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Merge Excel The Easy Way. Trading Add-ins For Calculationn. Convert Excel Into Calculating Web Pages. Produce Clean Efficient VBA Pivo Every Time. Find Page Breaks Faster. Page 1 of 2. Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Find Page Breaks Faster. Join Date 14th September I need to find row numbers of the horizontal page breaks on a sheet quickly.

The only method I have found to do this is by using the HPageBreaks property, which is painfully 1001. Is there another way of doing this that's faster? Or some other manner of using HPageBreaks that improves its speed? The scenario is that I have a macro which generates a list of items where each item is two rows long. If an item intersects a page break--one row is on one page and the 2nd row is on the next page--I want to insert a row so that the entire item is on the next page.

I've been searching everywhere and can't find any other way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Join Date 14th January Re: Find Sfotware Breaks Faster?. You really need to post the code you are using. I suspect switching of the calc and the screen would speed things up. You could try jumping to the page breaks like That's similar to the code I had. But I tried your code in a fresh workbook, adding the code for calculatuon off screen pivot points calculation software 101 pivot points calculation software 101 and calculation and tweaked the row offset for insertting a new row.

Join Date 12th September Location The Great State of Texas. Excel needs to chat with the printer driver when you're doing page setup, and I expect this is also true in finding pagebreaks. If the printer is not online, it takes much longer. Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate. It does take time because as shg points out as you run through the pagebreaks collection it starts to sofhware to the spooler. Your xalculation seems sftware be too slow though.

I tested with rows and it took 35 seconds printer off or on [XP, OfficeCore 2 2. I have seen several issues with printer drivers slowing Excel to a crawl so maybe worth searching on that or reinstalling. As you are waiting have a look in the task manager and see if the spooler spoolsv. Join Date 18th September You can use an XLM4 macro function to return an array of the rows immediately below where the horizontal page breaks are. Unfortunately, despite repeated efforts, I couln't get an array returned in code via Application.

ExecuteExcel4Macro macro - it only seemed to want to return a single value representing the first page break. It did however work for me as a defined name and referencing that in worksheet cells:. In refers to type:. Back in the worksheet select some empty column somewhere lets say Z1 and type in the formula:. This will assuming you have Automatic Calculation enabled show you on what row the breaks are and will dynamically update.

You can refer to this list from softwade as required ie to incorporate into your existing macro for example. You sofware obviously been using Excel for a while. Unfortunately when I tried it out on the 20K rows it took 20 secs to calculate with spoolsv. Inserting rows takes time too. Then I tried adding the ranges together with a Union statement before inserting and it calculatiln to have improved things Union did not make much difference with the collection method.

That's pretty cool, Richard, thanks. Another way would be to take control and set your own page breaks: use range. Excel and Web Browsers Help. Non English Excel Clculation. Speed up Slow Running Macro. Users Browsing this Thread. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. By chenm23 softwaer forum Excel General. Last Post: November 28th, Find Automatic Page Breaks.

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Jun 18,  · Is there a way in Excel/VBA to calculate the width of a text string (in points or inches) with a specific font/font size/font attributes? Right now I have to use a. This document discusses the spreadsheet software that is available, notably running on Linux. Spreadsheets are a historically interesting and useful class of. Learn how forex traders use pivot points to trade breakouts when support or resistance levels fail to hold.