Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee kow results. Man that was well explained in such few lines, I looked stochasttic explanation somewhere else and so far yours is short and well presented. June 23, at am Reply. He never said he enter entered the market based on anything from the 15 minute time frame. When you go short, you should place the stop loss a little above the high price of the candlestick which has broken below the support level.

Stochastic is a ztochastic momentum oscillator developed by George C. Be ing a momentum oscillator, Stochastic can stocahstic determine when a currency pair is overbought or oversold. Since the oscillator is over 50 years old, it has stood the test of timewhich is a large reason why m any traders use it to this day. Slow stochastic is found at the bottom of your chart and is made up of two moving averages.

These moving averages are bound between 0 and 10 0. Traders are constantly looking for ways to catch new trends that stochastic indicator forex trading know developing. As a result, a trader using stochastic can see these shifts in trend o n the ir chart. Momentum shifts directions when these two Stochastic lines cross.

Therefore, a trader takes a signal in the direction of the cross when the blue line crosses the red line. As you can see from the picture above, the short term trends were detected by Stochastic. However, traders are always looking for ways to improve signals so they can be strengthened. There are atochastic ways we can filter these trades to improve the strength of signal.

Some signals are stronger than others. The first tradign we can apply to the oscillator is taking cross overs that occur at extreme levels. Since the oscillator is bound between 0 and stochastic indicator forex trading know, overbought is considered above the 80 level. On the other hand, oversold is considered below the 20 level.

Therefore, cross downs that occur above 80 would indicate a potential shifting trend lower from overbought levels. Likewise, a cross up that occurs below 20 would indicate a potential shifting trend higher from oversold levels. The second filter we can look to add is a trend filter. If we find a very strong uptrend, the Stochastic oscillator is likely to remain tradkng overbought levels for an extended period of time giving many false sell signals.

We would not want to sell a strong uptrend since more pips are available in the direction stochastic indicator forex trading know the trend. Therefore, if we find a strong uptrend, we need to look for a dip or correction knnow time a buy entry. That means waiting for an intraday chart to correct and show oversold readings. At that point, if Stochastic crosses up from oversold lev els, then the selling pressure and momentum is likely alleviated.

This provides us a signal to buy which is in alignment with the larger trend. Therefore, if we filtered trades according to the trend on a daily chart, then only the long signals indicatir arrows would have been taken. Therefore, traders us e Stochastic stochasticc time entries for trades in the direction of the larger trend. Try it out for yourself. Try it out for yourself in a practice account. Not trasing how to manage your risk on a trade? Next : Fast Stochastics vs Slow Stochastics 46 of Previous : The Relative Strength Index.

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Stochastic Indicator Explained

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