If yes, kindly press the RED HEART under my nickname on the left! I'd be happy to test it atleast. Download Free Forex SAMURAI Robot — great. I will update my conclusion when I learn more. It looks like something new.

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Forex Samurai Robot new Hey guys I found this Samurai robot forex samurai Robot yesterday. It looks like something new. I read info about it - interesting. I will use it in live account this Monday. Does any one use it? Give me your opinion please - at least private.

Is options trading free ebook download resell this one? And Forex Pips Hunter has been created by Rita Lasker and is one of the worst EAs ever as you can see by the backtests in that thread: So this Samurai Robot is a bad rip-off of Forex Pips Hunter, altough free, it should still be moved to the SCAM section.

Anything with the Rita Laska name on it, should be avoided Here is my polite feedback: So samurai robot forex this thread about bashing something based on detective opinions, or is there going to be someone who actually tests it and posts results? I'd be happy to test it atleast. Reason I'm being a bit sarcastic above, forex micro account leverage parker because whatever thread I visit on this forum, there is always more bashing and less actuated-reporting.

It would benefit new members like me immensely if more people started talking results instead of bash samurai robot forex. As a "hero" member, your posts influence newcomers greatly. Some are very inexperienced who will believe your every word without judgement, others like me with over a decade of trading experience and who don't care if someone has 1, posts or 1 post, will get bored very quickly and stop coming back.

Just my 2 cents. I have no connection with any EA people or anyone on this forum, just so we're clear. I'm all up for bashing things, provided I do my due diligence first. I want to see more actual feedback, there is way too much negativity on this forum so far in my experience. Logged Did my post help you? If yes, kindly press the RED HEART under my nickname on the left! Geek Traders post is based on facts. Good job Geek Trader. I will give this one a go Great detective work geektrader, thanks - rep added!

Claire, once you have been here awhile I'm sure you will realize that "bashing" that is done based on some quick but insightful background checking is a real service for the membership. Im sure you will come to realize that in the EA world, almost all EA's introduced are rehashed ripoffs of an earlier EA. Once in a GREAT while we see an innovative new method. In and of itself, being an samurai robot forex version of an existing EA isnt necessarily bad RobinVOLbut when its a cheaply done ripoff of a failure like geektrader seems to have spottedit really saves our time to have it quickly trashbinned.

Posting Bots Getting Clever. FAPTurbo back from the dead and other updates. Re: Spread is king? Re: VPS problems traderscolo by guernica [ Today at PM]. Re: Scalping Way by donnaforex [ Today at PM]. Re: Scalping Way by dutchie [ Today at PM]. Re: Scalping Way by iliosellas [ Today at PM]. Re: Scalping Way by reinerh [ Today at PM]. Re: What are your bad habits while trading forex? Page created in 0. Re: Forex Samurai Robot new God Bless, Claire The reason you might find more negative opinions about expert advisors because the market is full of scammers and crap EAs.

It is not the fault of the people who review them and share their opinions with the members of this forum. Believe me most of these feedbacks based on experience and some knowledge of EA vendors and ways how they are releasing and promoting their products. As for Rita lasker: Show samurai robot forex at least one profitable system from her! Either automated or manual.

I haven't find any, but only hype, and hype, and more hype. Promises based on nothing, etc There are dozens of vendors like this. So, most of us don't even bother to waste the time to try and test products of these vendors. First of all because they have no any proof of the performance of their own products. Many newcomers fall into these traps, due to their lack of experience both of autmated trading and the knowledge of the participants of the market.

They can say a big Samurai robot forex YOU for these reviews, because they can save time, efforts, and money to listen to the more experienced traders, rather than learn it on the hard way. I'm also one fo these guys who say a big thank you to the "experts" here. And yes, many EA vendors, scammers and shady figures of forex are pissed off of Donneforex forum because this forum is a game changer of this industry.

Here you can find some very talented people who able to expose scam products, and some other guys have the knowledge to create non-scam, non-hype, working tools for forex trading, based on real proofstatistical analysis, live reference accounts, support, etc

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Jan 15,  · Hey guys I found this Forex samurai Robot yesterday. It looks like something new. I read info about it - interesting. Free and fresh I installed it to my. robot forex samurai [Free]. Are You Searching For robot forex samurai,This here designed to help you make stable This Here may have answer you need. Welcome to so called "J" Style of Forex Trading. If you do Download Forex Samurai Robot, Install it in 5 minutes and start making money today!.