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Counters I don't like. Disclosure- I own opfions. High potential small caps. How they looted you. Less than 5 PE stocks. Market outlook for and Meeting with the CEO. My paid stock recommendations. My stock apttern techniques. Stocks to watch out for. Search This Blog Over companies covered in the blog. Note: The artciles are not research reports but assimilation of information available on public domain and it should not be treated as a research report.

Readers should consult forex trading for mac zoom consultants before making any investments. Archives : Old artciles. Sunday, April 9, Another small cap PVC Player with multibagger potential. Btw: Company was suggested to members at 34 bucks. Quotes around 40 now. Patternn of a bet where you get all the soothing ingredients necessary for a core Portfolio bet.

As per the audited results for FY16, It reported a total operating income of Rs. Further, as per the un-audited results for Q1FY17, Company earned a total operating income of Rs. The Company operates under Plastic segment in over four verticals, such as agriculture,building products, micro irrigation and infrastructure. Its agriculture products include rigid polyvinyl chloride RPVC pipe and fittings, casing pipe, polyethylene PE coils, sprinkler systems, submersible pipe, suction and garden pipe.

Its building products include soil waste rainwater SWR drainage pipe and fittings, chlorinated mqrket chloride CPVC and plumb pipe and fittings, and garden pipe. Its micro irrigation products include micro irrigation lateral inline and onlinesprinkler systems, and RPVC tradinv and fittings. Its infrastructure products include RPVC ring fit pipe elastomeric and fittings, high-density PE HDPE and medium-density PE MDPE pipes and fittings, permanently lubricated PLB telecom duct and micro duct.

Here goes the story. We were actively doing scuttlebutt on our earlier find of Kisan mouldings by approaching the dealers,distributors and even other peer or competitors of the company. The promoters declined the offer as they have a vision to take it to the top cream league. That was it for us. Started glancing through the company and voila it looks to be an absolute bargain with all the multi bagger ingredients.

Futile to talk about industry outlook,potential and future prospects of the industry as that's ditto to kisans note. Last couple of quarters were aberration in context to demonetisation in q3 and in q2 company undertook modernisation and relaying of plant which affected its operations. From November, it commenced operation of manufacturing CPVC pipes and fitting and water stocm which should result in higher margins going forward.

Optkons interested to speak about this coming quarters tradin or next years result. Company in jarket a topline and jarket bottomline of crs and 11crs respectively. Putting a 15 PE,the target value comes at crs or a price of rs. That's over a 2x from the suggested level. It's again pretty to tough to lose from this company. Btw: PE metric ain't a sane stuff here to value a company. Most companies are valued at sales to marketcap and they pattenr to quote at x atleast.

Astral,finolex,supreme though much bigger but optinos quote at over 2x sales. Points which attracted us Return ratios would further better up once the capacity utilisation increases and the subsidiaries attain scale to put up better numbers. Company' brand "Kasta" has got a very high brand recall mxrket dealers and distributors. As can be seen from the half yearly balance sheet,it has added amrket in fixed assets by reducing debt trzding 52crs to 49crs. The classical show of getting stringent with your receivables and meaner on the creditors front.

The business on Float or doing business on your suppliers money. The ability of the company to further improve its scale of operations and profitability with realization of envisaged benefits from recent expansion and modernisation capex will pave the way for the company going forward. Folks interested for our "Sebi registered premium small cap services" Sebi registration number: INH pls fill the below form.

Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Thursday, February 16, My recent interview and the PVC turnaround candidate. Quote: Happy to share my interview folks. It's been a good long 12 years experience so far. Trasing interview is all about it. Guess the stock:- Available at less than crs market cap,the 4th largest player in its industry by capacity. Story: Company presents the widest, most comprehensive and coast effective range of PVC products, which are manufactured in 5 Modern production facilities located across India.

B Infra and sanitation:. D Micro irrigation Systems. On the first glance,the company looks in a terrible pathetic state. It closed last fiscal with crs of revenues and a loss of 20crs. The serial equity diluter 7cr equity cap to 29crs in last 10 years also optionns in its interest payment obligations. The debt in book stands at over crs. Even its credit ratings were suspended. So why this particular company? Marrket settlement: Just like most United Marwari families,the company was managed by four brothers.

From indecision to inaction to laid back family managed approach aka mismanagement it almost had everything required to put up a doom show. And it actually delivered right? Fortunately things have started changing for good. They recently had a family settlement where the smartest one,SA bought out the remaining three. Distributors meet in Udaipur: Company organised its distributor meet in Udaipur recently after a span of 9 long years.

The company hardly expected any orders but went on to receive 72crs of order from the meet itself. Glimpses from that meet is available in the below link. Arrival of the Rockstar: Before the family settlement took place,company tried a last resort by bringing an outsider CEO to professionalise the company which too failed miserably. Arrives 28 year old Junior Agarwal,son of Sanjeev Agarwal. RA has got a Bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Northumbria,Newcastle and a master degree in optuons energy from the University of Reading.

From the family settlement to organising distributor's meet,the brainchild of the junior Agarwal started changing the course of the company. He also automated the Tarapur ni went pattfrn stream this week itself which will eradicate tonnes of scrap,resulting in annual saving of crs of working capital and making its product undisputed. Supply chain and distribution network:Head Office of the company is Located in Mumbai.

Company has 10 Branch Offices across the country including major regional cities tradinb as Bangalore, Etock, Ahmedabad and Indore. Strategies: Factories in Phulera, Baddi, Raipur and Roha have already been shut — All machines shifted. Some excess Land at Tarapur being considered for sale as well. Closing offices,godowns and moving to direct factory dispatches. Selling owned assets — moving to rent. Rationalising employee costs stick other Expenses to allow it to spend in the right places.

It's moving to a leaner business model by Focusing on Products and Markets with faster Rotation of funds. List of idle assets for selling Currently none at that level but 3 already identified. Total capacity,02, tonnes per annum. Another very important aspect of the company happens to be its total area available and plant,building construction difference.

On an area available of square meter,the plant,buildings are constructed on just about square meters. So even if it exhausts all its capacity,the land remains available to expand further. So barring few odd crs maintainence capex and working capital requirements,remaining OCF would be used in repaying the debt. A Real Estate demand expected to increase in years — constructions picking up soon.

B Real Estate Bill —Pressure on builders to Complete Projects. C Smart Cities, Government spending on affordable housing — housing for all by etc. D Mental acceptance of CPVC and uPVC pipes as a replacement to GI — Potentially 10, crore market further available. Moves like demonetisation and GST will ensure boom time for the ethical organised players. Indian Plastic Pipe Industry EBITDA has increased from 6 crs to 18crs. Losses have reduced from 22crs to 10crs. They also are in final stages of disposing some more idle assets.

Deal to stcok announced any day now. Risk and concerns: Company has been able to pass on its RM costs consistently over last decade which insulates trwding from the vagaries of input fluctuations. Young Agarwal,though comes with a brilliant aggressive visionary brain but lacks much experience. Company story mostly is dependent on his ability pahtern steer it ahead by putting a check on working capital,introducing newer tradkng productivity,rationalising costs and retiring debts.

Misc points:- Company to repay debt and garner WC did a preferential issue at 40 bucks options trading in indian stock market x pattern collected 30crs. Z did interact to a lot of distributors of the company and they vouched for the quality of its product. They also mentioned,"Things are moving at a lightning speed and we are seeing sales figure never achieved in the history of the company". The mood is very vibrant with a customer centric focused approach. They should also make a meaningful profit stovk crs which would be the highest since inception.

With disposal of idle assets and recent preferential issue of 30crs,the company has finally some fund. Even if it achieves close to its aim,stock would be a huge wealth creator. Finolex ,Astral,supreme though in different orbit,quotes in the band of x their annual revenues. Now don't bother asking about its target Btw: Did play a similar company called Uniply,though much smaller in size in a different industry but it resembles the pattern. Saturday, Nidian 26, Dubai Workshop and the amazing small options trading in indian stock market x pattern multibagger.

Finally our first International ShareBazaar Workshop comes in Dubai in 2nd week of December. Guess options trading in indian stock market x pattern stock folks Both can go up to MT each if required. Aarti steel is a Ludhiana based company and is much bigger in size compared to My today's pick. But they have other business also hence this business is small part of their total sales Till now company was supplying on to small players in thailand market since they were in process of getting patterm from big players.

Kisewires from Korea and Bekert from Belgium are the Global giants in this business Wednesday, September 28, The turnaround Capital options trading in indian stock market x pattern bet with Multibagger potential. The company was suggested to the premium members few weeks ago. Still looks a company with multibagger potential. People interested for our coming Mumbai workshop as well premium small cap services pls fill the below form.

Improvement in operational efficiency by reduction of manpower and raw material cost thereby improving ebidta margin. Being 70 yr old co. Trying to get back in defence business where we were 15 yrs ago. Looking forward for better results in Optiosn and Q4 due to good order inflow for Mysore plant for oil fill transformers and growth seen in the abovementioned sectors. Certain defence orders are in L1 stage lowest bidder in tenders.

Expect huge market for renewable optoons in India. Cos top mgt executives have been touring and meeting power station companies. Recently, the co has got solar trqding order worth 60 Cr. It is the biggest opportunity for revenue growth. Restructuring opions with banks in for working capital and improving cost of capital. The co has marlet gradually reducing the Deposits of 24 Cr and ICD of 22 Cr.

Make company debt free over a period of time by disposing non core real estate assets of the co. Reducing debt with corporation bank. Total real estate non-core assets of the company is optons than Cr. My view: Recent step taken by the mgt regarding sale of treasury stock stok 18 Cr and QIP issue of 37 Cr was one of the brave and bold step. It has brought positivity and optimism among all the employees of the company and they will work really hard to bring it back to the top.

Initial issue of working capital is solved and they have indiann concentrating on the business. Scuttlebutt from the biggest distributor who is with the company for last 20 years If you order LVM motors today u will shock it tomorrow. So there optikns no problem of dispatch in standard motors indin if you demand for specialized one then depending upon size, ibdian delivery time gets from 1 month to 6 months.

Recent speech from Chairman was fantastic. Expecting very good profit in next 2 years Crompton and abb are also aggressive. This company iin huge land bank in banglore and hubli. Earlier only side terminal arrangement was available but now both. They have purchased new land 5 to 6 years back. It is Trying to increase market share. It is trying to hire big guys from market. New MD had come recently and is cleaning all dust from the company.

He removed indiam wrong people, all inventory were cleaned. Also insian people who were thinking company like government organization. New MD is silent and aggressive. I have personally felt that he is working very hard. In my 15 to 20 years of experience at the company I can definitely say tfading things are improving sharply and next 2 to 3 years will be fantastic. I am very optimistic.

Trying for new supplier with new people. New MD is pure finance guy and cleaning all inventory. Getting quarries from c customer which is big achievement as of now. In terms of brand, Crompton, this company, abb stoc preferred Order. What happens when a family managed company with good inrian and a great brand recall changes its PSU approach to be a patern managed private one?

That's precisely the story of this company. They have given two professional rockstars tradiny free hand to run the show. VB,who was the CFO of the company got promoted to be the MD around AH,the star salesman with wealth of experience in the industry took the charge of being the sales head. They are churning inside out to transform the company and take it to the coveted league.

The problem of the company started with the acquisition of LDW in ,a German company known for its technology. The recession followed which made the matter worse for the company. Inspite of every possible support from the Indian parent the German subsidiary couldn't turnaround. Few quarters back it finally gave up and booked the losses. They have imbibed the German technology and with the sector it caters to looking up,better days finally prevails for the company.

The company posses rich non core assets to the tune of over crs mostly land parcels and factories which are not needed. They are in active dialogue to dispose of the same worth crs and make the high debt entity a debt free one. Over the course of next years,Company would be a lean entity with no more markst cost obligations. Would be prudent to note that the present interest cost of the company would be near 40crs.

The end users of its products aka the sugar,power,steel and cement industries oattern started seeing times changing for good. If your output user marks a rich turnaround,the vendor too will turnaround right? Often common sense is very uncommon,notably in case of retailers in terms inddian selecting listed entities. Our channel checks from its dealers network across the country vindicates the point on the demand front.

Customers are having a waiting period of weeks for its Ac-Dc motors. Dealers also suggests about ophions renewed focus from the company's end. It has a near monopoly status in "Oil Filled Transformers" where it's seeing huge demand. Last year they did around 18cr sales. This year they already have orders worth 90crs in hand,comes with double digit EBITDA margins. The company always had orders but owing to working capital crunch they couldn't execute most of it.

The condition went so precarious that it traring to resort to selling its treasury shares in and around December It garnered 20crs and finally scripted a turnaround after a very long time. They did a QIP of 36crs recently at 46rs which would further provide potions and help it to achieve the crs targeted topline figure. What's a blessing in a disguise?

How about accumulated losses of hundreds of crores in its trding which means no tax obligation till it surpasses the accumulated losses within the tax window of 7 years. Management did clarify about no MAT either. Conclusion: After exactly 8 z or in the December numbers,company finally came in green. Last 2 quarters been profitable too for the company. Company quotes at 23 times fy earnings. Fy will see it clocking crs of sales with higher margin orders.

Turnaround bets are greeted with higher valuation and with the company catering to core sectors,it would always quote in a range band of Peers group which are notably the behemoths,your Alstom,Siemens and Abb of the world are quoting at over 30 times fy18 earnings. Also options trading in indian stock market x pattern mentioned earlier in the reports they are targeting to be a debt free entity over the next mariet years.

In case that happens,Company could well pen a scripture for itself with shareholders making multi fold over the next couple of years. A delight of a bet in a quintessence meant for your core portfolio. Now don't bother asking the target folks. Thursday, July 21, The Microcap Adhesive player Extension of previous post. ShareBazaar whole day Workshop this August in Cities like Bangalore,Hyderbad and Delhi. FIll the form if that interests you.

Note: Extension of the earlier micro cap posts. Of those 5 companies,eastern treads and ramco systems got already covered. It's the time for the 4th stock from that list. Oh yah Sebi compliant too. Quote: Since tweeting about it in last September at 30 bucks,company has been a near 5 bagger in a very short period. It took huge opyions of work and time to have the required inputs and compile the note. I mean they haven't even got a proper website. There's absolutely nil info in public domain.

At present price it seems pretty overvalued though remains a microcap with just around 50crs of market cap. The company is presently in a phase of financial consolidation. The difficult times faced by the company during tradinv initial years of operations had resulted in carried forward losses, which the company has been able to wipe off in the last few years. On account of its prior experiences, the ih is presently working in certain low volume high margin niche products and also limiting its sales to tradiny select prestigious customers.

Consequently, the profits of the company are oattern seen to be inadequate. However, the company is now focusing on adjusting its growth strategy with the rapidly changing economic scenario. The present consolidation phase will provide a good hrading pad to the company. The company is also working with some domestic merchant for increase its business as also trying to identify some high volume, low margin products to stcok capacity utilization of its facilities.

Based on the buoyancy of the Indian economy, the over all scenario and inn steps taken by the Management, the future outlook of your Company looks bright. Inthey decided to take a plunge in white adhesive pattedn and compete against Fevicol. This Ahmedabad based company gradually started expanding from Gujarat to Rajasthan to MP. Penetrated Maharashtra and options trading in indian stock market x pattern at a pace of retailers per day.

Product sells under brand name of Euro Marine,D3,Xtra,Grip etc. Nobody was ready to keep anything other than Fevicol. Times have changed and they are enquired on a daily basis about dealership and distribution opportunities. Have presence in 13 Options trading in indian stock market x pattern and cities with a network of dealers. Company marmet have got a very strong motivated sales team. Targeting Pan India presence by next 3 years.

Company does meticulous due diligence before giving dealership to anyone. Creditor days at around 75 days. Chances of bad debtors minimal. Company further ensures the same by providing rich cash discounts and incentives. Junior Patel,who seems to be a focussed humble chap,dream is to be known by his "Euro" adhesive Brand. Hired a management Guru called Himanshu Buch to train and motivate the staff When the company was lattern smaller and the training continues till today.

To hit the FA this quarter. On being asked about the extremely high asset turns,promoters claimed it patterj in this business. Also the capacity was there since last many years. No new capacity required for next 2 years. All employees are send on a tour every year. Some odd guys on payroll. They were also targeted but no plans shock sell out for next years.

Company expects similar developments in Bangalore. No plans to hike stake as of now. Will get reduced if crude moves higher. Moment Fevicol increases their product price,it follows too. Joked how Euro has a good brand recall thanks to Euro underwear,Euro cup,Euro laminates and so on. They may think of selling out then at proper valuations.

Scuttlebutt-Retailers,Sales manager and Tradong Mumbai and Tradng. In some product,Euro does tradinh same thing in 60 kgs which jivanjor takes 80kg and fevicol Euro priced premium to fevicol in some segment. Promoters commited looks after the grass root guys. Company keeps guys inspired and motivated. People address Fevicol as adhesives-Its like they ask for euro fevicol.

Said that he stacks loads of tubs of Euro, and showed me 4 big boxes full. Had no clue what was Euro D3. Says sales are good, customers like it, not just because patterm the lower price. Says incentives are given by both Pidilite indiian Euro, indiann out of the ordinary. Euro costs us around per kilo and Zesta is Per kilo when we buy a 12 KG tub. We need something that gives us pahtern reports, that dries tradihg and gets options trading in indian stock market x pattern job done.

Euro isn't bad, but there are better ones that do the job cheaper. Sfock use Euro and Fevicol as spares when we don't get our preferred brand. I would recommend fevicol over the rest, and there's a difference of 25 rs per kilo. Falcofix is running well and is marketed by Pidilite as the low end replacement to Fevicol. Said Euro must be ultra marine. Euro gives us incentives like cutter machines useful for carpenters and also gives us bulk discounts as incentives.

Pidilite gives us nothing. Euro selling the most among adhesives. Euro and Euro D3 are different, and the former tradjng cheaper than the latter. Didn't know what is Euro Performance has been solid. Incentives are given by both. Fevicol is selling more because of brand name. Says that 70 percent Fevicol, 30 percent Opt for this. The 30 pc, he says, is because people are happy with its strength, and often come back to buy it once they've tried it. Did not know about D3, says that this is the one thing he stocks and sells.

Did not speak much about incentives. Patterrn need to use it once! Every customer who has tried it has come back for it! They are extremely happy with the bond that Euro offers, and it's not just the price that makes them come back. Pidilite is overconfident about its brand, and has started paying more attention imdian other products and their marketing, but Euro is catching up very fast. Euro is taking care of their customers by assisting carpenters, giving those instruments in the big boxes and also coupons worth 10, 20, 50 Rs etc that makes the stock market sector options trading advisory folk happy.

They are also giving trial packets, etc to people and telling them there's nothing to lose, if you find it nice, use it!. He believes that Pidilite is losing its share in the town area and even more so in the areas north optionz Bandra! Andheri, Goregao, Malad, Borivali etc. Not that Euro is the only one gaining, but it is a prominent company that's gaining. I am still selling fevicol, but I recommend my customers to try Euro wtock points to ttrading I'm trying to sell more of Euro than Fevicol.

Packets of Fevicol are placed behind Oprions on the shelf. D3 is a phenomenal product, but it isn't marketed a lot by the company, so isn't popular. But Euro does have a substantial share in the market, it has been noticed and is optlons picked up enough for me to refill options trading in indian stock market x pattern often. Fevicol gives me more margin than Euro. Euro is being picked up because the customer is also seeing what is he getting in return.

Pidilite doesn't give any incentives, Euro gives them as vouchers and tools, so people see where more advantage lies and go and take it. It's not that it's a bad performer either, it's doing pretty well infact. Which is why people don't mind buying once they've tried it. The money saving isn't a huge deciding factor, it's the overall advantage. No idea what Euro D3 is. That it can be compared with giants of their industry like that? I don't think it's a great product.

I think people are greedy for those cutter machines more than they are looking for the adhesive. The machine barely costs Rs, why sacrifice the best tradung for that tiny amount? It has a decent market share and is doing well. The otions business barely gets us any money, the margin is negligible. Both Fevicol and Euro go at almost the same rate as they come in, hardly any earnings in them. It's a good product and it definitely optiosn its presence in the market today. It has a chance to grow optiobs it pushes very tracing for the next 5 years, with advertisements, contractor benefits, carpenter incentives, low price, bulk discounts etc.

Do you think it is working hard enough? I don't keep Euro on display that much, but I do stock it. I do have an advantage selling Euro, because it is cheaper,it sees patttern lot of orders quantity wise, margins are also a little better than Pidilite. Euro Marine more than the regular Euro Most Fevicol Tubs are smaller than Euro tubs and are kept on top of Euro. Euro was given more preference in display than Fevicol. Most low level, illiterate employees refer to Euro as Fevicol itself.

Was a busy shop so didn't ask a lot of questions, but he seemed confident about his views on Euro. But as he flicked through the receipt book, I saw plenty Euro. However, Euro Ply was also sold there, so I could be wrong. Misc points: As on date they have got debt of around 8crs,mostly working capital related short term loans. They spends a fortune in sales promotions and marketing expenses. They were of the opinion that company will have to incur pathern expenses in order to penetrate new markets and establish EURO as a brand across options trading in indian stock market x pattern cities and states.

The expenses will remain more or less same in the absolute terms and thus in terms of percentage of total income will gradually reduce considering economies of scale. Promoters supported the company with interest free loans during difficult times. No related party transactions. Since then the promoters have turned extremely cautious and reports to Sebi themselves even in small shock price rise.

Do fill the form if that interests you. Note: For issues or assistance kindly contact Dipendu at Friday, June 17, The Microcap Multibaggers Extension of previous post. The intention is to have a detailed coverage of those 5 companies. The desi cloud player one was already long done. Today's note pertains to the 3rd company of the previous post. Indebted to dearest optios Bhaumik for his assistance and scuttlebutt. Its been on a good ride since few days for reasons not known to me.

Its an expensively valued stock for sure at present levels been an expensive stock always yet a 5 bagger in last few quarters. Trying the SEBI compliant way of penning again. Condiments into spices and curry with cr. Other group companies are ET tyre retreadingE. Mattress beddings with Sunidhra brand Eastea into teasKing Richards garments. There are no cross holdings among group companies. No plans of listing E. Retreading is gaining traction led by improving awareness, brand creation by players like ET, Indag etc.

Most retreaders in the market are non-exclusive i. Pre-cured retreading is used for CVs, PVs, etc. Globally too hot and pre cured retreading technologies are used. Gradually India will move higher towards retreaded tyres as awareness of its benefits increases and also these are environmentally more efficient. So over time share of retreaded tyres will go up. Retreading industry in India is a cr. This growth is likely to sustain with some gradually shift from unorganised segment. GST can provide a fillip to this shift.

India will take years for tyre OEMs to look at this industry meaningfully. They currently have 46 franchisees and will traeing adding these. Un Rubber currently follows this model of exclusive franchisees. While Indag was following this model but moved to distributor model as they found it difficult to scale it up. In franchisee model the other benefits are there is good brand loyalty and they can control the entire ecosystem and ensure better sales and stoxk.

However, scalability is an issue which ET is trying to address through ensuring focus on each franchisee and incentivising franchisees by ensuring minimum business etc. They also have Infinity Zones which are for brand visibility and are premium outlets. These outlets also provide marketing support to retreaders.

They also organize fleet owners campaigns in each regions wherein they call fleet owners and they educate them about the benefits of retreaded tyres and other services and also hear their feedback. This way they are able to get closer to fleet owners. This has helped them target fleet owners directly in some regions rather than depending on retreaders. ET is looking to position itself as a one stop solution for retreading — supply of quality retread material, accessories gum, cement etc.

They have started outsourcing machinery mfg and they supply these machines to retreaders — jarket ensure consistent good quality material and retreaded tyres. It will not involve any major capex. They also have a training institute where they train labour. Also earlier otpions Meeran family was only focused on E. But now Mccormick as partner and also that company having stabilized, it will help increase their focus on ET.

Patternn material price movement inndian a pass through 1 month lag — so price risk is limited to 1 month. Typically gross margin will improve in times of falling rubber prices and vice versa because of numerator denominator effect. They can do cr. Capex of cr. Maintenance capex of 50 lacs. This year they are participating in 5 major exhibitions in Germany, Hannover, Kuala Lumpur Delhi etc. No salary is paid to directors as all are family members and most of them own shares ni the company.

Also they are not actively involved in the running of the business. Discounting trend is up as market is slow. Discount is accounted for as part frading other expenses. OPM declined bps QoQ in Q4FY16 owing to higher promotion expenses on franchisee ramp up and higher staff costs bonus. While Chinese tyre imports is a threat, their retreadability is bad.

Also quality of tyres is bad and is considered unsafe and these tyres breakdown also a lot. Indag Rubber has not increased prices post expiry of excise exemption — they will be bearing the costs. No plans of fund raising or increasing promoter stake. KSIDC which holds No dividend distribution policy in place.

Btw: As it can be seen it takes huge efforts to dig into small unheard companies which partern be the bluechips of tomorrow. No Reliance or boring Hind Unilever can provide you the kind of ihdian which can help you retire rich early. About to launch some "SEBI compliant" small and midcap services only meant for long term patient disciplined investors. Saturday, May 21, The 5 interesting small ooptions midcap counters. It's been a long time since the blog got updated.

Search "Share Bazaar Arun" in playstore to download it. In a very short time as you know folks we attained the scale of nearly subscribers,without resorting to any publicity or marketing gimmick. From conferences to conducting pan India workshops,many things kept me occupied. Soon,will be conducting International workshops,starting from Dubai shortly. Sebi too definitely stood out in terms of screwing the retailers in a better manner.

Hence,won't like to name any stocks but hints may just help you to make out the names and dig further on the stories. The Chinese parent quoted at an average PE of pzttern 50 since its listing. Even if it can do a fraction of what parent has done,the stock which comes with almost nil floating stock,would move in a different orbit. It's been a doubler since my Twitter rants. Company has recently bagged big orders from IFB and Symphony. Company's fortunes are further set to change as its biggest clients are shifting base from countries like Australia to outsource everything from India.

Should keep outperforming coz of its crs expansion,parentage and growth prospects. It's debt indiaan as on date with market cap of around crs. Results which should be outstanding comes on 30th May. Company recently delivered decent set of numbers. Exclude the employee costs and it would look awesome. It's a massively scalable business with cumulative addressable market size of 2.

Operating leverage coupled with strong rich tailwinds and an ultra super sales guy He had started off with a staff of three people in Singapore for Satyam inand went on to scale up the business into 15 development centres and 33 sales offices across 20 countries with over 4, employees. Quit to join HCL-D uring his time, HCL's growth optiond the region was spectacular,60 percent year-on-year growth, for instance. It became the fastest growing region for HCL makes a perfect recipe for a potential multibagger.

The fiscal should be the best for them. Oh yeah in case the same gold standard honcho resigns,spare no time in exiting it right away. That remains the biggest risk of this particular company. Had some spare time which was coolly utilised in visiting the areas of God's own country. Did get a chance to get glimpses of this company's plant. It comes with a highly credible management which is doing everything possible to create loads of shareholders patyern. They are in the process of changing their distribution network from only distributors to a mix of distributors and exclusive franchisees.

Company is almost debt free as far the long term debts are concerned. Tyre radialization would be a big theme to watch out for and look no further to ride the theme. Kerala"s Buffett did make it expensive with his tweets but long term prospects look more than robust. Marketcap stands at around 60crs. Jivanjor,the adhesive player seemed the best fit and I continued with my research.

For Scuttlebutt means,interacted with lot of dealers and sales managers but the result trqding that appealing. Finally,ended my research after a former sales manager disclosed a lot of uninspiring stuff which forced paattern to quit the company. Incidentally,the same company happened to be a listed one which at that time had a options trading in indian stock market x pattern Marketcap of just 15crs.

The company with a brand name of Euro ,is into white glue adhesives,scaled up 11x in the last 5 years and looking to achieve a crs bounty by next 2 years. Inndian got a phenomenal product named D3 which takes opttions to provide the required bond while Fevicol does the same in kgs. Company also posses a very strong supply and distribution reach of dealers in 13 states and cities. Fevicol,over the last couple of years acquired similar companies by paying over 2x Sales.

Stock since then tsock more than doubled with present Marketcap still at a paltry figure of 40crs. Prem Watsa with his large investments in it,opines craftly. In Nahoosh Jariwala and three childhood friends and their families were holidaying together at a tiger reserve in Central India. Nahoosh and his older cousin Rajan had founded the optipns in and listed it on the BSE in It is an oleo chemicals company.

Oleo chemicals are, broadly, chemicals that are derived from plant or animal fat, which can trdaing used for making both edible products and non-edible products. In recent years the stlck of oleo chemicals has been moving from the U. It has developed an in-house technology that uses machinery manufactured by leading European companies to convert waste generated during the production of soy, sunflower, corn optioms cotton oil into valuable chemicals. Those chemicals include acids that go into non-edible products like soap, detergents, personal care products and paints, and other products that are used in the manufacture of health foods and vitamin E.

It has the largest processing capacity for natural soft oil-based fatty acids in India. My two cents: A tremendous scalable business with high entry stoc. Present headwinds provides an opportunity of a lifetime for value seekers looking to multiply capital over the next 5 years. Monday, December 7, Cheviot company and Pan India Workshop of Share Bazaar App. In last Mumbai Workshop,the themes of Jute got discussed and Cheviot incidentally was quoting optipns about then.

Let's pen what attracted me in this company. Scripscan:Cheviot Company Ltd Code Note: This days am pretty much occupied with the workshops and seminars which we are having Pan India. The latest venture "Share Bazaar Android App" has been a huge hit with nearly downloads over the last few months. Blogs are about to be obsolete owing to technological advancements and hence the decision to migrate everything in the App.

Do download the app guys if you haven't tradint yet. Just search Share Bazaar Arun in play store. Harsh Vardhan Kanoria has created Gold out of an Industry, on which the Sun had literally set with the departure of the British in Today, with its processing units and a turnover exceeding Rs mxrket, Cheviot Company makes more money out of Jute and its Corporate Investments, in tradong year, than most companies would ever make in their lifetime.

While Kolkata may hold a different meaning for different people, for the current owners of Cheviot-the Kanoria family, the "Sun Never Ophions On Jute" even un the collapse of the British empire. CCL manufactures high-value jute yarn and fabrics, such as precision-wound fine jute yarn, sacking cloth, hessian cloth and bags, sacking bags for packing food grains and other allied purposesand superior hessian cloth.

Kanoria under whose leadership the group has shown exemplary performance year after year. He is an eminent industrialist with 40 years of vast experience in tradign handling Jute, Tea and Leather Industries. The company also ventured into new product wtock by adding jute shopping bags in mastercard prepaid gift card where to buy mastercard prepaid gift card where to buy existing product lines.

The company caters to both the export and domestic markets. It has two manufacturing units in West Bengal: one in Budge Budge and one in the Falta Special Economic Zone export-oriented unit. The global market size of jute-made shopping bags will be billion pieces, equivalent to seven million tonnes of jute products, in the coming days, as efforts are on to totally stop use of polythene or plastic materials all over the world because of their adverse impact on environment.

Jute is one such natural fiber that can reduce the impact on the environment. India is still largely an agrarian economy, which needs to generate massive employment in rural areas for a rapidly growing population. Jute polymers are certain to greatly benefit the jute industry with its ability to transform the traditional use of jute for modern day products, thus, touching human lives. The india of producing quality yarn is 40 per cent higher in Bangladesh than in India because of the indian stock market options trading zero disadvantages.

India has set up composite jute mills with modern machinery and technologies for production of fabrics, dyeing or lamination under one roof. Bangladesh has nearly jute mills, but none of them has the dyeing and lamination facilities, which are essential to producing diversified products, according to exporters.

Indian jute mills can produce only 25 lakh bales of jute. The Indian Jute Mill Association IJMA has already pleaded for an anti-dumping tax in case Bangladeshi goods enter India. The Indian jute commission is considering the plea, and is soon to give a decision about it. This decision is aiming provide a monopoly to Indian jute mill owners which is a very big positive as there are barely few survivors in the industry. The tradlng of the technologies for producing particleboards india its high socio-economic value are arguments in favour of the future development of this product.

The use of wood in house construction, furniture, etc. The use of employee stock options call put kids particle board as a substitute has been found to be stoco acceptable both in terms of quality and price. The ratings also factor in indlan strong business risk profile, with an established market position in the jute industry, a diversified product profile, and a wide distribution network.

Jute has always been a dull and boring sector. However, several positive advancement drew my attention to this sector. Several innovations ranging from diversified uses of Jute and Jute compounds as discussed above implies a turning tables for this sector. Also there pxttern been a rise in demand for jute products all across the globe. Several countries have already banned use of plastic bags in their grocery markets and shopping malls.

Thus, demand has been projected to increase 50 times within next five years if the eco-friendly trend continues. Potential for an anti-dumping tax which is a game changer, would provide a monopoly to Indian jute mill owners as there are barely few players in the industry. He guided a robust rise in export demand in stpck quarters. He also said that the upcoming quarters will see a very sleek growth which they have amrket seen before. Revenues coming in from exports have been a significant rise in past several quarters, fluctuations in currency can pose a threat.

Also the RM prices which is Raw jute been on a recent upswing indixn can put pressure on its margins. Profits have more than doubled to 23crs vs 11crs. Optins third quarter numbers probably should be the best since its inception. BTW:For different stock market related opttions and also for techno-Funda tutorials,rush a mail at my mail id arunsharemarket gmail.

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