The Hunts were bankrupted by the actions of the banks in alliance with our government, all helped along the way by a brokerage that was bought out by Bear Sterms I think and that brokerage was bought by PM when BS went broke. The dirty secret is that the central banks and their partner bullion banks have carried out fractional bank methods in the gold storage business also, against the wishes of clients both government official accounts and private individual accounts in illicit manner. The central banks and their accomplice bullion banks will be required to replace the improperly accessed gold for the official accounts and elite private accounts. The Global Warming Myth. Arabs including the Saudis, in particular the Persian Gulf oil producers, will chase Gold with a passion, when they discard the USTreasury Bonds and pay homage Wiolie the new protector, China with Russia beside it. At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such $020 for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue. They have replaced the leased gold bullion with gold certificates of dubious value, since the leased gold was used to suppress the Gold price by massive systematic dumping.

Jim Willie of GoldenJackass. Gold has been dropping, Can you say manipulation? CNN Bimbo: Gold has no value! Bottom line, they will get your gold somehow. Then he send you to war! What do the average American did?? Simple, he was shouting loudly. PMs dont have the broad support that the 2nd Amendment does. Gold and silver have 5, years history of being money.

The word for silver is also the word for money in like 30 languages. Subup, you are an ignorant fool. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe in a reader. Skip to content Home. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro: World Citizen. George Soros — Bringing Down America. The 10 Wealthiest Members of Congress. The Global Warming Myth. The United States Constitution.

The Word From the Trenches Archives. Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P. BoxChiloquin, OR Posted on March 20, by Smilardog. Share this: Print Email Pocket. This entry was posted in News. Mark Schumacher - NV says:. March 20, at pm Gold has been dropping, Can you say manipulation? It is I only says:. March 20, at pm CNN Bimbo: Gold has no value! March 20, at pm Yupp. March 20, at pm It is I only.

Could you please tell us what country you are from? March 20, at pm Yeah but today it must be USSA, USSA, USSA! You will love your FEMA camp cell, for awhile. March 20, at pm these hucksters want to sell their gold. March 20, at pm Gold and silver have 5, years history of being money. March 20, at pm Who can afford gold? March 21, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Jim Willie Warns End Game Is Underway- Gold & Silver To Be Pushing $10,000 & $400 By End of 2017!

& Climax in Gold Trade Settlement with the new 72 thoughts on “ Jim Willie: 13 Reasons Why Gold if dr willie is correct about the Gold Trade Notes. Great deals on 8 Buy It New, Buy It Used, Buy It Now Find great deals on eBay for 8 International Shipping · Daily Deals · All Listings · Product Ratings. Jim Willie says, Home» Gold » Gold News» Jim Willie: Gold to Trade at $8,, Silver at $ in New Trade Silver at $ in New Trade Finance System.