J-Trader is a platform for trading futures and options that also enables trading strategies such as spreading. Tutorial: Global Zen Trader. Single and multiple account trading. The products and services offered on a third party website linked to GFETC are not offered or owned by GFETC unless indicated, and GFETC cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by these third party websites. Global futures broker providing yrader to a wide range of markets, trading strategies, and managed accounts About.

Patsystems, the company behind J-Trader. Widely used by banks, hedge funds, trading firms, and professional and retail traders around the world, Patsystems facilitates and enhances the electronic trading of futures, commodities, foreign exchange and other asset classes. Key business areas of the company now include trading solutions, including front-end applications J-Trader falls into this categoryrisk management solutions and exchange connectivity solutions via FIX Financial Information Exchangeand proprietary API.

Patsystems has seven global locations, with offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, New York, J trader trading platform, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Currently, Patsystems offers three "front ends" for traders: Pro-Mark, J-Trader and IQ-Trader. The term "front end" is used to describe the user interface or order entry platform. Pro-Mark is the most advanced premium application available, geared towards professional traders using complex strategies across multiple markets and exchanges.

Among the advanced features of Pro-Mark are multi-leg spreading across multiple exchanges and a "spread matrix" combining outrights, calendars, condors, packs and bundles on one screen. Pro-Mark also offers advanced order types, such as Icebergs and Block Trades. J-Trader is a platform for trading futures and options that also enables trading strategies such as spreading. J-Trader is widely used among retail traders and investors, and the software is sometimes white labeled by brokerage firms and introducing brokers.

J-Trader can connect to exchanges over WANs Wide Area NetworksLANs Local Area Networksleased lines or via the Internet. Key platform features include single-click trading, multi-exchange spreading, protection of orders with trailing stops and brackets orders, single and multiple account trading, and integrated charting powered by Market-Q.

IQ-Trader is focused towards technical and system traders, hedge fund managers and commodity trading advisors. IQ-Trader enables sophisticated trading operations without needing programming knowledge. The user can create studies, trade guards and complex strategies simply by pointing and clicking within the j trader trading platform. IQ-Trader also provides strategy backtesting and optimization features.

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Trading Platforms. Global Futures is proud to offer more than 10 futures and forex trading platforms, providing our clients with fast, reliable and around the clock. About PATS J-Trader. J-Trader is the ideal all-purpose futures trading tool - simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides direct access to the world’s leading. With RJO Futures, you have fast, secure, and reliable access to global markets with performance online trading platforms.