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As the name suggests the Forex Gold Trader EA aims to profit from trading the spot gold and forex gold trader best settings price by making use of an automated trend based strategy. For anyone who is not aware, the price of gold has been flying. In the current economic environment investors have been snapping up the yellow metal as a safe haven for their investments while many financial markets wobble.

However gold is not the easiest of assets to invest in. This is what makes the strategy provided here of particular interest. The EA works on the 1 hour timeframe XAUUSD,GOLD and follows what seems to be a trend grid trading strategy. Trades are only opened when the gold trend is identified as up. No sell positions are ever opened with the EA. For each trade that is opened a take profit target of pips is set. No stop loss is set on open trades.

Full live account results are provided on the website and are very impressive. A quick snapshot of the last 6 months shows the following monthly gains: The product is provided as a typical automated trading system and is easy to installed and configure. Once you have gone through the simple setup process there is actually very little left to do but fire up your terminal and let the robot do its thing.

The EA is designed to be run 24 hours a day on your account as it can open a trade at anytime within this window. Installation of the EX4 file is straightforward enough and covered thoroughly in the supplied manual. Four full sets of settings are provided in the documentation. Each of these is aimed at providing a suitable trading level to suit the risk level of the user Indications of the likely achievable results are provided on the website for each of the four provided settings.

The strategy that is provided here has certainly produced some impressive results for what until now, is a relatively unknown EA. However I would expect that this will change as more traders become aware of it. This system has been specifically designed to trade the gold and more importantly to take advantage of the recent strong uptrend in the gold price. As many traders will know, trading trends is one of the most profitable trading strategies that can be employed.

However it forex gold trader best settings important to note that any change in this trend could potentially see performance suffer. Trends in the bullion market do however tend to last for years rather than weeks. Therefore with gold expected to maintain its recent uptrend, as most analysts forecast, then the Forex Gold Trader EA could well turn prove to be one of the most profitable trading systems that we see over the coming months and years.

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