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Your browser is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. PLC and HMI programming, electrical hardware design, On-site installation support and start-up assistance. Our electrical engineers are professionals who are well acquainted with industrial controls and develop exceptional automation solutions. Our ULA Panel Shop has been providing custom industrial electrical panels since Completed panels are quality checked and tested by experienced engineers.

All of our panels UL and Non UL go through a 3 step check out process to ensure quality. Automation Zone provides a variety of skills and hands on solutions from years of experience with control systems. Plant Tracker is a building block to your OEE and Data Collection needs with in a unique package that makes it heads and shoulders above the competition.

An assembly incorporating two or more pieces of industrial control equipment or related control circuit devices, provided with interconnecting wiring and terminals for connections in the field. To allow the installer to properly install call and put option formulas zone panel in accordance to National Electrical Code and other codes, electrical ratings and instructions are to be clearly explained on the panel.

Installation can be completed in two ways: in an enclosure as "enclosed type" equipment, or arranged onto a mounting panel as "open type" equipment. For "open type" equipment, the assembly is installed in an enclosure provided by others, or at the installation site. The UL Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the municipal inspection authority and to the purchaser of the panel.

It shows that the panel complies with an acceptable safety standard. The Listing Mark may be applied to a wide variety of designs -- ranging from custom built, one-of-a kind panels, to standardized designs with only minor variations. The UL Listing Mark on an "enclosed type" control panel only covers the enclosure and the components that are installed within the enclosure or to the enclosure at the manufacturer's facility.

The UL Listing Mark on an "open type" control panel only covers the mounting panel and those components that are mounted to it at the manufacturer's facility. Please note that the UL Listing Mark does not include coverage for externally connected loads, even if provided by the panel manufacturer. Also, the UL Mark does not include coverage of any components shown on the wiring diagram that are indicated as being customer provided or as not being in the panel.

If a complete equipment Listing is required, please contact us regarding our Factory Automation Equipment program. Smallest design on the market module width of Great efficiency with just one feed-in for 64 modules. Two separate 10 A supply paths for simple maintenance and planning saves on powe The newest family of controllers, from the industry's original.

With superior features and functions. Street: East Lucas Street City: Castalia, OH Fax: Phone: Email: info theAzone. Electrical Code and Safety Links. Engineering Formulas and Conversions. Automation Support Web Links. Phone: - - Fax: - - We are professionals who develop exceptional automation solutions. Providing custom industrial electrical panels since Our product lines based on quality, ease of use and cost savings.

A building block to new york forex trader usa OEE and Data Collection. We have been designing, building, installing and supporting custom call and put option formulas zone manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries since Our services include: PLC and HMI programming, electrical hardware design, electrical panel fabrication, On-site installation support and start-up assistance.

Programmable Logic Controllers Rockwell ControLogix CompactLogix MicroLogix SLC PLC-5 PLC-2 GE Fanuc Siemens Modicon Idec Delta Automation Direct Square D. We put together a team of 8 contractors to complete the project and installation in 10 days. Shutting down this line effected people working on and supply the line, it was misson critical to have it running in 10 days. However, we are not just a panel shop; our completed panels are quality checked and tested by experienced engineers.

All of our panels UL and Non UL go through a 3 step check out process to ensure quality, all documentation for the panel including pictures are stored on our servers. Our panel wireman and engineers work closely with our customers to design and build panels to your needs with the quality craftsmanship you expect.

The HVCT tests your cables more than just a regular multi meters continuity check. It finds failures before costly installation into the field. It ensures all connections, conductors and insulation are intact prior to field use. The HVCT tests opens, shorts, and miswires. It also performs a hipot test for insulation resistance and dielectric failures along with the normal low voltage continuity test. We choose to limit our lines to be capable of providing great support.

Automation Zone provides a variety of skills and hands on solutions from years of experience selling, designing and implementing automation control systems. We have selected our product lines based on quality, ease of use and cost savings. It differs from other software packages in many aspects with the first being cost. After seeing how much other packages cost some starting close to a hundred thousand we decided to develop our package to be cost effective so that the customer would receive maximum return on investment.

The first way we did this was by producing Plant Tracker in Indusoft. Indusoft is a full development software program that rivals wonder ware and factory talk. By going with Indusoft we were able to keep Plant Trackers initial cost low with giving you the customer maximum flexibility to expand and grow the database and remove those pesky yearly licensing fees. We have a scheduler, downtime codes and archived data within Microsoft access which will allow you the customer to easily export your data into excel.

Once in excel you will be able to build custom graphs that meet your demands. One other major option we give our customers is the ability to be portable with Plant Tracker within a pelican brief case. This will allow you to receive your OEE on machines that move around a lot or even during start up periods where you want to get them running at peak performance. This portability can be networked in by either hard wire or by Weidmuller Wireless.

Having the wireless call and put option formulas zone will continue to keep your cost down and allowing you to expand Plant Tracker in the future. The best thing about Plant Tracker however is the ease in which you will be able to expand and grow it by yourself without the help of us. This final option along with all the other stated above will give you the tools to take your plant to peak performance and growth long call and put option formulas zone the future.

It is a data collection tool that will allow you to see the machine performance OEE for the last three shifts plus the current one at a touch of a button. This data will enable you to take quick corrective action to reduce these issues. What will you be able to look at with the Plant Tracker? Total Number of Parts Reject Parts Downtime OEE Cycle Times Event Log Archived Data Actual Part Cost vs.

Please take a look at various project we have completed. This a showcase of our panel photos. We handle a variety of panel projects. Please click through to see more. Welcome to our Website! Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find it insightful and a useful tool for your electrical automation needs. Automation Zone was founded and incorporated in With a decade under our belt many northern Ohio companies trust Automation Zone to supplysupport and engineer their automation needs.

We support our local Ohio customers with facilities in other states and countries. Feel free to contact us and see if we can help in our areas of expertise: Controls Engineering, Electrical Panel Assembly, Automation Distribution. Contact us at our Castalia office for a free quote and get started today! Web design by Holland Computers. Wireless, Tools, Terminal Blocks and Connectivity. HMIOIT Plus Panel PC's Motor StartersManual Starters, Soft Starts. Safety Relays, Safety Switches, Proximity Sensors.

Stack Lights, Rotary Beacons, Strobes, Alarms. DC Drives, Smarty Modbus RTU Ethernet, AC Drives. Cable Ties, Mounts, Cable Tie Tools. Unmanaged, PoE, Monitored, Wireless Ethernet Switches. Arch Flash Safety Tools and PPE. Safety Edges, Presurre and Microwave. Input Output Line reactors, Power Conditioning. Automation Zone design a variety of automation solutions for many types of industrials.

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