Just as the Jews seek to horde all the gold, silver and jewels of the World and bring them to Jerusalem, so too does the Jewish god. A Russian parliamentarian, Robert Shlegel, was to submit an amendment that would allow U. Lewis: Trump Not a 'Legitimate' President-elect; Tillerson Suggests Aggressive Policy on South China Sea; Rep. Continues Airstrikes on ISIS Targets. Consulate; Police Shoot, Kill Unarmed College Football Player. Denies Snub As King Skips Obama Summit; Interview with Adel al-Jubeir; Homeland Security: ISIS May Strike at Any Moment; Tom Brady Suspended for Signn Games Without Pay; North Korea Test Fires Ptuin Missile.

Note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. If you cannot find a specific segment, check back later. Aggression; Trump Proposes Sweeping Tax Cuts; New U. Stealth Fighter Jets Flying Near Russia. Chris Murphy; Judge Blocks Trump Cut of Money for Sanctuary Cities; North Korea Marks Anniversary with Huge Artillery Drill; Ivanka Trump Heckled While Praising Father; Cyber Attackers Possibly Linked to Putin Target Candidate.

Ben Cardin; Government Shutdown Looms Over Border Wall Fight; Obama Reveals "Single Most Important Thing" He Can Do. Attack; O'Reilly Out at FOX News Amid Sex Harassment Scandal. Aired 6- 7p ET. Jackson Asks Voters To Summon "Furious Anger". Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on ISIS; CIA Chief Calls WikiLeaks a 'Hostile Intelligence Service'; Sources: U. Adam Smith; North Korea Warns of Nuclear Strike as U.

Warships Near; Bloodied Passenger Dragged from Overbooked Flight. McCain: Trump Was "Deeply Moved" At Plight Of The Children; Sources: Trump Considers Staff Shake-Up; Source: U. Probing Possible Russian Role In Gas Attack; Russia Suspends Anti-Conflict Agreement With U. Strike A "Flagrant" Violation Of International Law. Aired pm ET. Adam Schiff; Trump Backs Flynn's Request For Immunity; FEDs: Year-Old From South Carolina Tried To Join ISIS; CNN Documentary Explores How ISIS recruits Westerners.

Syria Policy; New Moves Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Build National First Responders Network. Troops "Fighting Like Never Before" in Iraq. Terry Sewell; Feds: State Department Worker Spied for China; Twice- Poisoned Putin Critic Warns U. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; Trump Administration Rolls Back Environmental Protections; Intelligence Uproar; White House: "Staff Has Met" to Discuss Health Care Bill; U. Commander: A "Fair Chance" Airstrike Killed Civilians.

Eric Swalwell; Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Climate Regulations; House Intel Chairman Invites FBI Director to Testify Again; Father Foils His Daughter's School Massacre Plot. Airstrike Responsible for Civilian Deaths in Iraq? Morgan Griffith; GOP Health Plan Collapses, Ryan And Trump Pull Bill. Spying Claims; Former Clinton Advisor Responds to Russian Bank Investigation; Tillerson Warns North Korea, Military Action an 'Option'; Trump Repeats Claim Obama Admin Wiretapped Him; White House And Trump: No Regrets For U.

Spying Claim; British Government On Alleged Trump Spying: "Ridiculous"; Justice Department Responds To House Intel Request For Surveillance Info. Commander Takes Responsibility for Deadly Raid; U. Marines Join Local Forces Fighting in Syria. Chris Collins; House Intel Chair Has Not Seen Evidence of Trump Wiretap Claim. Steps Up Airstrikes Against Al Qaeda in Yemen. Official: Review Under Way to Counter North Korean Threat. Murphy: Yemen Raid a 'Failure,' Trump Trying to 'Pass the Buck'; After Well-Received Speech, Trump Delays New Travel Ban; The Killing of Kim Jong-nam.

Trump Delivers First Address To Congress Tonight; Trump Defends Yemen Raid Were U. Admin Official: North Korea Is "Greatest Threat" To U. Aired 5- 6p ET. Media; Trump: "Fake News" Does "Tremendous Disservice to Our Country"; Police: Nerve Agent Used to Kill Kim Jong Un's Brother. S "Top of the Pack"; Some GOP Lawmakers Dodge Angry Crowds at Town Halls. Nuclear Arsenal Buildup; North Korea Denies Blame For Death Of Dictator's Brother; Global Alert Requested For North Korean Suspects; Bannon Warns Critics: "Every Day It Is Going To Be A Fight".

Aired 5- 6 p ET. Jobs; White House Chaos Slows Search for Flynn Replacement; FBI's Comey Talks Russia in Closed-Door Senate Briefing; Hundreds Detained by Immigration Officers; Former CIA Chief Petraeus A Possible Flynn Replacement; White House Chaos Slows Hunt For Flynn Replacement; Trump: "Fake News Media" Is "Enemy Of The American People"; Trump Returns To Campaign Mode, Touting U. Jobs; Case Over Trump's Brand Raising Ethics Concerns. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Trump Lashes Out; Trump Blasts Media, Denies Turmoil in Marathon News Conference.

Planning Additional Sanctions on Iran; U. Condemns Russian Aggression in Ukraine; Issa Defends Trump's Behavior on Call with Australian P. National Security Adviser Warns Iran; Rex Tillerson Confirmed as Secretary of State; Trump Attends Return of Navy SEAL's Remains; Trump to GOP: "Go Nuclear" If Needed for Court Pick. Officials Sign Memo Against Travel Ban; Reports: Suspect in Mosque Attack Known for For- Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Views.

Diplomats Voice Concern Over Travel Ban. Collins Defends Tom Price's Investment. Robert Menendez; Putin: Claims of Trump Surveillance are 'Rubbish'; U. Ambassador Warns Trump about Russian Aggression; Confirmation Hearing for Trump's Education Nominee. Martin, Meets MLK's Son; Russia Praises Trump for Calling NATO 'Obsolete'; Rice: Trump Would Be 'Foolish' to Rip Up Iran Deal, Move Tel Aviv Embassy; Ivanka Trump Preparing for Unique Role in White House; Trump's Son-in-Law to Tackle Middle East Peace Negotiations.

Lewis: Trump Not a 'Legitimate' President-elect; Tillerson Suggests Aggressive Policy on South China Sea; Rep. Lewis: Trump Not A "Legitimate" President; House Joins Senate In Voting To Repeal Obamacare; Defense Secretary: ISIS Leader's Days "Are Numbered". Aired 5- p ET. Response to North Korea Missile Threat. Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Boats; Trump's Son-in-Law Named Senior Advisor.

Lauderdale Airport; Intel Report: Putin Ordered Campaign to Influence Election; Vladimir Putin Ordered The Efforts To Influence The U. Presidential Election; Trump To Aggressively Combat Cyber-Attacks; Leon Panetta Reacted To The Information Contained In The Declassified Version Of The Russian Hacking Review. Intelligence; Interview with Sen. Intel Ahead of Election Hacking Briefing; Attorney General Protest. Adam Schiff; Republicans in Control as New Congress Sworn In; Schumer to Trump: U.

Can't Afford a Twitter Presidency; Convicted Felon Appears on Stage with Trump; Ivanka Trump Settles on New D. Sanctions; Murder Conviction Reinstated for Michael Skakel. Sean Duffy; Trump Announces Thousands of New Jobs; Obama and Trump Battle Over Russian Hacking and Israeli Settlement; Democrat and Republican Senators Prepare for Trump Cabinet Nominees. Ron Dermer; Trump's War; Blaming Obama?

Troops Face New Danger; Film Legend Debbie Reynolds Hospitalized. Expected to Ramp Up Fight Against ISIS; NY Official: Trump's Charity Can't Close Yet; Worldwide Shock at Pop Superstar's Death; Obama: Dems Need to Win Back Southern White Voters. Vote Against Israeli Settlements. Vote on Israeli Settlements; Trump, Putin Talk of Boosting Nuclear Capabilities; Cybersecurity Expert: DNC Hack Linked to Russian Military.

Sources: Russia Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon; Officials: New Activity at North Korean Chemical Weapons Plant. Adam Schiff; White House: Trump 'Obviously' Knew of Russian Hacking; U. Officials Say 50, ISIS Fighters Killed Aired p ET. Officials Say 50, ISIS Fighters Killed. Intelligence Conclusion on Russian Cyber- Attacks; Kim Jong-un's Military Practices South Korea Attack.

China; Trump to Nominate Secretary of State Friendly to Russia? Came "Tantalizingly Close" To Catching ISIS Leader. Trump Picks Third Retired General for Top Post. Putin Puts Out New Russian Plan to Fight Cyberattacks. Hotel Draws Foreign Dignitaries. Obama Warns Against Imposing 'Religious Tests'; South Korean Military Accuses North of Major Cyber-Attack. Trump to Continue Thank-You Tour in North Carolina; Police: Gunman Fired Multiple Shots in Pizza Restaurant.

Trump Threatens Consequences for Companies Leaving U. Chris Collins; Gingrich: Somebody Should Check Trump's Tweets; Interview with Sean Spicer; Trump Falsely Claims Millions Voted Illegally; ISIS Claims Ohio State Attacker Was Its "Soldier"; Three Dead as Thousands Flee Tennessee Wildfires. Trump Takes on Flag-Burning; Sources: Campus Attacker Likely Inspired By ISIS; Black Boxes Found in Deadly Crash of Soccer Team's Flight; War in Space: The Next Battlefield.

Rand Paul; Terrorism Possible Motive in Ohio State Campus Attack; Seized ISIS Documents Reveal Thousands of Terror Plots. Jobs, Deliver on Promise. Source: Secret Service May Lease Space in Trump Tower; Trump Spending Holiday at His Exclusive Palm Beach Club; Actress Florence Henderson Dies at Nikki Haley Ambassador to U. Adam Kinzinger; Who's Under Consideration in Trump Cabinet? Sean Duffy; New Conflict of Interest Concerns for Trump Business; Trump Working 'Hour Days' to Build Team; Biden's Name Floated for Democratic Party Chairman; Bannon Comments Stoke Political Firestorm.

Chris Collins; Ultimate Insider: Trump's Influential Son-in-Law; Trump Tells Supporters to Stop Racial Attacks; Trump's Approach to ISIS and National Security. Sean Duffy; Trump and Obama Meet at the White House; Russian Officials Confirm They Were in Contact With Trump During Campaign; Bernie Sanders Speaks Out about Trump's Win. Tom Cotton; Interview with Rep. Adam Kinzinger; Clinton's Loss Renews Calls To Abolish Electoral College; World Leaders Weigh In On Trump's Election; Trump To Receive Daily, Classified Intel Briefings.

Adam Schiff; Trump Stumps in Key Battleground State of Michigan; Interview with Rep. Jason Chaffetz; Report: Trump Lacking Sleep, Hates Being Alone. Service Members Killed in Jordan; Fighting Raging as Iraqi Troops Near ISIS Stronghold; Feds Monitoring Multiple Election Threats. Jason Chaffetz; Clinton Makes Closed Argument in North Carolina; Unlikely FBI Will Release Email Investigation Details Before Election Day; Melania Trump on the Trail.

Election; Trump, Clinton at Odds with Some Commanders. Michael McCaul; Top Intel Official Alarmed Over Putin's Aggression; FBI Probes Show No Criminal Ties Between Trump Camp And Russia; FBI Suddenly Releases Files on Bill Clinton Pardon. Adam Schiff; In Dem Stronghold, Trump Praises FBI Director's 'Guts'; How Will Comey Announcement Impact Election?

Jets in Most Dangerous Close Call Yet; Weiner Sexting Probe Leads FBI to Review Clinton Cas. Being Plotted in ISIS Capital; Putin: U. Soldier Slams Trump; Trump's Brand Takes a Hit During Campaign; Trump Opens New Hotel Amid Signs His Brand is Hurting; Trump Predicting 'Tremendous Victory'; Trump Calls CNN Question "Very Insulting. Chris Collins; Clinton Targets Florida Trying to Help Fellow Dems; Trump's Nightly "News"; Trump Stumbles in Attacking Obamacare.

May Recover Remains of Americans Killed by ISIS. Fears ISIS Using Human Shields; Third Wave of Cyber- Attacks Taking Down Popular Websites; Trump Changes Tone on Accepting Vote Results; Clinton Camp Bracing for More E-mail Fallout. WikiLeaks Releases Stolen Obama Emails; North Korea Missile Launch Apparently Fails; U. Service Member Killed in Action in Northern Iraq; Philippines President Announces Split with U. Denies Cyberattack on WikiLeaks Founder.

Retaliates for Missiles Fired at Navy Warships; Sources: New Signs Russia Behind Email Leaks. And Russia's Relationship Firing Up. Blames Russia for Election Cyberattacks; Trump Apologizes After Lewd Conversation Leaks. Debate; Clinton Off the Trail Preparing for Next Debate; NSA Contractor Arrested for Stealing Top-Secret Intelligence. Sanders, First Lady Campaign for Clinton; Trump Battles with Former Beauty Queen; Obama Reacts to Stunning Veto Defeat; Sources: Russia May Have Targeted Dems' Cellphones.

Reid: 'Trump is a Racist'; Clinton, Trump to Face Off Tonight; Inside Trump, Clinton Debate Preparations. Troops; Charlotte Bracing for More Violence after Shooting; Trump, Clinton React to Fatal Police Shootings; Report: Trump Used Charity Money to Settle Legal Disputes; FBI Seeks Potential Bombing Witnesses Caught On Camera.

Bush to Vote for Clinton; President Obama Delivers Final Address to United Nations. Blaming Russia for Aid Convoy Attack; Terror Investigation; Trump Jr. Ignites Furor With Skittles Tweet. Forces in Iraq for Looming Battle. Held Nuclear Hostage by North Korea; North Korea Scoffs at U. Show of Force; Clinton's Lab Results, Vital Signs, Medications Made Public.

Show of Force after North Korean Threat; Obama Hits Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Trail for Clinton, Hits Hard at Trump. Planes: You Will Be Targeted By Missiles. Official: Iran Threatened to Shoot Down Two Navy Planes; Fear of New North Korea Nuke Test, "Worst Case Scenario"; Lawmaker: "Absolutely Possible Russia Targeting U. Election; Campaign Manager: Clinton Tried to Power Through Pneumonia.

Duncan Hunter; Discussion of Trump and the Military; Review of the Commander-in-Chief's Forum. Plane; Latest iPhone Has No Headphone Jack. Officials: Russia Trying to Influence the Election; U. Condemns Reckless North Korean Missile Launches. Army General Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Down Following Sex Scandal; U. Medics Volunteer in Anti-ISIS Battle; Aired p ET. Navy Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Boat. Navy Fired Warning Shots at Iranian Boat. Destroyer; Looming Battle Threatens to Amplify Refugee Crisis in Iraq.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte Apologizes for Behavior in Rio; U. Moves Special Forces After "Unusual" Attack. Swimmers Were Not Robbed; Clinton Foundation Won't Accept Foreign Donations If Hillary Wins; Rio Police: U. Swimmers Were Not Robbed; Tens of Thousands Seek Help in Massive Flood Disaster; Thousands Threatened By Massive Wildfire; Viral Video of Bloodied Boy Captures Syria War Horrors.

Payment to Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Trump to Hold First Rally Since Campaign Shake-Up; Clinton Meets with Top Law Enforcement Officials; Brazilian Police Claim U. Swimmers Were Not Robbed. Jeff Sessions; Orlando Gunman's Father Seen at Clinton Rally; Clinton Targets Two Republican-Leaning States; Speaker Paul Ryan Faces Sharp GOP Primary Challenge. Growing Confident of Chemical Attack in Syria. Watch; Terror in Germany; Awaiting Clinton Announcement on Running Mate; Manhunt Under Way for at Least Three Attackers; Trump Reacts to Apparent Mall Terror Attack; Clinton Aide: Attack Not Changing Plans for VP Reveal.

Watch; Cruz Disruption; Trump Night at Republican National Convention; Excerpts of Trump Speech Released; Peter Thiel to Tell RNC He's Proudly Gay. Job; Day Three of Convention Focus on Making America First Again. Search; Clinton: 'Party of Lincoln' Becoming 'Party of Trump'. Watch; President Obama in Dallas; Sanders Endorses Clinton; Source: Gingrich, Pence Frontrunners for Trump VP; North Korea Threatening to Attack U.

Cedric Richmond, Keith Ellison, and Marc Veasey; Protests Continue Against Police Shootings; Shooting in Michigan; Dallas Investigation; Obama, Bush to Speak at Memorial for Slain Officers; Trump: 'I am the Law and Order Candidate'; U. Sending More Troops to Iraq. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson; Trading session definition trading session definition trading session definition trading session def Police Officers Killed in Dallas; Black Lives Matter Protest Unfolding Outside White House; Trump Releases Video Statement on Dallas Shooting.

Consideration; Trump Campaign Increasing Fundraising; Deadly Shootings Sparks Outraged Protests. Gaining New Insight into ISIS Strategy, Structure. Chris Collins; Trump: Clinton Compromised America's Safety; Paul Ryan Tells Trump Campaign to Clean Up Use of Social Media. Must "Fight Fire with Fire". Stocks Down Almost Points Since Brexit Vote; Survivors Revealing New Details of Nightclub Horror.

Advisers Move Into Syria, Faces ISIS Threat; Zika Threat Overshadowing Rio Olympics. Special Ops Backing Push Against ISIS in Syria; Flight Black Box Signals Detected?. Service Members Wounded in Iraq, Syria. Special Ops Aiding Anti-ISIS Offensives; U. Allies on Alert for North Korean Launch. Military on the Frontlines in Syria; Kim Jong-un's Aunt Speaking Out. Targets; Inside Syria and U. Officials: Early Theory Bomb Took Down Plane; Clinton: Trump Unqualified to be President.

Allies Prepare to Face North Korean Missiles. Waging Growing Number of "Small Wars". Elizabeth Warren Stands up to Trump on Twitter. Navy SEAL; Prince Investigation Focusing on Aides, Painkillers. Trump in November; Trump, Cruz Making Final Push in Indiana; Sanders Predicts Contested Convention; Obama Reveals New Details About Bin Laden Raid; Relatives Fighting Over Prince's Estate.

Plane; Another American Detained in North Korea. Condemns "Deliberate" Strike on Children's Hospital; Urgent New U. Focus on Hitting ISIS Leaders and Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill North Korea Launches Two Missiles, Both Tests Fail. Sending More Troops to Fight ISIS in Syria; Trump Blasts Cruz-Kasich Deal as 'Collusion'; New Details Emerge About Prince's Last Days.

Aired p ET. Aired p ETp ET. General's New Warning Against North Korea. Russian Jet Flew Within 50 Feet of U. Plane; Final Campaign Push on Eve of New York Primary; In North Korea, No Signs Sanctions Having an Impact. Admiral: Russia Sub Activity at Cold Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Level; U. Fears Confrontation after Russian Jets Buzz Navy Ship. Bernie; Trump Math; Aired p ET.

Ship; Trump, RNC Chair at Odds Over Delegate Process; Sanders Holding Star-Studded Rally in Manhattan; New York Paper Criticizes Sanders for Lack of Specifics; North Korean Missile Could Reach Washington, D. Navy Officer Accused of Spying, Soliciting Prostitutes; Terror Horrors Prompt ISIS Commanders to Defect. Wall Street; Sources: North Korea Can Put Mini-Nuke on a Missile. Guidelines for ISIS Strikes; Obama Asked About Trump's Nuclear Comments; Interview with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Cruz; Terror Investigation; New Arrests in Wave of Anti-Terror Raids; Cruz Blaming Trump for "Tabloid Smear". Cruz; More ISIS Attacks Coming? Concerned Over North Korean Nuke. Student to 15 Years. Bernie; Ted Cruz Surge; Michael Bloomberg Decides Against Presidential Bid; North Korea Warning of "Preemptive Nuclear Strike"; Suspected MH Debris Handed Over to Malaysia. Romney; Democrats Preparing for Weekend Contests, CNN Debate; GOP National Security Leadership Blasting Trump.

Commandos Targeting ISIS Operatives in Iraq; New Plane Debris May Be Put option volatility smile 911 MH Skeptical of Russia As Syria Ceasefire Nears. Vote; Kasich Criticized for Remark about Women Supporters; Russia, U. Agree to New Syria Ceasefire. Vote; Military Shake-up in North Korea as Tensions Rise; North Korea Wanted Talks, But Not About Nukes?.

Bernie in Nevada; South Carolina Republican Primary; Clinton, Sanders Battling for Nevada on Eve of Caucuses; Top ISIS Operative Believed Killed in U. Strike in Libya; White House: Obama Focusing on Scalia Replacement This Weekend. Warplanes Strike ISIS Training Camp in Libya; FBI Raids Home of San Bernardino Terrorist's Brother. Bush Campaigns for Jeb; George W. Bush to Campaign for Jeb in S. Hillary; Republican Race Heats Up; U.

Warns About Security for Papal Visit; U. Military in Egypt Could Add ISIS Intel Duty. Finish; Interview with Representative James Clyburn; North Korea Defiant against Looming New Sanctions. Exit Polling: When Voters Picked Candidates; Clinton, Sanders Campaigns Strive to Drive Turnout; New Exit Polling on Undeclared Voters in New Hampshire. Considers Missile Defense After North Korean Launch. Weighs Anti-Missile System for South Korea. Response; Clinton Wins Iowa, Sanders Keeps Momentum; Trump News Conference in New Hampshire.

Concerned by Activity Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill North Korea Launch Site; U. Preparing for Urban Warfare Against ISIS; Interview with Representative Will Hurd. Cruz; American Prisoners Heading Home; Interview with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton; Trump Flubs Bible Quote in Pitch to Evangelicals; Democrats Honor MLK Hours After Debate Fireworks; Sanders Works to Crack Clinton's Southern Support; Feds: Two American ISIS Supporters Arrested. Soldiers; ISIS Says It's Behind Multi-Part Terror Attack.

Soldiers; ISIS Says It's Behind Multi-Part Terror Attack; ISIS Claims It's Behind Indonesian Attacks; Ted Cruz Explains Failure to Disclose Loans; Russia Reveals Aggressive Military Plans. Governor Faces Backlash; Clinton Hits Back as Sanders Gains in Polls. Officials: Ten American Sailors Held by Iran; Iranian News Service: American Sailors 'Arrested'; Interview with Sen. Citizen Held on Spying Charges; U.

Sends Nuclear-Capable Bomber Over South Korea; U. Bombs ISIS Cash Center, Destroys 'Millions'; 'El Chapo' Back in Prison Six Months After Escape; Trump Slams Cruz as Polls Show Iowa Tightening; Trump Continues to Raise Cruz's Citizenship; Clinton and Sanders Race Tightens; Michael Bloomberg as Third Party Candidate?. Hellfire Missile Ends Up in Cuba.

Louis; Bill Cosby Charged with Sexual Assault; Trump Defies Warning "You Can't Say That"; Big Shake-up in Ben Carson Campaign. Cities; Trump Declares Clintons, Bush His Enemies; At Least 14 Dead in Missouri Flooding; Death of Another North Korean Official. Special Ops Forces on the Ground in Syria; Report: ISIS Using Civilians as Shields in Raqqah; Secret Service Agent's Gun Stolen Near White House; San Bernardino Couple Met All Visa Requirements; Trump Uses Vulgarity in Attack on Clinton; Ted Cruz Rises in the Polls; No Charges in Sandra Bland Case.

Troops Killed in Suicide Attack; Friend of San Bernardino Killer Denied Bail; Hezbollah Blames Israel for Assassination, Vows Revenge; Obama: Media's Terror Coverage Raising Public Fears; Trump Demands Clinton Apology. Officials Worried About Hackers Working for a Foreign Nation; Syed Farook's Friend Enrique Marquez Arrested; Sanders Campaign Files Suit Against DNC. Ally; Interview with Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois; Putin Praises 'Bright and Talented' Trump; Officials: San Bernardino Terrorist's Friend Arrested; San Bernardino Terrorist's Friend Arrested; Rubio, Cruz Taking Debate Feud to the Campaign Trail; Terror Concerns Fuel Debate over Syrian President.

School System Shut Down After Threat. Warning: ISIS Able to Create Fake Passports; ISIS Terrorist May Be 1 Target of U. Ground Troops Ordered Into ISIS Fight; Obama Warns Putin Over Syrian Civil War; Interview With Rep. Tulsi Gabbard; More U. Ground Troops Ordered Into ISIS Fight; Cruz Taking on Trump, Surging in Iowa. Embassy Warning of Imminent Attack in Afghanistan; Russia Activates Missile Defense System in Syria; Sources: Paris Terrorist May Have Escaped to Syria; Obama, Putin Discuss ISIS Threat Face to Face; Officials Warn of Threat to Kabul; Suspect Remanded to Prison in Health Center Attack; No Bond for Suspect in Planned Parenthood Attack; ISIS Backup Capital?.

Troops Direct Airstrikes in Anti-ISIS Offensive in Sinjar. Concerned as Russia Extends Global Reach. Growing More Confident Bomb Blew Up Plane; Top Officials Resign Amid University Race Uproar. Troops in Syria; China Threat; Republican Debate Changes? Deploying Ground Forces to Syria; Angry GOP Suspends Plans for NBC Debate; Rubio Draws New Attention After Debate; Black Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Clinton Speech.

Carson; Poll: Carson Leading trump by Double Digits in Iowa; FBI Chief Links 'Ferguson Effect' to Crime Spike; Interview with Ray Kelly; Reports: Officer Violently Pulls Student from Desk. Sending Destroyer Near China's Manmade Islands; Helmet Cam Video Shows Rescue of ISIS Prisoners; NYT: Wpfx forex news May Pose Threat to Vital Undersea Cables; U. Adam Schiff of California; Sanders Rising in Polls, Generating Buzz; Source: Biden, Top Political Advisors Meet Tonight.

Bush; Mudslide Misery; Drone Wars; Top Aide: Biden Nearing Decision on Bid. Knew Airstrike Target was a Hospital; Trump Versus Everyone in New Round of Attacks; Cyber Hacker Arrested in Malaysia; Clinton Aide Testifies to Benghazi Committee; Flash Flooding Leads to Mudslides in California; Aired p ET. Drawdown in Afghanistan Delayed; Source: Biden Family 'Totally on Board' for Bid.

Drops 50 Tons of Ammunition to Syrian Rebels; U. Slams Iranian Long-Range Missile Test; Freeing Americans Held in Iran. Mulls Bid; Inside An FBI Counterterror Operation. Investigating ISIS Use of Toyota Trucks; Conservatives Back Challenger in Speaker Fight; Trump Beating His Rivals in Swing State Polls. Orders New Training after Hospital Attack; U. Michael McCaul; Jeb Bush Reacts to Donald Trump's Tax Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill House Republicans Ponder New Leadership.

Visit; Massive Security for Pope's Visit; Fiorina Trying to Build on Debate Performance. Trump Fights Back; Aired p ET. Fiorina; Rick Perry Out. Warns Russia on Military Build-up in Syria. Intelligence Leads to Strikes on ISIS Leaders. Jeb Bush; Kerry Predicts Ground Force in ISIS War; CNN Special Report: Murder on Cape Cod. Sends Drones to Ease Allies' Fear of Russia; Officials: Russia Boosting Military Strength in Arctic; Obama Begins Historic Trip to Alaskan Arctic.

Sends Killer Drones to Ease Allie's Fears of Russia; Officials: Russia Boosting Military Strength in Arctic; Poll: Trump Loses Edge in Iowa Upheaval; Kanye West for President? Drone Strike; Hillary Clinton Oanda forum metatrader update Trump; Trump Seeking Money from Secret Donors? Steps Up Warnings about Putin's Russia; Clinton Campaign Defending Email Practices; Obama Administration Says Iran Won't Self- Inspect Nuke Sites.

Objects to Planned Sale of Russian Missiles to Iran; New CNN Poll: Trump Competitive with Clinton; The Democratic Presidential Race; Former Subway Pitchman Pleads Guilty. Ground Troops to Fight ISIS; Concerns in White House About a Biden Run; Hundreds of Clinton Emails Flagged for Review. Confirms ISIS Use of Chemical Weapon; U. Embassy Reopens in Cuba; Bin Laden's Son Urges Attacks on West; Bush Stumbles as Trump Campaign Gets Serious; Former Supermodel Could be First Lady.

Consulate; Police Shoot, Kill Unarmed College Football Player. Providing Air Cover to Syrian Rebels; Kerry Lobbies Allies Worried about Iran Deal; Plan Aims to Cut Pollution from Coal-Burning Plants; Volunteers Join Search for Possible MH Debris; Investigators Prepare to Examine Found Debris; Feds Warn of Terror Threat Amid Drone-Airliner Close Calls. Intel Assessment: MH Deliberately Steered Off Course; Trump Tees Up for Debate at Women's British Open; Ex-Campus Cop Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Driver; Debris From Flight Possibly Located; Officials: Recent Indications "Jihadi John" is Alive.

Access to Turkish Bases; Interview with James Comey; Interview with Representative Mike McCaul; Prosecutors Confirms Sandra Bland's Death Suicide by Hanging; Trump Visit U. Pacific Coast; Interview with Sen. Airstrike; Source: Gunman Followed al Qaeda Cleric; Trump Gives Out Opponent's Phone Number; Mike Huckabee Weighs in on Iran Deal; North Korea Rejects Iran-Type Nuke Deal. Murder Mystery; Chattanooga Investigation. Feelings; Family Reveals Gunman's Depression, Drug Abuse: FBI Interested in Gunman's Trip to Jordan; ISIS Blamed for Terror Attack on Key U.

Angus King; FBI Looking at Gunman's Electronic Devices; Interview with Representative Peter King. National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Bush Slammed Over Speaking Fee for Veterans. Strategy to Fight ISIS Falling Short; Deadline for Iran Nuclear Talks Extended. Stocks Tumble as Financial Crisis Looms; Greek Debt Crisis Affecting the U. Lawmakers Debate Confederate Flag Removal. Leaders Move Confederate Flag from Capitol; Killer's Racist Rant Reveals Others' Influence; Police Find 'Confirmed Lead' in Hunt for Escaped Killers; Obamas to Deliver Eulogy of Charleston Pastor.

Confirms Death of Senior al Qaeda Leader; Interview with John Kirby; Putin Will Add 40 Missiles to Nuclear Arsenal; Donald Trump Joins Race for President; Rachel Dolezal Says She Identifies as Black; Aired p ET. Joe Manchin Interviewed; Prison Worker in Escape Case Arrested; NAACP Leader's Race Comes Under Suspicion. Troops to Iraq; Manhunt; Interview with Rep. Citizen Killed Fighting in Syria; Manhunt for Escaped Killers Expands to Vermont.

Troops to Iraq; Manhunt; Interview With Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke; Police Employee Who 'Befriended' Escapees Not Under Arrest; Feds: Help Us Find Rioters Who Used Explosives; Cops Speak Out on Baltimore Violence; Jeb Bush Goes After "Bully" Vladimir Putin. Troops Possible in Iraq. Had Intel on ISIS Leader's Whereabouts.

Had Intel on ISIS Leader's Location; Policeman Pulls Gun on Teen Pool Party. Bombs It; Iraqis Flee as ISIS Cuts Water Flow from Dam; ISIS Video Shows Fighting in Key Refinery Town; Boston Police to Release Video of Shooting; Alleged Dennis Hastert Victim's Family Speaking Out; Violence Flares as U. Ally Fears New Putin Invasion. Mansion Murders; Baltimore Police Ask Feds for Help Amid Crime Surge; Rick Perry to Announce White House Bid; Interview with Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chafee.

Bob Corker; Israel: Two Rockets Fired from Gaza; U. Adam Kinzinger; Iraqis: 2, U. Vulnerable to North Korea Missile Attack. Ryan Zinke; Sources Say Hastert Paid to Hide Alleged Sexual Misconduct; New Storms and Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma; Blinding New Threat to Airplane Pilots. Murders; Dennis Hastert Indicted; GOP Rivals Gang Up on Rand Paul. Military Ships Live Anthrax to 9 States; Interview With Rep. John Garamendi; New FBI Warning on ISIS Threat Inside U.

Charges Top Soccer Officials with Bribery Fraud; Sources: IRS Believes Date Theft Originated in Russia; Clinton Shadowed by the Other Woman in Race. Spy Flight; 13 Confirmed Dead in Flood Disaster. Murders; Battle Against ISIS; Plane Threats. Hostage Passed up Chance to Escape; FBI Investigates Man Found Hanging From Tree; UVA Students Targeted? Murder Suspect Caught; Baltimore Officers Await Arraignment on New Charges; First Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails Released.

Murder Mystery; Baltimore Police Indicted. Quadruple Murder; Inside the Kingdom of Kim. Spy Plane; ISIS Commander's Widow Talking to U. Interrogators; More Cities Falling to ISIS Forces; North Korea Claims Nukes Capable of Hitting U. Names ISIS Commander Killed in Raid; Deadly Defect Prompts Largest Auto Recall in History; Hillary Clinton Breaks Month-long Media Silence; Hillary Clinton Breaks Month- Long Media Silence; David Letterman Fans Bracing for His Big Goodbye. Studying Intelligence Gathered in ISIS Raid; Hacker Tampered with Flying Buy Black Diamond Trader 2 System. Helicopter Missing, Six Marines Aboard; New Aftershock Follows Deadly 7.

Military Bases as Targets. Denies Snub As King Skips Obama Summit; Interview with Adel al-Jubeir; Homeland Security: ISIS May Strike at Any Moment; Tom Brady Suspended for Four Games Without Pay; North Korea Test Fires Submarine Missile. Bases; Interview with John Garamendi; Baltimore Police Attorneys Want Prosecutor Off Case; Four Killed in Interstate Plane Crash; Large Tornado on the Ground in Texas. Vote Ends; FBI Warned Police about Gunman Before Attack; ISIS Controls 80 percent of Key Iraqi Refinery.

Student Held in North Korea Speaks Out; Jong-un Appears Amid Reports of Crackdown. Invasion of Texas; Hillary Clinton Calls for Path to Citizenship. King: Texas Attack "Clearly" ISIS-Inspired; North Korea: In Next War, U. Will Be "Ground Zero". Terrorist; Interview with Republican Senator James Risch of Idaho; Terror Threats Against the Vatican; Protesters Promise to Shut Down Baltimore; Thousands Evacuated after Volcano Erupts in Chile. Drone Strike; Interview With South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Strikes Kill Hostages, al Qaeda Leaders; Interview with Tradestation trading connection offline list King; State Troopers Called in After New Baltimore Protests. Fleet; : Interview with Brett McGurk; Radioactive Drone Lands on Japan's Government Office. Warships Near Yemen; Protests in Baltimore; U. Conducting Manned Reconnaissance off Yemen; Interview with U.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Conducting Manned Reconnaissance off Yemen; U. Conducting Manned Reconnaissance off Yemen; Interview With Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois; Protests in Baltimore Over Police Custody Death. Warships Move Closer to Yemen; Interview with Sen. Warships Sent to Yemeni Waters to Intercept Convoy of Iranian Vessels; Police Release New Video of Controversial Arrest; Clinton Breaks Silence on Controversial New Book.

Consulate Was Target of Bombing; Interview with Angus King; Iraqi Forces Kill Former Deputy to Saddam Hussein; U. Citizens Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges; Leaked E-Mails Reveal How North Korea Hacked Sony; Former TSA Officer Says Groping Scandal is No Surprise. Capitol; Iraqi Official: Key City May Fall to ISIS; Shocking Video Intensified Debate over Dash Cams; TSA Officers Fired for Plot to Grope Passengers.

Base for ISIS; Pentagon Chief's New Warning about Terror in U. Terms for Nuclear Deal; Hillary Clinton to Launch Presidential Bid Sunday; Safety Experts Study Commercial Jets Without Pilots. ISIS Supporter Plotted Suicide Bombing; Interview With Rep. Ed Royce of California; Passenger Questioned, Released Without Charges; New Police Dash Cam Video of South Carolina Shooting; Illinois Town Battered by Storm. Rand Paul of Kentucky; Attorney: Many Shot by Police Hit Four Times in Back; Tsarnaev Found Guilty of All Counts; Al Qaeda Puts Bounty on Leaders' Heads.

Congressman Ed Royce of California. Eliot Engel of New York; Feds: Philadelphia Woman Tried to Join ISIS; Third U. ISIS Arrest in Two Days; More Details from Recovered Black Box of Germanwings Flight ; Are Budget Airlines Safe? Senator Indicted on Corruption Charges. Aired 6- p ET. Ted Cruz's Surprise in New CNN Interview. Air Force Vet Charged with Trying to Join ISIS; Israeli TV Exit Polls: Election Too Close to Call; Russia Deploys Missiles, Strategic Bombers; Air Scare on Delta Flight; North Korea Blamed for Nuke Power Plant Cyberattack.

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes; Racist Chant; ISIS Falling Apart? Alarm Over Iran's Role in Battling ISIS; Obama Administration Battered with Clinton E-mail Questions. Ambassador Attacked; Interview With State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf; Justice Department Releases Report on Ferguson Police Department; Hillary Clinton Under Fire. Jason Chaffetz of Utah; Obama: 'This is Not a Personal Issue'; Secret E-mails Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill New Light on 'Jihadi John'; Police Question Girlfriend of Murdered Putin Critic.

Embassy Warns of Threat to Malls in Jordan. Sending Weapons to Iraq Before Battle with ISIS; No Civil Rights Charges in Trayvon Martin Case. Responds to New Shopping Mall Terror Threat. Faces Bitter and Record-Breaking Cold; Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down On Comments About Obama's Lack Of Patriotism. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson; Rudy Giuliani Says President Obama Does Not Love America; Targeting ISIS; U. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii; Obama: 'We Are Not at War with Islam'; Inside the Threat of Prisoners-Turned-Jihadists; New Crew Joins Search for MH Has Secret ISIS Kill List; Obama Holding Anti-Extremism Summit; Interview with Peter King.

Helicopter Gunships Now Engaging ISIS; New al Qaeda Gains after U. Embassy Abandoned; Obama Condemns 'Brutal Murders' of Muslim Students. Closes Embassy Vital to War on Terrorism; Details of Iran's War Against ISIS; Deadly Fighting in Ukraine Despite Ceasefire Deal; FBI Helping to Investigate Murder of Three Muslim Students. Marines; Obama's ISIS War Request Under Fire; Dramatic Rescue Efforts Revealed; Rebels Seize U.

Embassy, Cars, Weapons; ISIS Claims Interview with French Terror Suspect; Dramatic Rescue Efforts Revealed; Intense Fighting Despite New Peace Deal; North Korea and Russia Getting Closer? Shuts Yemen Embassy, Evacuates Staffers; Interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders; Obama Asks Congress for ISIS War Powers; U. Evacuates Staff from Yemen Embassy; Inside the Failed Hostage Rescue Attempts; Inside the Failed Hostage Rescue Attempts; Fighting Intensifies as Putin Talks Peace; Three Muslim Students Shot Dead in North Carolina.

ISIS Fighters Not Under Control; Three Muslim Students Shot Dead in North Carolina. Closing Its Embassy in Yemen; Interview with John Kirby; Pentagon: We Know of One Other U. Hostage Held; Serial Stowaway Slips Past Airport Security; Jesse Matthew Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill with Hannah Graham's Murder.

Hostage Killed; ISIS Threat; U. Confirms Death of U. ISIS Hostage; Netanyahu: 'Profound Disagreement with U. Adam Schiff Of California; 40 Million Being Hit by New Winter Storm; Parents of U. Hostage Still Have Hope. Recruits, Targets; Why Did ISIS Burn Pilot Alive? Tracking Russian Weapons in Ukraine. Official: Jordan Stepping Up Its Airstrikes; Commuter Train Crash and Fire Kills Six; Interview With Rep. Richard Burr; Jordan Vows Revenge after ISIS Burns Pilot Alive; How France's Most Wanted Woman Turned Radical; Knife Attack Near Jewish Center.

Weighs Sending Lethal Aid to Ukraine; On the Front Lines of a Bloody Battle in Ukraine; Interview with Representative Eliot Engel; Boston Delays Patriots' Parade Due to Snow. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes; Snowstorm Batters Northeast; Obama Rejects 'War on Radical Islam'; Record Snowfall in Midwest, Northeast; Huckabee: Being Gay Like Drinking, Swearing; Rand Paul: Vaccines Should be Voluntary.

Congressman Adam Smith of Washington; Report: Trouble For U. Drone Strategy In Yemen; Reports: Iraqi Troops Stood By During Massacre. Contractors Shot Dead at Kabul Airport; Israeli Troops, Hezbollah on High Alert. Will go After al Qaeda Despite Yemen Chaos; Deadline Passes for Two ISIS Hostages; Official: U.

Advisers May Joint Fight Against ISIS. Estimates Thousands of ISIS Fighters Killed; Yemen's Government Falls, Rebels Hold Capital; Prosecutor's Death Mystery; Interview with Marc Morial; Gitmo Commander Out After Sex Allegation Mystery Death. Military Increases Alert Level for Yemen; Bloody Power Struggle Aids al Qaeda; Hunt for A Terror Cell Mastermind; Official: Mastermind is Key ISIS Operative; Report: U.

Infiltrated North Korean Cyber Warriors; Investigators Hear AirAsia Jet's Cockpit Recordings. Hacked North Korea Before Sony Cyberattack; Report: U. Hacked North Korea Before Sony Cyberattack; GOP Already Pushing Back Against Obama Plan. Security Moves; Terror Raids; Source: Part of Belgium Terror Cell Still at Large. Capitol; New "Charlie Hebdo" Cartoon Raises Security Fears; Al Qaeda in Yemen Claims Responsibility for Magazine Attack; Interview with Dutch Ruppersberger; French Paper: Fourth Suspect Identified.

Airports; New Video Shows Moments After Massacre; Authorities Search for Clues in Search for Female Terror Suspect; Interview with Senator Marco Rubio; AirAsia Flight Data Recorder Downloaded. Central Command; Unprecedented Security as French Hunt Terrorists; Damage Control after Obama Skips Unity Rally; Paris Gunman May Have Known 'Underwear Bomber'. Suspect Trained with al Qaeda in Yemen; Terror Manhunt Centering on Rural Villages; Obama Briefed on Terror Developments.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson; Terror in France; Massive Manhunt for Paris Terrorists. Mike McCaul, Interview With Rep. Search Teams Detect Possible Wreckage; Pentagon: ISIS Threat Remains, Momentum Halted; North Korea Closer to Nuke That Could Hit U. Health Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Clinic; Suspects in New York Police Shooting Arrested, Identified; Boehner Re-Elected Speaker Despite GOP Opposition.

Troops Under ISIS Fire; Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Bombing Plea Talks Revealed; Ferguson Juror Sues to Talk About Brown Case; Conservative Coup Targeting Boehner. Imposes Sanctions on North Korea; Search Continues for AirAsia Crash Victims. Korea Behind Sony Cyberattack; GOP Leader Under Fire for Talk to White Supremacists.

Adam Schiff Weighs in on Sony's Film Cancellation; New Statement from Sony; Inside North Korea's Cyber Terror Attack; Cyber Attacks Surge Against U. Government; Did Sony Consult with Rand about Film? Casinos; Hackers Stole Credentials of Sony Official; Inside the Scene of Taliban Attack. Shift on Cuba; Interview with Ileana Ros-Lehtinen; Sony Cancels 'The Interview' Release. Shift on Cuba; U. Investigation: North Korea Behind Sony Attack.

Mike McCaul; 2 Hostages, Gunman Dead in Sydney Stand-Off; Urgent Manhunt after Rampage Leaves 6 Dead; Can Lone Wolf Attack Happen in U. May Have Helped Create ISIS; Interview with Josh Earnest; Hollywood Secrets Leaked in Hacking Incident; Rare Storm Pounds California. Strike; Torture Report Sparks Calls for Retaliation; Interview with Alberto Gonzales; Torture Report Sparks Calls for Retaliation; New Protests Against Police Tactics; North Korea Suspected in Computer Attack; Calls for Action as Drone Danger Grows.

Dianne Feinstein; FBI: Torture Report May Spark Terror Threat; North Korea Hails Sony Hacking Attack. Bases and Embassies On High Alert; Chokehold Protest Forming Near White House; Militarization of Police Questioned; New Protest Planned in Brooklyn; Live Pictures of D. Cities over New York Chokehold Case; North Korea Suspected in Computer Attack. Congressman Peter King of New York; Obama Reacts to Grand Jury Decision.

Troops at Home; New GOP Moves on Government Shutdown Threat. Louis Area; Interview with Chief Sam Dotson of St. Louis Metropolitan Police; Awaiting Grand Jury Decision on Ferguson; China Can Cripple U. Power Grid; At Least 12 Dead in Snow Disasters. Peter King; Report: ISIS, Al Qaeda Faction Seek Merger; New Video of Airliner Downing in Ukraine; Top U. Spy Details North Korea Mission; North Korean Prison Camp Horrors Revealed.

Strikes on al Qaeda Cell in Syria; ISIS Leader Taunts Allies as 'Terrified, Weak'; Russia Denies Incursion as Ukraine Fighting Rages. Coasts; Pathologist Testifies in Michael Brown Case. Ed Royce; China Shows Off New Stealth Fighter Jet; Robot Lands on Comet; Men Rescued from Scaffolding Dangling off Skyscraper; UVA Kidnap Suspect Taken to New Jail. Embassy; Al Qaeda Threatening U.

Embassy; Iranian Tweet Threatens Israel. Troops Arrive in Iraq's Anbar Province; Iraq: ISIS Leader Injured in Airstrike Interview with Sen. Angus King of Maine; Nuke Deal Imperiled as Iran Threatens Israel; 2 More Israelis Dead in Stabbing Attacks. Strike; ISIS Enemy Hit by U. Computers; GOP Sweeps Arkansas Elections. Believes Key al Qaeda Operative Killed; U. May Expand Strikes Against al Qaeda Offshoot; Obama Vows to Reach Out to GOP Leaders.

May Treat Foreign Ebola Patients; Obama Lashes Out: 'Respect' Ebola 'Heroes'; Defiant Ebola Nurse: 'I Won't Stick to Guidelines"; New Revelations about North Korea Human Rights Abuses; Insiders Reveal Details About UVA Suspect. Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno; ISIS Terror; Lava in Hawaii; NASA Rocket Explodes; Lava Could Claim First Homes Soon; Will Ferguson Police Chief Step Down? Troops Ordered into Ebola Quarantine; U. Troops Ordered into Ebola Quarantine; Obama Slams State's Quarantines; Behind North Korean Leader's Charm Offensive; Graham Suspect to Face Judge in Case.

Vet in Ground War Against ISIS; Flu Poses Greater Threat Than Ebola; New CNN Poll: Obama Unpopular, Voters Angry. Nathan Cirillo is Soldier Killed in Attack; Officials: Gunman Likely Michael Zehaf-Bibeu. Ebola Travel Restrictions; Awaiting Forensic Tests in Hannah Graham Case. Dempsey: "Airstrikes are Working". Rand Paul Visits Ferguson Community Leaders; New Violence Ahead of Ferguson Protest Weekend; Democrats Stumble in Key Senate Races.

Obama on Closing Guantanamo Bay; American Teen Accused of Trying to Join ISIS; Mystery Grows on Kim Jong-Un; Search for Missing UVA Student Expands. Ebola Death; Interview with Mayor Mike Rawlings; Where is Kim Jong-Un; Search for UVA Student Nears Crucial Point. Terror Tips Coming In; Where is Kim Jong-Un? Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson; Ebola Fears; Battle Against ISIS; Texas Deputy May Have Been Infected with Ebola; Women CEOs Stand By the NFL.

Source: Arrests May Have Foiled Terror Plot; FBI Asks for Help Identifying Jihadist in Video; Turkish Border City 'About to Fall' to ISIS; Turkey: Border City 'About to Fall' to ISIS; North Korean Leader Missing for a Month; Specialist Joining Search for Missing UVA Student. Teen Arrested Trying to Join ISIS; Biden: Sorry for Saying Allies Helped ISIS; Parents: 'Help Us to Bring Hannah Home; Parents Plea to Find Missing UVA Student. Ebola Scare; Thousands Flee as ISIS Closes In; Investigators Search for ISIS Supporters on Social Media; State to Test UVA Suspect's DNA in Murder; Hong Kong Protests Expected to Grow.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton; Source: DNA Links Virginia Suspect to Death; New Standoff Between Police Protesters in Ferguson; Chris Christie Slams Obama on ISIS Threat. Airstrikes Resume in Syria; U. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes; Airstrikes on ISIS Oil Facilities. Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Weighs in on Strikes; U. Strikes to Thwart 'Imminent' Terror Plot; U. Makes Case for War on ISIS; "Major Break" in Hunt for Missing Student; Hunt for Suspected Cop Killer; Interview with Rear Admiral John Kirby; NFL Scandal.

Ready to Begin Syria Airstrikes; Ukraine President Implores U. Airstrikes Move Closer to Baghdad; Obama to Send 3, Troops to Fight Ebola; California Wildfires Growing. Wouldn't Let Us Pay Random'. Bob Corker: Has U. Targeted Top ISIS Leaders? Flight Ordered to Land in Iran; Searchers Race to Crash Site Near Jamaica; Iran and U. Deny Cooperating Against ISIS; Interview with Sen. Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken; Senator Drafting Bill for Strikes on ISIS in Syria; ISIS Horrors Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill New Poll Shows GOP Senate Leader in Tight Race.

Sending Troops to Two War Zones; U. Leaders Talk Tough About ISIS; Clues to Identity of Terrorist in Beheading Videos; Statement from Family of Murdered Journalist. Michael McCaul; ISIS Blames U. Wants New Anti-terror Powers; Crisis in Ukraine; Militia's Pool Party in Libya. Continues Airstrikes on ISIS Targets. Aircraft Launch New Strikes in Iraq; U.

Raises Do cvs sell prepaid credit cards Threat Level to 'Severe'; Interview with Rep. Suicide Bomber; Hillary Clinton on Michael Brown Shooting. Perry Battles with Drunken Driving D. Weighs Attacking ISIS in Syria; Thousands Attend Michael Brown Funeral; Huge Explosion in Gaza. Considering Air Strikes in Syria; British Close to I. Considers Airstrikes; Three Mothers of Slain Sons Share Grief. Louis County Officer Relieved of Duty; Interview with Ileana Ros- Lehtinen.

Airstrikes Follow Beheading of American; Obama Vows Justice for Murdered American; U. Weighs Sending More Troops to Iraq; Attorney General Holder Visits Ferguson; Officer Suspended for Threatening Protestors; Protests in Ferguson Continue to be Tense; War Returns to Israel, Gaza as Talks Fail. Attempted Rescue of ISIS Hostage in Syria. Rick Perry to be Booked, Take Mug Shot. Airstrikes on ISIS Targets; Interview with Rear Admiral John Kirby; First Look at U.

Air Flight to Mount Sinjar; Highway Patrol Takes Over Security in Ferguson; President Calls for Calm in Ferguson. Airstrikes in Iraq; Will Maliki Go Quietly in Iraq? Special Forces in Sinjar Mountain; Woman's Body Found in Suitcase. Obama Statement on Iraq; U. Welcomes Naming of New Iraqi Prime Minister; New U. Airstrikes in Iraq; FBI Investigates Police Shooting of Teen.

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes; Cease-Fire Shattered; U. Air strikes in Iraq; Interview with Qubad Talabani. Considers Air Strikes in Iraq; Report Says Ebola Possibly Spreads to Fifth Country. Humanitarian Air Drop Mission Begins in Iraq; Russia Threatens U. General Killed in Afghanistan; U. General Killed in Afghanistan; Interview with Rear Admiral John Kirby; Egypt's Role in Mideast Cease-Fire; Interview with Nasser Judeh; Interview with Nachman Shai; Would Contender Cut Aid to Israel?

Official: Israel Defying International Law; Interview with Mark Regev; Interview with Husam Zumlot. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson; Palestinian Official Reacts to School Bombing; Despite Sanctions, Russia Sends Arms into Ukraine; Republican-Led House Votes to Sue Obama; Israeli Spies Once Poisoned Hamas Leader; 2 More Americans Exposed to Ebola; Interview with Rep. Shelter; Interview with Mark Regev.

Increases Sanctions on Russia. Embassy in Libya Evacuated; Hamas Response to Cease-Fire; First Bodies Identified from MH Crash Site. Embassy Personnel Flee Violence in Libyan Capital. Flights to Tel Aviv; Large Pieces of Malaysia Flight 17 Wreckage Recovered; Israeli Spokesman on Possible Cease-Fire; Crisis in the Middle East; Largest Piece of Crash Wreckage Found; Dutch Sending Investigators to Crash Site.

Detects Russian Troops on Ukraine Border; Gaza, Israel Death Toll Tops ; Monitors Get Full Access to Crash Site; FAA Extends Ban on Flights to Israel; Interview with Mark Regev. Flights To and From Tel Aviv; Israel Targets Network of Tunnels in Gaza. Flights to Tel Aviv; CNN Reporter's Plane Diverted from Tel Aviv; Interview with Mark Regev; Interview with Osama Hamdan; U. Officials: Russians Still Sending Weapons into Ukraine; Crash Site Compromised; President Obama Ignores Critics.

Pushes Mid- East Cease-Fire; MH17 Black Boxes Handed Over to Malaysians. Sees Russian Role in Shoot down; Expecting Handover of Black Boxes; Gaza Officials Say Palestinians Killed; Interview with Min Yuval Steinitz; Defending Commercial Airlines. Calls for Limited Cease-Fire; First Hamas Reaction to U. Cease-Fire Plan; Israeli Reaction to Hamas; Obama Announces New Policies on Foreign Affairs. Weighs Drone Strike on ISIS Leader; Bust of Alleged Double Agent Implicates U.

Cleric Seen as Big Influence on Jihadists; Powerful Typhoon Targeting Japan. Role in Iraq Could Grow; McDaniel Challenges Mississippi Senate Runoff. Men's Soccer Team Loses to Belgium ; Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Silence. Troops in Iraq Possible; Iraq War Booster May be Next Prime Minister; Urgent Warning for U. Bridges; Veterans Charity Under Fire for Fraud.

Sending More Troops to Iraq; ISIS Aims New Threats at America; Surprise Pick to Head VA; Tropical Storm Could Rain Out 4th. Issues 54th Recall This Year; Evacuation Slide Deploys In-Flight; Team USA Faces Belgium in Big Elimination Match. World Cup Team Advances; Crisis in Iraq. Troops Now in Iraq. Advisers Arrive in Iraq; Dems Could Influence Mississippi Senate Run-Off; Democrat Wendy Davis Faces Uphill Battle in Texas; New Doubts about Flight Radar Data.

Troops 'Not Returning to Combat'; New Terrorist Alliance in the Works? Air Strikes; Obama Briefs Top Lawmakers on Iraq; Reality Check: Cheney Slams Obama on Iraq; Commando Raid Captures Key Terrorist. Send Help to Iraq? Troops; New Crackdown on Aircraft Laser Attacks. Tourist Held in North Korea; Bergdahl Controversy; Breaking the V. Story: Code Words, Secret Sources; Political Future for Michelle Obama?

Officials Say Qatar is Unreliable. Clippers for Sale; Search for Flight Secretary on Department's Problems; Putin Blames U. Metro Area; Lawmaker: V. Scandal is 'Tip of the Iceberg'. Allegations 'Disgraceful'; New Twist In Donald Sterling Scandal. Nancy Pelosi; Interview with Rudy Giuliani; WHO Says Threat of MERS Significantly Increased. Clippers CEO Reacts; New Clippers CEO: Apology 'Too Late'. Military Advisers Arrive in Nigeria; Drone, Airliner Nearly Collided; Interview with Pierce O'Donnell; Drones Raising Fear of North Korea.

Military Helps in Search for Nigerian Girls; New Audio Recording of Donald Sterling? Troops Join War Games in Europe; Abduction of School Girls Sparked Protests; Wildfire Forces Oklahoma Residents to Flee. Clippers Owner Banned for Life; Pro-Russian Demonstrators Seize Building; Kerry Backing Away from 'Apartheid' Remark; Private Firm Says It May Have Found Flight ; Extreme Tornado Risk.

Denies Time Was Wasted; Emergency Beacons on Flight Failed to Activate. Troops Touch Down Near Ukraine; Search for South Korean Ferry Survivors Under way, Hope Fading. Mike Rogers; Is China Helping or Hurting Search for Flight ? Navy 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Search; Searchers Race to Verify Pings Heard by Locator; New Details on Airline's Flight Path; U.

Watching Russia with Great Concern. Doing Enough for Search? CEO "Deeply Sorry" for Botched Recall, 18 Deaths; Death Toll Rises to 27 After Washington Mudslides; Obama: 7. Flight; Crimea on the Brink of Violence. Asks Malaysia For More Transparency; Families Cry Out for Information; Why a 'Smoke-in-Cabin' Theory May Explain Missing Plane; Russia Annexes Crimea; Defies the West.

Officials Skeptical of Northern Search Arc; U. Navy Changing Its Role in Search; Concerns about Pilots' Mental State; Putin Recognizes Crimean Independence. Navy Missile Destroyers Move into Black Sea; Gunmen Block Military Observers in Crimea; GOP Split Over National Security; Interview with US Amb. And Russia Make Military Moves; Interview with Samantha Power. Had Plan for Syria Counter-Attack; Bill Clinton In Demand On Campaign Trade rumors white sox Biden For President In ?

Warns Airlines of Security Threat; Showdown Across Burning Barricades; Dramatic Video of U. Base; Ex-Cons' Voting Rights. Swap Terror Suspects For Soldier? Navy Computers Hacked; Ukraine in Crisis; Bode Miller Speaks Out. Silver Medalist Adopts Family of Stray Dogs. Pounded by Winter Storm; Interview with Pat McCrory; Traffic Stops, Cars Abandoned In North Carolina; North Carolina Governor Warns Citizens To Stay Off the Roads; State of Emergency Across Southeast; Duke University Cancelled Classes.

Weighs Attack Against American Citizen; Drone Strikes, The NSA and Mobile Phone Data; What's It Really Like In Sochi; W. Water "No One Will Say it Is Safe"; More Subpoenas In Christie Investigation; Lewinsky Scandal Haunts Clintons As Looms; An Awkward State Dinner; Government to Expand Same-Sex Marriage Benefits. Diplomat's F-Bomb; Are Chemicals Still In Water Supply? Bans Carry-On Liquids on Flights to Russia; Snipers Attack U. Electric Grid; Top U.

Diplomat Caught on Tape; GOP Targets Donors using Fake Web Sites; GOP Says No Immigration Reform This Year. Peter King of New York; New Terror Threats to Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Rand Paul; Documents Handed Over In Christie Scandal; Former Christie Aides Pleads the Fifth; Is Clinton Repeating Mistakes? Cathy McMorris Rodgers; Vulnerable Dems Keep Obama at Arm's Length; Could Biden and Clinton Both Run? Michael McCaul; Interview With Sen. Cathy McMorris Rodgers To Deliver GOP Response To State Of The Union Address; Afghan War Reality Check; Pizza, Wings and the President; State of the Union Reality Checks.

Michele Bachmann and Sen. Bernie Sanders; "They're Killing Us"; Can Immigration Reform Pass the House? Embassy Foiled; War of Words at Syria Peace Talks; Interview with Bouthaina Shaaban; War Of Words At Syria Peace Talks; One-On-One With Iran's Foreign Minister; New York Governor Blasts Conservatives; Popular Small Cars Crushed in Crash Test. Frank Pallone; Syrian Peace Talks Threatened After U.

Invites Iran; Iran Stops High Level Enrichment On First Day Of Deal; Christie's Lt. Hoboken Mayor; Christie: "Readier" To Be Pres. Nuclear Forces Rocked by Scandals; Is West Virginia Water Safe? Dianne Feinstein; NSA Has BuggedComputers Abroad; Expelled Journalist: Putin Is Frightened; Special Counsel Named In N. Traffic Scandal; Vulnerable Democrats Keep Away from Obama; First Lady Speaks Candidly on Being Military Was Unprepared for Benghazi; Christie: "Mistakes Were Clearly Made"; Does Hillary Clinton Have An Iowa Problem?

Same-Sex Marriage Ban; Third Person In Cockpit of Wayward Plane; Senate Passes Trillion-Dollar Spending Deal; Israeli Defense Chief Apologizes for Remarks against John Kerry; President Obama Weighs Changes to NSA Snooping; Probe Launched Into Water Disaster in West Virginia. Frank Pallone; New Obamacare Numbers; Christie's Bridge Troubles; President Obama's Recess Appointments; Iran Interim Nuclear Deal Kicks Off; Violence Erupting in Iraq's Key Town; France's First Lady Hospitalized.

Elijah Cummings; Crackdown on Weight-Loss Scams. Michael Grimm Of New York; Obamacare Online Sign-Ups Pass One Million; CNN Poll; Afghan War May Be At Least Popular Ever; Colorado Makes Sale of Pot Legal; NFL Coaches Fired on Black Monday; Washington's Football Dysfunction. Peter Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Poll: Most Feel Economy Is In bad Shape; 1. Bipartisan Budget Deal Receives Some Praise On Capitol Hill; George Zimmerman Selling Art; Did U.

Troops Die in Crash or Enemy Fire? Hickenlooper; Suspect Was Armed with Shotgun. GOP On Budget Forex trading secrets a trading system revealed ebook drm Obamacare Enrollment Still Filling Short. Bush to Visit South Africa with President Obama; South Africa Prepares for Historic Event; Interview with Bill Clinton. Apologizes for Drone Strike in Pakistan.

Richard Blumenthal On Panel About Mental Illness; 60 Minutes" Shake-Up; Turkey Hunger Games? Mike Rogers; Obamacare, Relief or Worry? Vet Held By North Korea. I Need Help"; Lawmaker Stabbed More Than Ten Times in Murder Attempt; Will The U. Say "Sorry" To Afghanistan? Bush: From President to Painter. Mary Landrieu; OnlySign Up For Obamacare; Terrorist Spotting Program Slammed; Mystery Obamacare Girl Comes Forward.

Dianne Feinstein Of California; Obama: "It's Offensive, It's Wrong"; Christie Way Ahead On Election Eve; Christie Way Ahead on Election Eve; Polls Shows Democrat Has Runaway Lead in New York City; Eric Holder's "I Told You So"? Lindsey Graham; Sources: Dangerous Benghazi Raid Aborted; Made By A Superstorm; Interview With Rep. Mike Rogers; Interview with Rep.

Court; What Happened to Obamacare Girl? Spied On 35 World Leaders; Sources: Box Cutter Used To Kill Teacher. Elijah Cummings; Nevada School Shootings; Real-Life Story of Killer Whale Keiko; Batting with Beards. James Lankford; Awaiting Senate Vote on Deal. Susan Collins; "Excruciatingly Embarrassing" for White House; Is the Senate Close to a Deal? Bob Corker; Ted Cruz Rallies Conservative Crowd; Interview with Reps.

Scalise and Jackson Lee. Raids Against Terror Targets; Interview With Rep. Jeb Hensarling and Rep. Steve Israel; Redskins Name Change Controversy; Space Movie Reality Check. Mall; Boehner: "This Isn't Some Damn Game"; Interview with Michele Bachmann; Details on D. Shutdown; "They're Not Doing A Damn Thing"; "We're The Ones Who Are Gonna Suffer"; Obama Meets with Congressional Leaders; Obamacare Debuts Online. Consultation on Syria; Extra Security for U. General Assembly; Senator Ted Cruz's Faux Filibuster; Interview With Rep Mike Rogers Of Michigan; Bill Clinton Interviews President Obama; U.

Report Proves Assad Guilty; Facebook Chief Lobbies Washington. Massacre At Washington Navy Yard. Syria Report; Did Putin Really Write Controversial Op-Ed? Security Council Members Meet on Syria; U. Security Council Members Meet On Syria; "Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution"; First- Ever Recall Revives Gun Control Debate; Media Flips Media the Bird. Cancels Emergency Syria Meeting; Obama Takes Syria Crisis to Capitol Hill; Obama takes Syria Crisis To Capitol Hill; Interview With Kentucky Senator Rand Paul; Toxic Payload Much Bigger than Estimated?

Births At Record Low; U. Ambassador Makes Case For Syria Strike. Michael Grimm; UK: Sarin Traces Found In Syria Samples; Sarin Traces Found in Syria Samples; Syria a Tough Sell with Obama Base; Who's Your Panda Daddy? Strike against Syria; What's Next for Metatrader 4 custom indicators download 1080p. Evidence of Chemical Attack? Parliament Members Voice Opposition to Syria Strike; Interview with Mike Rogers.

King's Legacy; Boehner Seeks Answers From Obama On Syria; Fifty Years Since "I Have A Dream". John McCain; Picture Of Double-Amputee Marine On Wife's Back Goes Viral; Pageant Contestant's Senseless Answer; Zimmerman To Ask State For Costs Of Case. Is Bashar al-Assad More Irrational? Shannon; Miley Cyrus Shocks Crowd at VMAs. Demands Probe of Chemical Attack Claims; Is Hope for Democracy in Egypt Dead? Communications; Interview with Bob Corker; Syrian Rebels Say over One Thousand People Killed by Chemical Agents; Playing Chicken over Obamacare; Dr.

Phil Tweet Sparks Internet Firestorm; Hair Thieves Targeting Women; Swearing Nixon Talks Watergate; Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years; Fukushima Power Plant Described As "House Of Horrors". Cruz: I'm An American By Birth"; What's Killing Dolphins on the East Coast? Aid to Egypt; Arrests in Egypt's Deadly Power Struggle; Maine Governor Denies Harsh Remark About Obama; '72 Super Bowl Champs Finally Visit White House; Obamas Welcome Second Dog.

Aid; Could Christie Win the GOP Nomination? Football Safety; Prince William Weighs in on Media Frenzy over Baby George; Kid Inventor Creates Musical Deodorant. Athlete Blasts Russian Anti-Gay Law; First Lady Opens Up for 'Parade' Magazine; Face to Face with a Great White Shark. Journalist Beaten, Arrested in Cairo; Kidnap Victim Discusses Her Ordeal; Jesse Jackson Jr.

Gets 30 Months in Prison; Can Chris Christie Save the GOP? Voting Fraud; Astronaut Nearly Drowning in Space; Oprah Sorry for Racism Incident. Bush Has Heart Surgery; Bill Clinton in Africa; News Empires Changing Hands. Government Suing Bank of America; Iran Trying New Path to Nuclear Bomb? Jason Chaffetz; Obama Gets Pushback On Capitol Hill; Interview With Rep. Peter King; Pakistan's Ex-President Likely to be Charged; Just How Safe are Energy Drinks? Simpson Still Fascinates; Report Exposes Secret NSA Snooping Tool; Oil Disaster Threatens Thai Island; Student Left in DEA Cell for Days Wins Settlement.

Bernie Sanders; Interview With Sen. Rand Paul; What's Changed Inside North Korea; New Mystery at Richard III Burial Site. Presses Russia on Snowden. Be Tougher With Russia? Aid to Egypt on the Line; Lawsuit Sparked by No-Fly List Troubles; Technical Difficulties Abound in Zimmerman Trial. Park Police Can't Find Their Weapons? Bush Weighs in on NSA Leaker; Bush Program Fights Cervical Cancer in Africa. John Lewis; Graphic Testimony in Zimmerman Murder Trial; Was IRS Politically Motivated?

Soldiers; Was Journalist's Death an Accident? Kerry Over Syria; Pope John Paul II One Step Closer to Sainthood; Backlash at Debunked Gay 'Conversion' Group. Rand Paul; President Obama Defends NSA; Boehner Needs GOP Majority To Bring Immigration Bill To The Floor; 8th Grader's Arrested for Wearing NRA T-Shirt? Putin: Syria Showdown; "Death Can Come Any Second"; NSA Leaker Speaks Out in Live Online Chat; FBI Digs For Remains Of Jimmy Hoffa; President Obama's Approval Rating Tanks; Wheat Find Sparks Health and Economic Fears; Super Bowl Ring Caught in Diplomatic Debate.

Military Support for Syrian Rebels; Cancer Charity Rip-of; Woman, Baby Dodge Runaway Car; New Sushi Rage. Will Help Syria's Rebels; Could Leaker Defect To China? Saxby Chambliss; Severe Weather Moves Through the Eastern US; Government Surveillance Program Questions Remain; Syria Has Crossed the President's Red Line; Interview with John McCain. Hacks China; Going after the Leaker; "Derecho" Could Threaten Millions; Dozens of Homes Burn in Colorado; "God Is Great!

Sarah Got The Call"; Dems Battle Over Military Sex Assault; Guns, Bombs, Fires and Politics; Woman Finds Dad's Alleged Killer. Government Tracking Verizon Calls; Interview With Mitt Romney and Ann Romney; Michelle Obama Opting Out. Seizing Phone Records; More of Interview with Ann and Mitt Romney. Mike Rogers; Tropical Storm Andrea Forms in Gulf; Times at the White House?

Elijah Cummings; Interview With Rep. Dana Rohrbacher; Weapons Used in Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Health and Human Services Secretary Faces Congress. Woman Killed In Syria Civil War; Tornado Warnings in the Midwest; IRS Targeting Scandal Growing? Army Arm Syrian Rebels? Embassy Workers Shot; Fiery Derailment Sparks Hazmat Scare; Massive Cyber Money- Laundering Case; West, Texas Fire Damage; Teen Accused in Bomb Plot Appears in Court; Camilla Steps Out as Queen-in-Waiting.

Weapons Designs; Weiner Gains Ground in Political Comeback; 9- year-old Takes on Chicago's Mayor Over School; What It's Like Inside a Tornado; Delivery Guys Who Couldn't Resist. Erupts in Protests Over Soldier's Slaying; Feds Investigate Near Collision in Air. Releases Number of Americans Killed by Drones; How Tornado Turns Debris Into Missiles; Kids Could Have Survived, Witness Says.

Simpson Makes Bid for a New Trial. Releases Benghazi E-Mails; Old Bad Blood? Spy; Angelina Jolie Undergoes Double Mastectomy. Diplomat a Spy; IRS Audit Released; Benghazi Talking Points Controversy Continues; FBI to Review Cruise Ship Death; Prince Harry Visits Jersey Shore. Ambassador Thomas Pickering; IRS Under Fire; Castro Brothers Recall Their Arrests. Lindsey Graham; Boston Bombers Reportedly Planned to Attack New York City.

Twice About Suspect; Suspected in Poisoned Letter Case Released; Pressure Cooker Bombs Cheap and Deadly; Boston Bombing Victim Crawled for Help; Former Ricin Suspect Speaks Out. Saxby Chambliss; Suspected in Poisoned Letter Case Released; Pressure Cooker Bombs Cheap and Deadly. Dutch Ruppersberger; FBI Hands Over Boylston Street to Boston. Tests Positive For Ricin; President Obama Reacts to Gun Vote. Mike Rogers; Interview with Ban Ki-moon; North Korea Continues Rhetoric; Federal Background Checks Examined; Anthony Bourdain Promotes New CNN Show; Former Pakistani President Reveals Info About Some Of CIA's Controversial Strikes.

Drone Strikes; Kentucky Ad Going After McConnell. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon; Interview With Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers. Plans; North Korea: A Smuggler's Paradise; Dangerous Duo: North Korea and Iran; How China Could End North Korean Crisis; Chaplain Gave POWs 'Will to Live'. Communications with North Korea; North Korea's Unnerving Warning. Principles on the Line with North Korea; North Korea's History: Speak Loudly, Then Back Down; Korean Crisis May Hurt U.

Businesses; Kim Jong-un's Shady Money; What Would Happen if North Korea Attacked? Approved; Obama Takes Gun Control Fight on the Road; Gun Control: Still Alive in Congress; Sanford's Road To Redemption; Obama Takes Gun Control Push to Colorado; Families of Shooting Victims Speak Up. Kirk Backs Same-Sex Marriage; Contest to Stop Robocalls.

Officials Spending Billions Of Tax Dollars To Attempt High-Speed Rail System. Ben Carson: I Apologize; Think Before You Tweet. Military Officer Benjamin Volatility breakout forex ystad Arrested; Interview with Paul Ryan; Interview with Rand Paul; Syrian Conflict Update. Allies; Senate Reportedly Close to Immigration Deal; Showdown Over Same-Sex Marriage.

Paul Ryan; Peace Process on the Back Burner. Rand Paul; The Art of Political Comeback; An Unfortunate Interruption. Big GOP Names Take the Stage; Supreme Court Justice Weighs in on Sequester; Michelle Obama in Vogue Again; Senator Spar Over Assault Weapons Ban. Custody; North Korea Tests Weapon More Dangerous to the U. Custody; Date for Vote on Pope Set. Paul Ryan' Interview with Chris Van Hollen; Nuclear Strike on the U.

Ambassador to United Nations Susan Rice; North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack. CEO Takes Hard Stance Against Telecommuting. Rick Snyder; Detroit Financial Situation; Interview with Rep. Peter King; Ashley Judd to Run for Senate? Allies; Groupon CEO Fired; Was Show Dog Poisoned? Obama on Budget Cuts; Budweiser's Maker Fights Back; Rosa Parks Tribute Unites Political Foe.

Mayor Will Never Control This Election"; GOP Weighs Giving President Obama Flexibility; 72 the New 30? Everett Koop Dies at 96; How Budget Ax Will Hurt Pentagon. Obama Holds Out Hope As Cuts Loom; Interview with Jay Carney; CNN Investigates High Costs of Health Care. Arms For Syrian Rebels? Signs Plea Deal; Inches Of Snow Expected in Boston; New York Governor Declares Emergency; Friend of Alleged Cop Killer Speaks Out; Super Bowl Blackout Solved; Interview with Rhode Island Governor.

Drone's Video; Interview with Rep. Peter King; Bishops Slam Contraception Proposal; Outrage Growing Over Targeted Killings; War Hero on the Front Lines; Benghazi: Why No Help Arrived; Secret Hearings in Chandra Levy Case. Warship Stranded In Philippines; Japan: China's Actions "Dangerous"; Boy Scouts Postpone Decision On Gays. Christie's "Big" Problem; Interview with Mayor Julian Castro; The High Cost Of Fixing Immigration; Goldman Sachs' CEO Talks With CNN; Clinton Website Stirs Speculation; Boy Scouts Reconsider Gay Ban; Diet Mixers Equals Drunker Faster; Bizarre North Korean Video Released; Memo Justified Killing Of Americans.

We Will Not Leave"; Feds Sue Over Financial Crisis; President Obama Losing His Voice? Menendez; Interview with Dan Pfeiffer. Embassy; Attack on Egypt's Presidential Palace. Embassy in Turkey Attacked; Senate Scandal. Giffords' Husband on Guns; Home Prices See Biggest Jump in Six Years; Critics: Fix the Border First; How to Sell Reform to Conservatives; New Allegations of Drugs in Sports; "I'm Not There to Protect Her"; Critics: X Games Put Money Before Safety.

Control; Hagel's Confirmation Fight; Obama And Clinton Look Ahead To ; "I Don't Know What Will Happen"; Families Fleeing For Their Lives; Queen Beatrix Abdicating Dutch Throne. Enjoys High Approval Ratings. Tulsi Gabbard; How Dangerous Are North Korea's Threats? Salmon, Grayson, Marino, Vargas, Duncan, Schneider, Kinzinger, Kennedy, Brooks, Bera, Lowenthal, Cotton, Cook. Tammy Duckworth; Interview with Sen. Increase role in Mali; Algeria Rescue Raid Reported Over; Mysterious Hoax Embroils Football Star; Fires A Risk Onboard Dreamliner.

Reid; Interview With Rep. Bush in Intensive Care; Controversy Over Arming Teachers. Ports; Obama Returns for Year-End Showdown; Terror Plot Targets Oil Giants; New Push to End Syrian Civil War. Sniper Leaves Chilling Note; "The Gun Owner Next Door"; The Gray versus the Brown; Car Bomb Outside U. Adoption Ban; Massive Storm Moving Across U.

Gas Prices Nearing Two-Year Low; Two More Small Coffins in Newtown; Will Congress Tackle Gun Control? Malloy; Brother of Shooter Wants to Speak Out. Declares Syrian Rebel Group Terrorists; WMD Threat Prompts Desperate Measures; Diva Killed in Plane Crash; Safety of Rivera's Jet Questioned; What the Fiscal Cliff Really Looks Like; Possible Mass Graves Found at Old Reform School; American Tech Mogul Wants to Return to U. Updates Plans for Possible Syria Strike; Are Rebels Ready for Chemical Strike?

Weighs Threat of Chemical Weapons; NFL Commissioner Tackles Football's Culture; Getting High Legally; Cashing in on Legal Pot; Pregnant Duchess Goes Home. John Kerry; President and Speaker Boehner Speak by Phone; Bracing for Chemical Weapon Attack. Bush; Twin Rumors Swirl Around Royal Baby. Embassy in Jordan; Interview with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh; Hillary Clinton Warns Syria; Obama Speaks At Nuclear Conference; McCain Calls Kerry "Mr.

Secretary"; Britain Buzzing Over Royal Pregnancy; White House Rejects New GOP Fiscal Cliff Offer. Source Says Syrian Forces Mixing Chemicals; Living in Fear on the Front Lines; Pentagon Expanding Spy Operation? Susan Collins; Syrian Rebels: Regime Aircraft Downed; Palestinians Set for Big Gain at U. Can't Afford Obamacare; Obama Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Rakes in Big Bucks; Rubio Sparks Creationism Debate; New Details: What Happened to Bin Laden; Protests Turn Ugly in Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Sandy's Mess May Be a Health Hazard; Changing Times: A Bisexual Congresswoman.

Avital Leibovich, Israel Defense Forces; No Warning Before Airstrike Hits; "No Good That Comes With War"; State Department: U. Ambassador Under Fire From GOP; Dear Mr. President; Self-Driving Cars Hit The Road; President Obama Visits Storm-Damaged New York. General; Interview with Jane Harman; Shadow of Petraeus Scandal Grows; Who is Jill Kelley? Obama's Plan for Avoiding Fiscal Cliff. Edging Closer To Fiscal Cliff; CIA Chief Resigns Over Affair.

Drone; Obama Campaign's Secret Strategy. Bracing for Possible Superstorm; Wanted: Women Voters; Clashes, Bombing Mar Syria Truce; Feds Investigate Taurus, Sable for Stuck Throttles; U. Economy Grew 2 Percent in Third Quarter; iPad Mini Shipments Pushed Back; Late Night Laughs at Politicians' Expense. Marine Meets Daughter; Administration Pushes Back Against Libya E-mails. John Kerry; Obama, Romney in Final Face- Off; Polls Say Race is a Dead Heat; Debate Mistakes; Reality Check; Prep Time at Lynn University.

Troops Begin Arriving in Israel; Obama Looks to Stop Swing State Slide; Business Owners Urge Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Against Obama; Ex- Presidents Campaigning? Names New Envoy to Libya; Hezbollah Claims Drone Downed By Israel; Diamond- Rich Planet Discovered. Must "Shape World Events; Venezuela Re-Elects Hugo Chavez. Sniper is Talking; Year-Old Leaps to Flee Fire; Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sins. Intel Revises Libya Attack Assessment; Syria Moves Chemical Weapons; U.

Peter King; Should Ambassador Susan Rice Resign? Losing The Espionage War? Economy; The Bill Clinton Effect; Possible Preview Of V. Debate; Romney's Three "Legitimate" Aims Of Aid; Building Better Schools; Not So Great Expectations. Akin Stays In Senate Race; No Face Time With Obama; Replacement Refs; Interview with Mitt Romney; Interview with Senator Dick Durbin; First Kiss.

ATM Fees Hitting Record High; Stunning Waterspout on Lake Michigan; New Details of Brazen Attack; Guitar Smashing Meltdown. John McCain; Mitt Romney Rallies Vegas Crowd; Curing Cancer; Joe Biden Campaigns in Concord, New Hampshire. Protests Rage In Middle East; Producer Jailed For Gay Play; Mom Attacks Teen At Bus Stop. Gives New Attack Info; Protecting U.

Diplomats; Bill Clinton's Case for Optimism; "CNN Heroes"; Replacing Candidates? Not Blamed In Gun- Trafficking Scandal; French Cartoons Fuel Muslim Anger; Fallout from Protests over Anti-Muslim Film; Fighting Intensifies in Syrian Capital; Major American Airlines Cuts. Embassy; Search For Missing Cruise Ship Passenger; Chicago Teachers' Strike Enters Second Week; Obama Touts Hard Line against China; Interview with Jon Huntsman; Battle for Voting Rights; Baby Panda.

Rage Across Middle East; Protests Rage in Egypt's Capital; Libya Victims' Bodies Return to U. S; Romney's Day Of Mixed Messages; Romney Losing Ground In Latest Polls; The "Arab Spring" Takes A Deadly Turn; Deal Close In Chicago Teachers' Strike; U. Stocks Build On Fed Rally; Apple Store Thief Returns To Scene; New York Bans Giant Sodas. Restaurants Burned in Lebanon; Planned Attack? Rage Across Middle East. Halt Aid To Libya, Egypt? Dianne Feinstein; Anti-Islamic Film May Have Roots in Egypt; Is Middle East More Dangerous Now?

Mike Rogers; Libya Consulate Attack; Egypt's President Speaks; Libyan Attack. Attacks; Al Qaeda Leader's Brother Talks Peace. Embassy in Cairo; Obama Giving Cold Shoulder to Israeli Prime Minister? Drone Strike; Coast Guard Called On to Help Crowe. From Your Parents"; Female Voters; Hurricane and the GOP Convention; Syrian Civil War; Airlines and Less Space; Michael J.

Fox Returns to TV; Korean Rapper's Unique Music. Diagnosed With Bipolar Depression; Romney versus Ryan on the Issues; Energy on the Campaign Trail. Warship Collides with Oil Tanker; Interview with John Sununu. Decision; Donald Trump at Republican National Convention? Sanctions On Syria; "Insiders" Keeping Al Assad In Power; Soldier Sentenced To Life For Bomb Plot. Terror Group Planning Attacks In Europe; Suicide While Handcuffed?

Interview with Newt Gingrich; Pictures from Mars; Interviw with Newt Gingrich. Interview with Newt Gingrich; Pictures from Mars. Pulls Monitors Out of Aleppo; What Was The Gunman's Motive? Shooter Wasn't On FBI Radar; Ad Pins Woman's Death On Romney, Jared Loughner Pleads Guilty; Copycat Theater Shooting Thwarted? Economy; Jobs Report; Deadly Ebola Outbreak; NASA's Riskiest Mars Landing.

Drought Spreads; San Antonio Airport Evacuated; Tea Party Favorite Wins in Texas; Fed: U. Economy "Decelerated"; Dems: Romney "Basically Paid No Taxes"; Ebola Death Toll Grows In Uganda; Drought Could Cause Higher Food Costs; Microsoft Design Puts Robots To Work; Playing Politics By Ordering Chicken; Latest Olympic Results. Drought Worsens; Tea Party Victory; Obama Leads Romney in 3 Battleground States; Whooping Cough on Rise in U.

Concerns Over Syria's Chemical Weapons; Romney Attacks President Obama on Foreign Policy. Of Ground Beef Recalled. Ambassador to United Nations Susan Rice; McCarthy-Like Smear against Hillary's Aide; Bill Clinton Visits Rwanda. Drought Crisis; Chicago Murders; Political Ads; Massive Fraud Revealed. Economy; Financially Irresponsible Government. Olympic Uniforms Made in China? Jackson Suffering "Mood Disorder"; Cheney Holds Romney Fundraiser; Calls for a Deadline to End the Killing; How Wrong Was Joe Paterno?

Romney Getting Nasty; Warm Waters Fueling Pacific Storms; Fire Destroys RVs, Boats; Israel's War against Iran; Alligator Attacks Teen; Queen Welcomes the Olympic Torch; Sexual Predator at Sea. Pulls Gun In TV Debate; Georgia Banker Missing; Killer Floods, No Warning. Bush; Romney's Investments under Attack; Online Shopping. Drone Strike; Huntsman To Skip GOP Convention; Inside Apparent Courtroom Suicide.

Citizens; Interview with Survivors from Costa Concordia Crash. Apology Re-Opens Vital Roads; Oil Embargo Hits Iran. Student Mauled In Vicious Chimp Attack. Did Roberts Switch His Vote? Friends Doing Business With Iran; Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorcing; A Rare Look At The White House Garden. Health Care Reform Decider? Town Now Hiring; "It's Growing So Fast It's Hard to Keep Up"; Tropical Storm Debby Flooding Florida; Romney Swipes Obama On Immigration; Inside Romney's Vague Reaction; Court Set To Rule On Health Care; Romney On Arizona Immigration Ruling; Greek Finance Minister Resigns; Saudi Arabia To Let Women In Olympics; Last Of Giant Tortoise Subspecies Dies; "Why Women Still Can't Have It All".

Debby; 11, Evacuated From Wildfire. Battle Over Fast and Furious. House Panel: Attorney General in Contempt. Stocks Mixed After New Fed Action. Coast Guard Hoaxed Twice By One Person? Big Pizza Chains Fight Calorie Postings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Cyber War against Iran; Interview with Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz; Announcer's Bizarre On-Air Episode; Major Fire in San Francisco Pier; A Fight 70 Million Years in the Making; Mickey Mouse Planet.

Suffers Stroke, Mubarak "Clinically Dead"? Markets; Clemens Verdict Expected Soon; Early Obama Backer Defects To GOP; Roger Clemens Not Guilty On All Counts. Free forex simulator trading labels to Stop Russian Support to Syria. Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty on All Charges. Obama's Pick For Iraq Amb. Withdraws Name; Google Yanks Hundreds Of Terror Videos; Interview with Senator John McCain; U.

Intervention in Syria; Ann Romney's Expensive Hobby; Notorious Deserter; Unmanned Space Plane's Mysterious Mission; Bird Caller Pranks U. Stops Deporting Some Young Immigrants; New Policy Impacts Hundreds Of Thousands; McCain Blasts Billionaire Romney Backer; China Spy Network Compromised? To Intervene In Syria? Threatens To Sue Florida Over Voter Purge; Betty White Meets President At White House; Missing Afghan Students Mystery.

Drone Crashes in Maryland; Jump-Starting the Economy; Tell Jack What You Think; Call for Terror Attacks in the US; Public Spat over Public Spending. Mike Rogers Interview; Arrested In Child Porn Raids; E. Coli Sickens 14 in Six States; Intelligence Leaks; Violence in Syria; Jeopardy of E-Mails; Young Marine Survives; Bio-Fuels; Lucky Dog. Man In Cuban Prison "Doing Poorly"; Fetal DNA Blueprint Controversy; Fed Chairman Chides Congress; Vacuum Cleaner Blamed For Nuke Sub Fire; Virgin Mobile To Offer iPhones.

Observers Under Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Interview with Romney Campaign Senior Adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. Helicopter Believed Shot Down; Al Qaeda Leader Killed; Violence in Syria; Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Lincoln's Final Moments; Polarization in America. Bush's Official Portrait; Obama Campaign Romney on Record as Governor; Banning Super-Sized Sodas. Sticks with Plan A in Syria; Interview with Susan Rice; New Computer Virus Raises Cyberwar Stakes; Interview with Rep.

Save Our Souls"; Elevated Radiation in Pacific Tuna; Trump not Dropping Birther Issue. Military Options in Syria; Interview with Rep. Toxic Chemicals; Activity at North Korea Nuclear Test Site; Three-Year-Old Drives through Traffic; Mexican Candidate Appears Topless; Fan Catches Back-to-Back Homers; Surrogates Gone Wild; Another Colombia Prostitution Scandal? Troops At Risk; Interview with Representative Dana Rohrabacher. Allows a Castro in the Country; Murder Charge for Suspected Highway Killer; Firefighter Falls Through Roof; Swarm of Bees Delays Game; Possible Sniper Targeting Children.

Citizenship; Tsunami Trash; Trayvon Martin Case; Kennedy Saga; Amphibious Car. Dust-Up Over Jailed American; "Fifty Shades of Sex"; Royal Weatherman. Peter King; Politics of Obama's Decision; Prisoner Challenges President Obama; John Edwards Trial. Mike Rogers; Veteran Senator Could Fall Tonight; American Prisoner in Cuba; Interview with Senator Patrick Leahy; Searching for Kidnapper and Murderer; Obesity in America; Kid's Hand Caught in Candy Machine.

Hostage; Election Upheaval in France, Greece; Plot to Blow Up U. CEO Caught Padding Resume; Navy Stealth Ship Up For Sale; Beastie Boy MCA Dies. Embassy, Fears For Life; Secret Service Scandal; John Edwards Trial; From Trip to Fundraiser; Spy Mystery; Collision Course; Tanning Troubles. Representative Asked to Stay Out of Afghanistan; Al Qaeda Train Bomb Plot Exposed; Passenger Feared "I'm Going to Die"; Albright Opens Up About Family Secret. Tries to Ease Mad Cow Fears; U.

Braces for North Korean Nuclear Test; Military Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill of Dropping the Ball in Secret Service Investigation; Interview with Congresswoman Dana Rohrabacher; Murdoch and the British Government. Braces for North Korean Nuclear Test; Military Accused of Dropping the Ball in Secret Service Investigation; Interview with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher; Murdoch and the British Government.

Negotiating Future Afghan Ties. Drone Secrets; John Edwards Goes On Trial; Secret Service Scandal; Mother Nature Surprises; Pilot Shortage. Peter King; Rape Victims Say Military Calls Them Crazy; Etan Patz Cold Case; Wasting Taxpayer Money; Bird Strikes; Secret Service Scandal Broadens. Security; India: Long Range Missile Test A Success; Interview with Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta; Young Mother Murdered; Big-Time Crime in a Small Town; Fixing the Economy.

Peter King; Afghan Assault; Pippa in Trouble; Bounty on the President; Inside the Prostitution Scandal. Keith Ellison; Mitt Romney's Tax Returns; Newark Mayor Rescues Woman; Trayvon Martin Murder Trial; Pressing Buttons. President Obama; Obama Signs Bipartisan JOBS Act; Interview with Governor Nikki Haley; "We Went Into Survival Mode"; Running Against the Ryan Plan; "American Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Video Sparks Outrage; Sentencing for "Merchant of Death"; Rick Santorum for President?

Palin; Mega Millions Winner. Military Broke Promise; Massive Credit Card Security Breach; Bin Laden's Not-So-Secret Children; New Details in Trayvon Martin Death; Abandoned at the Border. Kids Suffers From Autism; Big Endorsements for Romney; Interview with Marco Rubio; Identity Theft on Children; New Video Raises More Questions in Trayvon Martin Case.

To Resume Egypt Military Aid; Government Can Keep Data On Americans Longer; Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed; Plea To Pope: Help Set My Husband Free; Soccer Player Back From The Dead. No- Fly List; Whitney Houston's Death Ruled Accidental Drowning; Tebow- Mania Hits the Big Apple. Siri: Not Such a Know-It-All? Army Sergeant Held for Mass Killing; Romney Leading Obama in New Poll; Iraqi Men Murdered for Wearing Tight Clothes.

Blocks New Texas Voter What is fx united games Rampage In Afghanistan; Federal Aid Denied; Grit and Bear It. Immigration; CNN Projects Santorum Wins Kansas; Romney Has Big Delegate Lead; Report: Syrian Forces Target Funeral Procession; Endless Shelling, Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill The Brink Of Death; "It Was A Nightmare, Still A Nightmare"; Violent Warlord Video Goes Viral; Ann Romney Targets Women; "Big Rock Ahead".

Marine in Hot Water after Facebook Posts; Homeless in New Jersey. Mike Rogers; Dozens Of Advertisers Bail On Limbaugh; Soccer Mom Madam; Uganda Viral Video Raises Awareness, Controversy. Military Options For Syria; Valedictorian Gets Deportation Reprieve. Blood After Koran Burnings; Ohio School Putin says he will sign anti US adoptions bill Super Tuesday; DC Metro Obama Ad Controversy; Blunt Amendment Rejected by Senate.

Reluctant to Get Involved in Syria; Weapons in Iran's Shadow War; Outed Sheriff Vows To Fight Claims; The Latino Vote. Base; Romney Forced To Tweak Campaign; Scandal Grows for Outed Arizona Sheriff; Franklin Graham Questions Obama's Faith; The End Of Affirmative Action? To Arm Syrian Rebels? Aid Workers; What's Next In The GOP Race; Santorum Surges Ahead; Houston Gravesite Opens To Public; John Glenn Marks Mission's 50th; The One Who Saw Lin Coming.

Officially Condemns Syria; Contraceptive Controversy; The Words Not To Use Online; Homeland Security Watching You Online. Ship at Risk of Iran Attack; Satisfaction With GOP Presidential Field Slips; Supreme Court Justices Unprotected? Steps Up Spy Ops Against Syria; Campaign Themes In Obama Budget Plan; Israel Blames Iran for Car Bombs; The Fight for Independent Voters; L. Coroner: No Conclusions Regarding Whitney Houston's Death Pending Drug Tests.

Ambassador to the U. Aid Workers; Mixed Signals About A Strike On Iran; Car Commercial Or Political Message? Mike Rogers; Improved Jobs Numbers; Las Vegas: Ground Zero for Housing Crisis; Hackers Claim Top-Secret Intel Call Recorded. Komen For The Cure Controversy; Super PAC War on President Obama. Plans to End Afghan Combat Mission; Facebook Files to Go Public; Michele Bachmann Interview; Susan G. Komen Foundation Cutting Funding to Planned Parenthood; Teen Crash Survivor Won't Be Deported.

To Syria: Stop All Attacks; Romney Sings "America The Beautiful"; Federal Workers Get Better Benefits. Police; Newt Gingrich Interview; Romney: Gingrich Can't Connect; Carney: GOP Chairman Going "Too Far"; Who's Funding The Super PACs? Embassy Shelters Americans in Egypt; Florida Primary Just Hours Away; John McCain Interview; Anti-Obama Message In Catholic Churches. Resolution Calls For Assad To Step Down. Mission Saves Kidnapped Hostages; Obama: It's Not About Envying the Rich"; Congress Says Farewell To Gabrielle Giffords; Presidential Candidates Appealing to Latinos; Google Watching You; Invasion of the Birds.

S Allies Step Up Attacks On Iran; Santorum Reaps Benefactor's Millions; Who Is Saul Alinsky? Carolina Hopes Go South; Six Marines Killed In Afghan Helicopter Crash; Afghan Soldier Guns Down French Troops; Former Colleagues Have Mixed Feelings on Newt Gingrich as Speaker; President Obama Channels Inner Al Green. Digs At Congress From Disney; Herman Cain Interview; Ship Captain Ordered Dinner Amid Chaos; Ex-Wife: Newt Gingrich Wanted 'Open Marriage'. Obama Unveils Plan To Streamline Govt.

Denies Involvement In Iranian Nuclear Scientist's Death. Marines; Ron Paul's "Dangerous" Campaign; Warren Buffett's Challenge to Congress; Disturbing Bus Crashes Caught On Tape; Violence And Protests In Syria. Rescues Iranians At Sea; Firing People: What Romney Really Said; Gingrich Slams Paul Supporters; How Do You Win Without Florida?

Rescues Captive Iranian Fishing Crew; IRS Audited One Out of Eight Millionaires In ; Crash Ending Of Police Chase On Tape; "F-Bomb" Case Reaches Supreme Court. War Plans; Romney And McCain: Then And Now; GOP Wannabes Haul In Campaign Dollars; Cuba: Twitter User Started Castro Death Rumor. Unveils Leaner, Cheaper Military; Interview With British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond; Interview With Richard Cordray; American Teen Deported. Rejects Iranian "Warning"; Powder Sickens Florida Mail Workers; What To Look For In Iowa Caucuses; New GOP Ad Attacks Obama.

Organizations; "Dear Successor" is now "Supreme Leader"; Why Iowa Matters in Elections; Who Drops Out After Iowa? Rights Groups Raided In Egypt; Michele Bachmann Interview; Bachmann Adviser Jumps Ship. Troops; GOP Battle For New Hampshire; Negative On Gingrich. Workers; DEA: Hezbollah, U. Workers Facing Financial Threat. Troop Killer Will Go Free; Pres. Obama To Iran: Give Us The Drone; Lowe's Pulls Ads From Muslim-Focused Show; Fact-Checking Romney's Bet; Cloud of Fear Hangs Over Syrians; Newt Gingrich Pledges Marital Fidelity; Spy Drone Helps Nab U.

Drone; Newt Gingrich Fighting to Stay on Top; Jon Corzine Forced to Explain How Billions Went Missing From His Firm. Aviation Chief Charged with DWI; Fear of Eurozone Rating Warning; Gingrich and Pelosi: War of Words; Romney Turns Down Gingrich Debate. Drone; Obama Pushes To Extend Tax Cuts; Is '' Dead?

Troops Leave Camp Victory; Saluting U. Sacrifices in Iraq; Reagan Shooter Makes New Bid For Freedom; Tracked While You Shop. Afghan Rape Victim To Be Freed; Clinton Presses Myanmar On Reform; Is iPhone's "Siri" Pro- Life? Banks; American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy. After Air Strike; DNC Attacks Mitt Romney; Newt Gingrich Scores Endorsements; Herman Cain Speaks Out About Allegations of Year Affair. Romney on Education; A Boy Without A Country. Tone on Egypt; Airlines Criticized for Checked Bag Fees; Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Makes Controversial Statements on Airport Screening; Bill Clinton Discusses Past Heart Problems; Pakistan Government Seeks to Ban Nearly 1, Words from Text Messaging; Potential Cuts to Military Budget.

Spies; MF Global Losses Possibly Larger Than First Suspected; President Threatens to Veto Legislation Nullifying Sequester; Grover Norquist Interviewed. Water Pump Shut Down By Cyber Attack? A Liability to Campaign? Bridge; More Abuse Victims Coming Forward? They're Wrong;" Poll: Gingrich Surges to Front of Pack; Obama Health Care Law Lands At Supreme Court. Security; Safety Concerns at "Occupy" Protest Site; Polls Show Gingrich Benefits From Cain's Scandals.

Security; Historic Upset in Recall Election; Cain to Appear at GOP Debate; Cain's Chief of Staff Makes False Claim. Berlusconi to Resign; Cain's First Accuser Identified; Reuters: Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu "A Liar". Janes; Greece a Preview of What's Coming Here? Firm Devastated by Europe Debt; NATO Suffers Worse Loss of Life in Kabul in Decade. Loans Under Scrutiny; Web Ad for Herman Cain goes Viral; Political Analyst Discuss Campaigning on the Internet; Billions in Profits, Billions in Tax Breaks; U.

Stock Market Rallies; EU Comes to Deal on Greece Bailout; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Says U. May Negotiate with Terrorists; Perry May Skip Some Debates; Herman Cain's New Campaign Ad Draws Criticism; U. Economy Picks up in Third Quarter; Panetta's Expensive New Year's Toast; Defining A "Person"; Confidence in Debt Super Committee? Interviewed; Afghan President Says He Would Side with Pakistan in U. Troops Out of Iraq by End of Year; Cain Introduces 9- Plan; Can Herman Cain Win the Nomination?

Military Involvement in Iraq; Senator Kelly Ayotte Interviewed About End of Iraq War; Thousands of U. Contractors Will Remain in Iraq after U. Play a Direct Role in Gadhafi's Capture? Administration; Journalists Familiar With Libya Speculate on Consequences of Libyan Revolution; Former Captive Reacts to Gadhafi Death.

Ali Aujali Interviewed; Senator Lindsey Graham Interviewed about Libyan Revolution; Billions of Dollars of Libyan Assets at Stake; Pan Am Flight Families Reaction to Moammar Gadhafi's Death; How Moammar Gadhafi Was Killed. Deploys Military Advisers to Uganda; Herman Cain Makes Contradictory Statements About Negotiating With Terrorists; Cain on Defense; Perry Attacks Romney at CNN Debate; Axelrod Slams Romney; New Details of U.

Troops Remain in Iraq? Officials Accuse Iranian Quds Force of Masterminding Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador.

Putin Says He Will Sign Anti-US Adoptions Bill

Dec 28,  · Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law on Friday a measure that bans the adoption the Russian children by U.S. families effective January 1. The. Return to Transcripts main page. THE SITUATION ROOM. Note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. If you cannot find a specific segment. The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system. This is due to newswire licensing terms.