Predicting Occurrence Rate of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Pregnant Women Ravikrishna Vijaya Kumar. I tried both options with and without quoet and recieved unequal CIs. Event Stream Processing for Enterprise Data Exploitation Tho Nguyen. Explcit ROLLBACK used in COBOL code. Le dialogue se fait en 2 temps. Factors of Multiple Fatalities in Car Crashes Bill Bentley.

IBM MAINFRAME Portal Links. How old are u? Export data into an Excel sheet from a flat file Meeting at the Airport General Talk, not Fun Stuff!! IEFBR14 utility to create PDS member? FTP From MFRM to Windows: Check for the input file Need to resolve SOC7 abend. How to move a 9 11 variable to 9 9 v SYSUT1 for SYSUT2,where SYSUT2 is DASD.

Can we pass parameters to SYNCSORT?? Binary conversion to Decimal - Number of bytes required. File transfer using High level Qualifier. Why do you help on forums? Search a string and delete. JCL to Backup Files to TAPE. Compress DATASET in Use. A typical requirement with VB datasets. Can Sort do this?? Please help to solve. Building PDS from PDSLIST report. Fileaid on a PC availability? How to cancel a job using JCL?

Convert COMP variable into usage. Using multiple IDCAMS command compute option in proc report in sas quote a single card What is Data Type of Index of the Array. Email sending in JCL as excel attachment. How To Use DSNUPROC unload Efficiently? Response code of NOTFND on STARTBR? How to read a previous record VSAM KSDS file? How to Pass Array to subroutines. Query efficiency against historical data?

Open the program in a new session. How to search a string which is with in single quotes?? INSERT record into VSAM through COBOL. Using IKJEFT01 in Xpeditor. How we can resolve the timestamp qquote in DB2? Writing record from second column of file!!! Load an Dot Net exe file into MQ series. What is Exact use of REXX? What is the future of Mainframes? Want to remove spaces after merging two file.

Explcit ROLLBACK used in COBOL code. Memory issue with index by occur clause. Can I use same file as Input and Output for COBOL SORT? Can we append the file using its physical name using REXX. How to copy a member from a pds concatenation list. How to i declare a numeric length 20 9 18 v99?? How to find a EXCP-CNT of a data set? Having ftp issues with vb files. Can prof of a field be checked using SORT? How DB2 Committed my transaction even my job abends?

COBOL Store Proc: fetching two cursor on two GTT sametime!! List PDS and PS through rexx and reference it?? EZACFSM1 Won't Write to Sws How to deal with bully at work place? ISRSUPC uitility sysout not quoe in spool! What COND statement will be used? How to mask specific fields in a record? How to recover from split screen when typing F2 by mistake? Execute from a particular job step using COND. How to read a last record from a sequential file? How to get the name on currently opened dataset in REXX????

Want to execute only step2 not step1 and STEP What does SS in the omit cond mean? How to run two jobs with identical job name concurrently? Remove all Duplicate Records from the input. DB2 Certification for V8. Why SYSIN data is not shown on JESJCL? Compiler is not Recognizing the Screen Section. How to copy variable defined in jcl into a flat file. RACF - anyone kn has lots of experience with it? Picture PIC Clause padding How to exitwhen you select option from panel???

Job running too compute option in proc report in sas quote, nearly for 3 hrs. How to remove duplicate records? CPU repogt is snowballing - possible causes? Question regarding lower case!!! Possible to get log for a particular CICS Transaction? How to see Duplicate records in DB2 table? How to reduce CA-Splits!!! Reposition of control once EOF is reached? Check User Authorization to a Plan? Count rows of all the tables.

What is the benefit of using pointer? SORT based on field length. Does this take More CPU.?? Interview questions i faced. Can we run UPDATE through batch job. How to close all opened panels with single tso command.? I want to retrive 10th row from table. Logic for to get old date,when multiple rows returned? Job abending on Holidays- How to Resolve.

How to find the online ij are using in our system or not? Is it possible to query an index? How can we abort a Job directly from COBOL? How to do impact analysis using 3. Problem facing with data in Pseudo Conversation. Making a job abend if a dataset is not empty. Procesing Several files at the Same time? How we can reduce the CPU runtime for a job? Why i use TSO REXX give me different result? If tran id is deleted what is the impact on the system?

Syncsort - SPLICE only certain info. How to execute only 4th step in ij job out of 5 steps? Is there a way to keep the second Job in a jcl WAIT for few. Need to replace a record in a flat file repodt a condition Shift 4 digit code from th position of VB file to 23rd. Is it possible to FTP the COBOL program load modules to PC? How should write the JCL Steps? Syncsort Step taking more time. Need solution for this Infinite loop? Need BALR 12,0 for addressbility? How to define decimal variable in Ezytrieve?

Why develop for mainframe? It's a DATA SET Get system time in micro second or clock uint. REXX cdoe to purge a JOB from spool after successful Run. View Complete Forum here.


William C. Murphy Howard M. Proskin & Associates, Inc. 1 Paper ODS for PRINT, REPORT and TABULATE Lauren Haworth, Genentech, Inc., San Francisco ABSTRACT For most procedures in the SAS system, the only. Let me make a bunch of comments comparing SAS PROC FREQ, Pearson’s correlation, Patrick Royston’s ptrend command, linear regression, logit/probit regression.