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The hard drives made these days wwindows greater capacities than ever, repajr programs and files are much bigger, too. Running out of disk space is still a common problem. Compressing files and folders can also be useful when you want to email files to compuuter without dooming them to an all-night modem-watching session. NTFS Compression If you have Windows 8. Most people can live a long and happy life without knowing anything about NTFS.

If you work windows 7 repair your computer option missing veterans a corporation, you might be grateful for the additional security it offers to Windows fans Chapter 24and leave it at that. To find out what formatting some other drive uses a flash drive or external hard drive, for exampleopen your Computer window. Right-click the drive icon in question; repaiir the shortcut menu, choose Properties.

Optin file is called NTFS Upgrade pdf. Note, however, that if you convert a flash drive to NTFS, you may no longer be able to use it with non-Windows computers and devices like digital cameras. Windows automatically compresses and decompresses your files, almost instantaneously. Consider: Compressing files, folders, or disks To turn on NTFS compression, right-click the icon for the file, folder, or disk whose contents you want to shrink.

Choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Many Windows veterans wind up turning on compression for the entire hard drive. It can take Windows several hours to perform the cimputer compression of every file on the drive. Your best bet is to select Ignore All the first time Windows notifies you about this problem. Then you can safely walk away from your computer and let the compression continue. When Windows is finished compressing, the compressed file and folder icons appear in a different color, a reminder that Windows is doing its part to maximize your disk space.

When you look at the Properties dialog box for a compressed file right-click the file and choose Properties from the shortcut menuyou see two file sizes. But when you email your files to somebody else or burn them to a CD, Windows always decompresses them back to their original sizes first. Each one is a tiny little suitcase, an archive, whose contents have been tightly compressed to keep files together, to save space, and to transfer them online windows 7 repair your computer option missing veterans see Figure Use Zip files when opion want to email something to someone, or when you want to pack up a completed project and remove it from your hard drive to free up space.

Creating zipped folders In Windows 8. Type a name for your newly created, empty archive, and then press Enter. Now from the veteranns menu, choose Move Here. To zip up a handful of icons, select them first, then right-click any one of them. If you double-click one of the files you find inside, however, Windows opens up a read-only copy of it—that is, a copy you veyerans view, but not edit.

To decompress only some of the icons in a windws folder, just drag them out of the archive window; they instantly spring back to their original sizes. A wizard asks you to specify where you want the resulting files to wind up. Tom's IT Pro, Real-world Business Technology. Product and service wnidows are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links.

By David Pogue April 23, AM. Compressing Files and Folders. Yyour Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox. See all articles in Windows. Webroot Antivirus Bricked Tons o Enhance Your IT Infrastructure w SANS GIAC Certification Guide Add a RSS feed. When you reopen the file later, the operating system almost instantaneously restores the misssing, expanded material.

For example, programs executable files often shrink by half when compressed. It all depends on what you have stored there.

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