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High volatility associated with stock-market bottoms offers options traders tremendous profit potential if the correct trading setups are deployed; however, many traders are familiar with only option buying strategies, which unfortunately do not work very well in an environment of high volatility. Se strategies - even those using bull and bear debit spreads - are generally poorly priced when there is high implied volatility.

When a bottom is finally achieved, the collapse in high-priced options following a sharp drop in implied volatility strips away much of the profit potential. So even if you are correct in timing a market bottom, there may tfading little tradinh no gain from a big reversal move following a capitulation sell-off. Through a net options selling approach, there is a way around this calls and puts options trading manual. Here we'll look at a simple strategy that profits from falling volatility, offers a potential for profit regardless of market direction and requires little up-front capital if used with options on futures.

Finding the Bottom Trying to pick a bottom is hard enough, even for savvy market technicians. Oversold indicators can remain oversold for a long time, and the market can continue to trade lower than expected. The decline in the broad equity market measures in offers a case in point. The correct option selling strategy, however, can make trading a market bottom considerably easier. The strategy we'll examine here has little or no downside riskthus eliminating the bottom-picking dilemma.

This strategy also offers plenty of upside profit potential if the market experiences a solid rally once you are in your trade. More important, though, is the added benefit that comes with a sharp drop in implied volatility, which typically accompanies a capitulation reversal day and a follow-through multiweek rally. By getting short volatility, or short vegathe strategy offers an additional dimension for profit. For background reading, see Implied Volatility: Buy Low And Sell High.

A high VIX means that options have become extremely expensive because optione increased expected volatility, which gets priced into options. This presents a dilemma for buyers of options - whether of puts or calls - because the price of an option is so affected by implied volatility that it leaves traders long vega just when they should be short vega.

For related reading, see Volatility's Impact On Market Returns. Vega is a measure of tradinng much nerv option price changes with a change ew implied volatility. If, for instance, implied volatility drops to normal levels from extremes and the trader is long options hence long vegaan option's price can decline even if the underlying moves in the intended direction. When there are high levels of implied volatility, selling options is, therefore, the preferred strategy, particularly because it can leave you short vega and thus able to profit from an imminent drop in implied volatility; enrd, it is possible for implied volatility to go higher especially if the market goes lowerwhich leads to potential losses from still higher volatility.

By deploying a selling strategy when implied volatility is at extremes compared to past levels, we can at least attempt to minimize this risk. Reverse Calendar Spreads To capture the profit potential created by wild market reversals to the upside and the accompanying collapse in implied volatility from extreme highs, the one strategy that works the best is called a reverse call calendar spread. To read tradingg spreads in more depth, see Trading es options nerd Spread Strategies.

Normal calendar spreads are neutral strategies, involving selling a near-term option and buying optios longer-term option, usually optkons the same strike price. The idea here is trading es options nerd have the market rs confined to a range so that the near-term option, which has a higher theta the rate of time-value decaywill lose value more quickly than the long-term option.

Typically, the spread is written for a debit maximum risk. But another way to use calendar spreads is to reverse them - buying the near-term and selling the long-term, which works best when volatility is very high. The reverse calendar spread is not neutral and can generate a profit if the underlying makes a huge move in either direction. The risk lies in the possibility of the underlying going nowhere, whereby the short-term option loses time value more quickly than the long-term option, which leads tradiny a widening of the spread - exactly what is desired by the neutral calendar spreader.

Rrading Calendar Spreads in Action At volatile market bottoms, the underlying is least likely to remain stationary over the near term, which is an environment in which optoons calendar spreads work well; furthermore, optionns is a lot of implied volatility to sell, which, as mentioned above, adds profit potential.

The details of our hypothetical trade are presented in Figure 1 below. A reliable broker who can place a limit order using a limit price on the spread should enter this order. The plan of a reverse calendar call spread is to close the position well ophions of expiration of the near-term option Oct expiry.

To keep potential losses limited, however, the trader should close out this trade no less than a month trading es options nerd expiration of the near-term option. Again we are assuming that we are 31 days into the trade. Note that there is a small profit potential on the downside at near-term expiry if the underlying futures drop far enough.

Should, on the other hand, volatility increase, which might happen from continued decline of the underlying futures, the losses of different time intervals outlined above could be significantly higher. While the reverse calendar spread may or may not be profitable, it may not be suitable to all investors. Conclusion A reverse calendar spreads offers an excellent low-risk provided opptions close the position before expiration of the shorter-term option trading setup that has profit potential in both directions.

This strategy, however, yrading most from a market that is moving fast to the upside associated with collapsing implied volatility. The ideal time for deploying reverse call calendar spreads is, therefore, at or just following stock market capitulation, when huge moves of the underlying often occur rather quickly. Finally, the strategy requires very little upfront capital, which makes it attractive to traders with smaller accounts.

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These five rrading are used by traders to capitalize on stocks or securities that exhibit high volatility. Selling a greater nsrd of options than you buy profits from a otpions back to average levels of implied volatility. This options spread strategy provides many advantages over plain old puts and calls. Discover the differences between historical nwrd implied volatility, and how the two metrics can determine whether options sellers or trading es options nerd have the advantage.

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