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You can live and work anywhere in the world. When it rains it pours - in my last letter a apologized for skipping Seminarx, but here's my second letter to you in March. Yesterday's developments in the US stock market are prompting me to send it. I published the following chart and text last night in SpikeTrade. That's where my co-director Kerry Lovvorn and I post daily updates along with a lot more. It also indicated that two more increases are very likely in A pretty automatic response of most economists to such news would be that rising interest rates push stock markets down.

Some may roll out an old rule that worked well in the s - "three steps and a stumble," meaning that the market stumbles after the third increase of interest rates in a row today was the 3rd increase since But the market doesn't read economic texts, it has a mind of its otpions. A rally in response to fundamentally bearish news means only thing - this market wants to rally.

Zeminars first thing that jumps at us from this chart is a fresh Spike Bounce signal. A reminder: it occurs whenever the NHNL in the monthly look-back window rallies from below minus to above that level. Yesterday our monthly NHNL sank to tarding minus ; today it rallied to plus - Spike Bounce! Looking at the longer-term NHNL we see this indicator in its bullish zone in one look-back window; neutral but rising in the other three that we track.

There is a convincing set of bullish divergences in all three daily windows on the right. Turning to the weekly window on the leftwhile the bearish divergence is still there red arrowthe weekly NHNL is rallying from its zero line. This rally as well as ffinancial previous ones are marked with green arrowheads. This bull market began in February which we caught very nicely in SpikeTrade and received a huge boost from the outcome of the US Presidential election.

Some people love the new guy, others hate him, most of the media is out for his scalp big time, but nobody doubts one thing: that the country got the most pro-business President in a generation. The fact that the market roared up and away after a rate increase is a fiancial call for all of who treated this as a normal garden-variety bull market, with orderly rallies and declines. This market is on fire, and we better be in gear with it. Of course this bull market will not end well - no bull market ever does.

But years of experience convinced me that we have the level of sobriety to begin sounding warnings when we think we see a top being formed. We'll ring the warning bell when it's funancial or perhaps a little early. Now is the best time to join our webinars. Joining for a month will allow you to catch the session on March 22 in which Dr Elder will focus on promising but undervalued stocks.

You will receive a tracing month of his weekend divergence scans. You will also receive access to the next session on April In the previous letter Option shared my plan to buy EWW, a Mexico ETF. This is our best offer in many years. All our Elder-disks implement Dr Elder's favorite studies and techniques. Please view the complete list HERE. Note that you have a choice with many of them: to purchase downloads or CDs. Please use this coupon to order - soft Offer ends March Technical Analysis in Just 52 Minutes [with Dr Elder, for beginners].

HOME EMAIL ABOUT REGISTER MY Tgading YOUR CART 0. Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living. Founded in HOME EMAIL ABOUT REGISTER MY ACCOUNT YOUR CART 0 SEARCH STORE:. Elder", watch current market analysis and decision making, ask questions, review your favorite stocks Membership, guests, freebies Receive market analysis and dozens of attractive picks each week.

Follow those that best fit your trading style and earn credits if you submit your ideas Conferences, private consultations Dr. Elder is widely recognized as a leading educator of traders worldwide. Current Market - Mid-month Update. Click here to enlarge this chart only when you're online. That fundamental outlook optiond confirmed by a rich set of technical buy signals, both on optiobs weekly and daily charts please review the January letter.

Click here to continue reading. Many brokerage houses use option '92 video optionns train their young brokers and traders. It financial options trading seminars a perfect tool for intelligent beginners who want to opttions master the essentials of technical analysis. Force Index [with Tracing Elder, intermediate to advanced]. Recorded in in Dr. Elder's finanxial room, this min video explains the importance of volume for analyzing market moves and financial options trading seminars reversals.

It teaches you how to construct and use the best tool for measuring volume - Force Index. Triple Screen [with Dr Elder, for everyone]. How to combine oscillators with trend-following indicators so that their negative features cancel each other out, while the positive features remain undisturbed. How to analyze markets in several timeframes: strategic decisions on long-term charts and financial options trading seminars tactics using short- term charts. Privacy: the information you provide to us is confidential and secure and will not be shared or sdminars to anybody.

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S&P 500 Index Put Option Weekly 60 Minute Chart $80k in 2 days in at $10 out at $54

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