High Volatility: With no control over macro-economic and geopolitical developments, one can easily suffer huge losses in the highly volatile forex market. Why You Should Choose Options Trading. Often perceived as easy moneymaking career, forex trading is actually quite difficult, though highly engaging. He can have a flexible working schedule, take time off whenever needed, and work at his own pace, unlike someone on the corporate treadmill. I am here as promised. Traders can obtain the free MetaTrader platform and a demo account from most brokers, and once ready can open a funded live account and continue to use the same software.

Your mean return will probably be the return of the market minus transaction costs. Casinos are a lot more fun though. There is no secrecy - the data is all available. There just is no incentive for someone to do metatrader broker api 8 round thread similar study in Indian markets. There is almost no barrier for entry into trading.

If you think it's that easy, open a brokerage account and give it a shot. It takes minimal paperwork and you can get started in no time. Then you'll see for yourself how easy it is to lose money. There is chance for you to make a lot of money. You mentioned you arent much into economics. Earning money by trading in the capital market requires you to actually LIKE and learn a lot of economics.

Its not that easy. You wont earn in a day everyday. To even earn in a day you need atleast 5 to 10 Lakh rupees lying around to begin with. Sorry to burst your bubble but you need to research how complex the stock market is. I put in 2L worth of money 6 months back and i'm down by 20K. Especially as a career. I guess slave to the market is more better? You sit and work 12 hours a day regardless of your job. This is honest advice. Sorry to burst your bubble but you seem to have put rose tinted glasses about this.

People with jobs have it easier than you think. If you think you will sit 6 hours a day, earn 10k every day then you'll fall fast. If hours is long for you then picture this 9. You do have a boss - yourself. You'll end up working hour days. I started out with 15k, earned 45k beginners luck! All this in just in 3 weeks. There is almost no rhyme and reason to how much market swings in a day. The most you can say is which pros and cons of day trading intraday a company's shares might go based on news.

But too difficult to predict the range for each day. I talked to people who trading already. Used to watch the morning show on cnbc and zee business. Anyway I was trading in options. I followed a simple rule for the first few days, always sell after a price rise of rupees even if it is predicted to increase by rupees. Ignored it just once so lost most of th money in a single day. You think you can control this but there is a reason its not so, its because eventually, eventually you will put your guard down because you are still human and BOOM.

And because being good with investments, watching trends, having good self-control and discipline and strategy is a rare mixture, the statistical outcome is that only a few people get massively rich in this sector. Doing that day in day out was really difficult and you only need to place a bad bet once to lose all. It was a good experience and I now have a healthy respect for the market.

Knowing this data, they can manipulate the market for their benefit. They see it as an opportunity to buy. I guess it all boils down to your risk appetite. Not everyone is comfortable with their hard earned money being at a risk of steep loss, even if there's a possibility of steep gains. I also started recently, lost and made a fortune in markets over past 3 months, had quite a few learnings and right now I'm in net loss of 10k. Can't watch it wither away in FDs for a meager 8.

I wouldn't call it gambling either. Short term stocks move on sentiment as opposed to how their balance sheets and business fundamentals are. Public sentiment is right there in front of you, in terms of news and media. A company has declared profit in quarterly results - will go up majority of the time in next one two days. So keep yourself extremely up to date with everything happening with the companies you're invested in. There's is no dearth of indicators which give you enough insight into moving of a stock.

So before you take the plunge, read. Paper trade with fake money. IMO if nothing you'll gain experience. Just don't put all your money in it. Algo free stocks are operator driven and usually illiquid, your entry and exit are dependent on how well you read what the operator does. Most traders lose here cause they are hopeful of a gain that never occurs but meanwhile their trade goes more into loss.

Same principle as point 2, leave trading and cut your losses. Pros and cons of day trading intraday is an information overload, many individual traders get a Reuters or Bloomberg terminal which costs 50, to 1. Also perform mock trades. You seem to have a very rosy view which is not there in reality. Its more like gambling. You can both win and lose depending on a lot of factors. Hence they will suck all the money from you. Have a daily stoploss amount and exit everything once you lose that and shut down your pc and go to sleep.

Pros: i did intraday for couple of weeks to gain experience. I know this is contrary to popular advise, but you can learn a lot when you do intraday. You tend to study the pros and cons of day trading intraday closely and see each movements. If you invest lumpsum and look at the chart once pros and cons of day trading intraday day you don't learn much imo.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. AskIndia What are the pros and cons of day trading stocks in Indian stock market? It could be a rumour spread by traders to keep out the masses from trading in stocks, as no statistical data till date proves the claim. The big stock trading companies don't want naive investors to stop trading because they make their money from taking advantage of them. Pros: You can earn Rs or more in a day sitting at home just in your underwear.

You need to remove the impression from your head that "you can earn in your underwear" with stocks. What if I wear rupa's underwear? You look at a job as being a "wage slave for life". Yeah sort ofbut you work on your own terms without a boss instead of sitting hours long in the office. I am an entrepreneur. Intern at a financial company, get yourself acquainted with the ground work.

Btw read the intelligent investor before you seriously consider trading. I've worked for myself and for someone else and let me tell you that when your monthly income is not guaranteed you put in a lot more work than as a salaried person. He can easily lose 10 times as much too. Trading is not easy, you'd be better off investing in a few good companies. In the on-going stock market crash, many 'smart' investors have lost money.

You are right about brokerages and taxes, they are too high. I guess one needs to be disciplined and control greed. This also answers the question above about the con. The vast majority just make meager amounts or losses. Holy cow, story time. For brokers who want higher volumes for more commissions and operators who want to dump a particular stock. I buy brokerage company stocks when retail starts trading at an aggressive pace. Analyse all the trades you did on a daily, weekly and monthly basis etc.

One more thing do your own analysis. DO NOT blindly buy or sell what your broker tells you to do. This is an archived post. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

What is Intraday &Demat Trading Account Basics ( In Hindi)

Forex Trading Pros And Cons. Depending on the broker, currency pair and time of day this can be as low as one or two pips, although it can go significantly higher. Active Traders Get $ Trades +₵ Per Options Contract. Sign Up. Mar 28,  · What Are the Pros and Cons of Day Trading Pros The most touted pro of day trading is that at the end of the trading day if they plan on.