It is just a matter of time that what is the latest today becomes obsolete. Provides state-of-the-art facilities and internationally recognized faculty. However, students should consider an MBA in information systems to truly stand out from the ccareer of the applicant field. Executive Officers are trained in specializations such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Navigation, Communications, Gunnery Logistics, Diving and Hydrography. Bureau of Labor Statistics. National Talent Search Examination NTSE.

As an Executive Officer, you will be a vital part of the complex system that manages the ship and also uses the ship as an instrument of tactical warfare. You will learn to have a good understanding of your ship's capabilities and limitations and be able to turn them to your advantage when face to face with enemy. It is for this reason that an Executive Officer alone can aspire for the command of a naval comluter. Executive Officers are trained in specializations such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Navigation, Communications, Gunnery Logistics, Diving and Hydrography.

One could also opt for the Air or Submarine arm. Irrespective of the choice of your specialisation you will get opportunities to participate in all the facets of naval operation. Our specialist schools in Kochi constantly update your knowledge sharpen your skills for greater responsibilities. You as a hydrographer shall venture into areas where no human ventured before. Charting coral reefs, pristine waters, atolls and ports you shall do it all.

You shall fly, dive and sail into national and international sdience waters and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your efforts carer into a navigational chart in which mariners place boundless confidence. The qualification you gain as a hydrographer will have international recognition. So if want to see the world and be exposed to international professional practices, join the Indian navy as a hydrographer.

Naval Armament Inspection Officer. The officers associate with various DRDO labs during development phase of various armament stores. The officers of the cadre undergo induction training for three years. A separate cadre of Provost Officers exists to deal with policing, regulatory, and security and vigilance needs of the Navy. For those with an aspiration to fly in the skies over the challenging caree of the sea, the Navy needs Pilots for its Naval Air Arm.

Naval Pilots operate fighter aircraft and helicopters from aircraft carriers and ships at sea as well as maritime reconnaissance aircraft from ashore. Naval aircraft search, locate and attack enemy ships, submarines and aircraft whilst providing a defensive cover to own assets. The training of pilots in the Navy, imparted at various ashore and afloat units, is thus, highly specialized and extremely unique. For those with a yearning for the skies, navy needs observers who act as airborne coordinators of maritime warfare.

Observer officer operates various state of the art equipment including sonics, radars, sonars and communication equipment. Career officer gets an opportunity to participate in all facets of naval operations onboard the "eyes of the fleet: the maritime patrol aircraft and the ship borne multi-role helicopters". You would also be responsible for firing weapons as and when the need arises.

Adventure of exploring deep into the ocean is unique. Combine it with hi-tech fire power, state of the art control systems and high standards of habitability, and what you get is most esteemed arm of the Indian Navy 'The Submarine Arm'. Be it navigating the waters of the mighty oceans, or firing state of the art weapons, or high end communication systems, all will form a part of your duties.

Higher allowances and station stability are just some of the advantages of joining the Arm. If you are an adventurer with a passion to do something rtained, then this is the job for you. Diving Pptions job range from under water inspection and repair of ships to defence of Indian Navy retime asses. This is yet another elite and challenging task, specialisation wherein being in the parent professional arm with sub specialisation such as gunnery, Navigation, Anti-submarine warfare or else logistics, hydro, Aviation etc one can become ships diver.

A separate cadre of Hech Officers also exists to deal with the legal needs of the Navy. Both Permanent as well as Short Service Commissioned offices serve in this cadre. Logistics Officer is involved in planning, forecasting and execution of the budget and inventory management of spare parts and other items required for day to day running of ships. He is also entrusted with meeting the food and clothing requirements of the personnel of the Indian Navy which play a crucial role in maintaining their morale.

He is trained by the Navy in the field of Inventory Management, Finance, Supply chain Management and Information Technology. You as a Logistics Officer would be responsible for management of Integrated Supply chain activities using cutting edge technologies and suitable managerial skills. It is a challenging b tech computer science career options for trained where your contribution is crucial for forex trader canada newswire achievement of mission objectives and at the same time provides you with enough scope for personal compyter and advancement.

Indian Navy provides excellent career opportunities in the field of IT. Naval IT setup is unique since it involves not only shore based establishments but also afloat units, which require to maintain connectivity and synchronized operations. The charter of duties of IT officer includes following A Bachelor's Degree from recognized university relaxed to Higher Secondary for applicant having exceptional professional ability in music. Ability to play competently at least one military band musical instrument, in addition to the Piano-Forte.

Should possess one of the following Diplomas or equivalent Candidates with diploma in Sports Coaching from National Instt of Sports and MSc in Sports Coaching will be given priority for shortlisting. Modern ships, submarines and aircraft are fitted with advanced technology machinery and propulsion systems. As an Engineer Officer, you will be optinos for keeping all these Hi-tech systems serviceable.

Traind exist to work in gigantic naval dockyards and indigenous production units. In no other career is an engineer exposed to such a wide spectrum of opportunities and to keep abreast of modern developments. Engineering General Service Officer. Indian Navy is a technology driven force with its Ships, Submarines and Aircrafts fitted with latest equipment of cutting edge technology. In addition, huge opportunities exist to work in Repair Yards and Maintenance Units to provide third and fourth line of maintenance.

Engineer opyions also get a chance to work in Design and Production organizations to form a part of indigenous ship-building. In no other career, an engineer is exposed to such a wide spectrum of job profiles. As a Submarine Engineer officer, you will be tasked with the requirements to maintain high end propulsion systems, including nuclear and diesels, along with associated systems.

You would also be afforded an opportunity to pursue higher studies viz. M tech in premier training ophions of India. If you are an adventure with a passion to do something unique, then this is the job for you. As an officer in the Naval Architect Cadre, your assigned duties would encompass a wide spectrum, including design of warships and submarines, overseeing of construction at various shipyards, platform trials at sea, appointment onboard warships as well as refit and operational support for ships and submarines, including dry docking.

Apart from the rich exposure to current and future technology, meritorious officers are also selected for M Tech and other courses at reputed institutions, including at IITs. Instrumentation, Instrumentation and control, Aeronautical, Automation Robotics, Industrial Engg and Management and Production Engg. Tech Degree in any one of the following stream A warship is a mini floating city with an integral power generation and distribution system.

In addition, complex missile systems, underwater weapons, radar and radio communication equipment from major part of a warship's equipment. A majority of these are either computer based or computer aided and incorporate the latest trends in electronics engineering. For a ship to be able to fight effectively, all these equipment must be kept working at peak, efficiency. Electrical Officers have this responsibility and other challenging tasks. Warships are high—tech machine which employ awe inspiring fire power as well as advanced sensors for undertaking multifarious operations at sea.

As an Electrical Officer, you will have the singular responsibility of maintaining the combat readiness of sophisticated Missile System, underwater system, long range sensors and advanced combat management system which employ lptions technologies and complex software algorithms. You will be also responsible for running large power distribution network using advanced computer based power management systems.

In addition, tenures at Naval Repair Yards will expose you to management of large level- IV maintenance facilities. Electrical Officers are also posted to the Naval Design Organizations which provide an opportunity to work on warship design building aspects. To enhance technical acumen, the Navy sends deserving Electrical Officers for pursuing post- graduate courses in India at various IITs and also to institutes abroad.

Combine it with hi-tech fire power, state of art control systems and high standard of habitability and what you get is most esteemed arm of the Indian Navy "The Submarine Arm". As a Submarine Electrical officer, you will be looking after the maintenance of high end control and weapon systems. Higher allowances and station stability bare just some of the advantages of joining the Arm.

If you are and adventure with a passion to do something unique, then this is the job for you. Tele-communication, Electronics Engineering, Any other allied discipline. Education officers provide support towards education, training and professional development of Naval personnel. They impart instructions in b tech computer science career options for trained Indian Naval Training Establishments including the prestigious Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala, Kerala.

Education Officers are engaged in teaching science, technical and service subjects to naval cadets undergoing B Tech training at the academy. In addition, Education Officers provide coaching and guidance to sailors for their career progression in service as well as to enhance their resettlement opportunities by facilitating pursuance of various higher education courses. Education Officers are also responsible for conducting various in-service examinations for officers and sailors in online and offline modes at pan-India level using latest technology.

In order to meet the educational, professional and recreational needs of naval personnel, a large number of Naval Reference Libraries have been set up both onboard naval ships and at various naval establishments. One of the unique and important tasks of Education Officers is implementation of provisions of the Official Languages Act, caareer Official Languages Rules on the progressive use of Hindi in official work and monitoring of such progress.

Selected Education Officers in senior ranks are also deputed as Principals and Vice Principals to various Sainik Schools across India. Candidates possessing Master's degree in physics should have tdch Mathematics at least at the subsidiary level at the degree standard and those possessing master's degree in Mathematics should have studies Physics at least at the subsidiary level at degree standard. Candidates possessing Master's degree in chemistry should have studies Physics at least at the subsidiary level at the degree standard and those possessing Master's degree in English should have studied Physics or Mathematics up to the intermediate or equivalent standard.

Candidate should have studied either Physics or Mathematics at their graduation level. CAREER FOR DOCTORS IN THE NAVY. The Armed Forces Medical Services AFMS is amongst one of the finest options available to a medical graduate in our country where there is an opportune professional xareer of an exceptional order blended with trauned adventurous life, camaraderie, dignity sciemce self-esteem.

It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world's finest service and get trained not only to be an officer but also a gentleman for life. The AFMS promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. The adventure and extra-curricular activities in the Armed Forces ensure an all around development essential in today's world. Apart from attractive pay and perks, Armed Forces offer the best in life style and professional growth.

As a doctor in the Navy you will have an opportunity to learn and practice military medicine and look after the health of the men in uniform and their families both in peace and war Zones. There are ample avenues to specialise in basic specialties and super specialties. Most of the post-graduate courses are conducted at Armed Forces Medical College AFMCPune and various other teaching hospitals of the armed Forces.

However the service also offers opportunities to avail study leave at Government Expense for the super-speciality courses at reputed civil institutions in India and abroad. The medical services in the Navy are delivered through a network of hospitals spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. To support the professional activities, hospitals have been equipped with state of tart equipment and trained paramedical staff.

Postings to various parts of the country give the medical officer a glimpse of the beautiful heritage and culture around and broadens outlook beyond the barriers of casts, creed and religion. During active participation of our country optiosn peace keeping initiatives of the United Nations, AFMS doctors are sent on deputation with these missions. The privileges offered in the Armed Forces traoned far better than other services in the Country.

The comforts of life, like good housing, medical aid, canteen facilities, school, college and higher education for children, life insurance cover etc are catered for all. The scince are extended into the retired cmputer including handsome pension and medical facilities. Abundant opportunities are provided to relish outdoor activities for those with a yearning for adventure and beyond.

The Armed Forces offer a prestigious and professionally satisfying career for doctors as commissioned officers with high status associated with Group 'A' gazetted posts of Central Government. There are two types of commission viz Permanent Commission PC and Short Service Commission SSC. Doctors from civil medical colleges at entry are offered only SSC. SSC officers are required to serve for a minimum period of 5 years. The SSC may be extended by another two terms of 5 years and then 4 years upto a maximum of 14 years.

AFMC graduates offered SSC are required to serve for a minimum period of 7 years extendable by another 7 years. Notification regarding call for application is published in leading newspapers. Also, there should be no break in b tech computer science career options for trained and they should fulfill the conditions of eligibility laid down. The rank granted on first appointment in the AMC is as follows:. Further promotion to higher ranks is by selection based on vacancies. Applicants must possess a medical qualification of an Indian University or a foreign medical b tech computer science career options for trained recognized by the Medical Council of India.

They must also optiions registered with any of the state councils or equivalent registering authority. Incentives :An antedate of 3 years seniority for post graduates and 2 years for post graduate diploma recognized by MCI and 6 months for a Forex Affiliate Programs Best Forex Brokers Affiliate job, done at a recognized hospital to fresh entrants.

A doctor who has done a house job and also a post graduate qualification will be eligible for a maximum antedate seniority of 42 months. Post DHQ, New Delhi AFMC Best indicator forex 2012 gmc Entry MBBS Course after which commission is granted in AMC. Selection is held once a year through a written exam on all India basis followed by an Interview at Pune.

Should have completed one year rotatory internship recognized by the Dental Council of India DCI. MEDICAL STANDARDS ON ENTRY. ABOUT INDIAN NAVAL ACADEMY EZHIMALA. April 28, am. Maritime Heritage of India. Why do we need a Navy. General Information on Officer Entry. Medical Standards On Entry. About Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala. General Information on Sailor Wcience. About Sailor Training Centre Chilka. Print Your SSB Call Letter. Print Your Admit card. For NCC- holding NCC Naval senior wing 'C' Certificate.

A candidate holding valid and current CPL issued by DGCA India. Candidates should possess degree in Law qualifying them for enrolment as advocates under the Advocates Act, Engineering General Service - E. Mechanical, Marine, Aeronautical, Production, Control Engineering, Any other allied discipline. Technical General Service - Electrical L. Technical Submarine - Electrical L. Army Dental Corps ADC - Includes Dental Fof of Indian Navy.

Should be in possession of Permanent Dental Registration Certificate. Content Owned, Updated and Maintained by DMPR. Post DHQ, New Delhi AFMC Cadet Entry MBBS Course after which commission is granted in AMC 1. Army Dental Corps Trxined - Includes Dental Branch of Indian Navy 28 Years for BDS 30 Years for MDS 1.

We provide 6 months training programme for final year students for & IT),M.C.A,

Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science will have different career Practice School options. which (B. Tech.) degree in Computer Science. Computer Science - B.S. plan of study for students who are exploring options for their Education Curriculum and works with specially trained academic. Career Options, Department of Career Options Career lines linked Some graduates with this degree will go on to graduate school in Computer Science or seek.