Today I want to share all my knowledge and insights with you. But what service is doing dorex REALLY good job. The response has always been absolutely excellent. The worst in this whole situation is the feeling you get. This new infographic reveals just how the GBP flash crash in October unfolded.

Since publishing my video course on how to set up a Forex VPS I have been receiving lots of questions in regards to Amazon Web Services AWS for trading. Do you think if it has enough ram to support three instances of mt4 whaat the same time with 10 ea working in each platform? As this description suggests, the what is the use of vps for forex traders job designation uwe AWS is to help businesses cut costs buy replacing expensive infrastructure servers, cables, software, etc.

Well, one of the solutions that Amazon offers is the EC2 which is basically a VPS, and you can use it for many different things. Among them — for hosting your MetaTrader 4 trading terminals. For you and me — nope. Not a good idea. Everything else — normal VPS providers have the same or even better. Plus, if you hhe planning on trading Forex profitably, why would you want to save pennies?

I actually went and got an AWS EC2 Server to use as a Forex VPS. Here it is: Launched beautifully the first time. Okay, this is not good. That means if your server goes bonkers between 5pm—8am let alone on the weekend! Obviously, since this was a test I chose not get support. I decided to keep trying. Plus, for that same price I can get a much better paid VPS with outstanding support included. I did that for a few days, nothing changed. To make sure that the fault is NOT on my side, I called up one of my friends and asked him to try from another computer in another country.

Same result — no response from either of my two Amazon VPS Forex Servers. Just for fun yesterday I created one more instance and checked it today, and it launched! I wonder how long it will last… The other two are still down, even though AWS tells me that all three are running: The worst in this whole situation is the feeling you get. How would you feel?

At least, you would not feel like usse are in control of the situation. In this case Server Stability will depend on the EAs. The way these models work is they are computational-heavy, they run for a few days, but then they go to sleep until they are needed again. This means that sometimes the IT infrastructure is needed, and sometimes — not. This is, hands down, one of the BIGGEST reasons why AWS is so lucrative… for businesses.

Of course, you could argue that you would switch off your VPS over the weekends. But are you really going to do that EVERY weekend? Just to save a couple of bucks? Did you notice that every time I mentioned cost-effectiveness as being one of the advantages of AWS, I used italics? Not for retail traders. As we discussed, 1GB is not a lot of RAM. But, how much is that going to cost you per month? But you tell me — which do YOU think is a better deal?

AWS is designed for businesses, not for people. We are Forex Traders. Is the trade-off really worth it to you? Those are my main occupations. I've been into Forex Trading since and, as they say, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've survived the GFC and learned a lot along the way. Today I want to share all my knowledge and insights with you. First off, let me thank you for your work in putting together these informative courses.

But I would agree that a trader that is not technically inclined kob requires support would want to stick with a provider that has a tech support hotline. I manage my own virtual infrastructure on AWS for my day job, so it was a natural fit for me to quickly provision virtual machines for myself for VPS use. In my own case, I have never had connectivity issues with AWS such as you described. Note also that AWS has a security group mechanism where you specify the IP wwhat from which you access the virtual machines.

A scenario like this would result in you not being able to connect to your servers via RDP. A simple addition of your new network to the security group would likely have remedied the problem. This costs a bit more of course but worth it for the piece of mind that trades will be transmitted reliably. Thank you for a great comment and these valuable insights! Interesting comment in regards to the IP security groups. That would explain why ofrex attempt to log in from another country was unsuccessful.

It was also great to hear about the location selection. This is truly an important feature and one that traders like you, with AWS experience, can and should take advantage of. I concur that technically proficient AWS users can still benefit from Amazon VPS for Forex trading. However, I believe forxe both agree on two points: 1.

AWS is not an appropriate solution for technically non-savvy retail Forex Traders. In order not to offend anybody reading this, I might even take this a step further: AWS is not an appropriate solution for Forex Traders who are not accustomed to using AWS. Most importantly, the Free VPS offered by Amazon is not adequate for reliable trading with MetaTrader 4, especially if you want to run multiple instances.

May I ask just out of curiosity — with your AWS solution, how many MetaTrader 4 terminals are you currently running and how much RAM does your VPS server have? Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Amazon Web Services. Based on your post, AWS may be a beneficial option for me down the road when I have become more comfortable using virtual private servers. Us like the idea of having control over which data centers I access.

Such flexibility could potentially improve latency and execution issues. I work with AWS a lot like all day every day a lot and with big data solutions. Like nirvous says, instances are brought up in a VPC which is a private little area for just your instances for security. The VPC is extremely hse and there are many many ways you can quite literally lock yourself out just by a simple misconfiguration.

I see that Metatrader can run on Linux which I would consider preferable as a larger majority of your resources can be devoted to the application rather than the OS itself. Lastly, AWS is not just servers. Might be worthwhile to look into a platform like this geared towards traders. What a great overview! Especially, the VPC and Linux comments very interesting. Certainly, something traders with advanced understanding of AWS could leverage.

Indeed, there is so much more to AWS, even trivial ideas like storing tick-data on Amazon Servers, deploying sophisticated ML algorithms to process that data and hooking them up to MetaTrader 4 via DLL to send requests to the trade server — that can all be via AWS. Anyways, sounds like an interesting idea to explore but I would not have the industry experience to know flrex to build.

Thank you for the post Kirill. I was curious about Amazon Web Services and wanted to know whether or not the cloud service was reliable for forex trading. Your review covered a lot of important points that rraders traders can use to make informed decisions. A major deal breaker for me is that clients have to pay to gain access to technical support. Support services should be vpps with the cloud service and come at no cost to clients.

Since I have little experience using virtual private servers, I will need access to technical support; therefore, AWS may not be the best VPS service for folks like me. I will review Photon VPS as they seem to offer many benefits. Well i am agree with you. Any information or advice contained on this website is general in nature only and does not constitute personal or investment advice.

We will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or whaat from the use of or reliance on such information. You should seek independent financial advice prior to acquiring a financial product. All securities and financial products or instruments transactions involve risks. Please remember that past performance results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

The information on this site may be accessed worldwide however it is not directed at residents in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Free Amazon VPS Forex: Trader Beware! Amazon offer the first year of their subscription for FREE, and this means that if Algorithmic traders deploy their Forex Robots at Amazon they save some cash on VPS hosting.

Amazon Web Services AWS provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. But what about Forex? Sounds like a plan? Amazon Web Services is designed for businesses, and NOT for retail traders. All of the incredible benefits of AWS like scalability, on-demand use, low cost — only work for enterprises. Only 1 GB Ram. After 1st year: pay-per-hour. Launched beautifully the first time. Day 2, this happened:. Will try again in forxe hour. No phone number… Live chat maybe?

How about an email? Can I at least submit a support ticket? And then it hit me! There is NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT ALL. To be fair, the support guys exist, but to get access to them, it will cost you:. Tried again a week later — nothing happened. Both instances were down. I wonder how long it will last… The other two are still down, even though AWS tells me that all three are running:. The worst in this whole situation is the feeling you get.

With 2 out of 3 servers permanently down, level of control is definitely a problem. Operating system: minimum mb. Each MetaTrader 4 platform: another mb. If you ask me, 10 on each MetaTrader is a bit of a stretch for what is the use of vps for forex traders job type of server…. Assuming that everything goes well in the first year and you are extremely happy with the service you are getting, these are the prices that you will be looking ix if you want to continue your lease:.

Because AWS is designed for businesses. Allow me to elaborate. You see, Data Scientists and Analysts alike use AWS to run complex gorex models and all sorts of other analytics. Now check this out:. For full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Cps. Summary: Amazon VPS Forex. I will leave you with a quote from one of my favourite entrepreneurs, from whom I am learning a lot, Ramit Sethi:.

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