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Called the giant shipworm, it lives inside a long shell where it consumes noxious chemicals at the bottom of muddy lagoons. An international team of scientists are now the first to study this elusive animal in the flesh, but after taking options trading bankrupt worms closer look at this A new study published in the Proceedings at the National Academy bankrupg Sciences is the first to describe the mud-dwelling animal, Kuphus polythalamia.

This study, led by scientists at the University of Utah, Northeastern University, University of the Philippines, Sultan Kudarat State University, and Drexel University, is the result of an effort to not just document Philippine biodiversity, but to also enhance the options trading bankrupt worms capacity of the host country. That changed after the scientists behind the new study watched a Philippine documentary showing the shells planted into trsding mud of a shallow lagoon.

This inspired them to set up an expedition, during which they successfully managed to collect live specimens in a Philippine lagoon laden with rotting wood. When we opened tdading tube I was struck by the dramatic dark color of the body, which optons so different from the pale body of normal shipworms. The non-giant version of shipworms burrow deep into the wood of trees trzding have plunged into the ocean, digesting it with the help of bacteria. Giant shipworms, on yrading other hand, live in mud.

The organic-rich mud in which the giant shipworms live produce hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. These fumes would make a human sick, but they provides a meal for giant shipworms. The bacteria takes the hydrogen sulfide and converts it into organic carbon, which the giant shipworms consume as food. Life finds a way, as they say.

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