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What I have observed to date of Dale's simple in concept price vs MACD divergence is a real and potentially very profitable application of Ockham's Razor to market technical analysis. He has discovered and taught himself as well as others to recognize the reality of what was always there waiting to be discovered. Anyway, again I wanted to personally thank you. I had made a very conservative purchase yesterday before the close once I saw the 15minute chart kicking up I also bought 1 contract for my mother's account.

This morning I called her to tell her this one transaction had literally tripled her account. It felt so good, Dale. You'll Learn How to Determine. Show me the video. All things being equal, the simplest explanation that accounts for the largest amount of the evidence is usually the correct one.

Chin Breakout Alert – indicator for MetaTrader 4

Benefit from additional features & tools offered exclusively on MetaTrader 4 at trading platform along with Unlike most standard MetaTrader. Forex Line Alert: Forex Line AlertThis indicator will trigger an alert Market / MetaTrader 4 / Utilities / How to buy а trading robot or an indicator. Real Results, Lots Of Results, No Hype!.