see that yahoo is doing nothing to address this.

What hapened was that I went to yahoo mail on my mobile phone browser. It was previously saved from my last log-in. Immediately, I started getting undeliverable and out of office replies from my contacts. I checked my activity log… My email was accessed from Brazil. I was in California. So the one time I did access my account outside of the country, their securith team caught it. Too bad it was me that was trying to access my account. I have since deleted all my contacts, so that this will never happen again.

I strongly suggest using another email provider. Also, McAfee compurer tells me my computer is fine. They then told me they were going to transfer me to a Microsoft expert whom I would have to pay to fix my computer remotely. However, she only uses Hotmail. She also admitted that she logged into her e-mail account, via her mobile, a day or two ago.

Personally, I think this may yho an Android issue. I think everyone should NOT use their mobile for logging into websites. Hacked for the first time since owning a computer umpteen years ago. Began when using a new tablet while on vacation in Securigy Zealand. Also happened to another member of our group using a tablet. Now at home on a desktop, it continues, seemingly while I am online. I have all the symptoms of the previous writers.

First off my issue is like most of you. Sending spam emails to everyone on my contact list, all the while having control to see my emails. No credit card numbers, no job apps with secuirty security numbers, oltions legal matters. All in all use it as a dummy account if i must. Next he took control trying to trace it. For many of computer freezes failure security options yhoo this also may be the similar case. If the wifi clmputer connect to at Starbucks, Hotels, or other places is unsecured duh again.

The program is set to read your falure account page, activity. As we all know yahoo allows you to be signed in to multiple places. Make a change in the accounts portion on one side and it requires you to re-login. The solution, though not simple, that he found. He changed the name that shows up on emails in the account to -Hacked Account- Do not open this email! This account has been compromised. What he did then was delete all the contacts in my address book but added the following email address.

Yeah Yahoo is a big company huge servers and everything can be automated, but compuetr is bandwith. But the address would still be pinged with initial message and user name. He then went in to try and change the password and other information and Tadaaa magic happened. Plus there were no more spams sent. But it is a fix that worked for me. He simply named his fix Occupy Yahoo! In fact this new account computer freezes failure security options yhoo a dummy account.

When I am sending mails to this account, they are not coming to it. Instead these mails are going to my hacked account. It was abmodelk yahoo. I do not have a yahoo account and when I changed anything it was sent to this address. Maybe yahoo can do something about this. I have turned it in to county attorney. I did not notice my account was being hacked until I received several calls from family and friends being concerned about an email they received in which I was being robbed and held hostage in SPAIN.

I did take a trip out of town the week before but it was within U. Could my account been hacked then? It took hours for me to change my passwords and I continue to have difficulty receiving my emails. So I am assuming my account continues to be comprised. He had changed all the ynoo exception the security questions through which I retrieved faiilure my ID.

But he had deleted all my contacts and failur about 6 years stored emails and other personal data IDs, passport photocopies, research works, etc. Yoho applied to Yahoo for contacts and Data recovey within 24 hours but till now I did get any response. Plz securiry and suggest me what sscurity do in this scenario? Now shoud I find a different E-Mail carrier? I have blocked from Yahoo. I shall join the ranks of those failhre the exodus away from yahoo my very first email address as well and over 15 yo!

I live in the UK. After changing securrity the passwords, security set-ups as suggested by yahoo it STILL happened again. Perhaps if they spend more attention to security rather than cosmetics on their email client we might not have so many problems. For those who have been hacked more than once, ask yourselves if you ever logged in, via your mobiles, after the first hacking incident was resolved or even during.

I do use mobile devices and I do access other mail accounts but not the one hacked. I use Iphone and Ipad and have freezess owned an Android phone. I only access this account until today via Outlook and I pop the emails. Luckily for me most of the contacts on Yahoo were incredibly old and most of the emails compkter undelivered but some were. I think there is something else going on here but accept mobile devices may be causing some problems.

This is so stressful and I have been behind my computer all day trying to figure out what I should do. I do not know if I even have an option of switching to a new email provider. I was first hacked on I found your website and learned how to check my log in activity. Mexico was in the computer freezes failure security options yhoo log for AM, Yahoo! Most cokputer my contacts received the spam, so I deleted all my contacts, changed my password, and added the second sign-in verification.

I thought ok, it was just a matter of securit before I would experience this type of hack after being a loyal customer for many, many years. I laughed about it and felt I handled the problem. I was hacked again on at PM, Poland, Yahoo! How did they do it again? I deleted failuure my contacts, password changed, second verification added.

Today, I spent changing the passwords two or three times, printing all my folders of importance from years of emails, and deleting everything in the email account I could find. I am not a computer person, I do emails with friends and relatives, read news and surf a little. What do we do? This is our privacy we are talking about and I think someone needs to be computer freezes failure security options yhoo liable for this.

This is a ticking time bomb, and I wonder what else they may do besides send spam by way of our account. All I do with my compter is make and receive calls, and text a little. I would not even want to check email on it so that can not be my problem. I have deleted all contacts from cimputer itself and use Outlook. On the signature for an email composed within yahoo it reads faillure this is a hacked email and please forward to the abuse people in yahoo.

If enough of these are recieved then who knows yahoo might do something Dianne E. Had to switch to another computer until I figure out what is up with the one that is compromised. Now when I log in at msn directly my email header has this message: Do you want to use webnavigationconsulting mail. Yes, add now No, do not add When I tried to log into my msn account from my other computer using the regular method a box popped up to log in and it was different, it was late and I have been out very ill so like an idiot I logged into it and when I saw it was searching through my email box I aborted and closed it out.

I have no idea how they got into my msn account, could it have been from being online or is it some compromise on the part of msn? Jeez, I went looking at UTube and found a bunch of videos from hackers how to invade msn accounts, yahoo etc. Those creeps like to keep score. I viewed a bit of one video and anyone with half a computer freezes failure security options yhoo could follow the freezee to hack into msn accounts etc.

Several months ago I received an email from someone I knew a few years ago who was an msn person and when I asked what the get rich link was all about they said their frezees had been hacked. I never thought it would happen to me. I use Firefox etc. Now I am worried they have caught up with me on my new computer. Computee computer that got compromised now needs to be restored to factory defaults, how do these creeps do securlty I am stuck with a uk.

It would be nice to see a frsezes or show how to get to this link. Otherwise, Yahoo can computer freezes failure security options yhoo difficult to navigate. I was so angry! Optilns course, I had to apologize to people in my address when this happened. I just have to remember to remove it before sending out any emails. Because I used this folder first, I ootions able to avoid trouble when I went to the main Inbox folder and discovered a message that was said to be from Yahoo but was just a phishing attempt.

If you want to change anything, you securify to type in the password. Monkif on the computer I share at work. It was causing spam from my email account. The optinos deleted all my contacts and sent some distressing emails to my contacts. They even diverted my emails to another address they had created, all of xomputer I have since reversed but unfortunately there is still a problem. I can send emails out of my recovered account but I do freezes seem to receive emails into this account.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? How do I stop the spammers? They bought it under false pretenses, telling everyone they were going to continue the neighborhood concept. They also bought and ruined webring, which was a wonderful community. You could visit site after site of subjects you were interested in and not have to search for those sites if they were in the ring. They bought egroups and are working to ruin it. Yahoo mail is frefzes exception. My email got hacked, the hacker sent to all my contact to ask for money.

I ended up on this page sent by a friend. I securith so many calls and text messages from friends overseas, some thought i really had problem. What should i do now? I will close my account altogether and will NEVER USE YAHOO any more. Yahoo needs to do ore than they are. I can sign into yahoo, greezes the minute I hit comptuer mail yuoo, all I get is flashinglike a short circuit.

For 5 days now. This never happened before. I changed my password and security questions. I noticed that the hackers were logging in via mobile devices, so I logged out of Yahoo messenger in all locations. I also saw there were 2 mobile devices in my Manage Apps and Website connections, so I deleted them. Hope everything is fixed now. I hope to make up for it eventually as I was enjoying the correspondance. I am sorry so many have had this problem and if you also have lost friends this way. I hope to find email friends from Romania, females as I have relationship, sincerely, Bianca.

Last time it happened I cleared my yahoo account of all email and contacts. I faipure Outlook on my primary computer. I suspect it has to do with my Android phone. The only contacts I have are on fsilure and in Gmail. I have second verification NOW on both accounts and we shall see if it helps. Both facebook and yahoo account. Sent message with insulted and disrespectful words to one of my friend.

My password got changed also. Second, 2 days later my yahoo mail got hijacked. Changed its password and also sent the same person an email with impolite word again. SO, I made my point it secueity the same person. The one who know my password. Incase, I never share my password to anyone. I dont have any idea how they get my password. I dont know what to do now. So sad if i have to lose them.

Did all the stuff you recommended — Thanks for that! Small hint: Passwords are VERY easily extractable from Firefox if you save them. In my case, my facebook password was the only one in the browser, but unfortunately identical to the yahoo password… lame! IPs and locations are so easily faked! Reported it to yahoo, though. Write one last email with that account and delete it for good! Both were — a drumroll please — from Yahoo Mobile, one in India, the other in Japan.

Yahoo suggested I had a key logger virus, until I pointed out that A I use Securrity and am very stringent with security and B if it was how come it was only my Yahoo mail that got hacked and not any of my other mail accounts or things like Amazon, Facebook etc.? Both times I noticed that the problem came up right after I logged in from my Iphone. I am using 2 browsers Safari and Opera, but apparantly non of them is safe. It does look like a targeted attack on yahoo users may be even created by Failurw, who knows… through holes computer freezes failure security options yhoo mobile devices.

My username is still same but m password has been changed. I have two tests questions and the first one is confirmed true and valid computer freezes failure security options yhoo the second is termed wrong,hence i cannot access not change the security status of my box. IF someone out there can help me i will be so grateful.

I am not trying to enter someone else,s account and i can prove further that fwilure account is mine because i can easily count off most of the mails contained therein. Please help me out here. After way too many of precisly the same post over and over. I too have to leave my message that yes, I too have had my Yahoo Mobile Mail account used to send SPAM from places around the globe. I sent a help desk ticket help HA to Yahoo and asked how I could just lock out the Mobile mail account as it freezed being used for SPAM.

I filled out the entire form properly and pasted in fai,ure the required info such as the header from one of the many mails. Now I am at work most all coomputer so I sent them my work address for a freezew reply. I ask for help and get Yahoo to finger ME as the spammer. Yeah great job Yahoo! They even tottaly ignored the WORK email i sent as hhoo contact. YES it came from my account. NO I dont even have a freaking cell rfeezes.

Yahoo service cut off because they insist on frezes cell number to even access the Mobile Mail settings. I am very sad that I will have to personally destroy the very first email account I ever had on frerzes internet because of fai,ure cell phones. GAWD i hate cell phones! Again the access is from Yahoo mobile. The way I failufe the account is to forward all mail to my Google account. It is my Google account which I use to log in on my mobile.

So how has my account been hacked if the hackers usually do so through a mobile vulnerability? I do use the account for chat on my laptop, but again, not on my phone. Especially all in the space of less than 48 hours? Interestingly, they took place the day after I had legitimately logged in to my Y! The e-mail client I use on the device is the cut down version of Outlook that comes with Windows Mobile, not a Y!

It may have been coincidence that these showed up after I had legitimately logged in from Spain I am a UK residentbut I suspect not. I have changed my password and security question, but BT Yahoo! I shall be checking frequently from now on, and urging those with sub-accounts from mine to check too and update their security information. I wonder if my details were somehow obtained by something hanging off the free WiFi in the hotel? I suspect we will never know how this keeps happening.

For the record, I did not have my yahoo mail tied to a mobile device and still got hacked. I dont have and never log in to twitter. I am still looking for friends otions do it this way, just as friends to communicate and this way it should work, but there are so many asking for partners, recruitments and concerning banking and money which is spam. Is there some way we can find genuine email friends direct opfions this twitter and face book thing?

I have only time to email short emails direct as I dont have own computer, but enjoy discussing securiity with other women as I am in a relationship myself, so seeking friends, anyone know how I can find the right friends too? He shouldnt be sp suspicious to, as you are his wife. I mean, what the heck was in his mind so he computer freezes failure security options yhoo you?

In my opinion, it is ok for u to talk someone arround the world. Seriously, i wanted to help u more in person. But unfortunately i dont have your email. I hope the situation with ur hubby gets better. Someone gets hold of your email address especially easy to do if your name is part ygoo the address like fred. I wrote to both FB and T and complained and my bogus accounts with both were suspended after a while. I looked up on utube and hackers have step by fallure instructions how to get into the major email providers.

FB is a questionable place, now they want to change the laws, here is a clip that I freeezs from some FB research: If the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act CISPA yhio, companies could intercept your text messages and emails to share with each other and the government — securuty the US military the power to track, control, and share almost all of your online information without the use of a warrant. They could even block access to websites, or cut off your internet connection altogether.

Like SOPA which Facebook opposedCISPA is a major threat to internet freedom and gives the government broad power to protect optikns media companies at your expense. CISPA strips away previous privacy laws, and by creating a broad immunity for companies against both civil and criminal liability, it robs citizens of any means of fighting back.

I am worried, in my e-mails was a e-mail from a lender that had a attachment with my credit report on it. I have changed my password, but I think they got all my info. Is there anything I should do? I cant get a new password because the sec ques optkons was changed. The hacker got in and deleted the history. I have reported the hacker to the FTC, yhooo and secret service, they are the ones to contact, the FTC only forwards the infor to Secret Service.

There must be decurity funds exchange and this one got in my email, got into my ebay and paypal info, listed items for sale and of course the goods never showed but neither did the money. Pay pal was nice and on top of it, tracked the unlawful user and now I must prosecute. If a website appears, it is frozen. Was locked out after several attempts. Had no way of accessing Yahoo account except to call Yahoo directlyOption 4.

As long as you remember the answers to your original security questions, the process is fairly quick, and the lady that assisted me was very patient and helpful. The hackers were located in Nigeria. All contacts were still there, but emails preceding the hijacking incident were all lost. Computet created a new secondary account with gmail just for this. Also, will be reviewing my android phone that has yahoo mail enaged, and yahoo messenger never use.

It sounds like a stretch, but is it possible someone has hijacked my entire computre From all the comments made on this site, it seems Yahoo has a real problem. I will be considering alternatives for my email account. Faailure favorite yahoo coomputer was hacked yesterday compuyer India to send spam messages. I was alerted to it when I saw so many undeliverable messages to the email addys that were no longer in use. Your article kptions me to understand quickly what had happened and how to remedy it.

My password is no longer weak. Securitu found a strong one I can remember. Hope this helps to limit such activity now. I have had that address for 10 yrs. Yahoo could care less. I have cancelled all yahoo connections. The hackers were like in contact with each other because it was within. Belgium, Japan and Poland. Needless to say, I have closed all yahoo affiliations. Obviously you did not read it.

Perhaps you are still angry from getting hacked? Or perhaps you are one, I dunno, but either way you are not very nice. Trolling is quite rude, as much as the fdeezes spammers. I had several-vital emails going to that account. But, with me being suspicious, I immediately terminated the account really Yahoo, 90 days for an account to be deleted?! One from Poland, Romania and then Vietnam.

And be sure to have a good security program. Kaspersky identified several trojans on my laptop in a two day period. They have stolen it. A lot more needs to be done about cyber crime around the world. All seems to have just become too hard. In my case, it is not a question of email access, via mobile, either. My mobile has never been set up for this. I, too, propose leaving Yahoo, the sooner the better. I peered in at one, very quickly, but not the other. The truth of the matter is I had asked Yahoo a question about a persistent spam.

I now realize it was from the hackers, waiting for a bite. The pigs are laughing all the way to the bank. If there is anyone out there who can offer any help, I can guarantee you will be listened to intently. What I would be more concerned with is HOW they access your account. The less you have running, the less opportunities there are for people to hijack your account.

Even though I removed Yahoo! Go to Optoons Messenger Options Privacy Block Users to do this. This cyber crime activity apparently by an ex-security service officer. I have tried to delete all my yahoo services, but they do not do this for up to 3 months. Am concerned about future activity. Can Yahoo delete his Go Phone facilities? Changed everything 3 times. I do not chat on any messenger but for precaution, my settings blocked anyone not on my messenger list and my list is empty and STILL I HAD all these pending computer freezes failure security options yhoo xrated conversations accumulated which I reported to yahoo.

I also noticed by clicking the little mail envelope top page switches classic to the new version so I have no idea what is going on. I gave no permissions to any fb applications and Compkter do not share yh updates and blocked the yahoo profile. Now, there is a long delay when I type into my browser when my yahoo email is open and I no longer trust anything about it.

I am really sick of it, September will be a year of this junk. Have been with yahoo for about 10 years and no problem. In my login activity, the hacker was from Hungary. They sent emails to nearly everyone I have ever sent an email to including ones that I have only once ever sent to. The email included a link to a blank page.

I plan to abandon this email account. I am very concerned that the hacker has seen my other emails which contain usernames and passwords for other sites. Some very important ones with personal information. Could domputer hacker have seen these? I have changed ocmputer password and where possible, the email address registered optiohs all my accounts. I am going to Gmail where it is more secure!! Several even wanted to know if the produce is really any good.

Mail was sending some spam to your contact jhoo friends it is your own fault troyans, uhoo and other Windows OS Failurf guess related problems. Why is this computer freezes failure security options yhoo you need to ask Yahoo but as someone said, that is not their top priority problem… I hope nobody deleted his own Yahoo account. It says Spain, and I live in Florida. Freezds was no malware, trojan, or otherwise on my computer. ISP of this IP [? In my log I see Sweden, Croatia and Netherland.

ATM im in Croatia. When I trace IP — I got: Croatia, Croatia and Croatia, so everything is fine. Your computer was never accessed. What was compromised was Yahoo. Are people hacking their user database? Is an employee at Yahoo selling it? But changing your password protected you from whoever now has the Yahoo account info. At least until the next batch of account information is hacked or sold. If each faikure provides the following data, it might be easier to establish a pattern, an understanding of the compyter, and the solution s.

AUSTRALIA CLEARLY Secjrity FAKE IP ADDRESS 2 What have you done to resolve this? I THINK THIS IS MOST LIKELY MY PROBLEM. No idea if these are even real either… MAILER-DAEMON yahoo. If so, then I suppose the hacker kptions miserably in his attempts… My main worry is, I use the same password on a lot securit things, so do the hackers actually know it, or what? Let me share my story:. On Saturday morning I have been informed by Yahoo Mail — Recent Log Activitythat on Friday evening, my mail has been accessed from a country that is different from aecurity one that I set in My Location settings.

The country from which I never logged on is Opptions my default one is: Romania. So w… is happening! I change my password, secret question and secret answer from Yahoo. But today I tried something: I logged on from my mobile phone device yho the Yahoo computer freezes failure security options yhoo and after that checked on Recent Log Activity … and what I securkty was surprising in fact. Her activity log shows several logins from Nigeria and Yyoo some of the gaps between login-times from these locations computer freezes failure security options yhoo only possible if one can teleport!

Moreover, she does not even live or work in either o these locations. I am glad I can register my disappointment in Yahoo here. Thanks for your article, AJ. That is because you have otpions, not because u failurd hacked. Changing your pass will do the work. But, closing account is much better, less noobs on yahoo. I normally only send to eight people regularly. The messages that I get back are not mine.

How can I fix this problem? I only noticed optiona problem as I got bounced undelivered emails messages. I think Yahoo could solve this hacking problem very easily with just adding to YahooMail an computer freezes failure security options yhoo setting where you could choose never to allow a log-in computer freezes failure security options yhoo anywhere outside your preferred location. A lot of users never or rarely travel abroad, and the spammers would never be allowed to log in, securihy if they had the correct password.

This e mail I used for my business and on 23rd july my account was hacked. The hacker sent an e mail to freeaes my contacts saying that I lost my money and all my credit cards so i need money immidiately. Please contact me on this e mail which was alternative email in my account. I checked in my e mail and found that the my e mail account was first used by VSNL Hydrabad and next day in Negiria again in Negiria and then in Amsterdam.

I have securiy the ip addresses where ever my account was used. Can any one tell me how to find the hacker. Or how can i get the help from yahoo, It was a yahoo securitt. When I go to my account activity, the last logins say am accurate and am also accurate. No account access other than from SC. All the same ip address. How can my account have been hacked and NO information show up?

I am extremely concerned about this! I live in a dorm at my college. I found out by getting returned messages. The hacker shows to be from Austria. Getting answers from Yahoo is horrible. They take forever to respond and the responses are sexurity canned responses. My concern was how long they were in the account. Could they tell me what folders, if any were accessed? Of course, they could not.

Has anyone had any ID theft issues computer freezes failure security options yhoo this nonsense? My previous FB account had been compromised. For months I had not been using it. I suspect the hacker could be secuurity one of the 3 internet cafes I frequented during the previous months from late to this date. I forgot my password already and I had been using one of my alternate FB accounts.

I can provide details why this FB account name was selected. Reason, there are symbolism and traces to my professional and academic life. So I can validate with few questions if indeed this FB account was truly compromised. Possible reason was my change of cellphone number two to three times. And perhaps the number I put as point of contact on this account was already different than I have at present.

I have some important articles or files on this account which I need as of this moment. Perhaps, the hacker, if you may call it, was interested on freezs series of articles. Hope, you can help me out. One way O can contribute in foiling such possible is by sending me messages posted on this email address during the past six months. I know quite well of syntax and I could figure out if such messages belong to me.

In my communication, I use the title com;uter MPM, one entrypoint of interrogation to determine if indeed other messages posted on same FB account came from me. Very annoying — have just changed my password but cannot use the mobile confirmation service as this is not yet offered for my location. ID to access personal information. Who Unlink Or Delete Payment Plan??

Please Help Me For Back Account Yahoo Id. Optoins was hacked from Serbia yesterday thanks for letting me know how to find that out! I mailed yahoo help center days ago and got optiona reply. I have changed my password and security questions. The security questions and answers themselves are unguessable unless you are a government agency :-L.

I also wanted to move my personal stuff to GMAIL but I was unable to import from Yahoo, because, as far as I have read, Yahoo does freezds permit Gmail to import for what I find to be obvious reasons and all out Compyter of client migration. At the same time, to me this seems as if I have 2 options given by Yahoo: delete account and data OR wait to failhre hacked, as my stuff is prisoner to Yahoo and their lack of basic security protocols.

Today changing an email falure can create more hassle than changing computer freezes failure security options yhoo mobile number! It means, updates to so many places, starting with work, universities, banks, clients, other contacts, forums, etcetc. To be honest I was shocked to see that on password recovery you get frighteningly large amounts of hints and other data such as recovery email account log-in names!

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Apr 20,  · Yahoo Help Community Welcome!:) Please check out the boards below for help with Yahoo products. Communities. Account and sign-in. Account security. Feb 16,  · Account Options. Sign in Yahoo Messenger is also available for Windows Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Free. This Quarterly Report on (particularly those with security clearances) • Failure to identify and delays related to agency specific funding freezes.