This should be useful. Strategist Tom Lee has a clear message for investors: Stocks are carrying more downside risk than upside risk. Bofu in Kingdom End my first and fav. Your browser is out of date! Sunrise Oil Refinery Soyery Parinid He discusses with Brian Sullivan.

Home Forum Index X Trilogy Universe. The time now is Fri, This guide is relatively easy to understand and should tell you pretty much all you need to know. I also recommend that everybody looks at the precision station placement at the bottom. Note that this guide is focused on people new to the X series, so if your an exsperienced player it's maybe only worth looking the advanced sections consumption onwards.

I will start from the very basics. First of all, I recommend that people new to the X universe start on easy, so we can get it into the game pretty quickly. Next, controls, may I suggest people change the controls to classical, by going to the menu in gamecontrols, profile, classic, select. Bare Bones starting at very beginning. Factory planting how to do it and get to the position. Capturing Ships trading station x3 gold and the best way to do it. Advanced Factory Planting what to look out for when planting stations.

High Tech Fabs what should you be looking for. Station size what and why. Global Consensus unique races attributes and needs. Examples of good station placement. Ship stats basic info. Equipment where to get it. How do you use 3D map and precision plant stations. This is absolutely key early on in the game. The important sectors to have explored are, Argon, Boron and Teledi territory. Argon Prime area, kingdom end and Siezwell etc.

Also I would advise not to go into the pirate sectors. Ignore Parinid and split territory for now! But before trading, you must first switch from your Buster to your Mercury. Transfer metatrader server files and folders trading system extension from the Buster to your mercury this is your most vital tool. This will enable you to see prices and quantities of goods on stations as well as being able to instantly see the best place to buy or sell your good in that sector.

To do this you must first dock your buster and mercury at the same station. Then go to the station menu, landed ships freight exchange, transfer to other ship. Then once you have done that jump in the other ship by going to the pilot menu then change ships, Mercury. To use the best buyers sellers locater go to Navigation map menu, trading station x3 gold to the universe map option, there will be locator options. You have a freighter andndd forex brokers mt4, plenty!

Now go to Herrons nebula and look at the stock of silicon on the mine there. Forex broker inc lace not sell the silicon for any less than credits each. You should be able to sell in one of these sectors. If not though, this is where you decided to reduce the price that you will sell for and go for the highest price you can get for it.

Still at a profit of course you should always check. Now Silicon is one of the most valuable commodities you can trading station x3 gold and is the quickest way to make money. So you need to find another source of it as you cannot rely on one mine all the time. However north of Herrons Nebula there is power circle which also has a silicon mine and commonly sells at low or lowest price.

This will be your second point of call. Again keep selling in either Argon Prime or Home of light. Unless you have absolutely no choice. Inevitably there will be times like this. In which case you have to temporally look for other things to sell. Energy is one of them. Buy it from either the wall, or ore belt. Only ever buy energy if it is 12 credits, the lowest price. And always sell for You will always be able to sell it somewhere for this price so the only thing you need to worry about is the purchasing price of 12 credits.

If a Solar Power Plant is on 13 or 14, use seta for a few minutes sitting still for more to be produced and the price will go down. This same principle can be used for silicon but takes longer. Now when you buy energy for 12 credits max cargo and sell for 19 you will make a total profit of 21, credits. This will usually net you about 26, credits. Then you can go back to silicon after a few runs of energy or ore. The big money maker, silicon usually fetches around 40, credits minimum.

I usually go no less than 60, or sometimesif your lucky. Ore 50c c. Silicon -- c c. When you get to 1. You can either do this or keep trading until you can buy a silicon mine. Buy type S freighters from the shipyard in Argon Prime and buy only absolute necessities like engine tuning, seta, duplex scanner and trade command software and a couple of rudder optimisation s. You need one ship buying and one ship selling. To buy the station get within com range of a TL 7k and hail it.

Click want to transport something and agree to the asking price. You have a deal. Now com the captain again and ask him to move to ship yard. Dock at the shipyard and you now have the option to buy a station. Buy and then go to ships docked menu and click Mammoth TL. Then Com the captain and tell him to move to position, and then select where, e. He will proceed to around that vicinity. Then tell him to unload and your station is built.

By going to the command menu of you selected vessel you want to work for that factory. Once in the command menu, scroll down to home base, click on it a set it to your station. Then order the ship to buy wares for best price, energy. Do the same with the other ship but sell wares for best price wheat etc. Buy resource for lowest possible price and leave your selling price at average. This is best option for now.

Then set the jump limit to either 3 or 4. Now your factory will start working. I suggest getting about k out of sector in somewhere like red light, which is less intensive on the PC. This is the best way to find out if your factory is going to be profitable. So how do we capture ships? He bails of course. On X3 the AI does just that, at least for some of the time. Now there are two ways in my experience to go about capping ships. Lets say we caught this one, how do we claim our prise. Simply get out into your space suit get within 30m varies from ship size and then go to the target menu and click the button claim ship.

Abcd pattern amibroker forex you will be able to control it or even enter it and you will also get a note in your message log, which will say you caught Pirate Buster for example. The other way to do things is through a much more calm and sophisticated fashion and takes a lot more planning and perhaps money to do but tends to get you much better results much more frequently if you do it right.

The basic principle is to do as little damage as possible to your opponent and thus make the most money on your capture assuming your selling. Now the best way is to use Ion Disrupters to break down the shields and use low-level weapons like Impulse Ray Emitters to slowly nip away at the hull. To unselect weapons either go to the command console or use the hotkey shift-w. Now the traditional way is simply to use wasps.

So first of all you obviously need to find a factory selling wasp missiles Argon or Split. Then load your hold with about missiles. Then find something to cap and get within 1k and fire. Note this can be done in a scout like a Discover for example which is probably the best choice. So, a few very helpful tips. Choose a certain resource which many factories in the same sector or near by use. Look at secondary resource needed.

These are nearly always on zero as most of them are required from other races. Make sure though that there are other race facts to supply them Stott spices sells well in Argon space but requires plankton from Boron space. My famous one though is Bofu in Kingdom end. Always make sure that resources and locations to sell are no more than 3 sectors away. Always buy resources at lowest price on fabs!!!!!!!

As this is great for buying time until factories run out of stock and require you to refill them. You will encounter situations where a certain resource is needed now and again by a few factories but not often. When this occurs, add up the total quantity of that resource that is required adding totals from each fact and then have a look at the total the producer fact can hold at a time. If they are similar quantities overall then that is likely a profitable fab.

If not, these are the sorts of fabs you place when you got a bit of cash to splash about. Low level shields and weapons are needed almost everywhere and are very reliable and profitable. Certain high tech fabs like Crystal Fabs for instance are need all over the universe by a wide variety of stations e. Again you should always look at what resources factories require, primary and secondary.

A key tip for planting high tech support fabs is to nearly always look at home sectors, or ones of great importance. Basically ones with shipyards in. These are where things like crystals, are going to be profitable. Note: most fabs with secondary resources are usually on zero. So this is a huge opportunity. First of all, a complex hub means that two stations or more act as one unit when you link them with a complex hub. Basically they share resources and overall profits.

So for example, if you have two wheat farms, one with no or little energy and the other plenty, you could link them with a complex hub, meaning they both have equal amounts of energy, so neither has too little or to much. Which is easier when transferring money. So basically complexes can be used for anything, and can be good linking any factories together to maximise profits. However for some it will be compulsory.

Note: energy is the cheapest resource, so it is often more profitable to manufacture all the resources your high tech fab needs, and then only have to fork out for energy instead of silicon for example which is obviously pricey. Okay so we now have the basics, but we might want to take this a step further and produce the goods for free. You can produce your end product with no manufacturing costs what so ever.

Now to trading station x3 gold this, you will have to own every stage of the production line. Now there are severally ways to do this, you can either work backwards or from the base. I will do it backwards however for easier understanding at the beginning, so. I have a Bofu Chemical lab. It needs energy and Biogas. So first, I plant a Biogas factory and an SPP to supply both with energy. However, my SPP needs Crystals, so I plant a Crystal fab, but in turn that need silicon, Bofu depending on race and energy.

Now I already have an SPP, but I need a trading videos 2 15 16 mine, and another Bofu Chemical lab, and in turn another biogas factory. When trading station x3 gold do so the name will change to Complex Hub Alpha, rename it once your done to something more appropriate. Now once you have done that you need to get the whole process going. Now to do this, I would get the biggest freighter you can find, any race super freighter will do fill it with energy and then dock it at your complex and unload the energy by going to landed ships.

Now it will start producing. Bare in mind that one Solar Power Plant is enough to power Stations. Now the complex is very clever as it gives out resources too stations in order of priority. Then it will move onto the Bofu, and then the Crystal Fab, and then the SPP. Now to plant a complex you first need to buy a complex hub, then you go to plant it like an ordinary station but then choose two stations and it will link them. We know all the basics now; we even know the complicated stuff.

As always, we are going to take it that final step further. Pipelines across every gate. Disclaimer: this is an exaggeration, do not take seriously. So what do we do? Now by doing so we can eliminate 4 stations immediately. Not to mention it costs. So for the most part all you have to keep an eye on is the intermediate facts.

However if you had 4 Solar Power Plants in one loop, you might as well go for the XL. But it has to be worthwhile. Now this is where you probably want to get a hot drink, as this is something that has had me confused for a little while. Now for those of you that have played X2 or any other X game this will make perfect sense. Well all you need to know at this level is that one size M of anything is enough to supply another size M of metatrader 4 gold unicorn. Because it takes up more space, costs more, requires more ships or complex hubs.

An SPP size M, also only needs one Best trading education minnesota Fab size M to power it. However an L needs 3 Crystal Fabs and an XL needs 5 to run at maximum. Just something too keep in mind. This last bit is obviously going to be essential information. So we understand how we are meant too match up station sizes. To start myself off, I will just note: that every single size M station in X3 uses 30 energy cells per minute or equivalent.

Now an L uses 75 energy cells per minute. So to work out how much energy our loops or complexes will need, we also need to know how much energy each SPP produces. The cycle time is minutes or seconds. So we need basically halve what is produced to work out the production per minute equivalent. Now each SPP produces energy as follows:. And those extra 2 seconds gives us extra energy cells, which is quite trading station x3 gold. So if a standard factory size M uses 30 energy cells per minute, each SPP can support:.

However if anybody wishes me to add them, I can very speedily do it! Now this brings me on too another little niche. So when your working out your loops or complexs, make note that any High Tech Fab only uses 15 energy instead of Which means each SPP can support:. What Sells in other races space. This is just general need to know information on each race which will come in use as you progress further into other races sectors and start to search for new trading opportunities.

Note: Although the above resources can be sold to other races and sometimes only sold to other races, they need resources which only the indigenous race can provide them. Station Race Secondary Resource. Cahoonas Bakery Argon Bio Gas Factory Bofu Chemical Lab Boron Soyery Parinid Chelt Space Aquarium Sunrise Oil Refinery Snail Farm Parinid Argon Delexian Wheat.

Space Fuel Distilary Examples of good Station placement going from lowest profitability to highest. Wheat Farm in the Wall your target is Boron so set to jumps. Silicon mine in Ore Belt 26 Yield. Shield 1MJ Facility in Argon Prime. Soyery in Parinid Prime. Bofu in Kingdom End my first and fav. Cargo Life-support System Pirate Bases. Be aware that trading stations all have different item lists, but one of them in each race will sell what you need. Depending on whether it is available to that race though.

However that sequence will obviously only work on Freighters set to home base. To adjust elevation height press insert to change to height view press again to go back :. Relatively Simple Bit complicated Challenging Global Statistics General Information. Hope this was of use! Apr 06, ; edited 55 times in total Back to top. This should be useful. As a complete newbie to X I find it all quite overwhelming. The manual only explains in brief how certain things work and there doesn't seem to be a very thorough tutorial or anything in the actual game.

The manual claims tutorials can be found under the Simulator option but the only option I trading station x3 gold there was a combat scenario. So for the first couple of hours I just pottered about in my little ship and didn't really have a clue what I was actually doing. I feel that if you don't "get into" a game rather quickly at the beginning, there's a big chance that you'll just get bored and give up before you've even scratched the surface of the game.

Any links to other newbie-friendly resources would be appreciated. Post if you have any further questions or you can PM me. Let me know how your doing anyways guys! That way wherever you sell them you will make profitsss! We were suspended in the void. I do have some other questions though Going to a station to trade and I have no idea what to get for my own ship because I don't know anything about them.

Also, how do you fix the hull of your ship? I went on a pirate run last night just to get to know the game and damaged my ship's hull pretty badly, I trading station x3 gold figure out where to fix it, and I didn't find anything in the manual unless i missed it Back to top. Be careful not to sell your ship. Specifically there isn't a guide for X3 yet But there is for X2 which is virtually identical! Work yea way through that. My main trading station x3 gold with X2 was the INSANELY slow startup Even getting that k by selling the Express Shield and laser This should help immensely.

Ie how do I see the prices in that sector when I'm in my other ship in some completely different sector? I tried the command console but didn't find anything.

X3: Albion Prelude

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