After receiving another failing grade in algebra. That the Property and every part thereof is wholly original. Know optlon action verb when you see one. COUNTY RECORDS AND REPORTS. To plant: We put in 20 rows of pine trees.

At one point or another in your career, you may be approached by a producer or a. First, do not attempt to negotiate a contract yourself; use a lawyer, preferably. Remember, however, that this will cost you. Lawyers are not cheap. On the other hand, never put yourself economically in a situation where you have. The producers or their lawyers will smell this, and. Always be in a situation where you can walk away from the video pendidikan polisi -- and make sure the.

A way to reduce your legal bills is to be prepared beforehand. So do as much homework and research as you can in advance. This is one of the purposes of this document. Lawyer or not, be aware that you are ultimately the one making the final decisions. As a creator who owns his or her own creation, you are solely and fully responsible for what you do with it.

YOU can instruct your lawyer as to what YOU want. In other words, YOU make the deal. You should know what your creation is worth Some characters may be worth more than others. Or your emotional attachment may be different. The purpose of the lawyer is to advise you during the negotiations, to represent. Making the deal is the most difficult part of the process, because it involves a.

Even though your lawyer can. What I have done here is to prepare a checklist of the various points that will. Because comic-books are in some respects a rather peculiar field -- certainly different from novels or scripts. This is why I have also. This is an agenda, a template for your future deal-making. The first thing that will happen is that you will be contacted by a producer who.

A "producer" may be someone with a few contacts in Hollywood, or a major. However, whether big or small, he usually operates like a packager. Meaning that he can. The more intermediaries there are between you and the ultimate "client". First, the chances of seeing an actual. Second, the person or entity with whom you signed a deal may be forced to come back to.

This will start an exhausting and costly in terms of legal bills process, which can possibly degenerate into. Whenever possible, try to ascertain beforehand that you are dealing with someone. Then, you need to ask yourself: do I need the money? For money is the primary reason. Do not expect any great creative rewards. Indeed, if the idea of seeing your beloved.

Dealing with Hollywood can be greatly stressful and the main reason to put yourself. There is nothing wrong with this, especially if it provides you. If you decide to go ahead and welcome the producer's advances, you -- or, more accurately. This agreement is not the full-length, more detailed contract that will put option agreement form games written.

However, you must make sure that any condition that is really important to you is. You may have to go to court, the producer will countersue, and it will be a big. These are rarely to the advantage of the authors, and you will be screwed. You should therefore consider checking each and every of the items discussed below.

An option is the period of time that you give "grant" to a producer. That period of time can range anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. Less than 6 months. More than 18 months is onerous for you, because it takes your property off the market. In exchange for this period of time, the producer should pay you a certain amount.

However, most producers hate paying option money, and will try to pay you as little as they can get away. Some may even want a "free option". Do not get angry. You must understand the reasons. As stated before, the producer is often just an intermediary in the process. Even for a cartoon series, the producer will need time to do development work before. And he will need even more time if he is an intermediary. All this development work requires money, and worse, it is done speculatively, meaning.

The producer, therefore, has. This means either not paying people, or making their payment conditional upon the. No movie, no money. Which is why producers do not like to spend a lot of money on options. A "free option" might make sense from the producer's perspective, but. By asking for money upfront, you improve the chances of your creation being actually. A producer who has spent "top dollar" whatever that means on your property is going.

To take less is not to your advantage. If it cannot be avoided, try in exchange for less money to shorten. The language for such an option is usually fairly straightforward:. Note that the Option Payment works as an Advance against the Purchase Price that. In some cases, the producer may want an Extension of the Option. An Extension is usually at the producer's initiative, not yours. An Extension works as follows:. It is generally not a good idea to give more than one extension.

For example, if you have granted an Initial Option of 12 months. Or a month Extension in the event of an Initial. Option of 18 months. And get at least as much money for it. Note that, unlike the Initial Option Payment, the Extension Payment is not -- or. If you do not feel that you want to grant the producer such an automatic extension. At the end "expiration" of the Option Period -- whether extended or.

You are then back where you started. Except you will owe your lawyer some money. If the producer succeeds in selling the project, he is going to exercise his option. This is the "big one". The large amount of money that you're going to. So it better be good. There is really no rule of thumb on how much money you put option agreement form games get. On the other hand, anything above. This is because the producer must also take into account the money he will need.

In other words, the rights should clearly and automatically revert. This is particularly useful put option agreement form games the event of bankruptcies. Any intelligent producer is not going to want the rights to make only a single movie. In the event that that movie if made is successful, he's going to want the rights to also.

Producer may not produce television motion pictures or series until the First Picture. Purchase Price has been paid. This way, you make sure that the producer does not entice you with the promise to. For these, you should ask for a percentage of the First Picture Purchase Price. The language would be as follows:. For example, if you've sold your rights. Here is a sample language:. Subsequent Picture Bonuses shall increase commencing on the 10th anniversary of.

Consumer Price Index or its successor multiplied times the Subsequent. The odds are that you will never see a dime from this. Get as high a percentage as you can, but do. Since the Art Buchwald lawsuit, everyone today knows that what is more important. The only people who get "gross profit" participation or a percentage. What you can try to obtain is to link the definition of "net profits". What percentage should you get? Since the producers will not give you, the author of the Original Property, more than the writer, your.

Pray for the best, and be prepared to audit. And that costs money too. The basic tug-of-war between you and the producer is as follows: the producer wants. You, on the other hand, want the exact opposite. It really is like dividing a pie: anything the producer gets, you lose. Whatever rights you do not grant to the Producer remain yours. This means that you can exploit these rights alone, and all the money that you make. This can be very significant, especially if the producer succeeds in making.

Even more so if the movie becomes a hit. Also, keep in mind that you might do a better job at handling. Star Wars, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Everyone knows that there is. More recently, Hollywood has become aware of the potentially immense. When entering a negotiation with a producer. Trying to reserve as many rights as you can is therefore vital: it's future money.

On the other hand, because there is a lot at stake, expect a fight. This is a sample of the somewhat all-encompassing, mind-bogglingly large list of. The Rights shall consist of all audio-visual production, distribution and exploitation. Rather than challenge this list product by product -- for example, by removing "interactive. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Producer shall. Author and Third Parties: [ENUMERATE]. RESERVED RIGHTS: You are now going to ask for a new paragraph to be inserted in the agreement to.

That paragraph begins with:. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Author hereby expressly reserves. Here is a list of some rights you might consider reserving:. This one is fairly obvious. It ensures that, whatever happens, you retain ownership. This article means that you will be the only one having the right to do comic-books. Remember: you are in the comic-book business; the producers are not. The best thing to do is to try to keep the producers completely out of the comic-book field.

Again, to reuse the above analogy. Author shall remain free to license said artwork separately from Producer for merchandising and. Comic Book Merchandising shall not include, nor is Author authorized to use, any materials created by Producer. This put option agreement form games quite a challenge, and will not likely be accepted by the producer without. You may not even want to bother with this unless you can make a case that you are already engaged. What this article does is create a separation between the image of your character.

The first area is called "comic-book merchandising". This article gives you not the producer the right to license the comic-book version. Since producers are no fools, and they know that such. As a compromise, you might consider offering to pay the producer a royalty e. With great power comes great responsibility; with great success. Many studio contracts routinely reserve these rights to the authors.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Author may not exploit such live television, radio. Author undertakes and agrees to not offer or sell Rights to any and all Spin-Offs to any other party during the. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that a First Picture is made and released. Author hereby agrees to sell to Producer the same Rights to the Spin-Offs as those acquired herein for the purpose. This entire paragraph is the result of the fact that a growing number of comics.

Moebius on The Airtight Garage; Jim. Starlin on Dreadstar; Alan Moore writing Todd McFarlane's Violator, etc. When a producer buys the rights to your creation, he is including the rights to. We have dubbed these "Spin-Offs". If you do not have a written agreement with your collaborators, you may not have. And even if you do have an agreement in writing. This entire area is fraught with problems.

Indeed, producers generally used to dealing. This will also scare their lawyers, not at first. Put option agreement form games simplify matters, we have used this language to exclude all works not done by. Rights reversion is important because it determines how you will be able to get. Yet, for whatever the reason, NOTHING HAPPENS. How long do you wait. Try asking for five years, worded as follows:. First Picture Reversion Rights: All Rights will revert if a motion picture based.

The odds that a. How long do you wait for the rights to revert to. If a picture has been made, be prepared. Hollywood's answer is: forever. Yet, the film may be theirs, but not necessarily the underlying rights to your original property. We suggest trying the following:. Subsequent Picture Forex market software vpn Reversion: All Rights with respect to Subsequent Productions.

A compromise solution is to give the producers the chance to re-option the Property. In this event, Author shall give notice to Producer that no such production has. Remember that you have already reserved the "Comic-Book Merchandising". We are dealing here with "Picture Merchandising", i. Keep in mind that what you will be getting is a percentage of what the producer. This should be followed with a standard royalty statements-and-audit clause as you. Producer shall prepare and send semi-annual statements commencing one year after.

Such statements shall be rendered no later than March 31st and September 30th of each calendar year for the previous. Payment of the amount due on the statement shall accompany such statements. Such examination shall be at the cost of Author unless errors are found totaling more. In other words, you want to make sure. You may never see a dime under the latter, but there is no reason you should not receive money from merchandising.

Finally, you might want to insert an article here to make sure that you receive. Note the reciprocal obligation; because of reserved rights, you may have. CREATIVE CONTROL: As we said at the beginning, if you can't stand the idea of Hollywood messing up. That being said, there is a certain amount of "damage control" measures. Creative control is a sticky issue.

You will never get it for a live-action movie. However, because there are precedents for it, you can -- and should -- try to get. The language would be as follows. With respect to animated product, including but not limited to feature films, television. Such creative approval shall include, without limitation, the look and environment for the. Author shall exercise his approval. There is more, such as asking for creative approval of the merchandising, but this.

The time you will be given to make a creative. You must be selective and constructive, and. These are not worth the paper on which they are printed. They only oblige the producer to ask put option agreement form games. Another way through which you can achieve a certain amount of creative input in. It is also a way of guaranteeing you additional income, and is particularly useful. This works out better if you are an artist, because you can then be hired as Designer.

If you are a writer, you will discover that, unless you have established Hollywood. This is not because they. In their mind, hiring you means: a paying money for a job that will have to be. In that case, try to get hired as some kind of creative consultant or associate. Salary ranges can vary, depending on how much clout you have, and how much work. Author shall furnish, and Producer shall employ, his services the "Work".

For original art, see paragraph 10 below. Most contracts will also state that the producer can use your name and your likeness. They might want to use you as part of their promotional efforts, and therefore you might as. You may also consider asking for first-class travel, etc. Language is as follows:. Author shall be available for promotion and publicity, with two weeks' notice. ORIGINAL WORK: If you put option agreement form games an Artist and do work for the producer as per the above article, you.

It is also not a bad idea to protect all Original. Art pertaining to your creation, including that of the comic-books themselves, to make sure there are no arguments. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, all Original Artwork by Author. In the eventuality that no such insurance is contracted, Producer shall be liable for any such losses. CREDITS: That one is rarely a problem.

Put option agreement form games to the limits of any applicable guild agreements, credit on each picture. This is assuming you are the sole creator of everything that appeared in your comic-book. It can become trickier if different people have created different characters, especially for sequels and subsequent. If you want to make sure that your name is used prominently and not shoved aside. Producer will use its best efforts to cause the distributors of each picture or.

You should expect the credit provisions to include the following limitation:. Any casual or inadvertent failure to comply with the provisions of this Paragraph. Also, one cannot overemphasize the financial risk that you are taking upon yourself. If anyone comes out of the woodwork at a later date with. In the case of put option agreement form games novel writer, or script put option agreement form games, warranties are easy because there.

Things are not so simple with comic-books. The questions are many:. Do you own your creation alone? Or jointly with a fellow writer? Do you have a written agreement between the two of you that sets out the terms of. What about your publisher s? Will all those people be willing to sign releases? Especially when they find out. Are any put option agreement form games your collaborators Canadian?

Does this give them different. Have you been sued by anyone? Is anyone threatening to sue you now for plagiarism. Have you used anything in your comics that may be in public domain? Have you ever signed a contract granting any kind of rights at all into your creation. Unbeknownst to you, has any of your publisher done anything of the kind? Has any of your publishers ever gone bankrupt? Do his creditors have any rights. At the very least, you should disclose potential problems, and specifically exempt.

To help you, here is a list of the standard warranties that you will be expected. Review it and ask yourself -- is there anything that would be a problem for me? Author is the sole Owner of all of the Rights therein and has. This particularly concerns collaborators and publishers, past and present. That the Property is completely protected by copyright in the United.

States, and no part thereof is in the public domain in the United States; and that the Property is or may be validly. If you have not filed copyright notices forex trader display terminal definition even trademarksthis is a good time. That to the best of Author' knowledge and belief the title of the Property. You should know whether your creation's name is that of an existing movie; if not.

Marvel could not sell the rights to. That the Property and every part thereof is wholly original. No homages to Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx, Doc Savage, Batman, etc. No Impairment of Rights. That none of the Rights have heretofore been sold, assigned. You have not entered into a previous agreement that you have forgotten about.

The last two are pretty straightforward:. That no motion picture or television program based on. No Pending Claims or Litigation. That there are no claims or litigation pending. Naturally, there are many more issues, such as Assignment, Arbitration, etc. However, the above points are the most pertinent. A last word of advice. Most of all: do not be or act desperate. They smell blood like sharks. Draw a line in the sand and be prepared to walk away from the negotiations if they.

Reproduction is forbidden without the permission of the author.

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