Documentation should serve to. You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics. The House of Wisdom. Disclosure Everything written here is licensed as CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Students can choose one or several activities to complete as they learn a skill or develop a product. Structure lets students know how to proceed with the tasks that you assign. Special Effects in Film and Television.

Differentiation connects the content to the students and addresses these varied tic tac toe menus for differentiation. Differentiated Instruction expert Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson reminds teachers that although fod might use a variety of instructional strategies, they are a "means to an end. Differentiation is not something a teacher does every now and again and it is not something any teacher would ever be able idfferentiation say they had mastered.

Differentiation tic tac toe menus for differentiation looking at differntiationwherewhat and how we teach and continually improving in these areas so all children learn well. Step 1: Who Do You Teach? Teaching Strategies: The Frayer Model for Vocabulary Differentiatlon explore the Frayer Model teaching strategies for vocabulary instruction.

Teaching Strategies to Make Homeroom Useful Teaching strategies to better utilize your time with students in homeroom. DIY Environmental Classroom Activities These four easy DIY classroom activities will elevate your eco-centered lessons. Teaching Strategies to Improve Student Differejtiation A few teaching strategies to help your students improve their self-control.

Collect data on your students' ReadinessInterests and Learning Profiles. Structure lets students know how to proceed with the tasks that you assign. In a differentiated classroom, effective teachers take great care to be sure to constantly "check the weather" of the class so that it is a conducive place to learn for all students. What is it that you want your students to know, understand and be able to do?

Determine clear learning differentiatio. An example from one my colleague's on characterization might look like this: Know: character description, character word choice, character behavior, interior monologue, point of view. Understand: fictional characters reflect traits and choices we find in our own lives. Do: write a narrative, write from a character's point-of-view, write in first person, analyze motivation, predict character actions.

What are some instructional strategies that can be used to meet students' readiness, interest and learning profile needs? Learning experiences that have been designed to address content, process or product options that meet the same learning goal but are at different levels of challenge and difficulty. As an example, assign different journal prompts to students based on their need for more or less challenge. Share in the comments section! View the discussion thread.

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Teaching Strategies: The Frayer Model differntiation Vocabulary. Teaching Strategies to Make Homeroom Useful. DIY Environmental Classroom Activities. Teaching Strategies to Improve Student Self-Discipline. Latest from Our Bloggers. A Clean Slate: Starting Over Fresh in the New Year The start of a new year always feels like a chance to try new things and maybe What Fof Really Do Over Summer Break Here is a list of what teachers REALLY do over the summer break, as imagined Summer Reading List for Teacher Improvement We have gathered a reading list of six books that may assist you in becoming a Let our handy list of Thank You, Pseudonymous Bosch!

I decided to write this diffegentiation not only to share with fifferentiation a wonderful book Young Adult Fiction You Should Read This Summer Mix business with pleasure this summer by getting some great ideas for How Do You Grade Tech? I Have 14 Ideas. It used to be differentiatlon to post grades. Add up test scores and see what the Blog: The Power diffsrentiation the Lurker There is power in lurking.

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Learning Centers An area of the classroom where a collection of materials and tasks may be found and have been designed to teach, reinforce differentuation extend the students' nenus. Tasks may include one, some or all of the learner traits. An agreement to complete chosen tasks offering some freedom of choice with regard to the tasks and the often the order in which they are completed.

Other names for contracts are AGENDAs, Menus, Tic-Tac-Toe Boards. Tiered Differentixtion and Activities. A classmate had to leave the room today just as the lab experiment was beginning to come to a conclusion. Please write that student a note explaining what happened in the lab, why it happened, and what dkfferentiation use there differentiatiin in the real world for what the experiment shows us.

Be as much help as possible. Select a key or critical cor in the experiment today. Change it in some way. What will happen in the experiment with that change? What principle can you infer? Be sure you go for something useful, insightful, and intellectually or scientifically meaningful at your choice. You can use different cubes for different students depending on tic tac toe menus for differentiation readiness, interests and learning profiles.

Narrational entry point — read or tell a story or narrative. Logical-quantitative entry point - provide data, use deductive reasoning, examine numbers, statistics musical rhythm, logic, narrative plot structure, cause and effect relationships. Foundational entry point - Big questions about life, death and our place in the world, philosophy, meaning. Experimental entry point — a hands-on-approach, dealing directly with materials physically or virtuallysimulations, personal explanations Based on the subject of study, choice boards provide different assignment options that are generated to allow students to have choices to tasks to complete that may address their interests and learning preferences.

This learning tool typically involves students designing a short term independent project in order to delve deeper into topic that they are already studying in class. Students choose menjs curriculum-associated topic based on their interests and in collaboration with the teacher decide how and in what way the student would share the information with others.

A matrix or chart of specific elements from a unit of study that have the headings: Role, Audience, Format and Topic. Students are either assigned a strip or are given choices based on the differentiafion of the student that is being addressed and the teacher's purpose for the assignment.

Nonfiction Tic Tac Toe Choice Boards

“Choice” is a word my students might not have used initially to describe how they learn in school. The general expectation is we teach the curriculum and they in. 4 Differentiation Basics June Preszler TIE Education Specialist Before you begin, there are a few (well, maybe more than a few) basic elements to. Reading Street Resources, choice boards, newsletters, and more for free.