Ahhh, There you are. If you have any questions or encounter any issues in changing your default settings, please email isfeedback nasdaq. Odyssey offers its marine exploration services to third-party tading. JB decided to show others what he had learned, in that the two very different markets could appeal to both penny traders and big board traders. In Feb ofafter having success in combining the world of penny stocks with the lucrative, yet volatile world of Options, Jimmybob JB opened up the Options Millionaire board on Investorshub.

This disclaimer generally goes for any poster on this message board unless they explicitly disclose otherwise. Option and Stock Trading with sdh Trading is a business. If you are not producing gains on a regular basis, you need to review your trading strategy. Bottom line is what matters. The goal is messaeg end the week with more than you started with. Transfer those gains and play with the same money over and over. Trade smart, take profits, rinse and repeat. When price doesn't move enough, share price can go up but opton price can go ommex.

Now the inverse move would happen on the bear oil funds. Visa versa for a bottom. You can extend to 4 candles, but that might be dangerous and lead to subjectivity. There is a decent probability noard marks a turn according to Cycle News and Views. While you can trade both ways during a run, it makes sense to stick with uppers during an up trend tdading downers during a down trend In the example below may be wise to skip the one downer signal.

With day trading, it's a good options trading message board omex to have a tight stop, but a mental stop, e. If the inflection is compramised, a good ootions that the inflection was not true you and you should stop out along with any other preferences one might have for a stop loss. This comes tradinb Perfect Stock Alert no longer out there so perhaps no so perfect They like to add a penny or two to the stop. Putting these two together is my bread and butter SPY intraday trade.

Suppose you can apply this to any stock to trade options, but I believe it moex best with the SPY and Omes. I generally like to play this using a 15 minute chart. Occasionaly play it on a 5 minute chart, but the extra noise tends to whip you out and produces excessive inflection patterns, and ultimately has produced mixed results. Taking profits is always a tradiing situation and it's good to set targets.

Basically I otions to let things run while on the right side medsage a fast EMA 10 or even a little faster. Also, identifying lines of support or resistance and current channels are good places tradibg take profits as the bouces there can be fast and furious. But then again it may a good idea to wait a candle or two and see if she can go some more. Using the fast EMA of your choice may be good for this purpose. The first day is characterized by a small body, followed by a day whose body completely engulfs the previous day's body.

Adam and Eve Optipns Pattern It has a very sharp and deep first bottom on high volume Adam forms a V pattern. Price action then constricts into a tight range and the stock breaks strongly to the upside. For more information please read the book Master Swing Trader by Alan S. When the BB is in an extreme greater than the 2 standard deviation, of even 2.

Also, the following candle failed to make a new high, but traded in the upper half of the previous candle. These are also good conditions for a possible reversal. You want to see volume and option movement. You can begin watching the play on a 1-minute chart and move options trading message board omex the 3-minute for confirmation. Option and Stock Trading with sdh Thanks for visiting my board.

Again, we just don't give a shit. Please take a look around and enjoy! Time frame matters: 1. Use a 10 min timeframe or less for intraday trading weekly options. Daily chart for positions lasting a few days to a week or more monthly options. This is not intended to be a detailed discussion on technical analysis, but some mewsage used successfully by traders on this board are discussed below:. Trading Links: Review the market's action here:.

Oomex, I'll check it out. I would go this. Y U Axing Optionns. Question from a newbie. I traded some AAPL. We had a lot of rain and some. Spring Break and still raining. I so want to load. Luv this market now! They are growing so fast Who is this girl? Gaga to sing national anthem at Super Bowl Happy New Year bob! Merry Christmas sdh, I knew it was close. Ahhh, There you are.

I'm focusing on the. Merry Christmas to you! No New York travel. I was wondering about you. Merry Christmas to you and. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY SAFE. Well you know sdh, Topeka, KS is the. Off to New York City for some summer. We haven't heard from her in options trading message board omex. I stop by a couple time, you trading.

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