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West Texas Intermediate WTI crude oil forex live quote hours a light, sweet crude oil produced in Midland, West Texas, USA. Also known as Texas Light Sweet, WTI is a type of crude oil used as a benchmark in oil pricing and the underlying commodity of the New York Mercantile Exchange's NYMEX oil futures contracts. The price of this contract is widely quoted across analyst reports as the benchmark for global oil prices.

WTI crude oil also has a lower level of other impurities, as a result of which it is easier to refine. Moreover, it is easier to transport than heavy sour oil, which has a high wax content, high density and high viscosity. Due to its scarce availability, the demand for WTI crude oil is always likely to forsx high.

All these factors make WTI crude oil the world's most liquid oil commodity in an electronic marketplace. Expiration date: All OIL deals will expire at GMT on the fourth US business day prior to the 25th calendar day of the month, preceding the relevant futures forex crude oil trading quality month. If the 25th day is a crudde day, trading shall cease on the fourth business day prior to the business day preceding the 25th calendar day.

Click fogex to find out more about Rollover of OIL deals to new contracts. Trading hours: Trading is conducted until London time, Monday to Friday. Outside these hours no opening or closing of deals will be allowed. Go to Trading Hours page to see the hours of trade for other currencies and commodities. Availability: OIL trading is not available in the USA and some other regions.

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Don't Miss Out On Factory Direct Savings. 0% Interest For Two Years. Shop Now!. Trading in WTI Crude Oil (OIL) Characteristics of WTI Crude Oil . WTI crude oil has: High quality grade; Easy Forex Trading Ltd. Oil | Forex Trading. Crude oil drops for fifth day. Fawad Razaqzada fantastic-art.ru DB WTI Trading Positions Sulphur content determines the quality of a crude oil.