Build Your Own Strategy. How we operate and why we're different. My trading education began under the study of my dear father when I was 8 years old. Tradingg and event invitations. But what does it mean for traders?

All your deposits and withdrawals must be associated with your Bank Account you indicated in the registration form. For security purposes we do not allow our clients to make money transfers using third parties. Market review for 48 hours. Full forex miini archive. If you dont see forex quotes here. Mini Forex Trading Account. MINI FOREX TRADING ACCOUNT. Minimum size per lot - 10 units of base currency. Commission - No Commission. Market Swaps for carrying over your opened position gb; next trading day.

Swaps are indicated in the points pips per one lot in the table below. Day of the week. To register a real mini forex account you'll go through several steps during the registration process. Sufficient disk space we recommend you at least 5 MB of free disk space to download and install the Dealing Desk software. A pen and paper to note your user Trading gbp usd forex $100 mini account and password you will use for access to your mini forex account in Dealing Desk after registration.

Download and install the Dealing Desk software. Click the "Registration" button and select Demo or Real account in the next window. If you are registering demo account than enter your name, country, email, login and password. If you are registering real account enter the required registration information: enter your Trading gbp usd forex $100 mini account details for wire transfers. When you've entered all required information, click Next.

NOTE: Accouunt information you provide on this screen will not be used until you OK the final registration screen. Verify that the information is correct before clicking Next. The Register Summary screen shows all the information involved in the registration you are going to make. If any information is incorrect, select Back button to move to the appropriate screen and make changes. If all information is correct, select "Finish" button. Once you've finished the registration process, the software launches automatically!

Your account number and registration information are automatically entered into the Dealing Desk and registered at the central Dealing Desk system data base. You can now enjoy your registered real mini forex trading account! Wccount this time, you'll have an access to your personal trading account information, but from the beginning you can see that your current balance is zero and you're unable to make any deals with it.

Go straight to the 'Real Account' menu, then to 'Deposit' where you have to insert the amount of your initial marginal funds and push the 'send order' button. If you registered demo account than this virtual amount of money will be deposited on your demo account automatically. If you registered real account than note thant this is preliminary order only and it is required each time before you will make real wire transfer to our Bank account. As soon as your marginal mino come to our bank accoutn you can start your real mini forex trading.

Usually it takes days. Withdrawal procedure is even easier. You go straight to the 'Real Account' menu, then to 'withdraw' fill the amount you wish to withdraw to your Bank account and push 'send order' button. And we will wire your money back to you Bank account.

Forex Trading ~ GBP/USD Trade Review August 12, 2016

Learn The Essentials Of Forex. Enroll Today & Save 75% Off!. GBP / USD Chart; USD /JPY Chart; xCFD is a more recent addition to the forex trading environment. Customers can trade in a regular or mini account. Phi Forex Mini Account Account Size: Mini Account. k (GBP / USD, GBP /JPY, GBP /CHF) $ Per Lot New Margin Requirement.