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See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. A Checklist for Migrating Big Iron Cobol Applications. Dynamics of Leading Legacy Databases. Show related SlideShares at end. Are you sure you want to. Be the first to like this. No notes for cobl. A Checklist for Migrating Big Iron Cobol. Migrating common business oriented language Cobol applications from.

CIOs facing the rising challenges financiall higher total. This white paper delves into recent versions. The aim is to provide all the relevant. The differences and similarities covered include:. Also included is a case study that offers insights. OS mainframe COBOL Enterprise compiler. Not covered is the use of Screen COBOL. SCOBOL language to find differences. BOL language on Coompute Tandem is similar to Cobol. In addition, we do not tackle embed.

Program Organization and Format. Figure 1 on next page illustrates the difference. This optional section can be used to describe the. Figure 4 on next page. Figure 5 on page 4 compares the paragraph of. The function of the FILE-CONTROL paragraph is. The differences can be summarized as shown in. Identification division must be the first division. It names the pro. Environment division is optional. Organization of the Two Reference Formats. Tandem Karkets Format IBM Reference Format.

Summary of Differences in the Two Formats. Number of columns where code lines are. Number of columns where code lines are accepted is The indicator area begins at column 1. The indicator area begins at column 7. It can be empty or. There is no distinction made cobol compute rounded option financial markets Area A. Specific items must begin compte Area A. Specific items must begin in Area B. The Paragraph uses the SELECT clause to connect.

The various files possible along with the detailed. MODE, RECORD KEY, etc. The ASSIGN clause associates the name of a. The DYNAMIC used in Tandem. COBOL cannot be used in Enterprise COBOL. During the execution of the program, a. DSN commands takes care of assigning the. Figure 6 on page 5 summarizes the File-Entry. As seen, the requirement is. The SORT-MERGE file rouneed not mentioned here. The Data division is the place where all variables.

Identification Divisions: Defined and Comphte. The paragraph specifies the name by which. Provides an optional clause of. RECURSIVE to recursively enter a. Name of the author of the program. Present and similar in both versions. Name of the company or location. Date the program was written. Date the program was compiled. Level of confidentiality of the program. Configuration Section Paragraphs: Defined and Compared. The paragraph describes the.

The syntax is similar in both the versions of Cobol. The paragraph specifies the. The syntax is similar to HP. Tandem COBOL with the. The paragraph assigns user. More options available to aid. The Data division is optional. Opion EXTENDED-STORAGE section is specific to HP. Tandem COBOL, wherein variables will exceed the. This section is completely absent. The data-types of NATIVE-2, NATIVE-4 and. NATIVE-8 available on HP Tandem COBOL are not.

In addition, there are options for. Procedure division is the place where Cobol verbs. Declaratives provide one or more special-purpose. The USE statement has three formats in which. There are many statements present in HP Tandem. They are divided into imperative. Input-Output Section Paragraphs: Defined and Compared. A file-control entry connects an. The Paragraph is present in both versions and is described in detail.

The Paragraph is similar in both versions. The one difference is that. Enterprise COBOL contains APPLY WRITE-ONLY Clause. Dobol The Paragraph is specific to HP. Tandem COBOL by which the inter. The Paragraph is absent as. An alternative to the. The statements present only on HP Tandem. COBOL are shown in Figure 8 on page The statements present only in Enterprise COBOL:. All the conditional statements present on HP.

Dinancial COBOL are present on Enterprise. The coboo ones on Enterprise. COBOL are noted below. RELATIVE VSAM INDEXED VSAM. SELECT Required Required Required Required. ASSIGN Required Required Required Required. RESERVE Optional Optional NA Optional Optional. Optional Optional compuute Line. Optional Financiap NA Computw. ACCESS MODE Sequential Sequential Sequential.

RECORD KEY Marketss NA NA Required. RELATIVE KEY NA NA Dompute if access. Optional NA Market Optional NA Optional. PASSWORD Optional NA Optional Cobol compute rounded option financial markets. FILE STATUS Optional Optional Optional Optional. The following statements are available in both. HP Tandem COBOL and Enterprise COBOL:. A reserved word is a character string with a.

It needs to be checked. Figurative constants are reserved words that. All other constants are the same in both versions. The following phrases common to arithmetic and. Data Division Sections: Defined and Compared. The section identifies a. The section syntax is similar in. It is also possible to ASSIGN a file. S Spanned for a QSAM file. Assigning a file to the DEFINE. The various variables used. Usage of the section is similar in.

HP limits the size of variable in the. AGE memory of all bound COBOL. The section is required in. The section is used when variables. The section is absent. The low cost online trading website is used in case. The section roundes is similar in both the versions. The section is used to create.

The section is used to create recur. A program not containing this section. An intrinsic function is a function that markegs program. It returns a value that. The following intrinsic functions are available. The functions themselves are explained in. The following intrinsic functions are mwrkets only. Availability Statistics and Performance. HP Tandem operating system and ootion. The related calls can be coded in. This investigation enables users to plan for the. Tivoli software can be used to measure current.

Based on further investigations, a product similar. The HP NonStop Tandem transaction manage. SYNCDEPTH phrase of OPEN. The statements are used to develop. The statements are used to LOCK. USING and GIVING Phrase. The statement is used to perform. The statement is markeets available. CALL statement is used to perform. Key Cobol compute rounded option financial markets Specific to Respective COBOL Versions. Key words present only. It sustains high performance for.

Enterprise COBOL, an invocation of a pro. The similar action is available on the HP. Tandem COBOL by the use of TMF-based calls. This is possible in both. COBOL by use of appropriate programming. The compiler directive is the word that directs. Both Cobol versions provide the. Tandem COBOL to source-in different modules or. The processing accomplished by directives of. The directives listed below have no alternative ifnancial.

HEADING, SAVE, INSPECT, SYMBOLS, ICODE. HEAP, SAVEABEND, ANSI, TANDEM, IF, Ocbol. IFNOT, SETOG PORT, NONSTOP, SECTION, NOB. Based on the investigations mar,ets a sample HP. Tandem COBOL program converted into Enter. Command Level Conversion Aid CCCA tool, the. Such an application is heavily driven conpute use.

The suggested option is to create lption speci. The rationale behind the suggested option:. CICS and hardly any similarities can be. LCP and use the CCCA tool for automated. A certain minimum level of manual. The more online programs present in the. The same rationale also applies when the. Cobol Compilation at a Cobol compute rounded option financial markets Banking Major. At a Netherlands-based ruonded institution with worldwide operations, an exercise to check the feasi.

To identify the modifications required for. Challenges fniancial Actions Taken. HP Tandem system using many of the. Cobol functions, statements, etc. Tandem system and then aligning the code. The following is a comprehensive table indicating the actions to be taken on treating the possible compi. HP Tandem COBOL Code. Errors Received Replacement in Enterprise COBOL. Non-COBOL character s were. Cobol compute rounded option financial markets clause was dis.

The DYNAMIC compure not used in. Enterprise COBOL; instead, an alpha. During the execution of the program. DSN commands takes care of assign. NOLIST A character other than. It was processed as if found. The compiler directives must not. Replace the NATIVE-2 with picture. Metatrader 4 backtesting indicator of economic growth STATUS IS FST-FILE A "RECORDING MODE" of "F".

ACCESS MODE IS RANDOM. RELATIVE KEY IS KEY-FILE1. FILE1" was not defined as an. The key was discarded. The Relative Gounded must not be a. MOVE FUNCTION ACOS FUNCTION ACOS" was not. For Numeric and Integer Intrinsic. A COMPUTE statement must be. The statement had no effect. The subordinate data items present. OPEN INPUT FILE1 SHARED "SHARED" was not defined. EXCLUSIVE are not available in Marrkets.

It needs to be taken. OF FILE4-ID OF FILE4-REC. Skipped to the next verb. The options of GENERIC, EXACT. APPROX mode to position a key to. A more complicated program containing all the elements possible in an HP Tandem COBOL Program. His areas of expertise include requirements rationalization and designing. He holds a bachelor of. She has over five years of application-building experience with Cobol and the C programming language. Her areas of expertise include current account. She holds a bachelor of engineering degree in elec.

Janani can be reached at. She has over five years of application-building experience using the Cobol programming language for. European banks and has been involved in finamcial complete SDLC lifecycle. Her areas of expertise include. She holds a bache. Thilakam can be reached at Thilakam. He has plus years of experience as solution architect and HP Tandem. NonStop technical architect for domestic and cross-border payments projects. His areas of expertise.

He holds a master of computer applications degree from Madurai Kamaraj University. Meenakshi coobl be reached at MeenakshiSundaram. He has eight-plus years of experience in application building with Cobol, TAL and C languages. His areas of comptue involve. He holds a bach. He can be reached at Rammurthy. Cognizant NASDAQ: CTSH is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process.

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Jan 15,  · and about 90% of all financial transactions are in Cobol, option DYNAM. TIP # COBOL MERGE statement can have I > Compute total. ROUNDED option. With ROUNDED option COMPUTE A ROUNDED = (A+) * Result: COBOL provides an option to group all the possible errors of specific. Jan 15,  · Cobol. COBOL, which stands for “common business-oriented language,” is a computer programming language primarily used in the business world.