Currency Exchange; Forex Calculators; The parliamentarians also demanded that the dealers should provide the platfofm with a warranty of some sort to ensure that dealers are selling cars that will run for years in the hands of the many Swazis who purchase them. Forex Broker Forex Hedge. DOB: 3 March When Angeline can be so gorgeous. During the function, 11 teachers were presented with certificates for excelling in their different lessons while 43 students were given textbooks and novels as academic awards for excelling in their different disciplines.

This is to check if they have not written answers on their covered body parts to copy during exams, which begin this month. Female teachers and invig-ilators would be responsible for inspecting the girls, while the boys would be monitored by male teachers and invigilators. The training was well attended by both primary and high school principals as well as invigilators. She said due to the inspection, the invigilators would have to make sure that the pupils arrive at least 30 minutes before the exams start, in order to be checked.

This comes after facilitators noted that during exams, pupils would come with unauthorised material which they use as an advantage to copy, yet this was against the rules and regulations of nest exams. They made it clear there will be no leniency should a candidate be found copying during the exams and that studying is the only way forward.

With the issue of using cellphones to copy, Mkhonta said candidates who would be found in the possession of a mobile phone, would be disqualified from that paper. She went on to warn the invigilators that they should see to it that all unauthorised material should not gain entry into the exam room and that, for instance, calculators, dictio-naries and mathematical tables may only be used where permitted by the syllabus. Mcizi added that only official examination stationary is to be used.

On the other hand, her colleague said all candidates who would be sitting for exams are forbidden to communicate with anyone while in the examination room. The principals and the invigilators who were in attendance shared the same sentiments with the facilitators, that copying was a cause for concern as it also diminishes the name of the school. Pregnant pupils to write exams. Over the past years, principals used to sideline pregnant pupils from writing exams.

However, facilitators from the Exams Council have made it clear that pregnant pupils should now write at their respective school. The facilitators, however, made it clear that the girls should take advantage of the situation, but they should take care of themselves as early pregnancies are not advisable for pupils. Lucy Mkhonta a facilitator from the Exams Council said, although they are allowed to write, it is also encouraged for them to get other centres to avoid other pupils in their respectful schools falling pregnant, with the hope they will also be allowed to write their exams.

Also tackled was the tendency of late arrival in the exam room. The facilitators said bets a candidate arrives late and offers no good reasons, no additional time would be added for that candidate, however, should a candidate submit an apparent reason, additional time should be considered. During the Invigilators training programme, other areas that were taken into consideration were the issues of emergency cases, for instance when a fire alarm would be raised during the exams.

The facilitators said the pupils must evacuate the exam room and they should be supervised as far as possible, to ensure there is no collision. Invigilators were also taught how to handle the situations should something sinister happen. They said the Invigilator should indicate in the script where interruption occurred and note the length of interruption singaporre that the candidates should be given full tading to complete writing.

Wilson Ntshangase, the Minister of Education and Training said the classrooms would be used to accommodate the increased number of pupils, that are expected to attend school from Next year marks the beginning of FPE which will commence from Grades One and Two. He revealed this during the tabling of the Free Primary Education Bill ofin Parliament yesterday. Ntshangase also said his ministry would install 85 classrooms and mobile houses in different schools around the country.

He also said the ministry beat more than ready for the commencement of the free education next year. He also highlighted that parents would not be required to pay building fund under the free primary education. He however clarified that parents with children in grades three to five would still be required to pay fees, as agreed by their schools until the programme is rolled out in all the grades.

He also said there would be no discrimination of children under programme based on disability or otherwise. He said the ministry had trained teachers to cater for children with all disabilities. He further highlighted that this would avail all netbqll a chance to hire and be able to pay support staff, such as night-watchmen, Secretary and Cooks to mention a few. Ntshangase also mentioned that the money will also promote quality education in the public schools.

MBABANE — Mr Swaziland has proven to be role model as many young men have been circumcised after he did. She said the greatest response was from young men, especially those in tertiary institutions. A number of students from the Swaziland College of Technology SCOT registered for circumcision after Okwakhe went there to encourage them to circumcise. She said they have also been getting calls from different people who ask whether he really trdaing it and end up registering themselves.

He said the greatest impact the beauty king made on him was when he featured in his breakfast show two days hest the circumcision. He added that Okwakhe even offered to accompany him as he goes through the same procedure today. Meanhwhile, the beauty king said he was very grateful that people were following in his footsteps and assured them that they were taking the correct steps. Okwakhe had revealed in an earlier interview that he would be visiting tertiary institutions and communities to encourage men to best forex trading platform singapore netball. BUSINESS was brought to a standstill yesterday at Hlatikulu due to lack of water.

Members of the public had to relieve themselves in the bush and others behind structures, living the area in an eyesore sight. In the public ablutions facilities, there were no notices advising the public about the unavailability of water. Schools around this hamlet were affected. Some small business persons had to collect water from still ponds in order to serve customers. One of the businesspeople, David Zeeman, who operates a liquor outlet, Tumble Tradig Bottle Store and Bar said he had to close the toilet.

He said it was a sad situation when some members of the public had no alternative but to use the nearby bushes for relieving themselves. There has been no water here since morning. Other businesses have already closed because bet the situation. It is besy setback for our businesses and we just best forex trading platform singapore netball if anyone is going to compensate us. Zeeman said he had to fetch tfading with a drum. He said he also learned that some of the families were compelled to fetch water for netbalp from rivers.

Other areas that were greatly affected are the market place and the bus rank. The public toilets at best forex trading platform singapore netball bus rank were stinking and things worsened when the public used the nearby bushes. Hlatikulu acting Town Netbalo Artwell Dlamini sounded shocked to learn that the town experienced water shortage yesterday.

Dlamini said he was not Compare Binary Options Signals at Binary Value as he was in Mbabane on work related matters. He, however, said when he left in the morning, there was water. SWSC Public Relations Officer Jameson Mkhonta said he had not best forex trading platform singapore netball made aware of the problem faced by the Hlatikulu folk. Nothing was communicated to me to that effect. The DPM emphasised that men should be isngapore no illusion that circumcising meant they were immune from infection of HIV.

He said male circumcision was appropriate for everyone regardless of religion or cultural background. In fact, he applauded Manzini Regional Administrator Prince Masitsela who shared with the audience that circumcision was a cultural rite and used to be practised in years gone by only to be abandoned at a later stage. Circumcision is not a stand-alone intervention; it is highly effective when used with other HIV prevention interventions.

US Ambassador Earl Irwing gave credit to the government for being the first country in the world to step forward and set a goal of circumcising 80 percent adult males by He said the national programme of circumcision was likely to increase the acceptance of circumcision, the number of places like the male clinic where circumcision could be safely provided and the abilities of the health care professionals to reach large numbers not only with the medical procedure but also counselling on ways to stay healthy.

Also present were Minister of Health Bennedict Xaba, NERCHA Director Derek von Wissell and UN plstform. STRIKING workers at Tranship in Big Bend were injured and rushed to Sithobela Clinic after a nasty confrontation with the police yesterday morning. After several meetings in which they sought redress over their concerns they converged at the company gates best forex trading platform singapore netball and refused to resume work. As the workers chanted slogans and picketed against the management, police were called to the scene.

It was then best forex trading platform singapore netball all hell broke loose as police threw teargas canisters and shot at the strikers with rubber bullets. Legal Advisor of the Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers Union Nathi Simelane said the workers insisted that they heard one officer issuing orders that they be beaten up. There was no need for the police to react the way they did. Simelane said the major concern of the workers was that a chief, who simgapore recently made a shareholder at the company had allowed the company to introduce new working conditions.

The Human Resources Manager William Mamba could not be reached for comment because he did not pick up his phone yesterday afternoon and evening. Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Vusi Masuku confirmed that two workers were injured during the confrontation. It was then that there was a confrontation.

PARENTS who fail to register their children for the free education programme in Grades I and II next year will be slapped with a E1 fine or three months community service. This is contained in Section 11 of the Free Primary Education Bill No. The minister first apologised to MPs in that government failed to provide free education at the beginning of January this year as stated in the constitution Act of He said every child, whether living with a disability or having any other special need, would be admitted into public schools.

Section 12, however, provides valid excuses from school attendance for children. A student is excused from school attendance if. Under the fee structure, which excludes building fund, the ministry has budgeted E for both Grades 1 and II. The Act is to be cited as the Education Amendment Act and shall come into force on a date to be appointed by forex careers in dubai Minister of Education by notice in the Gazette.

Members of Parliament were still debating the Bill at the time of compiling this report. He said a majority of the participants of the tour, which features vintage cars, were in Swaziland for a holiday and pleasure. White said the wonderful and truly magnificent Rolls Royce models were manufactured from to and on this tour, the oldest one entered was manufactured in He said the cars were from England, Portugal, United States of America, New Zealand as well as South Africa.

White also thanked many companies that have assisted him in organising this event over the last two years, especially Stuart Maxwell who is the tour treasurer. Rolls Royce was introduced to the world at the Olympia motor show in London. S Rolls Royce and Company. The new model was destined to make a more profound impression on the motoring world than any other motor car in the history that comes readily to mind. The Silver Ghost became a C.

S Rolls Royce demonstration vehicle and its reliability and stamina were put to test in a 2 mile trial under the supervision of the Royal Automobile Club. During this trial a petrol economy figure of better than 20 miles per gallon was achieved on the road between London and Glasgow. MBABANE — The South African man who recently wedded four women in one ceremony, has allegedly been susp-ended from work.

The suspension was effected by councillors of Indaka Munic-ipality, where pplatform, Milton Mbhele is a manager. The reasons for his suspension were that he allegedly over-spent during a funeral of deceased Mayor, Phumlani Mpungose, which cost R According to a South African newspaper, The Star, Mbhele was suspended on Wednesday. Buthelezi is said to have insisted that Mbhele had done nothing wrong in spending the money on the funeral.

Meanwhile, Mbhele, according to the publication states that there was no reference of the E in his letter of suspension, which he said gives him a reason not to panic. Mbhele first traditionally wed his wives before the lavish white wedding, betball eight cattle were slaughtered. He said following the concerns a normal search would be conducted to see if pupils do not enter the exam room with foreign objects, rather than going to the extent of seeing if they had not written anything on their thighs.

One of the groups against the idea of the inspection was the Swaziland National Association of Teachers SNAT. The Secretary General Muzi Mhlanga said invigilators were engaged singaporr check people who would be copying during the exams not to invade their privacy regardless of whether they would be checked by relevant people. Mhlanga said as teachers, their duty is to educate the pupils and motivate them before they go to sit for a particular paper so that they could not be tempted to copy and they discourage them from copying.

Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Education Pat Muir said it was fine for teachers and invigilators to search pupils, but not invade their privacy. He said should they reach that point it would mean invading the pupils privacy. BWYA stands for Business Woman of the Year Award. Many people who were interviewed before the start of the awards ceremony, tipped both Peleowo and Bujela- Manser as winners. I have this gut feeling that they will win tonight. This is because I know them personally and know their capabilities.

Phiwase Nxumalo also predicted the two as winners, adding that she knew them personally and their capabilities. Khabo Mkhonta also predicted the two as winners. Meanwhile, Khosi Sinngapore had a different view, saying she believed Futhi Helen Mdluli would sinbapore the title in the Corporate Category. OVER sugar cane cutters in Nsoko will lose their jobs after they allegedly burnt sugar cane fields during their recent strike action. This is after Tranship, which was an overseer of the awarding of tenders of three companies, said it did not have confidence in them the companies anymore.

The Human Resources Manager of Tranship, William Mamba, explained that if the three companies failed to control their workers they did not know what would happen in the future. The companies are Long Lasting, Sigungu and Siyatfutfukisa investments. He explained that Transship only withdrew the contracts but was not in a position to say if the workers would lose their tradjng or not.

He said tradinng is against their will but they were left with no choice. Mngometulu said they did not understand why their workers resolved to this behaviour as they had not made any complaints before. He said they were appalled when their employees went on strike, accusing one man in the group of inciting the best forex trading platform singapore netball employees. On the other hand, the employees insisted that they have been treated unfairly by their employers.

They said their salaries have been slashed and no reason has been given for that. They also ping putter grips options on yahoo that they are made to pay if they are not able to come to work on a particular day. They further complained that they did not have places to stay and had traring pay rent yet that should be catered for by their employers.

All best forex trading platform singapore netball was denied by Mngometulu, who spoke on behalf of the other employers, saying the only complaint they received was in regards to food provided to the workers, but that was later improved. Contractors abandons meeting with union. The meeting tracing called in an attempt to solve the prevailing situation where the employers and their workers are at loggerheads. Contractors are saying that they do not recognise the union when, on the other hand, the union argues that it is legitimate and has been working for a long time with the employers.

Sikiza Fakudze of STAWU said because the employers were failing to listen to singapode, the fforex continued. Mngometulu, one of the contractors, explained that they did not recognise the union and that was why they decided journal trader forex ultimate leave the meeting in which government, through labour personnel, participated. Ntoane believes that Lesotho and Swaziland need to establish a strong economic cooperation by which the public and private sectors, civil society and all other state actors of the two Kingdoms work with each other for mutual benefit.

She said joint efforts between the two countries would mitigate the challenges that they face which include poverty, unemployment, HIV and AIDS and all the disadvantages that come with being a landlocked country. In response, the King said Lesotho and Swaziland needed to work together to improve their economies by taking plafform their advantage the existence of regional tradng like SADC. For us the developing nations, the consequences of the global financial meltdown have been even harder, especially on the social welfare of our people.

Masuku was speaking at Bhunya High School during the Speech and Prize Giving Day yesterday at best forex trading platform singapore netball school. He said education helped to unlock the talent and gift each person has in life and told the students that they will in turn use the now unlocked talent to serve their different communities. He advised female students to report to him if they are proposed by either their colleagues at school or older people.

He said they must not be afraid of the status or position that particular person holds either in the community and government because he was ready to fight anyone. Masuku said after they had reported to him, he would then announce them through the national radio station warning parents and others to be cautious of that person. At the same occasion Regional Administrator Prince Masitsela presented a beast to teachers of the school. The Prince said this was a token of appreciation from his office for the good work by the teachers.

He besg he was impressed by the team spirit shown by the teachers which was confirmed by the good results recorded and the students were disciplined. He said the students and parents were lucky to have committed teachers and urged them to appreciate that. During the function, 11 teachers were presented with certificates for excelling in their oil forex trading investment journals lessons while 43 students were given rorex and novels as academic awards for excelling in their different disciplines.

Principal Siphiwe Nkonyane attributed all the success to hard work. She then announced that out of the enrolled in the school were orphaned and it became a problem when government failed to pay their school fees in time. MPs unanimously passed the recommendation made sinyapore the parliamentary watchdog on public expenditure - Public Accounts Committee PAC chaired by MP Thuli Dladla. The model of having a CID-PAC was allegedly derived from Zambia which has a similar squad in place as platfork by the PAC chairperson.

The squad will also look into embezzlement of funds, bribery, abuse of office, causing financial loss, forgery and uttering false documents and fraudulent false accounting and other corrupt tendencies. MP Dladla said logistics on how the CID squad would follow in due course but urged MPs to ensure by the end of their term inthis would have been achieved. The recommendation was met with joy by MPs who made submissions. Mtsambama MP Bheki Mkhonta said there needed to nnetball something innovative coined by the committee as previous ones had not done much to stimulate change amongst line ministries in so far as dealing with public expenditure.

Motshane MP Robert Magongo then moved that MPs adjourned the debate as MP Dladla and seconder of the motion Hhukwini MP Mkhululi Dlamini had eloquently provided insight on how they arrived on their recommendations, challenges faced and all. MP Magongo was seconded by Siphofaneni MP Gundwane Gamedze and MPs unanimously passed the motion. The PAC also best forex trading platform singapore netball for amendment of the Privileges Act ofnoting it no longer served as a deterrent in that the E maximum fine imposed on Controlling Officers Principal Secretaries was meagre.

Other recommendations by the PAC were. Finance Ministry should conduct an induction course for new principal secretaries and organise a refresher one for those who have been around for sometime on the Financial Regulations Bill. A workshop for auditor general and the principal secretaries should also be arranged so that both are on the same page regarding their duties.

IN August alone, government awarded tenders forsx the value of E Central Tender Board Secretary Nkululeko Dlamini said during this month, 22 new projects were tendered. The bulk of tenders were for projects under the ministry of works and transport, which totalled about E84 million. Five tenders were awarded to foreign companies, these being Stucky Motors for purchase of a Mercedes Benz S LWB at E for the Central Transport Administration; WMO for capacity building at a cost of E2 million; SGL Technologies and IBIS TRAX- 3D for police projects automatic trailing stop metatrader no connection the value of E2.

Cleaning, grass cutting and gardening by Fixit Investments best forex trading platform singapore netball the Inter-Ministerial building cost government E Other awards to Swazi companies went to Swazi Textbook and Stationery for the supply of equipment at a cost of E73 ; Tech Tool for the supply of equipment at a cost of E1. The competition kicked netbball this week at the Maguga Dam in the kingdom nation.

The Namibian Bass Angling national team is in Swaziland competing against the best national fishing teams from the SADC region in the Zone Six Bass Angling competition. At metres high, the damwall ranks among the top five in SADC. The current Swazi record of 5. The team held bi-weekly meetings before it left to prepare for the unfamiliar conditions awaiting them in Swaziland.

According to team captain, Willem Burger, singappre of their strategy was to send a scout team ahead, one week in advance. After the third round on Wednesday, the Namibian team was in third position. The competition ends this Saturday, 03 October. The team to beat will be South Africa. The marking is scheduled to start on November 23 which effectively means the selected teachers will not see out the remaining two weeks besg to the official end of the third and final term of the school calendar year.

The Ministry hopes that the principals will assist in this regard. When contacted by Swazi News the Minister of Education Wilson Automated option trading 2014 Ntshangase confirmed that the move was likely to affect internal examinations. It is their schedule that determines when we should begin marking. MATSAPHA — Suspense literally engulfed the Police College arena yesterday as His Majesty, King Mswati III was to announce the new Commissioner of Police.

After keeping the over 5 people on tenterhooks, His Majesty then proclaimed Isaac Mmeli Magagula, the acting police commissioner, as the Commissioner of police. This was during the Passing out Best forex trading platform singapore netball and Police Day Ceremony, which was a fun filled event. As soon as the Head of State confirmed Magagula to the position, the latter received applause from the crowd, and those snigapore him including Army Commander Major General Sobantu Dlamini and acting Singgapore of Correctional Services Isaiah Ntshangase, shook hands with him.

Immediately thereafter, Magagula marched forward and saluted His Majesty who gladly returned the favour with a head-nod. Before the announcement, the king took time praising Edgar Hillary for having held the position of Commissioner with verve and diligence. His Majesty also commemorated the late deputy police Commissioner Levion Dlamini, whom he said had been taken by God, yet we had expected him to work for the police force for many years to come.

Present at the ceremony was Signapore Majesty the Indlovukazi, Emakhosikati to the king, Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, his deputy Themba Masuku, Manzini Regional Administrator Prince Masitsela, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and members of the Diplomatic Corps. Khisimusi, Sipho are new deputy police commissioners. The king said he had found it necessary that there be two deputies instead of one, as has always been the case. Dlamini was the Director of Operations, while Ndlovu was Director of Criminal Investigations Department.

Dlamini also has a SARPCCO Mananga Award. Reliable information gathered by the Weekend Observer is to the effect that workers are currently engrossed in a state of complete uncertainty over their future with the pulp company following speculation that it might cease operations on December 31, This publication visited the company on Tuesday and the uncertainty was obvious with most workers. They believe that management is not being honest with them regarding the future, if there is any, of the company.

This publication has also learnt that there is a heavy exodus of workers due to the uncertainty at Sappi. Workers are migrating to other companies such as Royal Plaform Sugar Corporation RSSC and Ubombo Sugar Illovo in Big Bend. The truth of the matter is that every employee wants best forex trading platform singapore netball security in every work environment. Where there is no job security, there is low morale and this obviously affects production.

The workers say they have best forex trading platform singapore netball told to keep working rorex December Management was reportedly locked in a meeting when reporters from this newspaper arrived at the mill site on Tuesday. He said the process was still ongoing. Perrow further denied reports of the exodus of workers from Sappi. No official comment could be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

Andrea Mendes, of Kwaluseni campus is Miss Freshers who could sure leave the likes of Kate Moss of this world eating from their palms with her model features… After becoming a household name late last year by becoming a Miss Freshers at the Kwaluseni campus, this towering beauty has graced so many national events and covers of local newspapers. Andrea Mendes talks to us about her reign, friendship and being grounded Every title comes with responsibility, especially because of always being in the public eye.

I attend mature functions. It has taught me a lot, about helping people and dealing with my shy persona. The smallest things can go a long way. At only 20 years old, this beauty has dabbled fashion and is currently pursuing a Bcom degree. Andrea Mendes is sure a beauty with brains. This Manzini born and bred beauty Queen is the last born in a family of six. Asked on how she keeps herself grounded, Andrea attributes her lay low profile to best forex trading platform singapore netball school work which she says occupies most of her leisure time.

This seemed to have dampened the spirits of the players, who despite losing seemed to have been well prepared for the game. The Buffaloes midfielder-turned winger, who was on top of his game thrilled the supporters with another brilliant shot 15 minutes before the final whistle which was however ricocheted off the cross bar, much to his disappointment.

However a finish off by substitute Sifiso Mazibuko in the 90th minute resulting from another blistering shot from Kunene sent the Buffaloes supporters into frenzy. However the impressive performance by the brave Hub Sundowns goalkeeper, Colani could not be left unnoticed, as he went all out to make brilliant breath taking saves, saving his team from best forex trading platform singapore netball humiliation by the armed forces side. The Manzini outfit failed to utilise most of the chances that were available to them, like in bset.

Another opportunity came at the 77th minute, where after a good swing inside the 18th area, Mathunjwa miscalculated the net and landed the ball just slightly over the bar. Hub: Colani, Muzie, Bheki, Simanga, Ntokozo, Ronnie, Andile, Simiso, Makhosi, Carlos, Siyethemba Sanele. Buffaloes: Sibusiso, Mduduzi, Vusi, Goodman, Sibiya, Mphile, Manqoba, Malungisa, Zweli, Jabulani SifisoSidumo, Thabiso. KWALUSENI—The University of Swaziland will next year start offering doctoral programmes.

This was revealed by the Vice Chancellor Cisco Magagula, who said for a while the university had been concentrating on offering undergraduate degrees and masters degrees. He said some departments were planning to offer them next academic year. Magagula said as the university, they welcomed the signs of the global economy recovery and the pledge from world leaders that never again would the world be subjected to the credit crisis.

He said he strongly believed forex trading hours uk basketball as a small developing country, the citizens should aggressively continue to invest in human capital development, particularly if the country wanted to realise the dream of becoming a first world country. He said the country therefore needed to upgrade and expand the existing physical infrastructure and teaching facilities and equipment of the current tertiary institutions, so that there can netblal more opportunities for high school graduates to acquire higher education locally.

He said the university was expanding and there bezt three capital projects under construction in the faculties of Agriculture, Health Sciences and Science, funded by government. He said the teaching block at the Faculty of Science for example, was for the new department of Engineering which will be offering both electronic and mechanical engineering. The university continues to undertake basic applied and commissioned research to extend the frontiers of knowledge and informed public policy. Last year the academic staff was engaged in 87 research projects and published 67 scientific papers in reputable journals, notwithstanding the high lecturer-students ration, Magagula added.

He said apart from teaching and research, the university continued to provide community services in various sectors of the general public. He further said the students on the other hand through their social clubs continued to build shelters, distribute food and clothes to the needy and provide skill training to small business enterprises in rural areas. He said it was because of this community service that the students won the best forex trading platform singapore netball competition of the Students in Free Enterprise SIFE adding that some of them were currently travelling to Germany to represent the country at the international SIFE Competition.

MATSAPHA — Sjngapore import car dealers are lobbying government to revisit the legislation that regulates importation of cars into the country. According to the dealers the Act is very old and archaic as such it is no longer applicable in the present business environment. The dealers are complaining that the legislation is now a hindrance to their operations as such it should be revisited in-order to make compatible with the present dynamic business environment.

The dealers also made a compassionate plea to parliamentarians to assist their customers in getting loans from banks to finance car deals with them. They pointed SwaziBank as platfprm bank they believed was in a position to assist their customers in the financial matters. The dinner was fully sponsored by the business people and they took time in lobbying the parliamentarians in pushing their poatform by coming up with legislations that would protect their business.

The meeting was facilitated by the Manzini South Member of parliament Thandi Nxumalo and was best forex trading platform singapore netball by about 15 Members of Parliament who came from both houses of Parliament. Nwtball the dealers was the First International Company boss Ali Khan. Some of the parliamentarians who attended the dinner were Ntondozi Member of Parliament Peter Ngwenya, Mafutseni MP Joseph Madonsela, Hosea MP Mduduzi MabuzaNkilongo MP Trusty Gina, Senators Bonsile Mngometulu and Bhutana Dlamini among others.

Several business people took the platform with both hands and one of these was Charles Mbingo from Bingo Lee International. Mbingo invited parliamentarians to attend various conferences in Korea where various agendas would be at table. Nxumalo said SwaziBank was the only bank that was in a position to help in this regard best forex trading platform singapore netball because it was a local bank which was owned by Swazis. He further explained that they have tried to engage the bank on this matter on several occasions to no avail thus the intervention of the parliamentarians is essential especially if there were any legislations that had to be plxtform before such arrangement were bdst be put in place.

This suggestion came from parliamentarians on Thursday during a business dinner meeting with the industry players. Gina told the dealers that they must be honest in their dealings if they want to be taken seriously. She also said she was worried that the industry best forex trading platform singapore netball not monitored such that there is a risk that some of the cars that tradign being imported could be environmentally unfriendly. Mafutseni Member of Parliament Joseph Madonsela complained that some of the cars that were being sold in the dealerships had no nteball parts.

As such in the event they malfunction, Swazis are forced to park their cars for good. The dealers responded to this complaint by saying they had linkages with various supplies of spare parts from the source where they buy the cars. They claimed that spare parts dealers are spread in all the four regions of the country. The parliamentarians also demanded that the dealers should provide the nation with a warranty of some sort to ensure that dealers are selling cars that will run for years in the hands of the many Swazis who purchase them.

MBABANE—He can now afford a decent smile and a giggle, he laughs and can now play ball with ease; he is a happy boy. Before his new-found life, he weighed seven kilograms but now he weighs This is the story of France Khumalo who was on the brink of death, each day he woke up outside the one-roomed rented flat where his family stays. After having been admitted to the RFM Hospital, France made his remarkable recovery from kwashiorkor and other ailments associated with malnutrition. He is now undergoing physiotherapy.

Dorex good news also sees France getting a new home where he will be accorded a decent life. A lot of our readers have gone the extra mile in saving the young soul. Among these is the Mtfongwaneni Member of Parliament, Patrick Gamedze who pulled all stops to find help for France. He singlehandedly ensured that France was admitted at the RFM hospital, where he received medical attention. He is also responsible for arranging the adoption, along with a UNICEF employee who went beyond the call of duty to ensure France found a place to call home.

She spent her resources and time to see to it that France recovered, tirelessly working with the MP to ensure that France had a life like any normal child. He was able to recognise us and gave us a broad smile. The tradinf is welcome and much needed. Five places up may seem a few small steps ahead but it counts a great deal when such an index is used by the much sought after investors to decide where to put their money together with other indictors such as the ease of doing singapofe index where the country slipped one step backward compared to the previous year.

Putting the two together, it would appear we are a better country politically but now more difficult to deal with economically. The challenge that now lies with the current government is to balance this up. Both indicators should nebtall Swaziland moving up the ranks and nowhere else. It increases our score on the rule of law which is why government needs to tread carefully on the ruling on free education which should be accessible to all primary school going children by the beginning of next year as per the court ruling; otherwise this particular issue could easily take the country five steps back.

On the corruption score, we appear to have made some significant improvement, but we still await action on many cases of corruption despite having a fully operational Anti Corruption Commission. Counting the cases would need all day. With regards to Human Rights, the biggest threat to this country remains the Suppression of Terrorism Act which appears to be the supreme law of the land and has the potential of sending us back to where we were under Zimbabwe.

Also, fresh moves by the ministry of information, communication and technology to muzzle the press will do more harm to this country than the minister thinks the media commission can achieve. The index should also serve as a reminder that the world is watching us and everything that we do very closely. If Swaziland wants to be a part of this world, the index singxpore the expectations.

How high or low we wish to be listed, will unfortunately decide whether this country will swim with the rest or sink on best forex trading platform singapore netball own. Congratulations to Swaziland for the improvements in the areas cited by the report. We hope that up is the only way to go for this country bet forward and we anxiously await results for MBABANE- The eingapore of women and children for slavery and sexual exploitation has emerged as a growing concern in the Southern African region.

This is especially the FIFA World Cup to be held in South Africa draws closer. To address this serious human rights violation, Women and Law in Southern Africa WLSA Swaziland has partnered singaporw Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse SWAGAASave The Children, Co-ordinating Assemble of Non tradjng Organisation CANGO and World Vision to implement the national Red Light campaign, which is aimed at creating awareness on this challenge, plwtform also sensitising the public on the People Trafficking and People Smuggling human trafficking Bill of The National Red Light campaign was launched by the five singapord at the Royal Swazi Sun.

The event was attended by representatives from the UN Agencies, including UN Resident Coordinators, public and private sector representatives, partners from the US Embassy and European Commission, parliamentarians, government officials. Netblal guest speaker Prime Minister, Sibusiso Dlamini, who was accompanied by several key government officials including the Minister of Finance Majozi Sithole, who was representing the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Chairperson of the Inter-agency Task Platfotm Team on Human Trafficking, Mbuso Dlamini.

The PM applauded the efforts of gest society in working with government to make the country a safer and better place to live in. On the other hand, Sithole and Dlamini emphasised the need for stronger legislation and public commitment, especially tradinng of parents in dealing with sexual exploitation of their children, as well as strengthened public-private partnerships in fighting human trafficking.

The other campaign partners also shared how children, women, young boys and the elderly are lured by strangers through false hopes for better lives, who then enslave them, sexually exploit them or even trade their body parts. MBABANE — The liquidator of Classic Motors, has not been approached by potential buyers interested in taking over the dealership.

Classic Motors, used to sell vehicles from Peugeot and GWM, was put under liquidation over two months ago. Liquidator Sabelo Masuku said this when asked to confirm whether or not the rumours of a possible take-over of Classic Motors were authentic. I have not entered into any agreement with anyone who wants to buy or take over the dealership. Masuku said, however, that he would be glad to get into negotiations with interested potential buyers.

Masuku added that the negotiation process, when started, would take at least a month to finalise. On another note, Masuku disclosed that the money owed by Classic Motors to several creditors in the country was in excess of E3 million. He said the main creditor is WesBank. Best forex trading platform singapore netball asked on debtors, Masuku said as the dealership dealt with clients via the banks, most of the transactions were cleared by the financial institutions.

He could not disclose the number of workers that were employed by the company before its liquidation. As a liquidator, Masuku said he was mainly interested in evaluating the assets owned by the company. He said after the evaluation or assessment of the assets, he would then decide whether or not to sell the assets so as to pay the creditors. However, in the event some potential buyer approaches me with an offer, we will then discuss and finalise it.

It is normal in liquidations that liabilities are more than the assets. We have taken the inventory and deferred it to Peugeot and GWM in order to be able to make the evaluation. The plxtform, only identified as V. Stuart-Hammond, confirmed he was selling his 50 per cent stake in the business. He could not, however, be drawn to divulge the value of the shares and his reasons for selling them. The Business Desk sent him an email, asking why he was selling his stake, the value of the shares and generally if the other shareholder s were aware of the sale, among other things.

As I am sure you can appreciate there are a number of intricacies involved in a sale such as this. The negotiations with a number of interested parties are at a sensitive stage and I therefore do not believe that it is prudent to expand on this matter further. Stuart-Hammond has already published an advertisement, inviting potential buyers for negotiations.

Own 50 per cent in this leading retail supermarket. Turnover in excess of E5. When contacted for comment, the other shareholder Brent Hammond said he was aware of the sale. Brent owns the other 50 per cent stake in the company. He said he was actually also vying for the shares that were up for sale. We are co-shareholders; we each own 50 per cent shares. I am interested in the other stake, which will enable me to have full ownership of the company.

Brent said he was hands-on in the running of the business since it was opened about eight years ago. What I can say is that we are negotiating to buy the shares and the negotiation is positive best forex trading platform singapore netball the moment. Brent had not traading the advert when contacted and said he did not know why his partner decided to advertise the sale.

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla - SWAZILAND OBSERVER- Oct THE wet weather condition over the weekend has claimed two lives one being of a year-old man of Siphofaneni whilst the other was a six-year-old girl. The year-old man was hit by a Toyota Quantum at Siphofaneni and it was driven by a man of Lobamba.

The driver was arrested and charged with culpable homicide and will appear before Big Bend Magistrates Court today. The six-year old died when she was hit by a car at Matsapha traffic circle, a BMW sedan which was driven by a man of Ludzeluzde. The girl was from Ntondozi. The driver has been arrested too and charged with culpable homicide and will appear before Matsapha circuit court this morning.

On another note, police are looking for two cars which were stolen at Kwaluseni on Saturday. One is a Nissan Sunny registered SD DF valued at E35 It was taken at around 9pm by four armed men. The other is a green Toyota Hilux registered SD JL valued at E50 which was stolen around on the same day. Police are appealing to anyone with information to contact them at or dial the emergency line Police guarantee confidentiality on anyone who provides them with information.

CAMBRIDGE International Foeex CIE has sent an invigilation inspector who visits all the centres where examinations are held. The inspector will monitor progress of the examinations, observe if the Cambridge rules and regulations together with requirements are met by the candidate sitting for the examinations. He said he was optimistic that the country would get all the credits from the inspector because they had covered almost all that would be expected from each school by Cambridge International and have lectured the head teachers on that.

He explained that the report will also help the organisation know if they ran the examination to the expected standards. By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla - SWAZILAND OBSERVER- Oct Singaoore Royal Highness Inkhosikati LaMbikiza has said development singapote dissemination of information, education and communication materials has to target priority areas first to reduce maternal mortality in the country. She was speaking in First Ladies Summit on the campaign of reducing maternal mortality in Swaziland.

The Summit was held in New York where she said some of the existing strategies for reducing maternal mortality were the National Programme on Sexual and Reproductive Health. She said services for maternal health were provided in almost all the areas in the country but due to poverty they were not accessible to everyone. She revealed that some of the causes of maternal mortality were that of home delivery and lack of skilled attendants.

She also said carrying out royal duties also included using the political and role model status to further the health best forex trading platform singapore netball. Her Royal Highness added that first ladies advocated for breastfeeding, giving financial support and visiting hospitals. She mentioned that some of the challenges faced were the lack of skilled personnel like midwives, males who are not involved and the poor infrastructure to name a few.

The outcome of the review will be used to align activities of the remaining 18 months. At the end of the project, a final evaluation will be made and people will be informed of our future activities. The campaign will be launched this month. FARMERS have been urged to commercialise vegetable farming and make use of irrigation infrastructure initially developed best forex trading platform singapore netball sugar cane farming.

Acting Minister of Agriculture Chief Gcokoma said vegetable farming should be commercialised to supply both the domestic and international markets because sugar cane production can no longer support everyone. He advised farmers to plan properly before undertaking any kind of venture so as to reduce risks. The minister said farmers should no longer grow what they knew best but rather what the market demanded, which should also be produce that would attract a good price.

However, he acknowledged that the agriculture sector in the country still faced challenges, which he said include the inability to support local raw materials for the processing sector. He noted that this was due to low productivity and limited diversification. There is very little processing done locally and even at household level. We need to singaopre the situation around, but the problem could be that we do not have reliable markets for our farm produce.

There can be no food processing without a reliable source of raw materials from agriculture. Students who will be found to have copied or be involved in malicious practices will be banned from writing that examination for no less than three to four years. However, the years may even be more depending on the findings of the investigating committee that would have been put in place to investigate any reported matter.

This was revealed by Registrar of the Examination Council of Swaziland ECoS Dr. Edmund Mazibuko in an interview yesterday. Mazibuko said invigilators and head teachers had to be extra vigilant as the examination progresses thus the introduction of the invigilators training workshops which have been going on in the past weeks. He said the requirements for the examination was that, for every 25 students there must be one invigilator and there must be at least one invigilator for every 15 students for a practical examination.

The registrar also stated that head teachers, as chief invigilators, were to ensure that they were singapre only persons, who had access to the place where the examination papers are kept. He also stated that amongst other requirements for a person writing the examination was that the seating arrangements be forwx. In conclusion, the registrar said in most cases students were tempted to copy because they were not properly prepared for the examination while teachers are tempted to assist their students copy because they, somehow, failed to prepare them for the exams.

MANZINI — An Best forex trading platform singapore netball Manzini Supermarket owner has been arrested together with his four sons after allegedly trying to throw their fellow national from a two storey building. The platfomr is said to have taken place at Dups flats at around pm last Monday. Ibrahim Patel and his sons allegedly assaulted Imran Patel and his year-old mother after an argument over parking space.

Imran, who also operates a shop in Manzini and resides at Dups flats, said he was questioning his brother on why his vehicle was removed from the parking he had been allocated by the landlord. He alleges that while he was talking to his brother, Ibrahim came and verbally assaulted him isngapore his sons joined in and assaulted him with fists and kicked him all over the body.

He alleged that when his mother tried to separate them, they also beat her entball and she bled profusely. He said the situation was calmed down by the police who arrived promptly and arrested them. They were all charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The matter was before Magistrate Fikile Nhlabatsi and the accused were represented by Themba Ndlovu.

Magistrate Nhlabatsi postponed the matter to October 22, SEX workers face multiple risks and challenges whilst plying their trade, including HIV transmission, and are often unable to control such because of their social related vulnerabilities. Slngapore three day inter-agency consultation was officially betball by Minister of Health Benedict Xaba at Esibayeni Lodge yesterday. Information gathered is that sex work networks have also been invited to the consultation.

Making his remarks on the official opening ceremony, Xaba registered his concern with the general unavailability of data on the extent of sex fofex in Swaziland and the prevalence of HIV amongst them. He quickly added that the unavailability of data may be partly because of the illicit and underground nature of the trade. It is against this backdrop that the minister said tgading meeting would have failed on its purpose if it were not to articulate these issues with a view of guiding countries in the region on the cost effective and evidence based interventions to address HIV prevention, treatment, care and support targeting commercial sex workers.

The minister, however, alluded to that with the illicit nature of commercial sex work, there are challenges in as far as implementing programmes to the challenges faced by sex workers is concerned. The company was one of those afforded an opportunity by the RSP to display their product at the Matsapha Police College during the Police Day and Passout parade on Friday. The company representatives told His Majesty King Mswati III sintapore the gadgets could reveal all data that was deleted from any phone.

To display this, they went to a shop tgading used cellular phones in Manzini and bought one. They connected the phone to their gadget, which was also connected to a computer. The computer revealed the PUK of the phone and further displayed all messages that were ever sent to forex trading cross currency pairs quotes from the phone.

It also showed all received calls. Micro Systemation solely develops mobile forensic products for forensics professionals. We produce our own hardware and mobile forensic cables to ensure highest possible quality. We appreciate also that some of our students were chosen to participate in this so important dialogue and some of them even shared a table with the DPM Themba Masuku. He said the school had lost one of its teachers Ms Mkhonta in a car accident and she died on the spot.

She was travelling with two other teachers who are yrading well. One student also passed on this year after suffering from a headache. The school excelled in extra curricular activities and in the JC results trqding In music, the school obtained first position nationally, in volleyball two players were chosen into the national team and in ladies soccer they did not place but a player was chosen for the national team. In Science projects, juniors and seniors got first position nationally.

Best forex trading platform singapore netball boy, even though his project did not win, says to prevent overloading; a kombi that will not move when full needs to be created. She said through this campaign, the company was aiming to raise companywide awareness on the importance of customer service as well as demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. We shall also use this opportunity to assess our operations in the different areas.

Therefore, thank you to the customer service staff, particularly because they serve more customers than all of us. The event Sibandze will be hosting together with the Hotel and Tourism Association HOTAS and Swaziland Tourism Authority STA is to be held at the Hotel Cardoso in Maputo. Secretary General Jan Sithole said soon they would distribute correspondence to the schools to discourage them from receiving the said students with a view to divert them into the local schools. They must also study the same product that has been brought by their parents through government.

President of the Swaziland National Association Teachers SNAT Simon Makhanya said they had not yet met on the issue. He explained that if they would take that decision they would have to do a number of things. Principal Secretary at the ministry of education and training, Pat Muir, said the sanction would be uncalled for because bezt parents also send their children to international and private schools, depending on the money they have. Also represented in the celebration were NEPSAW, Swaziland Nurses Association SNAUNESCO and UNICEF.

Sithole also represented options trading india tutorial pdf zusammenfassen International Labour Association THE Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions SFTU wants to stop children of affluent public officials from attending expensive schools in South Poatform and abroad. Sithole also represented the International Labour Association A United Nations general assembly has commended Swaziland for observing refugee integration programmes and not engaging in xenophobic attacks against non-Swazis.

The rehabilitation programme is set netbapl cost E16 million. The ministry says a tractor and farming implements have already been purchased for the purpose of training rural refugees on producing their stable food. He stressed that it was very encouraging to note that there has never been any recorded incident of xenophobic attacks in the country and further stressed that Swaziland had played a special role in making herself a home away to displaced people and refugees in decades.

At the meeting, African nations concluded that the first ever Special Summit on Forced Displacement to be held in Uganda this month should yield positive results. The minister was accompanied by the Deputy Commissioner for Refugees Babazile Sigwane and Senior Superintendent Moses Maseko. RESIDENTS of Ngwempisi went all out yesterday plstform participate in the Early Child Care and Development ECCD consultation held at the Inkhundla Centre. Lubombo ECCD inspector Dudu Hlophe explained that the consultation at Ngwempisi was the last of a series of tgading exercises aimed at soliciting data for the development of ECCD policy which will be adopted by the country once developed.

At Ngwempisi yesterday, there were people from different social groups including rural health motivators, men, women, the elderly and the youth. Hlophe said she and her team were impressed with the positive response shown by the people yesterday concerning the programme, adding that it was encouraging to see the community taking the trouble to learn about how ECCD would affect Swazi children.

Hlophe explained that ECCD advocated for a holistic approach to the development of all children, and is not just confined to one aspect of child growth. She said for instance, the policy would encompass the educational development of all children aged between 0 and 8 years, whilst also tackling social, emotional, spiritual development. She said it was for that reason that her team comprised of people from different government ministries, which were found to have something to do with the development of a child.

During the consultation at Ngwempisi, different groups were given tasks on the key issues of child development. One such issue is the role of the state and family in the upbringing of a child. By Mbongiseni Ndzimandze - SWAZILAND OBSERVER- Oct A headman from KoNtshingila in Shiselweni under Chief Gelane has been arrested netnall allegedly trying to remove underpants from three maidens of the same area while asleep during the recent Umhlanga ceremony. Samkeliso Hlandze 28 of Hlatsi has been charged with three counts of indecent assault.

Hlandze, sinagpore pleaded not guilty to the charge, was arrested by Lobamba police. He is out on E bail. He appeared before a Mbabane Magistrate and will be back in court on December 21, pending the setting of his trial date. His bail conditions are that he should not be found to have committed a similar offence whilst out on bail, must not interfere with key witnesses, must attend all remand hearings and should stand trial. On the first count, it is stated that Hlandze is guilty of indecent assault in that upon the 30 August at yrading near Lobamba, Ludzidzini, he unlawfully, intentionally and wrongfully removed a panty from a year-old minor while she was asleep.

It stated that when he allegedly committed the offence, he was the headman of the maidens. He is also alleged to have, while at a Dvuba homestead, intentionally removed an underwear of an year-old maiden traing she too was asleep. It is also stated that the accused was the headman of the maidens when he allegedly committed the offence. On the last count, Hlanze allegedly indecently assaulted a year old maiden at the same Dvuba homestead. The case was heard by Magistrate Siphosini Dlamini whilst Melusi Lukhele represented the state.

Hlandze is conducting his own defence THE city of Mbabane will get a facelift through the construction of a E1. The centre will be built in the premises where the city council is currently located, which is Plots and and remainder reserve no. Singaporre land for the commercial development is 65 m2. The companies to work on the project are McComirck Property, Roux Development Africa as well as Interneuron Consortium Swaziland. This was revealed by one of the developers, Roux Shabangu of Roux Property Development Africa.

He said this was a massive project that would change the lives of many Swazi citizens. He stated that the building would be the tallest in town and that there would be a canal to avoid over flooding. The city council said the companies are worth trusting as they have built other structures and completed them. A report by the city council on the project revealed that the places visited to verify if the companies were reliable were Protea Gardens a 63 m2 development that cost E million, Jabulani Mall a 65 m2 valued at E million and Tsakane Mall valued at E million.

It is worthy to note that in October forxe year the companies finished and started operating three new malls in Kanyamazane, Limpopo and Alexandra. They seem to be well experienced in commercial property development and have the financial capacity. WITH the new structure it will not be good to keep the current council nteball so they will be moved to another site, Roux Shabangu has said. The new site will be identified by the council. The said companies will also be tasked with building the new structure.

Mbabane Market to be incorporated, Job opportunities created. Vendors at Mbabane Market have been assured of state of the art formal structures in the development. On job creation Shabangu revealed that they would rope in local franchises in the construction of the civic centre. What the country stands to benefit from centre. Having the civic centre would stimulate economic growth and this slngapore increase job opportunities in the city.

The city would be able to host a number of activities such as national games, business meetings, music and arts festivals that will in turn support local businesses. These would be at the city hall. Council also said the centre would leave a legacy for generations and help the city reclaim its position at the capital city. The city council has said what necessitated roping in the companies is that it could not afford to build the centre.

This is a natural extension to the expos we host under the Swazi Expo as we have seen from such events as the Trade Fair that people need this sort of platforms to get together. She said the expo, which would be an annual event, was aimed at providing benefits to both local and international organisations involved within the two sectors, which would arise from displaying and exhibiting their goods; engaging in business networking sessions and business forums with organisations nnetball synergistic business sectors.

The expo would also expose organisations to the greater public singgapore entrance would be free best forex trading platform singapore netball it would also develop potential business relationships with organisations from neighbouring states, added the director. Lawton said key stakeholders that have been roped in for the expo include the ministry of public works and transport, ministry of economic planning and development Millennium Projectsfinance ministry and the department of customs and excise, which Lawton said was very keen to educate people, especially in the manufacturing sector on the importance of declaring goods and other issues of concern.

Other stakeholders that have confirmed participation include the Swaziland Electricity Company SECwhich has initiatives it would like to share with the public as well as the construction and manufacturing sectors, the Small Enterprise Development Company SEDCOSwaziland Water Services Corporation SWSCSwaziland Standards Authority SWASASwaziland National Housing Board SNHBSwaziland Royal Insurance Corporation SRIC and financial institutions.

The inaugural expo is scheduled for October 30 to November 1 at the Mavuso Exhibition and Trade Centre, Hall 1. On Friday October 30, there would be a session of seminars where stakeholders would be given an opportunity to share information while exhibitors wishing to promote new products or innovations would also be afforded a chance to do so. He said they would not treat crime with kid gloves.

The Commissioner said his administration would advocate the adoption of an best forex trading platform singapore netball approach to crime and accident prevention management. Magagula said netbball was need to promote a culture where officers will be out conducting beats and patrols in order to prevent crime. In his maiden speech Magagula, in the company of his two newly appointed deputies in Khisimusi Ndlovu and Sipho Dlamini, said the novel strategy had four basic tenets namely speed or backtesting fxcm trading station web, professionalism, empathy and civility.

Andreas Mamba was allegedly bitten by his girlfriend, Sindi Sikhondze after he failed to pay her money she had lent him to bury his aunt make lomncane. In an interview, Nefball said he had borrowed the money in February this year from Sikhondze who runs a shylock business. He said hey had agreed that she would not charge him interest. He said free strategies for trading forex x code were close to separation when the incident happened because he had allegedly found her with another netbwll and he then decided to find himself new love, which she discovered and never took lightly.

She came to my room yesterday and demanded that I pay her the money with interest. He alleged that he threw his belongings outside and a fight ensued. Mamba claimed that Sikhondze bit him on the lips and he retaliated by biting her on her upper lip and removed some flesh. He stated that she produced a stick and hit him on the head and also best forex trading platform singapore netball to hit him with an iron.

He also said she once came to his one room flat and demanded to take some of his belongings, but he refused because she had not produced a court order. He said at one stage community police officers from the area were involved to find a solution. Mamba said they had agreed that he would pay the money he had demanded, but failed to do so on the agreed date because he had to cater for the burial of his aunt over the weekend. Mamba said he acted in self defence as it was his girlfriend who allegedly attacked foerx first.

He also mentioned that he would open a case of assault with the police. When the Times team arrived in his room he had kept the lip that was detached from his mouth. They were all best forex trading platform singapore netball to the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital where they were treated and discharged. Mamba was stitched on the mouth to cover the opening where the lip was removed. Witnesses said after the attack, his teeth were visible. The Royal Swaziland Police RSP Public Relations Officer PRO Superintendent Vusi Masuku confirmed the incident.

He said Sikhondze reported the matter to the Fairview Police Post where she recorded a statement. MBABANE — As means of reducing the risk of being infected by the H1N1 virus swine fluthe Correctional Services employees are now being provided with masks. Information gathered was the reason they were provided with masks was because there were fears that they might be exposed to the virus as there were too many inmates. The most affected are those who are working directly with the inmates on a daily bases.

One of fodex warders told this best forex trading platform singapore netball that ever since it was neetball that there were cases of the virus in the country, they have since been encouraged to wear their masks to avoid contracting the contagious disease. He pointed out that this exercise has been helping them as ndtball far there have been no reports of infection. The Correctional Services Public Relations Officer Nomkhosi Maseko said the masks best forex trading platform singapore netball were amongst the precautions any tools that were being given to the staff to make sure they are safe.

Asked if there were any reports of swine flu cases that have been reported within the service, she pointed out that stock market trading for beginners uk 3 legged the moment they were still safe as no cases had been reported. MBABANE — The Swaziland SIFE team has reached the semi-finals of the SIFE World Cup in Berlin, Germany. SIFE is an acronym of Students In Free Enterprise, an annual competition run to encourage entrepreneurship among students in tertiary institutions locally.

The SIFE University of Swaziland UNISWA won the competition locally and left the country last week to represent the country in the World Cup. When giving an update of what is happening in Berlin, SIFE Country Director Khosi Dlamini said the team arrived in Berlin on October 3, Dlamini said this event was followed by the much anticipated opening ceremony where the 40 teams were divided into teams of five, with eight leagues for netbll first leg of the competition. Swaziland in this first round competed on October 4, In this league only two teams were expected to advance to the semi finals, where only 16 of the 40 teams present at the World Cup would advance to the semi finals.

The teams, according to Dlamini, were tradinv to compete again yesterday in the semi finals where they would sintapore competing against India, Puerto Rico and Zimbawe, each fighting for the one place into the finals. MBABANE — Times of Swaziland Managing Editor Martin Dlamini has been appointed as Head of Secretariat for the Smart Partnership office.

The appointment comes after government took a decision to have a permanent secretariat to run the office. Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini announced the latest developments during a press conference yesterday at Cabinet offices. The PM said Martin and his team would follow up on issues that were raised during the National Smart Partnership Dialogue that was attended by over 1 people from all sectors of society.

During the dialogue, smart partners made a recomme-ndation that government should set up a secretariat that would make follow ups best forex trading platform singapore netball the issues raised. Martin will start executing his duties from November 1. The premier made it clear that an advertisement was sent out for the Head of Secretariat post sometime ago and candidates interviewed.

He said having considered the applicants, they decided to head hunt through a process that involved Cabinet tradding the Civil Service Commission, eventually coming to the decision of appointing Martin into the position. Martin is not entirely new in tradig Smart Partnership office as he was part of the interim committee that organised the recently held dialogue and is a member of the International Smart Partnership Movement.

Dlamini congratulated the new appointees who include about eight civil servants. You need to work as a team and put the interests of the country first. We expect you to leave a good legacy so that the whole nation can find the secretariat worthy of achieving national objectives and goals. He thanked the interim secretariat that was tasked with preparations of the National Dialogue zingapore congratulated them on a job well done.

Dlamini encouraged them to share notes and experiences that they acquired in the process of running the office. MANZINI — Gospel artist Reverend Vusi Gumedze, who was recently attacked lpatform allegedly dating a school girl, has run to his spiritual father for assistance and guidance. Gumedze was recently held hostage by a mob that accused him of an alleged relationship with a year-old Grade Seven pupil. Due to the allegations levelled against him, the church minister, who is also the lead netba,l for Reverend Gumedze and the Gospel Warriors had to put his eight-year long singing career on hold.

The soft-speaking pastor explained that the consultations started as soon as the problems emerged. Asked if he had been attending services at his church, the Sinyapore Cares Christian Fellowship Church, Gumedze said he never missed any. He had announced that he patform not ppatform on the pulpit until the dust had settled. Meanwhile, Mazibuko confir-med that he had met with Gumedze, adding that the consultations were on going. And we need to automated option trading 2014 what really took place, and what were the cir-cumstances that might have led to the allegations?

The alleged relationship between the Gospel singer and the pupil is said to have occurred last year in December. However, the girl only reported it to her relatives in September after some residents asked her about it. The details of the alleged relationship cannot be rep-eated as they are subject to police investigation into their authenticity. Zimbabwean Minister of Industry and Commerce Professor Welshman Ncube arrived in the country yesterday to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ncube, who arrived through the Matsapha International Airport, is leading a delegation of business people and senior government officials. Speaking during an interview at the airport, Ncube said while in the country, they would meet with the Trafing Minister, and the ministers of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as well as Agriculture.

Professor Ncube and his delegation will also tour parastatals and industries with a view to find ways in which the two countries can cooperate in terms of trade. The minister will also be looking at other opportunities that can be imported from Zimbabwe to promote trade in the kingdom. Professor Ncube, who is visiting Best forex trading platform singapore netball for the third time, was welcomed at the airport by his counterpart, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Mashwama, and Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority SIPA Chief Executive Officer CEO Phiwayinkhosi Ginindza.

MBABANE — In what will come as a shock to negligent cattle owners, the singaporw for stray cattle are rising from E to E The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ntuthuko Dlamini, in an interview yesterday, said his ministry was deeply concerned at the number of accidents caused by stray cattle, therefore, they were tightening the screws to discourage negligent cattle owners. Dlamini said there was no exception to the exercise of impounding stray cattle, as over the past weekend, the impounders were at his inkhundla.

Dlamini is elected LaMgabhi Member of Parliament. He said over 20 cattle were impounded and when residents came to complain to him, he explained that this was within the law. Asked how he would effect the new increase on the penalties to be paid for stray cattle, he said he would amend the Pound Act. Dlamini best forex trading platform singapore netball he was also still working on getting more trucks to impound tradin cattle around the country.

One of the most recent fatal accidents caused by an animal was that of a Police Assistant Commissioner Levion Dlamini, whose fxcm trading station review of the nightingale overturned after trying to avoid a stray dog. MBABANE —While other agricultural enterprises are considered very difficult to maintain, beekeeping is still a viable business. Managing Director of Eswatini Swaziland Kitchen Pablo Garrido said honeybee keeping was viable, so long as there was demand for the products.

Other agricultural enterprises such as the dairy and piggery enterprises, have been hit hard by hardships over the past few months because of the high input prices. As a result, many farmers have ceased operating such enterprises. We are lucky because we are still disease-free. He said they had trained a total of honeybee farmers on how to start up honey enterprises and maintain good record keeping.

In the Shiselweni region, the said agent has swindled Ngwane Practising Primary School at least E21 The man is said to be based in Mbabane and some schools are alleged to have used him to coordinate trips for them. Another school is around Madulini, sources have revealed. Manana said their relationship with the agent started being rocky in when the school wingapore undertaken a trip to Durban. Manana said while poatform Durban, they were nearly kicked out of the resorts they were booked in after the management claimed they were owing because the number of days stayed were more than the amount paid for.

For the Durban trip inManana said they had paid at least close to E to cover all the expenses, including accommodation and transport but at the end, it transpired that not all paid for. Corex were shocked and as the man who coordinated the trip tradint not around, we had no alternative but to vacate the rooms. We waited for him until he emerged and then we enquired from him what was going on. It was the same story only last month when some students from best forex trading platform singapore netball school were to undergo an educational tour around the country and the same agent was used to coordinate.

It is said students had paid over E21 but when the trip was to take place, it came as a big shock that the money that had been given to the agent did not reach its destination. When parents had prepared some provisions and other stuff for their children, they were shocked to see their children returning early and explained what happened. Seeing that the issue could get out of shorting vs put options vs short with some of the parents the school called a meeting where the issue was discussed.

BROTHELS should be legalised as a means of promoting tourism, thus ensuring economic growth. Rather than criminalise sex workers and brothel owners, government should consider legalising this trade to move with the times. This is the view of Senator Thuli Msane who said studies had shown that prostitution in itself was not a risky business in transmitting HIV. This is because, she argued, sex workers protect themselves. She had to seek protection from Clerk at Table in the House of Assembly Ndvuna Dlamini who cautioned the legislators to allow her to have her say.

Senator Msane said this after Timphisini MP Jennifer Shiba called for a law that would protect the country from brothel owners. She said she was extremely concerned that teenagers were into sex work and law enforcement agents were doing nothing about it despite that some of these places were known to be promoting it. The Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill of criminalises running of a brothel.

Both types of persons would be sentenced as defined in Section Responding to Senator Msane, Minister of Foorex and Constitutional Affairs Ndumiso Mamba said the country was generally perceived as a Christian country and based on that, sex work remained illegal. In other countries, sex workers are part of the economy as they are taxed and assessed on a continuous basis, this being the oldest profession in the world. SME Unit Director Michael Zwane said preparations for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award EYA were now at an advanced stage, with the judges already selected and ready for the evaluation process.

However, Zwane said nothing had been finalised as yet as they were still discussing with various stakeholders for this goal to be realised. The EYA gala dinner is expected to be held at the end of this month. On another note, Zwane said this year they were not able netbll increase the number of categories because all business had been affected by the global economic crisis.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Awards were incepted in The Awards seek to uncover exceptional business people who have demonstrated solid leadership, are innovative in their businesses, make meaningful contributions to society and have achieved what most seek to attain, by turning ideas into business. Previous overall winners are. This is despite that Mashaba indicated to this newspaper yesterday that he was concerned that the players may risk getting injuries if allowed to play for their teams this weekend.

The squad is currently in camp at Global Village in Ezulwini to gear up for this tournament. In recalling his first day in the Times newsroom, Mbingo said he made an application to the Times in when he finished school, looking for a part-time job. He joined the newspaper as a cub reporter, often covering the national court in Mbabane, but after three months platdorm had developed an interest in writing entertainment stories.

He had focused mainly on TV and radio, as well as the compilation of weekend events, which he took over from Vusi Ginindza. Six months later, the newspaper had begun to have consistent entertainment coverage and it was progressing well, hence it was then decided that Mbingo specialise in that department. In Junethe Times promoted Mbingo to the position tradiny Editor, Swazi News, ending his love-affair with the entertainment department. Three months later, he was then promoted to be the Times SUNDAY Editor, a very big challenge for someone who had worked most of his years as an Entertainment Reporter.

Management of the Times group of newspapers would like to take this opportunity to congratulate its Managing Editor Martin Dlamini on tdading appointment options genius blog the position of head of the Smart Partnership Secretariat and wish him success in his new endeavor. We would like to thank Dlamini, who has served the organisation for over 12 years, for his valuable contribution to the development of the Plaatform group.

MBABANE — Residents living in areas where six lions on the loose are suspected to be roaming have every reason to be very scared. Lions can walk 20km a day. Nisela Safaris Wildlife specialist and tour guide, Nathi Sifundza said wherever the lions might be, they are together. Livestock is under threat, especially cattle, because lions have a preference for large prey.

When hunting, lions make use of wind direction to stalk their prey, encircling them platfkrm causing the siingapore to scatter in the direction of hidden members of the pride. Most kills are made near waterholes during the day or during the night when they are less visible. King or queen, a lion needs to be part of a pride.

A pride usually comprises of about five to six adult females, a set or coalition of adult males and any cubs. He said dogs would help fight or distract the attacking lions while you make your escape. Face it and maintain eye contact as you walk backwards. Rangers and police have been searching for the untamed and dangerous lions for over two weeks. The search team have even set cages to trap the lions but they have not turned up.

The lions are said to have escaped with two elephants from a game reserve at Sikhukhuza in South Africa. MBABANE — Swaziland has engaged the Republic of Zimbabwe on talks regarding trade and investment. He informed Ncube and his team made up of senior government officials and business people that the king was highly impressed with the level of development on investment and best forex trading platform singapore netball in that country, especially in the motoring industry.

Dlamini said government felt this was an important industry, especially because government used vehicles to a great extent. Dlamini applauded the Zimbabwean government for its tremendous contribution towards the Common Market for East and Southern Africa COMESA. He explained to the delegation that Swaziland, being a landlocked country was dependent on trade. SACU is an acronym for the Southern African Customs Union.

He said this during the meeting held with officials from the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority SIPA yesterday. Mabuza also noted that with plans to resuscitate the mining industry, the would best forex trading platform singapore netball pressure on the electricity power supply, which called for the country to generate more of its own electricity. One of these best forex trading platform singapore netball clauses was the criminalisation of stalking women, something that did not go down well with the male legislators who felt it was metatrader 4 slow 4s them a chance to propose love to women.

Senator Moi Moi Masilela said Swazi customs had to be respected and drafters had to ensure no laws were in contravention of this age old traditions. Senator Masilela said p,atform Bill should have been drafted with Swazi customs in mind rather than from experience as legal minds would do. He said now that the Bill was out it would assume the status of firex Bible, like the constitution and all had to obey or face the consequences.

This would forsx been so that the Bill was harmonised with our culture. Also making a similar observation was Mtfongwaneni MP Patrick Gamedze who said the Bill touched on customary issues wanting to know how far codification of Swazi law and customs had gone. MP Gamedze also called for clarity on the definition of a child in the Bill which seemed to be contrary to what is contained in the constitution and other Bills.

But Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ndumiso Xingapore said stalking had not been criminalised but unlawful one had. Section 10 states that any person who unlawfully stalks another commits an offence and on conviction liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine of E7 or both. It defines unlawful stalking as conduct intentionally directed at a person and is engaged in on any one occasion if the conduct is protracted on more than one occasion and consists of; following, loitering near, watching or approaching a person, contacting that person in any unlimited way including by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail or through the sinvapore of technology.

Codification of customs was left to be dealt with by Prince Logcogco. MINISTER of Information and Communication Technology Nelisiwe Shongwe has shared her sentiments on how ICT can be used to develop Swaziland. She said what could be explored was how information technology could be used to rollout the disbursement of funds to the elderly. She also drew the attention of ministers to cyber crime. She said as a first step to combat such a crime, government had enacted the Electronic Evidence law.

In Geneva, Shongwe had an opportunity to meet Secretary General of the ITU Dr. Hamadoun Toure who reaffirmed his commitment to funding assistance to Swaziland in the field of ICT. The event ends today. HIS Majesty King Mswati III has said government is doing all possible to open job opportunities. He was speaking at Lozitha Palace when accepting letters of credence from the High Commissioners of Mozambique singaporr Britain. His Majesty further called on British investors to come to the country.

Brewer revealed that the Flagship Programme scholarships would be back next year. He said the details of the scholarship would be advertised in the local media, stating that this was another way of ensuring good relations between the two countries. His Majesty said Mozambique and Swaziland have been working well together over the years, adding that he hoped this would continue. His Majesty promised support for the High Commissioners.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe have thanked the King for ensuring that there is peace and stability in that country. Welshman Buy put option short position 9 of vin, Minister of Industry and Trade of Zimbabwe said this when he paid a courtesy call to Prime Minister Dr. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini yesterday afternoon.

He also said as a result of the efforts of the TROIKA organ, his country had made major strides towards the growth of its economy. Welcoming Ncube and his delegation, the Prime Minister said His Majesty King Mswati III best forex trading platform singapore netball impressed with the level of development in investment and trade in that country. Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority SIPA Investor Facilitation and After Care Director Mandla Nkambule said among the counteractive strategies being put in place, the country was looking for hydro markets so as to make up for the loss in revenue.

Best forex trading platform singapore netball, Nkambule said since some African, Carribean and Pacific ACP countries might drop out of the export bandwagon because of the lower prices, this would increase chances for countries like Swaziland to supply more sugar to the EU. Annual production capacity of nebtall is currently estimated in excess of tonnes.

The industry singwpore raw, refined and brown sugar while annual molasses production is tonnes. MEANWHILE, the Zimbabwe delegation led by Minister of Industry and Commerce Professor Welshman Ncube was informed on the various infrastructure development projects government is currently undertaking. Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority SIPA Domestic Investments Director Sabelo Mabuza informed the delegation that these projects included development of Sikhuphe International Airport, whose complete construction he said should be done by January, He said even though there were technical challenges along the way, they were hopeful that the airport would start operations by March, next year as construction of the terminal had already started.

Other projects with available investment opportunities currently being implemented are Jozini Big Six; game parks, hole golf estate and holiday homes; Nkonyeni Golf Estate with five-star hotel brazil forex trading taxes and platfoorm world class restaurant and Summerfield Casino and Golf Estate.

FOLLOWING de-monopolisation of the energy industry, government is tradinv companies that can generate their own power to invest in the country. Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority SIPA Domestic Investments Director Sabelo Mabuza said currently the country demand was about megawatts, with the bulk of power imported from South Africa. He said the country was looking at eventually establishing a power station that would produce 1 megawatts but at the moment there were plans for construction of a megawatt power station.

Last month Cabinet approved a programme for the design of a megawatt thermal power plant. It also approved the engagement of consultants for the detailed design phase of the mini-micro hydro power plant at Mnjoli Dam and development of a coal-fired power station for national security. For development of the coal-fired power station, it is expected that the project would utilise local coal resources as well as create and improve job opportunities in the local mining sector.

Commissioning of the project is set for Meanwhile, Mabuza said indications were that as the country developed it would utilise the megawatts. He said there were hopes that when the 1 megawatt power station was established, the extra megawatts would be exported to other countries in the region. Delivering his speech during the pass-out parade of over recruits, the King said in some instances, suspects are remanded into custody and nothing ever happens thereafter.

His Majesty highlighted that some suspects come out of prison with a high degree of confidence and prancing around jubilantly. He said this might lead to people taking the law into their own hands, something, which was unacceptable. He urged courts to ensure that justice is delivered to avoid such. The King also encouraged correctional officers to ensure that inmates do not escape from prison. He said the warders must always establish and maintain relationships with inmates to ensure that prisoners intending to escape are busted.

A total of correctional recruits passed-out from the Matsapha College on Friday. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ndumiso Mamba, whose portfolio also includes the correctional services, said there are 1 correctional officers in the country. Mamba explained that the transformation of the facility from being a prison to being a rehabilitation facility meant that officers have to be professional ofrex their duties. He disclosed that the transformation has taken a lot of resources for the department.

He said this was an indication that this department was working hard. Mamba further informed the Ingwenyama that water was no longer a problem at the Big Bend prison and Mawelawela. So serious was the situation that commuters were stranded from as early as 6 a. When the Weekend Observer crew visited the bus rank, bus conductors, drivers and some operators were found having a meeting while some were toy-toying calling for the city council and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport teading do something as the situation will soon get out of hand.

One of the well-known bus operators who is also Chairman of Manzini bus operators, Duma Msibi, said he has since been instructed by his colleagues to go and instruct the ministry to act as soon as possible. He said they cannot work in such an environment since it was not conducive for both the operators and the commuters. He said the person who came up with this initiative should have considered the interest of both the commuters and the operators.

He also disclosed that the City Council long declared that they have failed to solve this issue and it was now left with government to do something. Also sharing the same sentiments was Thamsaqa Mbhilibhi Mkhombe who said this was unfair as kombi operators interstates once tried to use the bus rank, but they later realised that it was not conducive. It seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel as no one wants to come out of the closet to admit where things went wrong.

Mkhombe said relevant stakeholders were not netbal, when this initiative was taken. He said it was painful because most of the operators are servicing loans for their transport and if business is halted and delayed they make a loss. Some of the bus conductors who were in a questionable state of sobriety vowed that best forex trading platform singapore netball what is metatrader 5 history not rest until the matter is resolved.

Swazi Airlink passengers on board Flight No. The incident platflrm their minds to quickly run to the other South African Airlink accident in Durban where another of their flights crash landed amid minutes of taking off. It is said that the inside left back tyre of the Swazi Airlink aircraft broke open when the flight was just taking off and for a moment it struggled to reach cruising levels. She said she had watched a few documentaries singwpore crashed planes and she was not overly shocked. Thank God it was a woman pilot, who did not want to take any risk but ensured that we landed back safely at the OR Tambo International.

Motsa told the Weekend Observer that they found themselves clapping hands for the pilot when they landed safely sigapore the same happened when they took off safely with the alternate aircraft. MP Dladla suspects that the tyre burst because of the hot weather that was experienced on Thursday, saying the heat could have been too much for the tyre. Swazi Airlink General Manager Teddy Mavuso could only confirm that he was alerted of a technical problem that delayed the flight but was not privy of the details.

He advised that the Johannesburg Office be contacted on the matter. By late evening trsding Friday, South Africa Airlink Headquarters had not responded to our email. Two self-confessed prostitutes availed themselves for an interview with Weekend reporters on Friday during the pass-out parade at the Correctional Services in Matsapha and hailed the senator for initiating a debate around prostitution ahead of For a long time now, we have been silently wondering when this country would have open-minded people like her.

Prostitutes have, for far too long, been humiliated and their rights infringed by almost everyone. The senator is right in everything that she is saying regarding prostitution. They explained that even first world best forex trading platform singapore netball do recognise prostitution and wondered why a third world country such as Swaziland was failing to legalise it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with prostitution.

As the senator rightly indicated, studies have shown that prostitution does not play any significant role in the spread of HIV. The prostitutes interviewed said they reside at Kwaluseni, in the one-roomed flats situated just outside the University of Swaziland UNISWA. They operate at the Mahhala Shopping Complex or near the Gables Shopping Complex on month-ends. She has further promised to move a motion in parliament calling for the legalisation of this line of business.

Thuli Msane is married to Vusi and is also the Director of Hospice at Home, an organisation taking care of forex group trading analysis terminally ill. The Ingwenyama made the announcement in the presence of throngs of spectators during the double celebrations of the Correctional Day plaform Pass-Out Parade for recruits. Ntshangase has been acting in the position since late last year after the departure of Mnguni Simelane, who was appointed into the Ludzidzini Committee.

Black scholes put option model 61 Assistant Commissioner was also appointed Deputy Commissioner Dumsani Dlamini during the well-attended event. His Majesty further congratulated the newly-recruited officials and encouraged them to follow in the footsteps of their seniors whilst executing their duties in the various correctional facilities across the Kingdom.

Prime Minister Dr Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini, cabinet ministers, members of Liqoqo, diplomats and members of both houses of parliament attended the colourful event. New petroleum singapors franchise, Galp Energia is currently experiencing a serious shortage of fuel. Motorists who called this publication say for the past three days, Galp Energia filling stations have been offering limited or no service at all due singaopre the shortage of fuel.

You then have to drive around in search of an alternative service station. Sometimes you have to best forex trading platform singapore netball your car at the petrol station and walk on foot to another station to get fuel. Galp Energia has since best forex trading platform singapore netball a statement, apologising to customers about the fuel shortage.

Netball would like to unreservedly apologize to all our customers who have been inconvenienced by the situation. Swazi born, South African business magnate, Roux Shabangu, who early this week unveiled a multi-billion Emalangeni plan for the capital city takes his investment to E5 billion in the country. The Swazi Observer reported in January that Shabangu promised that when the Tradibg Mine is fully operational it will create jobs for 2 people.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini has given the Mbabane Municipal City development her approval. Interviewed this week, Pastor Lindiwe said government supports public, private partnerships PPPs and would encourage other towns to venture into these kind of partnership as it help generate revenue for the town, hence softening the burden on rate payers.

Pastor Lindiwe said a similar project was planned for Manzini at the Old Trade Fair grounds, but certain challenges between the council and the investors and the lapsing of the agreement meant that it had to be shelved. In residential development he has invested E2. In the earth moving equipment sector he has assets worth E20m and has formed partnership with Bekker Plant Hire. Roux Consolidating Investment is handling both anthracite coal concession worth Em and platinum mining concession worth E4.

Summary of his investment in South Africa:. NB: Additional information from Roux Development Africa website. MBABANE— Senator Thuli Msane says prostitutes should be left alone. Prostitution is not a problem and no one was born a prostitute. She observed that there were a lot of problems that women were subjected to everyday and they should be addressed first before the focus is turned on uprooting it. The senator is of the view that prostitutes are forced into prostitution by certain circumstances that border on their very survival as human beings.

Among these problems, she also highlighted unemp-loyment. She says prostitutes are in this business because they were having a hard time in finding jobs. She said the issue of unemployment should be addressed immediately. She says ;latform country should stop demonising prostitution and instead should focus efforts in rehabilitating the women who are in this trade. Is confidence is necessary for forex trading nz senator says the country should conduct a rorex to find the causes of these underlying problems, which she claimed do not only affect prostitutes but also the youth generally.

The senator says the minister of Health Benedict Xaba, when he attended the workshop hosted for sex workers, showed that government recognises that sex workers are also important stakeholders in this debate. The senator observed that what was happening in Matsapha at the factories was dire. She said instead of helping the situation, the firms are promoting prostitution through paying women meagre salaries MBABANE— Prominent preachers Pastor Justice Dlamini and Apostle Robert Kasaro urge their colleagues to demonstrate a high level of integrity and quality leadership in church.

Speaking at Emafini Conference Centre during the conferment of certificates of advanced leadership to Pastor Justice and 19 others, Apostle Kasaro said there was a great need to have consistent leadership seminars for pastors from all denominations. The Jesus Calls Worship Centre pastor was a guest speaker at the ceremony, where 20 pastors were certificated for excellence in leadership studies from Haggai Institute.

He said there was a need for life transformation and character change. He said the secular institutions were supposed to learn basics of leadership and its tenets from the church. Kasaro talked of the necessity to inculcate the culture of integrity after Pastor Justice, who was a representative of the trainees, had hinted on the need to invest in character change, tradnig is integrity among the church leaders.

There have been complaints about pastors of loose morals. Fornication and adultery have been cited as two most sexual sins that have compromised the integrity of the men of the cloth. Kasaro fored pastors should prescribe a solution as opposed to murmuring or complaining about it. He said the world was looking for answers, which pastors should provide. He urged pastors to be precise and definite in their approach to issues.

He said pastors fforex acknowledge the fact that God started with the negative or the least to make it positive or big. He said the least in the society should be respected at all times because these people ended up being used by God mightily. Meanwhile, Pastor Justice said the course taught him to humble himself and take instructions.

He said the seminar was held at the appropriate time when the country was faced with a serious challenge in terms of integrity. Also speaking on behalf of the trainees was Signapore Phoebe Makasi of chris capre sniper trading system for forex 4u Christian Life Centre under the leadership of Reverend David Chaliyumba. World Vision Swaziland also played part in hosting the event and the leadership of this Christian organisation was witness of the occasion.

Representatives of Haggai Institute from East and Southern African region conferred the certificates to the graduating pastors. The advanced leadership course began Monday and ended on Friday MATSETSA—Suckling time is a survival of the fittest battle for four kids that were born to a goat two weeks ago. Ellinah Tsabedze, the owner of the goats, said she was very surprised two weeks ago when she awoke to find that her animal nftball had quadruplets.

Tsabedze said because goats only have two teats, the young animals were constantly fighting over them in order for them to suckle. Tading has since devised a strategy whereby she takes two of the kids and puts them in a drum whilst the other two feed. After a certain amount negball time, she then lets the remaining two to suck. Tsabedze said another problem was that the mother also had to be let out to go graze and drink from the dam and this made it even harder for the kids.

Tsabedze said they could not risk letting the baby goats go to the dam tradlng dogs were a constant threat. The kids, which are black and brown in colour, during the visit by this publication ensured that they stuck next to their mother and particularly sucked on the teats at any given moment. Tsabedze said although her goat did not have a name, she was contemplating on giving it a name because of the special birth she had just had.

Normally goats give birth twice a year and it is common for them to produce twins or even triplets, but rarely quadruplets and in some cases there have been those that have produced quintuplet and sextuplets five and six respectively. Earlier in the year, a cow gave birth to two calves in Manzini. After his acquittal, Masuku convened a press conference where he demanded an apology from the Prime Minister, Sibusiso Dlamini and further vowed that the struggle continues.

The Head of State trwding speaking during the Correctional Services pass out parade and Correctional Services Day held at Matsapha yesterday. His Majesty noted with concern that the continued acquittal of suspects could lead to a situation where the public could take the law into its own hands. The king said as this situation persists, it could be necessary that stiffer laws be bbest in place to guard against such occurrences. What was supposed to be a television talk show turned out to be a volatile public mud-slinging match between Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko Dlamini and former Mkhiweni Member of Parliament Maqhawe Mavuso on Thursday night on Channel Fore The two literally tore each other apart live on national television, much to the bewilderment of thousands of viewers.

Qhawe Mamba, the host of People and Places, a programme aired every Thursday, would frequently intervene as the two threatened to exchange blows at the TV studios at Inyatsi House, Manzini formerly Tiger City Building. The subject of the talkshow was the confusion that manifested itself at the Manzini city this week between the City Council and public transport operators. Mavuso spoke on behalf of the operators whilst the minister had come to defend his ministry and the city council.

The fogex did not take kindly to this and warned Mavuso against calling him names. Dlamini further alleged that Maqhawe does not have a public transport vehicle and wondered why he was speaking on behalf of operators when he was not even an executive member of the mother-body of public transport operators. Mavuso said he had a vehicle and was speaking on behalf of operators and people under the Mkhiweni Constituency. Mkhiweni people have mouths best forex trading platform singapore netball speak for themselves.

The fact that they once sent this man to represent them in parliament does not mean he should represent them netbalo when not sent. Maqhawe interjects : Usho kimi kutsi ngisiwenguwengu? Qhawe: Gentlemen lets cool down. Maybe you should withdraw minister. At this point, Qhawe attempted to bring direction and asked them cool down and address the issues at hand. Minutes later, Mavuso was at it again. Qhawe: What do you mean?

Maqhawe: I mean just that, the minister knows what I mean. Minister: Qhawe I think we should take calls from viewers before I do something nobody might like. Mamba then opened the lines for platfprm at pm. Qhawe: This is really getting out of hand. Maqhawe: What did the people of LaMgabhi see in you when they elected you and you attempted suicide by chewing sigwabugwabu?. Minister: The parliament I served in was the best because there were no people who embezzled funds.

Minister: Your family must help you Maqhawe because you are a menace. Minister Dlamini then stood up and walked out of the show. Nurses posted to the new hospital have officially complained about this, saying it placed their lives at risk. It has been established that the problem is with specifications. When vest hospital was established, the newer and more dangerous strains of tuberculosis had not yet been discovered.

As a result, government built a hospital that would only be able to cater for patients diagnosed with the ordinary TB strain. The more serious TB strains are known as multi-drug resistant MDR and extremely drug resistant XDRrespectively. Information sourced from singalore World Health Organisation WHO website clarifies that, when TB patients do not take their medicine as prescribed, by missing doses, skipping some medicine or stopping treatment ahead of time, the TB bacteria may become resistant to a certain drug.

This means that the drug can no longer kill the bacteria. Drug resistance is more common in people who have been in close contact with someone with drug-resistant TB disease, take their medicine snigapore, develop Fored disease again, after having taken TB medicine in the past or come from areas where drug-resistant TB is common. MDR-TB means that a patient is tradibg to at least Isoniazid and Rifampicin, the two most important TB drugs. This is a very serious problem.

People with MDR-TB disease must be treated with different drugs. These drugs are not as effective as the first-line drugs for ordinary TB and are much more expensive and may cause serious side-effects. Sources within government allege that the hospital has been condemned by international experts as not meeting health standards. The Swaziland Nurses Association SNA confirmed that its members had reported that the entball of certain equipment posed a health risk.

Lushaba said their members, posted to the hospital, had registered such complains as early as May The main problem, he said, was the absence of machinery to assist in the circulation of air in the wards. This could result in nurses looking after patients getting infected with MDR-TB or XDR-TB. Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis XDR-TB is a form of TB caused by bacteria that are resistant to the most effective anti-TB forez.

Best forex trading platform singapore netball has emerged from the mismanagement of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB and once created, can spread from one person to another. Statistics show that one in three people in the world is infected with the TB bacterium. Health Minister Benedict Xaba said the unfortunate situation at the hospital had forced them to improvise. Nurses have reported problems but we deal with them from time to time.

The minister said as far as he was aware, the problem was with the availability of masks. This was revealed by Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Nsibandze during a cocktail party to introduce the campaign in Mozambique on Thursday. The party was held at the Hotel Cardoso in Maputo, where business people and high profile individuals were guests. Even though Nsibandze was reluctant to reveal details of the new strategy, he said they options trading in stock market research about to finish it.

Nsibandze added that the new strategy would involve a Tourism Indaba. He said they were looking at vigorously involving the media in the campaign and encouraged Swazis to visit tourism attraction places. People now prefer going to places nearer to where they live. NHLANGANO — Matsanjeni MP Qedusizi Ndlovu narrated to Qomintaba pupils how he suffered persistent diarrhoea after drinking water from the contaminated Ngwavuma River.

The Member of Parliament revealed this on Friday when delivering his speech at Qomintaba Secondary School speech and prize giving day where best forex trading platform singapore netball was among the guest speakers. Ngwavuma River is one of the main water sources that cut across the country to South Africa and Mozambique. Ndlovu, addressing the gathering said it was around Christmas when he drank from the dirty water as there was no rainfall in that particular year around Lavumisa.

What made matters worse, according to Ndlovu was the fact that it was his first time drinking water from the river and to his shock, had a persistent running stomach diarrhoea which left him totally dehydrated. This got most of the pupils laughing. The MP was trying to explain the extent of the scarcity of water is in his constituency.

The Matsanjeni legislator appealed to the Ministry of Education to provide schools around his constituency with clean water, to prevent pupils from having diarrhoea. In response, Shiselweni acting R. Nxumalo then challenged Qomintaba Secondary teachers to donate E50 for the acquisition of belajar forex trader pro opinion tanker to fill the tanks instead of relying on a government tanker.

The Minister of Education and Training, Wilson Ntshangase, who was the guest speaker encouraged netbal, to appreciate the good work done by their children and restrain from ridiculing them if they did not do well. He was represented by Inspector of Schools, Phenous Plqtform. Meanwhile Qomintaba Secondary Principal, Christopher Mazibuko shockingly disclosed that due to poverty in the area, the maximum amount of money collected from school fees annually does not exceed E8 MBABANE- Despite that most insurance companies recorded negative returns on their investments, the SRIC delivered an underwriting performance of E9 million on its life insurance business.

SRIC is an acronym for the Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation and its main business is to provide short-term insurance, life insurance to individuals, as well as pension administration in the country. Tambo Gina said the corporation remained well capitalised and could withstand deterioration in market conditions. Global financial markets were characterised by rapid deterioration combined with volatility, mainly due to the global credit crunch.

Most insurance companies delivered negative returns on their investments due to the global economic melt down including our Corporation. Notwithstanding, the Corporation delivered strong performances, an underwriting profit of E It says the Corporation had done several tests and was satisfied that both 15 per cent and 20 per cent downturn on the stock market, the Corporation would still be well capitalised.

He said the structures would be purchased in South Africa and will be delivered before the end of the month. He said the mobile class rooms and staff rooms would be distributed according to schools that would be identified by the ministry officials with the help of the principals. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini has said government is working towards introducing free medical services for elderly people. He said this was one of the many ways in which government was trying to deliver quality service to its citizens.

The Premier also assured Her Majesty the Tfading and the elderly that government would soon pay the elderly grants on best forex trading platform singapore netball monthly basis instead of the three month intervals. Different companies and organisations which included UNFPA and others contributed towards the success of the event. Her Majesty the Indlovukazi says parents should inculcate good morals to their children so that they become good citizens.

Speaking during the presentation of gifts, food hampers, and blankets to the elderly netbwll Ludzeludze and Kwaluseni Tinkhundla centres yesterday, the Indlovukazi said she was disappointed to learn of stories of youth robbing and stealing money along with properties from old people who no longer have enough energy to work for a living. She said this was a disgrace for the country known internationally as a Christian country.

She also called on the youth, especially those working to look after their parents. The Indlovukazi said the elderly were pillars of their communities and, therefore, should not be neglected. She also urged the community to put more effort to farming as a means to fight hunger. SWAZILAND High Commissioner to Mozambique Prince Tshekedi says Swazis should learn to speak Portuguese in order to create business and tourism relations with Mozambicans He said it was a pity best forex trading platform singapore netball Most Mozambicans had learnt to speak Siswati or English, whilst Swazis do not bother to learn either Portuguese or any other language spoken in Mozambique.

He was speaking in an interview in Maputo during the cocktail promotion of the Visit Swaziland Campaign. We need to learn Portuguese. Plxtform said he had already learnt many aspects of the language himself, having stayed in Mozambique for a few years. The Prince said many Mozambicans were showing willingness to visit Swaziland for cultural activities.

He said he was expecting more of these to visit the country during the Incwala ceremony, which begins next month but is usually danced in December. The High Commissioner said there were several opportunities that Swaziland could tap into, such as in the education sector. He said there were many Swazis who were educated in Mozambique, and Mozambicans who studied in Swaziland. TOURISM and Environmental Affairs Minister Macford Sibandze says Swaziland is ready to team up with Mozambique and maximise gains from the World Cup.

The minister was speaking at the Cardoso Hotel in Maputo during the cocktail promotion of the Visit Swaziland campaign on Thursday evening. He invited Mozambicans to visit the country to enjoy the tradong, smiles and warmth of the country. Our presence is intended to remind you to take advantage of this geographical proximity and make hay while the sun shines. Swaziland is ready to welcome you all. Project Chairman - and local custodian of the title deed land on which the project would be undertaken - Walter Stow said this project was being established in Kaphunga to help provide self-sustainable development within the community, in conjunction with Red Cross International and several experts from the coffee industry, both regional and international.

The agreement reached is that the people of Kaphunga will be fully trained and assisted during the start-up stages as well as the years following until the coffee fruits are reaped and processed. Stow said this was a world class project with every intention of providing the community with economic growth well into the future. Kaphunga Water Project Secretary Sipho Makhubu said he was excited to be working with this project and has welcomed the initiative.

He said the residents of Kaphunga were honoured to be chosen for this unique venture and would be equally honoured to work hard at making it every success intended, for many years to come. The South African born mentor said the match against the Tswanas next week Tuesday will be vital in their quest to finally bring home the regional tournament.

But, the player was due to be assessed further in the afternoon after consulting a doctor in the morning. That best forex trading platform singapore netball that we can now have two players for each position at the back, but we still have problems in central midfield. Mashaba further observed that they will still have to work on finishing. Sihlangu leaves the country on Thursday for Bulawayo where the team will play its platvorm.

They open the tournament on Sunday at 3. Only group winners advance to the quarter finals against a winner from the Harare based group that consists of Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Mauritius. Madagascar and Tanzania have pulled out of the tournament for various reasons. Meanwhile, his counterpart at Botswana Stanley Tshosane has stated trrading his team will also not undermine their opponents in the tournament.

Speaking best forex trading platform singapore netball an online publication the BOP Daily Mail after the draw, he said even though the Comoros Islands, Seychelles and Swaziland fprex rated lower than the Zebras in the FIFA World rankings that did not suggest the group would be easy for Zebras. The two teams will battle it out for the automatic qualification to the quarter finals in the group B. The deciding clash will take place next week Tuesday at Bulawayo starting at 3. The gospel artist was accompanied by his wife Ayanda.

As platforn as they walked into the hospital with the gifts, the children burst into song followed by a round of applause in appreciation of the goodies. Ncwane said he was happy to donate to the children. He said he was aware that despite their condition, which had forced them to stay at the hospital, they were followers of gospel music. He said if he had had enough time to prepare for the trip, he would have brought with him equipment so that he could perform for them.

Ncwane said he spent over E2 Present at the presentation was the Hospital Administrator Cebsile Dlamini, who thanked the gospel artist and urged other members of the public to emulate him. THE Swazi Hunk of the Singapors contestants will on Friday be involved in a photoshoot to be held at Cuddle Puddle. Tony Dlamini, netbapl of the organisers of the event urged all the contestants to attend the event without fail.

The contestants were yesterday involved in another photoshoot where they were in their sports wear. The event will start at 1p. Dlamini said they already had over 15 contestants and encouraged other to register as soon as possible. Dlamini said they would only consider males between the ages of All those interested can options trading com 611 01 Sam Dlamini at or On another note Dlamini olatform had already secured a number of sponsors.

Kurnitz Property had sponsored the event with E5 while Aqua Design has sponsored with branding. THE investment policy currently being formulated is expected to establish an Investment Code that will give a detailed guide for foreign investors wishing to come into the country. He said the Investment Code would also fast-track all the processes involved in establishing business in Swaziland, as well as enable the Authority to investigate all issues relating to investors in the country.

This is after Senior Medical Officer SMO Makhosazane Dlamini at the Mbabane Government Best forex trading platform singapore netball MGH said he should report to the hospital today at 2pm. The SMO did not state the tradong of singaore the hospital might do to help, but said the boy should be at the hospital at the said time. Mlandvo appeared in the Weekend Observer, where his grandparents pleaded with anyone to help him with artificial hands so he could go to school like every child.

The boy, who hails from Mnyokane was infected with a mysterious disease which led to him being amputated. He first had blisters in his hands, which later developed into gangrene. He was abandoned by his parents when he was young and ever since, he has been living with is grandparents. His grandparents said though the boy is just like other children as he plays and is bubbly it hurts them that he is not in school. Elizabeth Kunene, his grandmother said now that there is free education it was her wish that his grandson could also go to school.

Free education starts next year and every child below the age of nine-years is eligible. It has been alleged that the unscrupulous pastors were envious of famous overseas preachers they normally saw on television touching sick people with their hands and the latter would collapse to the ground as part of the healing process. In their quest to be like the overseas preachers, the local pastors are said to travel as far as Nyembane in Mozambique firex search of strong muti to make them as popular.

This transpired yesterday, during the fortnightly symposiums of pastors affiliated to the Swaziland Conference of Churches, Mbabane branch. The statements come at a time when there are certain local pastors being investigated by the International Criminal Police Organisation Interpol for allegedly performing fake miracles. Mazibuko said once these pastors performed their miracles using witchcraft, they would then run to the media to publicise their achievement, so as to gain more popularity.

A local weekly newspaper has, in the past, reported that a certain church used a seven headed snake known as lamlambo. Reverend Johannes Mazibuko said pastors had deviated from preaching the word and focused more on presenting themselves as supernatural beings forrx have to be worshipped. He said this was the humanism that had marred operations of the church in the 21st century. He said some preachers had gone to the extent of not attending other church functions and only entered the house of the Lord to deliver a sermon.

The Reverend said he foeex not against pastors having someone to carry their luggage, like the Bible and other necessities but should do so without being too extravagant. One known pastor who is normally accompanied by an entourage is Pastor Justice Dlamini, of the Worship Centre, who even stunned many people when he preached at Somhlolo national stadium under the watchful eyes of his personal forez.

Expose bad pastors, media urged. Aaron Matsebula, Chairman of tradinv Swaziland Conference of Churches Mbabane branchsaid it was his prayer that the media, especially newspapers, should monitor the activities of the pastors who were dragging the name of God in the mud. He said it was strange to him that the pastor would want a press conference when he had told him that he was not the one being referred to in the article.

Meanwhile, Reverend Johannes Mazibuko said bad publicity would always follow immoral pastors. The church leaders are expected to convene again on the 27th of this month to deliberate further on the matter. MBABANE — Despite the recent fall in petrol prices in South Africa, Swaziland will not effect any adjustment. SA last week effected a drop in the retail price of petrol of 39 and 40 cents for both the Unleaded and Lead Replacement, respectively.

Diesel dropped by 0. However, the local Fuel Pricing Control Committee has not met to deliberate on whether adjustments are necessary. In fact, a member of the committee and Chairman of the Swaziland Fuel Retailers Association, Harry Shongwe said government would probably consider that there is no need to change the current price. Giving a brief background, Shongwe said the country would not have made adjustments since July, yet SA has effected two hikes this year.

He said a review would be necessary early next month, especially when considering the current trends in the global crude oil prices. Shongwe predicted a hike in the next adjustments, basing his argument on the fact that the Northern Hemisphere was heading for a winter season, a period tradig fuel is in dem- and. He reiterated that for this month, government would leave the price as is and probably effect a hike next month. Chief Energy Officer in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Henry Shongwe confirmed that the committee would not be meeting because a decision was taken that current prices remain as is.

Shongwe added that it was the good exchange rate that assisted the country in maintaining the petrol prices. MBABANE — The sugar industry has been dealt a huge blow, with the EU having effected the remaining This means the price of sugar received by Swaziland, and other African, Caribbean and Pacific ACP countries, has been cut by 36 per cent. The Tading Union EU introduced the Sugar Regime, which sought to slash sugar prices by 36 per cent fromover a four year period.

In monetary terms, the sugar price has tading from about E5 Chief Executive Officer of the Swaziland Sugar Association SSA Tradding. Mike Matsebula confirmed that the EU had cut the sugar price by As such, the EU prices have now been reduced by the full 36 per cent as part of the EU Sugar sector Reform. The first EU price cut of 5. Matsebula detailed how the 36 per cent sugar price cut affected the local industry.

He mentioned, however, the corrective measures the industry was employing to lessen the fforex. Some of the major steps are: increased assistance to smallholder growers to improve their yields; using task teams to address major cost areas for smallholder growers; and investigating fair trade under which sugar produced by smallholder growers will receive premiums in the EU.

MBABANE — If government had not signed the interim EPA, the local sugar industry would be doomed, with over tonnes of sugar without a market. This follows the expiry of the Sugar Protocol, under which Swaziland exported its sugar to the European Union EU markets, on September 30, EPA is an acronym for Economic Partnership Agreement, whose negotiations are between the Southern African Development Community with the EU.

Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland signed the interim EPA a few months ago while South Africa, Namibia and Angola refused to sign. When asked about the Sugar Protocol, Chief Executive Officer of SSA Dr Mike Matsebula confirmed it had expired. Matsebula revealed that they were now exporting sugar to the EU under the interim EPA.

He mentioned that because of the signing of the interim EPA, no substantial negative plaatform were singapoe on the local sugar industry. The signing of the interim EPA led sinbapore a rift among countries under the Southern African Customs Union SACU. The faction that did not sign accused those who signed of contravening the SACU Agreement ofwhich says negotiations of trade agreements with third parties should be done as a bloc, not individually.

However, during a SACU Council of Ministers meeting held locally last month, it was decided that members would redouble collective efforts to resolve the outstanding issues in the interim EPA and EPA negotiations. The Council agreed to follow the principle of unified engagement among member states in trade negotiations with third negotiations, including the SADC-EC EPA, while recognising different plarform of development and capacity of member states.

In fact, the SACU Council of Ministers Chairmanship, Namibia, said it would also focus on ensuring that all SACU member states are signatories to the final EPA. A year-old man of Gelekeceni stunned Mbabane Magistrate Siphosini Dlamini when he said he was tempted by the devil to steal from his neighbours. This prompted Magistrate Dlamini to say he intends to meet the devil which tempted Landvo Mdluli to steal.

Mdluli was charged with breaking into the house of his neighbour Mandla Fana Malindzisa. The accused said it was not his intention to steal but was tempted by the devil. In mitigation he pleaded with the court to be lenient when passing sentence since it was his first time to have a brush with the law. The magistrate said the accused betrayed his neighbours who counted on him as one of the people they would call when attacked by intruders.

Mdluli was eventually sentenced to six months imprisonment with an option of E fine. NO sooner had his plane landed at Doha International Airport in the State of Qatar, than His Majesty King Mswati III plunged head-on into a gruelling schedule of cementing ties and looking for singappore for Swaziland. His Majesty emerged an hour later with a big smile of optimism, suggesting that the talks were a success. Minister of Foreign Affairs International Trade Lutfo Dlamini confirmed the spirit of optimism when briefing the press later, where he said various exploratory issues were raised.

Later in the day, the King received a contigent of hotelliers and tourism captains from the State of Qatar, an encounter that was borne of the earlier talks with His Highness. There were also various business delegations that had audience with the King, one of which was from the energy sector.

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