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Staining your deck is no simple task, and the frustration and disappointment that occur when the project comes out poorly can be overwhelming. One of the more common failures that you can experience is that the stain, whether semi-transparent or solid color, begins automated forex trading free golf peel away.

With deck stains, specifically with semi-transparent finishes, more is not better. You only want to apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb. Because wood absorbs moisture from rain and snow, and when the sun comes out and dries the wood out, the moisture vapor from the wood needs to be able to pass through the stain and escape. If there is too much stain, it restricts the moisture from evaporating away, so peeling can occur.

This is even simpler. The stain has not adhered sufficiently to the wood. We will cover several factors that contribute to poor adhesion in detail, but if the stain does not properly stick to the wood, it will almost always peel. As restrictions have increased regarding VOC Volatile Organic Compound emissions, manufacturers have switched from solvent-based stains to water-based stains or have changed the formulas on their solvent-based products to become compliant.

In both cases, one of the results is a much greater propensity for the stain to peel. All wood benefits from weathering prior to staining. Weathering allows Mother Nature to dry the moisture out of the wood to make it more absorbent. Weathering also starts the process of naturally breaking down the surface fiber of the wood again, making the wood more absorbent. The more absorbent that you can make the wood, the more stain the wood is going to absorb. Your project will last longer and be less likely to peel.

Each step of the cleaning process opens the pores of the wood more to make the wood more absorbent. Use the cleaners and the brighteners every time you stain. This is one of the most important principles to understand when staining a deck. If you apply more stain, the stain is more likely build up on the surface of the wood and form a film. When a film is formed, the breathability of the wood is decreased, increasing the likelihood of peeling.

Apply only as much stain as the wood can easily absorb, no more. Avoid applying stain in direct sunlight or in the heat of the day. This one is really easy to understand. Apply the stain in the shade. As the fibers of the brush work back and forth across the surface of the wood, they break down the surface tension and help to force the stain deep in to the fibers of the wood. Even if you spray or roll your deck, while the stain is still wet, always work the material in to the wood by brushing.

The chemicals that promote the various performance characteristics of the stain, e. My deck has peeled every year. The upright posts etc do not peel, just the flat boards. Is there anything we can do about this? Used high quality stain and not put on heavy but first time he put 2 coats on the same day. That was 3 years ago, then another coat the next year.

Ann, how close is your deck to the ground? I suggest you put a vapor barriergo to your nearest store and purchase a heavy gauge of black plastic sheeting and put it under your deck you can secure it with special pins for this sheeting and this will protect or help control some of the moisture that sits under your deck.

My situation: Bought a home. Random flaking onboardr, dark stained boards. Solid condition amber stain on replacement boards. Question: Is it possible to just stain over the whole mess with a solid bodied stain? Marty, yes, using a solid color stain could work in your situation. Solids are very difficult to remove, only paint stripper or sanding will remove them.

One thing to keep in mind, as solid color stains weather, they will typically peel on horizontal surfaces. Interesting video about staining with a car wash brush. It looks like a lot of product is being put on with this method. This amount is NOT considered over application? Jeanne, the brush being used in the video is nice because it allows you to cover a lot of area in a small amount of time.

Where can I get this exact brush? I will be doing this very soon. And thanks for this great write-up. You guys sell this brush LOL! Sorry, but I already have my stain. I refinished my deck last spring. In preparation I stripped, completely sanded and then brightened the wood. Put two coats of Defy Extreme Semi Trans stain on per instructions. Now I notice there are a number of spots that appear to be peeling or wearing off.

What can I do about that? What may be causing it? How do you recommend I clean the deck after the winter to remove the dirt, dust, etc that has accumulated over the winter? Scott, just out of curiosity, why did you strip and sand it? Did the stain stripper not fully remove the previous stain? The reason I ask is if you sand the wood too smooth, it can make it harder for the stain to penetrate. If sanding is necessary, we usually recommend using a rough grit sandpaper. What type of wood do you have?

Typically peeling is caused by over-application, or the stain not adhering to penetrating into the wood properly. Otherwise, you can just use some Dawn dishwashing soap and water to clean it off. You can also call our customer service at and talk to someone more in depth about your project. Yes there was still stain on the deck. I know the last one was Behr.

I stripped, pressure washed and sanded then brightened. Sanded with 80 grit. I used Behr for years at my other home and would get 2 — 3 years out of it and then recoat. Lasted for 10 plus years with one sanding in between. Scott, call our customer service at If you have any pictures of your project that may be helpful. Hi, our hardwood deck has a solid stain that is coming off so we will need to sand it we are also slightly changing the color to a warmer tone and have to replace a board or two.

Worst of put option formula t 10 question is: do we still need to use the Brightener? If so, do we use it before or after we stain? Robbi, a couple of thoughts. First, make sure you totally get the solid stain off. Any areas where it still remains on the surface will cause adhesion problems for your new stain. Also, are you re-staining it with DEFY or another solid color stain? Once you sand, using Wood Brightener will help, as it will help the stain penetrate better and absorb more uniformly across the surface of the wood.

Apply the Wood Brightener, allow it to set for 5 minutes or so, then rinse it off with a garden hose. Allow the wood to dry out and then you can stain it. My husband built a bridge and we stained it last fall, using a semi transparent stain. Are we able to power wash it and then restain it? Stephanie, use a stain stripper to remove the semi-transparent stain and then follow it with a wood brightener to neutralize the surface. We are looking into using this product on a deck that had been stained 2 and 4 years ago with a semi-transparent oil-based stain.

Once the deck is stripped of the old product and Defy Extreme is applied, how will subsequent applications look in the future? Will there be a build up of the pigment over time or will the deck have to be stripped each time a new application is applied? In other words, in a few years, can a light cleaning with a deck cleaner and pressure washer be all that is needed to refresh the look? Over time, the stain will darken a little as you apply additional coats.

The way to combat this, is when you do maintenance coats, apply the Wood Brightener to lighten the wood. Hello, I have had so many problems with my deck paint peeling. I started with Restore Brand colored deck paint. It was very thick and looked nice for about a month and then started peeling off. I reapplied the following year and we built a cover over the deck. It is still peeling bad. Please tell me what you think about outdoor carpet over the entire deck. We have a really high deck about 3 feet off the ground and the boards have adequate space between each one for air circulation.

Since the deck is covered with metal roofing except steps, would outdoor carpet be a good choice to cover this ugly deck? I have a 20 year old, pressure treated pine deck that was originally in all day full sun. It now receives full sun for about 7 hours a day. I live outside Phila. With a recent back injury, I am now getting estimates for the deck to be handled by a professional. Can anyone steer me in the right direction — and recommend the appropriate product that will require simply cleaning and recoating over the next years?

Thanks for your time. At this point, we would recommend that you strip the deck with a wood stain stripper followed by a power washer. It may take 2 applications of stain stripper given the number of coats of stain you have on your deck. You can give it a light cleaning every couple of years followed by a single maintenance coat.

We have a mobile home that our college kids live in. The decks have not been treated in at least 4 years when we bought it and are gray and look totally bare. After a lot of research, I am leaning toward DEFY based on ratings and the water base, plus not many reviews of issues with peeling later. We planned to clean, pressure wash, and let dry overnight, then do the brightener early in the morning, followed by stain before it gets sunny and hot. Since this wood is very old and thirsty, do you have any specific advice?

Also, is there any need to seal if we use Extreme Wood Stain? Finally — as far as color, with the deck being totally gray, do we need to go a shade darker to have the browner tint show through? Michelle, make sure you clean it with DEFY Wood Cleaner, as this will remove the graying. You can actually use DEFY Wood Brightener immediately after the cleaner. Extreme Wood Stain is a stain and a sealer, so no need to seal it with another product.

If you use the Wood Cleaner and a power washer, that should bring the wood back to its natural, bare state and totally remove the graying, so you can use whichever color you like. We have samples available here if you want to see what the colors will look like on why are put options so expensive wood deck. Last fall I used a spray on deck cleaner did not power wash before applying a semi-transparent stain.

Now there are several areas where the stain is peeling off. Apparently I did not do a good enough job of prepping the surface before staining. Would using a power washer be enough to remove all the loose stain? Tom, you need to use a stain stripper and a power washer. The stain stripper will loosen any remaining stain, and the power washer will then be able to remove it completely.

After that, use a wood brightener to neutralize any remaining stain stripper and let it dry out. I built a new red cedar deck and stairs, last June. Let it weather for 2 months. Then sanded, cleaned and applied 2 coats Defy clear stain. As I wanted to why are put options so expensive wood the red cedar color. Now it has faded to white. Why the color fade? How to fix it? I purchased a 5 gallon pail of the clear, still have 3 gallons.

Ian, contact our customer service at and they can help you figure out what went wrong. Pictures may be helpful if you have them. Is there a website that evaluates all types of stains and application methods without promoting their own brand? Hoping to get some advice. We just had a new PT wood deck built. I wanted dark walnut, a dark brown with no hint of red.

The guy we hired bought Olympia? It was reddish which I did not want and very uneven. I asked him to hold off on the 2nd coat for now. I asked a professional painter referred by a friend and he said we should lightly sand the first coat, clean the dust then apply 2 or 3 coats of dark walnut oil based wood stain not mixed with sealerno sanding in between, wait 4 hours in between coats.

Then let that dry completely for a day or two. He said the oil based stain will work better if we are unsure what the water content is in the wood. Is this a good plan? If so, what type of polyurethane should I use and how is the best way to apply that? If not, then what should we do? With that being said, there are hybrid stains that combine an alkyd oil resin in a water-based carrier. This type would be ok to use.

The way you can easily tell is if the cleanup recommendations for an oil based stain are to use water as opposed to mineral spirits. It sounds like your contractor wants to give your deck a furniture-like appearance, and with all those coats of stain and polyurethane, my concern is that you could see peeling as why are put options so expensive wood deck weathers. The best rule of thumb is to only apply as much stain as the wood can absorb. Its 6 feet above the ground. I was told to wait one year before using a nontransparent stain.

One year later, it has peeled. But that is not like the back why are put options so expensive wood which is above our walkout basement. I stained why are put options so expensive wood with one coat of Behr transparent using a roller. It peeled within three months!! Jim, a couple of thoughts here…were both decks allowed to weather? Applying a stain to unweathered wood can frequently result in failure.

We always recommend waiting a few months for the wood to dry out. The other issue is that solid color stains will frequently peel as they weather, especially on horizontal surfaces. Rollers can make it easy to accidentally over-apply stain. A better option is a car wash brush. Just this weekend we stained our deck. We used a deck cleaner and power washer to remove the old stain.

I got a why are put options so expensive wood transparent cinnamon color wanting to have a light oak look. It is orange looking and the stain looks very uneven and thick in places. Any suggestion to correct this? If the stain is too thick in certain places, this may be a sign of over application. We always use a car wash brush to force the stain into the wood pores and prevent puddling.

You may consider this for your next application. A stain why are put options so expensive wood and power washer would have completely removed the old stain and brought the wood back to its natural state. Your options are to allow the wood to weather for a few months and then apply a maintenance coat, or strip it with a stain stripper and start over. If you choose to allow the wood to weather for a few months, I would recommend applying a cleaner and brightener before staining to open the pores of the wood.

The other issue is the color. We have a new ipe deck that has weathered for 3 months. Two days ago, we used deck cleaner and brightener to prep, and we were planning to stain today, when we noticed that the company we ordered from shipped us the wrong stain product: Extreme Wood Stain instead of Stain for Hardwoods. If it takes a couple of weeks or maybe up to a month? Karen, yes you should be fine.

You may want to sweep off the deck before staining to remove any dirt or debris. I think screwed up my newly replaced deck. It ended up being a very hot day and I had it in my head I had to have two coats on all flat surfaces. Now two days later, the deck looks great but is still real tacky to walk on. Will this go away and if not do you have any recommendations to eliminate the tackiness.?

Also, any predictions regarding the finish ending up peeling by the end of summer or next year? Thanks Don, the deck will eventually dry out, but you may consider covering it if rain is in the near forecast. Tackiness can be caused by high humidity levels and made worse by applying too much stain. Only time will tell if the stain application holds up. In the meantime, watch out for rain and keep it covered until it dries completely. The most important fact was that the stains of yesteryear before the government regulations were superior and no one has come up with anything to compare with them yet.

You can do everything perfectly from start to finish on a new deck and they will peel way before the stated time that the manufacturer claims the stain will last. You can stain the underside of the deck. Put it on lightly as you recommend so it can allow water to evaporate. If you live in a part of the country that has a lot of snow and freezing temperatures, get your wallet out. Cause you will be sanding and staining and stripping etc. We have placed crushed rock on the ground under the deck area.

Appreciate your recommendations on the steps we should take to finish. Also appreciate your recommendations as to which products we can use that would be available here in Canada. Deck Stain for Hardwoods is going to be the best product for your red cedar deck. Although red cedar is not a hardwood, it is an oily wood that can be difficult for most stains to penetrate. Our Deck Stain for Hardwoods is formulated with smaller resins that are able to soak into hard or oily woods better than most.

Contact the Sealer Store at to order. I applied three coats of the redwood Behr wood stain and waterproofer. Have sq ft cedar deck in Oklahoma. As one would expect, sun exposed area has faded and covered still looks okay after one year. Areas subjected to sun exposure are always going to weather faster than protected areas. I have a deck that has a solid color cabot stain on it.

It is light blue in color. I have read some good reports on your stain. Do you sell a solid color stain? I am going to change the color of it to a cedar tone. I live in Indiana and have a dealer near me that sells your stain. Thank You Lyle, we only offer semi-transparent and clear stains. Our semi-transparent stain comes in 6 different colors including cedar tone. So we had a new pressure treated wood pool deck built last April and waited a year to stain it.

We bought a semi transparent stain which is a very light color yellow cream. We love the color as it looks like the deck is bright and has a nice subtle appearance. Every time it rains there are parts that have just washed off completely! Was it applied to thick? I have been through so much crap with all these deck restore and stains and ends up lasting a year! When it claims to guarantee decks for 5 or 6 yrs.

When it does not, they blaime it on you. Anyway, this time I purchased Behr Solid color waterproofing wood stain. Tested smaller section I was able to get to end of summer last year and peeled and wore by spring. Please tell me there is something. Your frustration is shared by many people. The big question is how easy is it to do maintenance coats. Some products require the wood to be stripped or sanded every time. In our case with DEFY products, you only have to apply a single maintenance coat every years to maintain the finish.

Unfortunately for your situation, a thick clear why are put options so expensive wood coat may not be the best answer. This will only form a film on the surface of the wood, and typically when you put film-forming coatings on decks, they will peel. Solid stains in general can peel as they weather. A good quality semi-transparent stain will fade as it weathers, rather than peel.

This makes it easy to maintain with a simple maintenance coat. Once the wood is bare, you can use a semi-transparent stain hopefully with less forex online free currency trading chart dog and work. Last time I stained my deck I used Geco solid stain product. Unfortunately, Geco discontinued this solid stain product. I did pressure washed it and now need an advice what other prep steps I need to take and what solid stain product would work the best in my situation.

I live in Seattle why are put options so expensive wood. I realize I am stuck with solid stain but hope I can find some product I can reapply more easily. Mark, make sure the deck is clean and you have completely removed any peeling stain. Can I use semi transparent stain over aged and faded Thompson tinted water sealer? If so, what steps do I need to take? Stephanie, to get the longest lasting results, you really need to properly prep the wood before applying another stain over top.

I have a nine year old deck that my Son helped me out when I was sick by spraying my deck with way to much stain. My deck kept peeling and slivers were rising. So 50 feet of outdoor carpet on deck and top railing. Every year I cover it with a few tarps with zip lock ties on openings and bungle them to bottom of deck for the winter. Its been 3 years and the carpet is still great.

I just added on to my deck to double its size, so now half the deck is dark brown a semi was used I believe, not a solid and the new half is well, naked. I really want to have the whole deck look like a red wood. What is the best approach I should take here? Basically, I think I have to decide between solid and semi. But I think it might be the only way to get one uniform color. What would you recommend?

I know that the two products differ in several important ways, but frankly the most important thing for me right now is that it is all one uniform color. If the previous product is totally gone, you may not need to strip. We had a new cedar deck built. Floor decking is kiln dried, the rest is not. Contractor convinced me it would be fine to stain even though wood has only weathered a month. We got 4 or so straight days of rain had 2 or 3 drying days, they stained the vertical boards today with a white stain.

He said he primed it first then sprayed and brushed in. He said he has been staining decks for 16 years. Figured he might know what he was doing. Not sure if the 3 coats were 1 primer and 2 stain or if he primed and did 3 coats. I am scared to see what kind of mess we will have on our hands going forward. We are in Chicago area. Should we let the kiln dried floor deck weather through the winter.

TF, are the floor boards cedar, or pressure treated? If they are cedar, it may be a good idea to allow them to weather. Cedar is an oily wood type that frequently has trouble accepting stains. The more it weathers, the better your chances are that the stain will penetrate and why are put options so expensive wood up. Even though the kiln dries out any moisture, the chemicals used in the pressure treatment process are still present and may prevent the wood from absorbing the stain sufficiently.

If you choose to stain it now, it may still be ok, you just might have to do a maintenance coat sooner than if you allowed it to weather more. I got in my semi annual deck protector painted on this year before the temperatures dropped too low. I used CWF UV Clear. I had a good window of time before temps dropped or forecasted rain. But, later that night I awoke to it pouring outside. As the deck started to dry, it is turning white. It is looking more like weathered beach wood.

What are the options for spring? I cannot power wash because it drains my well. Will staining my deck on cooler weather be bad. We just have got ready to stain, kinda puthing it on the back burner. Wade, We recommend applying the product in temperatures above 45 degrees. The temperatures should stay above 45 degrees for at least 12 hours. We recently moved into a house with a 2 year old deck that was not stained properly.

The bare wood is visible on some planks. We cleaned the deck with Defy Oxygenated Wood Cleaner which took the stain off in some places, but not all. Stain is still visible in lots of places. We had planned on applying the Defy Extreme ST stain at the end of this week until we began reading comments on this site. Do we need to strip the stain that remained behind after the cleaning and power wash before we stain with Defy Extreme ST? Or can we apply a wood brightner then stain?

We are running out of nice weather to accomplish the job. If stripping is required we will need to wait until the spring to do it. Will it harm the deck to let it sit in its current clean, but not protected state over the upcoming Ohio winter? You could do one of two things, either sand the deck, then clean it and brighten, or strip the deck, then brighten and apply the stain. The ideal temperatures for staining is between degrees. If the deck sits over the winter just make sure you clean it and brighten it before applying the stain.

We just used an Olympic semi transparent stain on our newly built redwood decks and WOW is it ever ORANGE!! The coverage is also far more intense than we wanted covering that beautiful wood. Too make it worse, to save time the workers used a sprayer and got it on unevenly and away too thick. We were able to use a beautiful natural deck oil on our front porch once we saw the results on the back, but now we have to figure out how to address the very large wrap around back porch.

We rushed to protect the decks not realizing it was better to let them weather before staining—so both decks were stained too soon. The back deck has too much stain on it, no question as it has been tacky for more than a week and rain the day after application only made things worse. I was tempted to put the beautifully colored natural oil over the semi-transparent on the back but from this article now I know it would only further saturate the already saturated and improperly weathered wood.

As winter is setting in it seems our options why are put options so expensive wood to use the Defy stain stripper then brightener now or in the spring and then apply the far more natural looking colored natural oil…. Regardless, it sounds like we will have to strip the old stain, am I correct? Thanks for your expertise and advice.

Terri, Yes, you are correct, you would need to remove any stain on the deck before applying anything else. I would wait for the stain to weather through the winter, then in the spring, strip, and brighten the deck, then apply the stain. It needs to break the surface tension and soak into the pores of the wood. Your email address will not be published. Do it Best Members. Got Deck Stain Questions? DEFY Extreme Wood Stain.

DEFY Extreme Clear Wood Stain. DEFY Extreme 40 Wood Stain. DEFY Deck Stain for Hardwoods. DEFY Wood Oil for Decks. DEFY Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer. Marine Seal Wood Dock Stain. DEFY Original Water Repellent Wood Stain. DEFY Interior Acrylic Clear Wood Finish. DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Why are put options so expensive wood. DEFY Composite Deck Cleaner.

Marine Seal Wood Dock Cleaner. Deck Staining Push Brush. Find a Local Dealer. DEFY Wood Stain Videos. Defy Stain Help Articles. Why Deck Stains Peel Home Defy Stain Help Articles Deck Stain How-To Articles Why Deck Stains Peel. Why Deck Stains Peel. What causes deck stains to peel? The Problem is Becoming More Common. Just follow a few basic rules.

Allow New Wood to Weather. Clean and Brighten All Wood Prior to Staining. More is Not Better. Stay Out of Direct Sunlight. Always Use a Brush. Buy a premium wood stain. Got Questions about your Project? Fill out the form below. Related posts How To Clean and Seal Composite Decking Read more How to Apply Extreme Wood Stain Read more Deck Staining Like a Pro — How To Stain Your Deck Read more.

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I’ve been car shopping recently, which means I’ve sat in a variety of models new and old with a salesperson attempting to justify why their shitty infotainment. Thanks so much for all your kind comments about our kitchen tour yesterday. One of the most-frequent questions I get about our house is how we like our IKEA cabinets. This where we provide information on options for finishing you cedar furniture products. We have information on cedar finishing, cedar wood finish, cedar finish.