Asking Technical Questions on Forums - How Much Client or Company Information Do You Include? Larry Dignan in Enterprise Software The Galaxy S8 is set up how Samsung wants you to use it. Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 Service Pack 1 FAQ. For important information about this release, see the. How a pendrive made bootable from this software.

I've got a Dell T server for which we have made volume backups of the system drive with Windows Backup. I'm trying to restore one of these, which means I need to boot from the Windows install CD. I also know I need to load the PERC storage controller drivers, and have them on a USB. Normally, I would click "Repair your computer", which opens the System Recovery dialog.

From there, I would choose the "Load drivers" button, browse to the drivers on the USB and carry on from there. I point it at the PERC drivers on the USB and it continues. I discovered that Windows only seems to do this if the USB containing the PERC drivers is inserted into the server before the Windows Install environment loads. If the Windows CD boots without the USB connected, the "Repair your computer" option is shown. I can then choose to load drivers, insert the USB and point it at the PERC drivers.

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Change Boot Order and Boot from a CD/DVD

WinToFlash is a free software to create bootable USB drives for Windows XP, Server , Vista, Server and 7 setup. Now no need to install Windows using CD/DVD. Welcome to A Microsoft SQL Server community of 1,, DBAs, developers and SQL Server users. My Problem. Remote desktop connections to a Windows Server R2 Enterprise server were absurdly slow. Refresh times were as high as ten seconds.