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Although it is possible you can use to trade in the stock market, gold and other. The System is based on a Renko Chart that predicts the price micro trends with amazing probability! Experiment and gain experience in demo accounts before trading with your own money. If you find that you forex time trading keyboard further help forex time trading keyboard forrex any questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

There must be a particular size of movement or the chart ignores it. Renko charts predate the traditional PPS chart and were developed at least four centuries ago. Only when the price moves at least one brick size will the Renko chart add a brick — even if it takes several days to generate such a movement! The construction of the chart is simple — If prices move more than the Brick size above the top or below the bottom of the last brick forez the forez, a new brick is added in the tjme chart column.

Hollow bricks are added if prices are rising. Black bricks are added if prices are falling. Only one type of brick can be added per time period. Bricks are always with their corners touching oeyboard no more than one brick may occupy each chart column. Note : Some people use this coloring scheme, but others use customs colors. For examplefor tlme 5-point chart, if prices rise from 98 tothe hollow brick that goes from 95 to is added to the chart BUT the hollow brick that goes from to is NOT DRAWN.

The Renko chart will give the impression that prices stopped at More examplea 10 pip Renko chart would plot the bricks when price moves and closes 10 pips higher in an uptrend of 10 pips lower in a downtrend. One of the distinctive advantages Corex charts have to offer is the fact that they are not time dependant. Therefore, new Renko bricks are plotted only when price moves up or down for the specified number of pips.

This System based on Renko Chartso at the first time before using the system is Installing Renko Chart. How to tie you can follow the instruction below: 1. Extract file RenkoMaker Pro. Back to your system folder, open folder Indicators, copy files: MTFTrendBar. Copy file: RenkoMaker Trwding. Open your preferred Pair e. Zoom out to smallest tradinh then press HOME key on keyboard several times. We do this step to get history data minimum 1 to 2 month ago. Click Tab Tradiing and check all boxsInsert to field Max bars in history and Max bars in chart.

Click Tab Expert Advisors and make sure to check all options like this picture below: 9. We recommended to set the expert by DEFAULT. If you success until this step you will get Renko Chart BoxSize 10 In the last step attach RenkoMaker Pro template into your chart We recommended to trade FOLLOWING THE TREND. Trading against trend might you get profit keyvoard it will be higher risk.

When in the closed candle both indicators formed same color, at the same time you Open Position immediately. As well as keyboxrd closed your position. So you can maximize forex time trading keyboard profits. If you see sideway market signed by flat candle movement, DO NOT ENTER the market. Or if you are kehboard the market, just exit.

For Good result of your position. Buy in the lowest oversold and Sell in the highest trzding. Use DAILY RANGE tradnig define this rule. Money management is a very important concept that has an enormous effect on drawdowns and margin calls. The cardinal rule of money management is the following:. Or can I use it with any TF? Just wondering… because your template on M30 seems nice too! You Need to unzip the files first using Winzip or any other program.

Then put experts into experts folderforex time trading keyboard into indicators, Template into template! Overall good programafter using hundreds of indicators and losing lots of dough Renko in any form will make you money over the long haul! Just use good money managementor buy a program ,that will make you even more money over the long haul! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Online Forex Currency Trading — SUPER EFFECTIVE Renko Maker Forex Trading System.

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