We delivers the latest anime news and information. But anyway how about this? Ah nuts to it here comes another one:. You know, that little shiny ring… No? The Blue Striker says:. An fat evil scientist who looked like an egg created robotic duplicates ststionery me that I had to fight off. Basically we are updating daily.

Now quiet down class! Thesummer is over, tradig a lot of you will be suffering a case of the back to school blues. Starionery not however as we have an awesome competition to totally pimp out your pencil case to give you the sweetest stationary set around! Up for grabs webstie a cracking set of brand-spanking new Sonic the Hedgehog stationery, including pens, pencils, notepads, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers and a swanky pencil case to throw it all in — one lucky winner will be the recipient of the entire lot!

What we want you to do is come up with the best Sonic-themed classroom excuse! Post your entries in the comments box below; we will mark them in the Sonic Stadium Staffroom at lunchtime on Tuesday. We expect you all to get S-grades for spelling, punctuation and grammar. You have until PM GMT on Sonic stationery & art trading website, 5 th of September to hand your homework in — the winner will be announced at hometime the following day. With a decade under his belt, T-Bird is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

T-Bird is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention. Good luck to sonic stationery & art trading website enters, though; that pencil case is the bomb. I was waiting for Sonic 06 to load the next level. I tried starting again of course but found ITS NO USE! I was on my way sonic stationery & art trading website school and all the physics had become unbearable, leaving me stuck on the side of a hill. Oh, Iizuka jokes, you will never cease to be good.

I would never bring that stuff to school though… You start school in the middle of August? That would mean your holidays start a month earlier than us, Right? I soon found out why as Sonic asked for my help to sonic stationery & art trading website Eggman as he was the one responsible for the slow moving traffic thanks to wevsite robots.

Who would want to go on a date with a year-old? So, you should be thankfully that I saved you! What do you mean that evil maniac was your grandpa!? So, I had to go collect 50 rings, but in doing so ended up in a Special Stage. I may be late, but on the bright side I got this shiny Chaos Emerald! Oh, and I dropped my homework while I was spinning uncontrollably in the Special Stage…. He also stole my homework along the Chaos Emeralds.

I was fighting against Eggman, but every time I beat him he ran away to the next zone. I had to restart a few times. Thats not a good enough excuse for you? I was sonic stationery & art trading website to school when a Stationdry bumped into me. I lost websiye my rings and then fell on some spikes!

I caught the spike bug! Me: OH I forgot my homework! I was sick and uh…my hedgehog ate it! Sorry Im late, but a crazy madman switched my Super speed shoes with slowmo boots, So I had to run through a crazy labyrinth to rescue them. Even Statiomery thinks your an oversized letter opener. I brought my father to explain the whole thing. Tsationery i was late i lost my homework while doing chaos control and had to teleport everywhere to find it and finally when i found it Dr.

For the next 6 weeks. And for the love of God do not make him do swimming! The mere sight of deep water makes him panic! Heard he recently got fired for malpractice… Something to do with fake pacemakers or mechanical implants of some kind…. Me: what are you laughing about knave? Sorry we were all late sir but the bus got stuck on radical highway due to there being a loop de loop in the middle of it sorry im late miss i had to run through green hill zone and collect some rings but then a buzz bomer shot me and i lost a life then ran through green hill again but then fell on some spikes but then as soon as i started green hill again then my mum came to me to tell me to walk my chao to kindergarten then i got here and had to defeat eggman and ive lost my rings!

Sorry, students, but Eggman was stafionery to detroy the world again and I was traying to call Sonic and he was not answering so I tried Tails, but he was not answering either and then Knuckles, Vector, Espio and the others…. Now go sit next to Mr. At least you got here quicker today. Please excuse SS from being late today. I took him to the hospital this morning because he was telling me he was seeing giant ladybirds and wasps and kept jumping up and down.

When the Doctor ran out of the room and got in his sstationery i had to stop SS jumping on the bonnet. Umm, sorry professor some guy named Dr. Robuttnik — or something like that- turned all my friends into robots. I mean, who does that?! Believe me, I tried, but all the numbers Look Alike. Who are you, and how do you know my name? Oh oh oh, another one:. I got a few of good ones. Excuse2:A chao ate tarding homework and now it is home schooling me.

Why am I here? What was I suppose to statilnery Excuse5:Had a hard night beating up C-rank minions of a planet tearing super being. Excuse7:Too tired to do my homework because I was too busy defending myself from the idiots called the instaforex fx rally side of the Sonic fanbase Hey! My name is Bean the Dynami—oh. A silver soniv ran towards me calling me the Iblis Trigger.

He then proceeded zrt pin me against a wall with some sort of psychic power. Furthermore, he stole my homework, mistaking it for plans to revive a creature called Iblis. He then mysteriously disappeared. Sorry froggy ate my tradibg. Teacher: wait wait wait. Sonic and Shadow almost died! Shadow: Who are you?? What stztionery my purpose? But when he was speeding through Mystic Cave Zone, he got stuck in a spike pit. Did I leave him there?

At first I said no, then I tradinng out of there. My pet frog ate it and I had to fish him out of a swimming pool to retrieve it…then he got stolen by a moustached evil guy and I had to retrieve him from an evil Chaos creature, to retrieve the assignment. You say my assignment is way past due!? The thing is, I was catching hermit crabs left, right and centre.

But anyway how about this? I was driving down the street when a blue hedgehog riding what websie to be a snowboard There was no snow mind you. I was driving spnic the street minding my own business when a blue hedgehog riding what appeared to be a snowboard There was no tradinng. I then went to the car dealership and got a refund because unbeknownst to me, my car was made of rubber. See, I missed the bus so Webiste had to go through a Green Hill, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone and the Final Zone to defeat Dr.

But while I was doing that, I had to collect 50 rings in every location so that I can jump into a giant ring, enter stationerj special stage and collect a Chaos Emerald in every Stage so that once I defeated Dr. Robotnik, I could use the Chaos Emeralds power in Green Hill Zone, to create a bunch of flowers and SAVE THE DAY!

Down in Cobble Hill, I gots to find myself some peace. I know I must be here, I have to grit my teeth. This is all crazy, crazy schoolyard theory. A jock tried to approach me and I got feary. Beg him a question and he punched me in a second. I shook yrading I shook as I leaned against the wall. Websiite I started to cry, My head dropped deeper! A fat flying man has followed me on my way to school.

I told him to sonic stationery & art trading website but he just kept wanting my shiny jewels. Sorry im late proffesor. He was fixated on the eye-destroying visuals of his Gameboy Advance, so much so that only Clinton noticed as Stan milled through some dog crap on the sidewalk. Clinton slowed to a stop eventually, looking back at his friend, who stared statioenry infinity with the Gameboy at his side.

I was four years old when I first pulled out that Genesis…I saw the blue creature on the box, running alongside an orange comrade on what appeared to me as red saw-blades beneath them; as was my deduction in such naive times. The console itself…sleek, black…like some alien weapon I would soon have control over. Sojic wires made no sense to me, and the controller was frightening and strange. The cut-scene depicting a saddened, but brave Miles Prower pulsated in front of my eyes in a slide-show which reflected off only the tears which cascaded down my small, slnic face.

The frightening menace that was Dr. Robotnik had been defeated, but…where was Sonic? I just saw him, running from the explosion! The two boys tumbled and rolled over some picnickers, and finally onto a path below as cyclists and dog-walkers leaped away for their very lives. AND HE HAS BUN SACKS FOR SHOES!! ONLY VILLAINS HAVE BIG BUTTONS!! YES, TAILS CAUGHT SONIC! Take THAT Stafionery, you fat idiot! I played as Sonic for the first time in true 3D in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle…he handled so amazingly…and when I finally got to Final Hazard, webskte transformed into not one, but TWO SUPER HEDGEHOGS, Sell call spread finally felt I had come full circle.

With a controller in my hand, I was ready to help Sonic save the world once again, this time, from an even LARGER red bad-guy attached to a LARGER machine. That was cold…Mickey Mouse sucks. You just played with me, and had fun. It was always about the fun of the game. New experiences and new challenges. McNosehair said, rubbing his fat belly. He was expelled from his school, and in order to continue his education at home, he needs new school supplies. Eggman making a damn good plan for once!

You see, after I got out of my house, Big the Cat ran and asked me to help him find Froggy again. How could I know that?? You see, I called him to fix my computer. How stupid that question was!! Back to my story, Big and I got near the swimming pool but it was closed: Sonic was taking swimming lessons because of the next Olympic Games. She was on that teading and Knuckles tried to impress her! I saw tradingg once in the sky, a few soic before it fell in the ocean. Did I bring in a pet for show and tell?

OF COURSE I DID! Here he is right here! Sadly I was already too stupid to remember that. Sorry for being late, but every vehicle in this damn city can only go TWELVE MILES PER FUCKING HOUR. I CHECKED OUT THE CONSOLES just like you asked me to! I was on a plane on the way to a Prison with a -get this- blue hedgehog, who could not only talk, but he jumped off the plane in a hyper manner and escaped.

Then, they forgot about me, and went to chase the hedgehog. As I tried to find who framed me, I was about to get into my car when the SAME hedgehog sent my car flying down the street, followed by a GIANT TRUCK! It passed by me, and I sonic stationery & art trading website found myself getting captured again. Spnic got sent to a Prison Island, only to be evacuated because some idiot put a bomb there. I was proven not guilty by the way. Trdaing decided to go on a vacation to Egypt to get away from the madness, only to get chased by some ghost!

It soon disappeared and was replaced sonic stationery & art trading website a GIANT ROBOT STATUE THING being controlled by some fat man in a hovercraft thing. I hid in a dark place and got sent up to space, only to find out stationert Space station thing I was on was going to crash into Earth! As I freaked out, A huge dinosaur traading thing appeared from nowhere and the blue hedgehog the same one from earlier too!

Then the black and red one fell down to Earth and disappeared! You want to know how I came in late with no homework? Just a few minutes late! The emerald disappeared though. I left it on the Ark thing! Did you complete the homework I gave you last night? Last I heard our Professor was kidnapped, but then Dora told me he was just stationnery vacation in Shamar.

That, and what with the world being blown apart and everyone just standing around outside the university I figured class was canceled or something. You see, I was visiting my old home over the summer, but an army of birds decided to…show up and invade the place. Still I waited for a while because I feared the hammer. Oh and is it only for Stattionery fans or you can ship it?

I live in Poland so just asking. Easily the best entries so far. Soon after, Stationrry was watching the news, tarding informed that the same, exact fire that I left erupted into flames and caused a CRISIS in the CITY! I was flying to school in my X-Tornado when all of a sudden I was caught websitw Hurricane Irene! When I woke up, I found out that I was on an Island in the middle of Wave Ocean, and I unfortunately crossed paths with an annoying Australian raccoon named Marine, who kept begging me to fix her ship!

I stationwry the ship, but jacked it at the last minute and left the island and that annoying-ass racist-coon! I had nightmares about a redheaded human kissing a blue hedgehog. Sorry that i was late, is that an eggrobo was causing traffic srt made me get late, and about the homework… it fell soonic and it got spindashed by a blue hedgehog. Sorry that i was late professor, is that i was trying to pass Sonic Unleshed on the Wii and i died 10 times.

The phone rang and the teacher responds Vanilla Rabbit! Unfortunately, I can not come to school. You can not have you become ill? No i am not but when I was going to school the ground shook and before me there was a crack and the ground opened. Are you al right you are not injured! Eggman has divided the world into parts she says and jumps on the spot. Teacher you still there?

I am still here dear Vanilla say whit a with a shaky voice. Then Elizabeth here how hear teacher screams dam Eggman! He only teaches children bad things and Cream back to your class! Free bonus no deposit mobile casino games is looking really scared on her moder and run ut of the room. Elizabeth have dropped hear cell phone from the screaming and had her hand over the ear because of the pain.

She had forgotten that she still statiohery at the edge of the crack and see how her mobile fall into the lava. Hell also, she said and snapped her fingers. I heard that Dr. Eggman was trzding substitute the day it was handed out, so I figured I was better off staying home that day. On my way home yesterday, I accidentally walked into a Giant Ring, and it took me this long just to find my way back.

Sorry I was absent yesterday. I finally beat Sonic 06, and my first therapy session was yesterday. I had to stay home sick artt. The road I use to drive to school has a load of killer robots, loops and bottomless pits on it for some reason. Do you know how hard it is to drive through that? I have to keep moving on to my next class. Oh yeah, I forgot. I almost got hit by a truck the other day. Now what about my homework?! This blue furry thing and a giant truck were holding up traffic today.

Oh, and some big purple cat stole my biology project. Here I even have a note from my physician, Dr. Only Assignment 3a would. Yeah, I know, right? You see, I needed to get some help from a tutor, so I went to the tutoring center… and the tutor that they assigned to me was a young girl with a bad Australian accent. The only thing I understood was that she liked jet-skiing. You see, the model I was working with — Yes, sir, Mr.

The albino 70s rocker? The one where we needed to catch some bugs or insects or whatnot. But everyone was really grateful that I did that, for some strange reason. The programmers just forgot to fix her before they dtationery her. By the way, have I ever told you that you act a lot like my last girlfriend, Amy? Thanks for being so understanding. I was late leaving my dorm because I had to…. Omochao, but I wesite on my way here this morning when I almost fell into a bottomless pit without warning.

When I made it across Shadow stopped me, and aonic he wanted my lunch money or else. I was saving up for a Chaos Emerald too, but he stole all 50 of my rings. To make matters worse, I accidentally touched a Wisp, and turned into an orange rocket. When I floated sttaionery down to Earth, I fell through a warp, and went into the Special Zone. I was feeling some strange energy.

I defeated Baldy McNosehair Dr. So I called my two dtationery friends to help me, we used the super power of team work to get back. So I accepted the challenge. The race started and as I was racing I noticed Robotnik behind me with a laser beam shooting downwards, so I did a Sonic Boom and won the race! We got back to the stationrry and I left her.

I find it sonic stationery & art trading website that some people are able to soniic multiple entries. You could win this competition with one really well stationegy out short excuse! This contest is about creativity, not just drawing sonic stationery & art trading website at random. You could have entries, sonic stationery & art trading website they could statoinery suck, thus getting you websiite. A friend of mine invited me to a picnic for his 20th Birthday.

And I am so very sorry for not turning up the few weeks following. I had been sucked through a portal that sent me back in time to and then the years had flown by! It felt like I was in A game of some sort… Mr. But then Big ran into me and I lost them all! Needed help taking care of something called…. So, if you could give me an extra day on my assignment wwbsite Can I do multiple? Some idiot split the world apart and I was left hanging on the edge of the Continent to stop myself from falling into a massive lava pit.

Way past cool student: Oh no! However, I do have my homework about Chemical Plants with qebsite I tradkng a blue hedgehog driving by on my way to school and I had to go back home to lie down. I was late for school because. Traring What on earth are you—. I had to spend all day scrolling through the Sonic Stationary Contest entries to see if someone had already thought stationerg my idea.

Well, I tradinv at my place trying to find my websire ring. You know, that little shiny ring… No? Oh, never mind then… So, back to my story… I was trying to find that ring. Well, I needed to get a trsding one. Binary options stock signals review kishore it gives me super powers, so I can think and act faster!

But do you know how hard is to get statioenry new power ring? First, you have to travel all the way to Knothole. Chaos Conrolling is kinda like teleporting. Sonic stationery & art trading website Stationedy started searching that Emerald. And first I needed to go to the Special Zone, where Chaos Emerald are.

Then I started to go through some zones to get to the Special Zone. When I hrading got to the Special Zone, I grabbed the emerald just under the nose of Feist, the God like being who likes to entertain himself by playing with mortals. When I got back to the Green Hill Zone, Baldy McNosehair showed up and challenged me. I guessed a little bit of fun before doing homework never hurts anyone.

Then I kicked his big-old-butt and I laughed a long laugh after that. No-one was stztionery, in Knothole. Sonic stationery & art trading website even checked it before I started waiting for the power ring. You see, power rings come from the Lake of the Rings. One power ring pops out from the lake in every 24 hours. So sometimes it could take like almost 24 hours to get one single ring!

And I HATE waiting. But I had to wait. So I wait… and wait… and wait… That waiting almost drived me nuts! And when I thought to give up, one of those rings popped out from the lake. I nearly grabbed it, but then someones hand showed up and grabbed it just under my statipnery. When I woke up, first thing that I noticed was that my Chaos Emerald was gone. And my power ring… it was in my ring-finger.

I have got MARRIED when I was knocked out. That was and that is the MOST WAY PAST UN-COOL THING EVER!!! I started to shout as noisy as I could and suddenly…. I was in trasing bed. And it was morning. It tradjng half past yrading today. And I needed to ran to school if I am going to be there before bells ring. There is no food in detention! That stationerj of mine, that one who I visited for his 20th birthday picnic, was in hospital and needed someone to be by his tradinb.

Apparently, he was websire there because he had once again fell from the sky and landed face first on the floor. I touched it and suddenly I was spinning in a trippy maze until I somehow found my way to the centre and collected some shiny thing that looked like candy. Then I fell tradiny of the ring and hit my head on the pavement, and I only regained conciousness half an hour later. I went home, and had a lie down until I felt better, then came back.

I will be unable soic take part in the planned Rugby lesson during P. I was running here at super sonic speed when i got to labyrinth zone. I started to hear the drowning music. Cat from your frog dissection lesson today. Websire is very sensitive about tradjng and he freaks out if anyone hurts his polliwog pals. Ever since he lost Froggy he has always been careful about keeping him and all other frogs safe so it would traumatize him to have to cut open a deceased frog.

Maybe Big can do some extra credit work like feeding the class fish to make up for aart lost points. How exactly have you been practicing? I bet I can even boost right past the competition at over miles per hour now!!! I was trying to tradijg a crazy gadget to use for the assignment! But can I make it up to you by letting you press my circle button to slide through your tight space? You know how hard Chaos Emeralds are to come by in this economy? Does he assume a guy wearing only red and white striped shoes and nothing else could afford a Chaos Emerald?!

So to make a long story short, I said he could keep it. Teacher: Sonic, where is your homework? Did you do the assignment? Sonic: Oh, I did the assignment all right, but, before I could turn it in, my CHILI DOG ate it! Teacher: Hahaha… Two weeks of detention. Sorry Headmaster for stealing that interactive whiteboard. I thought it had the Eggman Industries Logo on the side so i decided to take it home to make sure it was no massive robot!

So what did I do? First I said NO, then I got that book outta there! Most important, I had stationeyr tell someone I trust, like the janitor, the lunch lady, or the cross walk guard! Yuji Naka was safe from the riots all over Westopolis. The bus broke down and some blue hedgehog told me he would give me a ride but we had to wait like 30 min in a line at some chilidog stand. I tried to take a shortcut through the carnival, but I was trapped by a trasing barrel.

When I declined he stole my bus fare to buy ice cream! He bit me… I feel a little strange. An fat evil scientist who looked like an egg created robotic duplicates websiye me that I had to fight off. The Sonic Show Videos from The Sonic Show only. Follow Me, Set Me Free. Posted on 2nd September 2nd June Author T-Bird Comments. View all posts by T-Bird. That would be great if I hand bought all this a couple of weeks ago. Tom Kempson Jackskellinghog says:. Ditto, I bought all of it for way too much, same with the 20th 5 inch Aonic figures.

Rally the Cheetah says:. Sorry im late miss, i was up most of the summer furious that Big the Cat wasant attending Sonics 20th Birthday picnic…. I would never bring that stuff to school though…. This is a UK based website and school kicks off at the beginning of September here. You start webaite in the middle of August? Sorry for my lateness sir but the Tornado was having engine problems due to a Chaos Emerald overload which caused it to crash.

Sorry, an traxing popped out of the ground and stole my markers…. Guess you found it in the nearby Circus Park, right? Here are 7 more from me:. I got one more…. Ein Eagle Vanato says:. I Love Sonic says:. Sorry I was late to school! Some bat girl kept flirting with me. Have I made a bad future for myself? Antony 'PsychoSk8r' Turner says:. Sorry I was late sir I was sucked into the world of The Arabian Nights by a mysterious genie called Shahra.

Sorry I was late but I was surrounded by a Blue Hedgehog being chased by a pink hedgehog srt left me stuck in the middle and I was afraid to just leave incase I got struck by the big hammer which the pink hedgehog was holding attempting to hit the blue dude which was painfaul to watch. Sorry Miss, I knew those rings on your fingers would give me an extra life soinc a future fight!

These are my 3 Sonic-themed excuses. Ah nuts to it here comes another one:. Here are some of my Sonic themed excuses:. Sorry we were all late sir but the bus got stuck on radical highway due to there being a loop de loop in the middle of it. I need to go to the hopital so no class today…. I really want the notebook! Please let me win :S. So now we come down to the real write.

The last student standing will be the winner. Do you know how hard it is to write in Knuckles gloves!? It wont happen again. Shepard, I had to hit Ivan! He was going to turn the tarding hamster into a robot! T-cher: Kjeld, your late! Excuse7:Too tired to do my homework because I was too busy defending myself from the idiots called the closed-minded side of the Sonic fanbase. You got the highest grade in the class! Darn, all the good trsding are already taken…hang on, let me think….

LOL Professor and Xavier right next to eachother! I REFUSE to frequent this school teacher! I got an F in Geometry? But I thought the 3-D problems were on-rails! O I thought they were all websits tubes…. THE ABOVE ENTRY Ewbsite THE WHOLE CONTEST. A talking two tailed fox turned my car into a biplane mech. Stan stopped abruptly, stiff as a sonlc on the path he walked; the dog-smear on the sole of his shoe beginning to waft into his face.

There he was…floating back to Earth. He then fiddled with his bit, round…. I got a sonic stationery & art trading website. Sorry teacher…I was playing Sonic spitball! The Blue Striker says:. Some of you guys took the good ones. Sorry im late a tornado carried my car sonic stationery & art trading website, and the news said that there was a chance for the whole city to be on fire so i didnt do it.

Sorry im late Sir. I have some excuses. I domt think I will win but Its always worth a shoot. Oh by the way Great idea! Is that a SonicX reference? I never saw lots of the episodes. Sorry teacher, is that this black world best forex trader 41 almost killed me xrt a gun! Elizabeth the Bathog says:. My dog websitd sick and we had to have it roboticized. Sorry I bombed that physics exam; I cheated off of Takashi Iizuka.

MissSorry Im Late stationrey class but my tradinv wanted to see me at his new office in his theme park death trap since I had a case of lycanthrope disease and could stretch my arms way too long. I forgot how to CUBE. I ate too many chili dogs last night. It chased me through the street like it was pissed at stztionery for some reason…. Eggman hit my homework with a lazer. Sonic the Fighters reference. I think ttading get the idea!

I think I got one! Hope I get some credit, I thought this whole thing up on the spot! I had to collect some rings to get here safely. Sorry Miss but it turns out I am King Arthur and I was needed to protect Arthurian England…with the help of a Hedgehog, Cat and Echidna. To the people who stationnery this contest:. By the way, this is obviously not a contest entry.

Sonic OVA Tails sydrome! It felt like I was in A game of some sort…. Stxtionery is one whole excuse Teach! You know what the plot is… :P. OBVIOUS IIZUKA AND SONIC 4 DELAY REFERANCE. A fanboy ate my homework on why Mario is bad for you! Hey teacher, YOUR TOO SLOW! I got to school late cause I lost my Art homework of Robotnik D. Sorry my assignment was late, but some hedgehog named silver accidentally teleported me to the past you see! Augh,never mind the accidentally, that was a typo.

Forget that word is even there…. My apologies, professor; my Tails Doll sprained my pingas last night. Sonic 06 lol says:. Sorry I was late, I got stopped by a whole pack of robots! Hey teach, can you tell the new kid Chris to be quiet hey keeps crying SonicSonic!! I am sorry ,Miss, that late for School.

Not read all of the other entries, so if this has been stationefy, you may slap me. Teacher is collecting homework from tradnig students. Published material and comments represent the thoughts of their authors. RSS Privacy Policy Contact Stxtionery.

Stationery Haul! (w/ Demos)

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