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Researchers at Facebook AI Research and Tel Aviv University school of computer science published a preprint paper outlining how they created an automatic process to create VR avatars. The researchers first transformed a set of celebrity photos into 2D avatars and compared the results to manually created Bitmoji avatars of the celebs, then the Facebook-created 2D avatars were transformed into VR avatars.

Nos uncovered options trading system diagram paper explains the way Bitmoji was used in the process: The proposed TOS [Tied Output Synthesis] method is evaluated for the task of generating specification-compliant emoji. As the unlabeled training data of face images domain Xwe use a set s of one million random images without identity information. The set t consists of assorted facial avatars emoji created by an online service bitmoji. The emoji images were processed by an automatic process that detects, based on a set of heuristics, the center of the irises and the tip of the nose [22].

The emoji engine of the online service is mostly additive. In order to train the TOS, we mimic it and have created a neural network e that maps properties such as gender, length of hair, shape of eyes, etc. You can see the Bitmoji the researchers created, side-by-side the avatars the Tied Output Synthesis TOS. Still, given how much copying Facebook is already doing of other Snap aystem Miranda Kerr is not pleased!

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