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Library of Congress Number Perfect Bind - 7. The Definitive Reference Second Edition. The authors approach Oracle. Utilities from a functional. Oracle OS utilities e. The book also covers Oracle. Oracle utilities with expert. The time savings from a single. Discover the secrets used by professional DBAs to perform. Oracle conferences and user groups - including OOW. ODTUG, IOUG, OAUG, RMOUG and many others.

Oracle Magazine, Oracle Informant. Solutions Magazine, The LINUX Journal, LINUX. FAQ, Ask Toad and Toad World. Scalzo has also written six books: Oracle DBA. Guide to Data Warehousing and Star Schemas, TOAD. Handbook, TOAD Pocket Reference 2nd Ed ,Database. Reference and Oracle on VMware: Expert Tips for Database. Professor, Don Burleson has written more than 30 books, published more.

Editor-in-Chief of Rampant TechPress. Don is a popular lecturer. Using the Online Code Depot Conventions Used in this Book. Chapter 1: Introduction to Oracle Utilities. Definition of a Utility What is a Hidden Utility? Package Discovery Package Utilities. UNIX Utilities and Shell Scripts Windows Executables. Introduction to the UNIX Architecture. Dialects of UNIX UNIX Access Control Management UNIX. Introduction to UNIX Utilities. Appending Data to UNIX Files Redirecting Output to a NULL. Device Common Oracle UNIX Commands File Management in.

UNIX Directory Management in UNIX The Oracle. Deciphering a Complex UNIX Command. Chapter 3: Windows Oracle OS Utilities. Reasons for Using Oracle on Windows. Windows Utilities for Monitoring Oracle. Checking Windows Services for Oracle. Test the Windows Oracle Service. Unix diff output options journal Scripts for Windows. Sample Invocation of Oracle from Windows Running a Data.

Pump Export from Windows Sending Oracle Output via. Windows Email Monitoring Trace and Dump Files in Windows. Starting and Stopping Oracle on Windows. Chapter 4: Oracle Utilities for Server-Side Functions. Auto Start and Auto Stop lsnrctl emca emctl. Utility Utilities for Analyzing Oracle Trace Files. Using the Trace Analyzer Utility.

Server RAM and Oracle. Tracking External Server Metrics with AWR. STATSPACK for Server Monitoring Vmstat to the Rescue. Using the ltom utility. Using the BBED Block Editor Utility Using and Linking. The DBV Utility Database Verify. Configuring the Environment Finding Corrupt Blocks. Repairing Corrupt Blocks Rebuilding Freelists. Using the Orastack Utility. Chapter 5: Unix diff output options journal SQL Management Utilities.

Login Scripts Dynamic SQL Scripting SET TIMING ON. AUTOTRACE Interpreting Explain Plans. Chapter 6: Oracle DBA Utilities. Data Pump EXPDP Export Transportable Tablespaces. IMPDP Import Transportable Tablespaces Import. Partition Options Import Remapping Options. Chapter 7: Oracle Tuning and Monitoring Utilities. Chapter 8: Oracle Advisory and Diagnostic Utilities. ADRCI: ADR Command Interpreter. Changes in Oracle 11g ADRCI Command Line Interface. Advisor Central Traditional Tracing Methods.

Chapter 9: Oracle Developer Utilities. Chapter BBED: The Block Browser and Editor Tool. Altering Data Undeleting a Row Corrupted Blocks. Restoring Data Restoring a File. Introduction to Job Scheduling Fundamentals of Job. Using cron and crontab to Schedule Oracle Jobs. The Format of the crontab File Using the Windows Job. Internal Oracle Job Scheduling. Configuring Oracle Job Scheduling.

Setting up a Test Environment. Job Classes Oracle Job Scheduling Windows Job. Scheduling Window Groups Enabling, Disabling and Setting. Attributes of Scheduler Objects. Setting Job Execution Dates Intervals and Interval. Calendar Syntax in Oracle Job Scheduling. Complex Date Rules for Job Execution. Creating an Oracle Job Chain. Conditional Job Creation Conditional Job Enabling.

Conditional Job Runs Using Oracle Advanced Queuing. Conditional Job Runs Using a Custom Table Solution. Implementing Error Checking Routines. Sending Email Notifications of Job Errors. Monitoring Oracle Job Execution. Killing Oracle Job Sessions. Setting Job Scheduler Attributes. Job Logs Displaying Job Run Details Window Logs. Using the Job Resource Manager. Job Services and Instance Stickiness. Monitor Automatic Diagnostic Repository Automatic.

Session Tracing Automatic Storage Management Automatic. Workload Repository autostart AUTOTRACE awk. Cluster Ready Services Clusterware Control command. Conditional job enabling Conditional job runs connect. Critical Patch Update CRON cron daemon crontab. Data Pump Export Data pump import Data Recovery. Advisor Database Configuration Assistant Database. Control Database Creation Assistant Database Manager. DATE DAY TO SECOND. Enterprise Manager Command Line Utility Enterprise.

Manager Configuration Assistant errnum. John the Ripper JServer Julian dates. Oracle Counters Oracle Database Listener Oracle. Enterprise Manager Oracle Forensics Oracle Lite. Onboard Monitor Oracle Managed File Oracle Parallel. Server Oracle Stream Advanced Queuing oradebug. Print Working Directory Privilege Procedure Builder. Application Clusters Real Application Testing. Performance Advisor SQL Performance Analyzer SQL. Repair Advisor SQL Tuning Advisor SQL Tuning Sets.

VIPCA Virtual IP Configuration Assistant. Virtual Private Database virtual private databases. Many of the designations unix diff output options journal by computer vendors to distinguish their. This is the definitive guide to. Oracle professionals who need to perform powerful. Steve Callan Steve Callan is an. Oracle certified professional with over 20 years of. Steve has a Masters. University, and a Masters degree in Industrial.

Engineering from New Mexico State University. Colorado School of Mines. A former senior U. Military officer, Steve is a. Academy at West Point, earning his wings as an attack. He has over 1, hours of. Cobra attack choppers and won an Army senior aviator. Steve lives in the Denver area and spends his spare time.

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