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An Acura NSX is a nice place to sit. You ride low in a comfortable leather-wrapped cockpit designed for driving pleasure and speed. But when you know what that horsepower supercar is capable of, being forced to drive it slowly and responsibly over normal city roads is the worst. Full disclosure : Acura flew me out to the Seattle area and paid for food, travel and lodging to test out their new MDX Sport Hybrid. They also briefly let us drive their other hybrid cars, including the NSX.

Perhaps if you left the NSX in silent mode, driving through town would be okay. Like the MDX, the NSX has several drive modes. Rotate it over and pop! Tantalizing noise gets piped back into the cabin for maximum loudness. The steering is responsive, and the brakes are reassuringly grabby. The whole package feels overkill at normal road speeds. Worst of all, I used to live in the Seattle area, and part of the loop we drove was on a road that went straight to Pacific Raceways in nearby Kent.

That fact alone was torture. Certain less populated spots on our loop allowed me to press the throttle down and giggle like a madwoman, but I felt shorted when I had to lift off so as not to exceed the speed limit. It plants you back into your seat. Perhaps this is the problem with the modern supercar. The NSX is even comfortable inside. However, for our short loop through a small town, I actually would rather have been in something with a lower limit of capability.

Less power that forces me to rev the snot out of every gear is always a solid bet for low-speed action. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.

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Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music you 'll love. Discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Start with your favorite artist, song or composer and. Places like Pacific are the NSX’s natural habitat. On normal roads, you can have some fun flooring it up to 40 or 45 mph or whatever the speed limit is, but that. Torrent anonymously with torrshield encrypted vpn pay with bitcoin.